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Chapter 6

Thank-you for taking the time to read chapter six. This is the final chapter in the 180 Degrees series. As a writer, it’s always hard to say good-bye to characters that have become so important to me. So, instead of good-bye, I will simply say ‘until we meet again’ to Tasha, Abby and the rest of the cast.

If you’ve hung on with us this long, I appreciate you more than words can say. If you are just finding these ladies please stop reading. I highly suggest you read ‘180 Degrees’ parts 1 thru 5 before this or you’ll be lost. They are worth the time to read the start of their love.

As always, great thanks go out to my beta reader/editor for all her help with this chapter. There is no way I could publish without her! I am beyond grateful for all the help over the last year of writing.

If you are so inclined, favorite, rate, comment, and send me some feedback. I love hearing from everyone! I am forever grateful for the wonderful words you all share with me about the words I share with you.

‘I think the universe is on my side. Heaven and Earth have finally aligned’

To my #endgame

The nights are good and that’s the way it should be. I’m so glad the universe is on our side.



I watched Kris walk out of the room, her words hanging like a thick fog in the air. I looked at Tasha frozen in place half-way between here and the door that led downstairs. My mind was racing, heart pounding. For a moment, my eyes closed, an effort to calm my breathing and thudding heartbeat. I took a long slow deep breath and let my mind clear.

Kris wasn’t wrong, Tasha had been in my bed every night that they had been with Travis. This morning, she had let me sleep in. Was the one who met the kids in the kitchen when they returned. Prepared our lunch. Pretending that the kids were unaware of exactly where our relationship was, was pointless. Beyond pointless. Ridiculous. Even Sam, who was less than observant at times, seemed to see and be completely okay with Tasha and me. It made no sense to minimize this in any way.

I loved walking out of my room, still half in the veil of sleep, this morning and seeing Tasha in the kitchen with the kids. Felt so bad when that look of worry washed over her face as Kris told me about Travis and his nonsense. I tried to reassure her that I could handle him, but in truth, there was some nervousness about how that would play out. I did my best not to let it show though. It wasn’t that I was worried about myself and Travis, it was more about the kid’s relationship with their father, if he chose to make things harder than they needed to be. We had managed to divorce without too much bitterness, it would be nice if that could continue and not affect the kids. The small pit that had taken up residence in my stomach reminded me it may not all go as smoothly as I wanted.

Dread had slowly crept into my chest as the day progressed. Knowing she would be going downstairs was harder to come to grips with than I thought it would be. When Tasha said goodnight after ‘The Masked Singer’, I had to avoid looking at her, avoid letting on how much I was hating her leaving. That the idea of either of us lying in bed alone, made me mad. My anger had to be masked though. It served no actual purpose and would only make it all harder. I put my best relaxed and happy face on. This was something I had perfected over years of a loveless marriage. I was good at this.

I should have known Kris of all people, would see through it, just a little at least. Enough to know what to say tonight. Her words had been directed at Tasha, but I needed to hear them too. Apparently I had to be forced to come face to face with the moment, instead of ignoring it like I had been. It was another one of those scenes that made me really understand that my daughter was growing up. And growing into a pretty amazing person.

Now, I was looking at Tasha standing there, feet seemingly frozen to the hardwood floor. The uncertainty of what she should do clung to her. It pained me to see it and I knew it had to be me that unfroze her. I had to be the one to make this next move. To make this decision once and for all. The choice wasn’t hard, it would have been hard to watch her leave me. This was the easiest decision of my life. Remote in hand, I stood up, turned the TV off and walked towards her. I didn’t stop, but took her hand, walked down the hall and into my room.

Inside, I kept moving, but Tasha stopped. Looked at me, her eyes searching mine. That one eyebrow slightly raised, she spoke. “Are you certain?”

I let go and moved closer, rose on my tippy toes and kissed her softly. “I have never been more certain of anything in my life.” The way the words flowed out of my mouth, with such ease, hit me. I could feel my eyes smiling along with the rest of my face. I truly had never been more certain of any relationship before. It felt like her and I were tethered together. Our fates tied together. I knew that bahis şirketleri I belonged where she was, and she belonged where I was.

She smiled. Wrapped her arms around me, “same.” A soft kiss. “Abigail Hendricks, I love you.”

My eyes closed with her words. They hit me, but not like a wall. Like a warm blanket gently falling over my body, warming me from the outside in. “I love you too, Tasha Adler.” My head was on her shoulder and if given a choice I may have stood like that for hours. Enveloped in her radiance. In the warmth of knowing I was truly loved.

It wasn’t as if I didn’t have a choice because I did. In that moment, I chose to let her move me closer to the bed. I felt so light that it barely took any prodding, it was almost as if I was gliding. The only thing that stopped the easy movements was hitting the edge of the bed. A split-second pause, where our eyes locked, and another decision was made.

We fell onto the bed, our bodies already wrapped around each other. Slow movements became frantic. Needy. Lips claiming skin. Fingers dipping deep inside in unison. This was a feeling I loved, being inside her. My fingers being crushed at the same time as hers. Pulling an orgasm out of each other. Being the reason that the air was filled with the sounds of ecstasy. The smell of pleasure. The way coming together catapulted us to new heights. Moving to nuzzle into her after. The smell of sex and sweat in the air. The urge to lock my legs so her fingers couldn’t leave even once the aftershocks were done so powerful I had no choice but to do just that. She never seemed to mind. I needed to be sure she couldn’t leave me.

Lying there, eyes closed. Her heartbeat and breathing the only sounds that exist. Blissfully lost in the world in-between here and there. Still feeling the presence of her fingers, my hips take on a life of their own. Slow, almost imperceptible movements begin. Wondering if she notices. How could she not? I need her again. My lips seek her out, find what they want. I fill my mouth with her breast. If she didn’t know what I wanted, needed, before, she did now.

Her fingers twitch. Eyes meet mine. Dark with the same desire, she forces my mouth off her and claims my lips before moving down my body. She teases every part of me on the way. Knows exactly how wild she drives me. Her tongue strikes my clit, then moves on. I cry out, needing more of that. My hips rise, hoping to force her back exactly where I want her. Instead I hear and feel her blow cool air, sending new shiver through me. “Fuck. Baby come on.” I pant out. My voice breathy, barely audible.

‘Baby’. A pet name I never thought would ever come out of my mouth, yet it floated out with ease in these moments. And occasionally when we weren’t alone. I stopped fighting it. It seemed so natural to say. It was just one item on a large list of the ways being with Tasha was so different than any other relationship I had ever been in, in my life before.

Another flick from her tongue, my hips moving into her as much as possible. Begging for more. I felt her fingers slide in and moaned. “Finally.” I was almost certain I heard her chuckle. I felt her everywhere. Mouth clamped over my clit, fingers working inside me. Tongue playing. Her fingers would stop, tongue would take a long deep lick, hitting every nerve ending I had. “Oh god.” Would be expelled from deep inside me. Fingers would go back to work, mouth back sucking. “Close baby so close.” I was hanging on the edge right now and needed release. She paused again, made eye contact. Mischief written all over her face, her grin so tantalizing. Then she disappeared again between my legs.

Sensory overload hit when I felt pressure on my back door. I gasped, unprepared for the sensation. She looked up again. This was new. As was so much now. She looked to me, her eyes asking if she should proceed. Delve deeper. The sensations emanating throughout my body cried out for her to continue. The lightest nod of my head and her finger thrust further, past my puckered rosebud at the same time her mouth sucked my clit in and the fingers inside me thrusted so deep and hard there was nothing left except ecstasy. My senses were overwhelmed with the utter fullness I felt. The sort I had never felt before. She plunged me into that pool of pleasure so fully and fiercely I wondered if I would ever rise back to the surface. My head fogged up, ears closed. Body shook and trembled, then shook again.

Fireworks exploded around me. She slowed her movements eventually. At some point she was up with me, pulled a blanket over us both and pulled me in close. “Love you.” Kisses on my forehead.

I rolled ever so slightly into her, mumbled what I hoped sounded like, “love you back.” And fell into a deep and satisfied slumber, her arms wrapped around me as if saying ‘you can’t leave me either’.


“She’s nearly eighteen Travis. I am not forcing her to go to your place. I’m not. If you have an issue with her decision, then take it up with your lawyer, or better yet maybe think bahis firmaları long and hard on why she doesn’t want to be there. I have already spoken to my lawyer.” I hung up the phone before he could argue with me anymore.

Kris and Tasha were sitting at the island drinking coffee and watching me intently. I was doing my best not to let my temper get the best of me. Sam had been dropped off to Travis at the usual time, the only difference was that Kris didn’t exit her vehicle. Instead, she came right back home. I told her I would bring Sam. Tasha offered too, but she had insisted she would drive her brother as she had been doing. That she was prepared to deal with her father if anything happened there. I was relieved she had just come home, not engaged him. She did not need to deal with that any more than was absolutely necessary.

I put my phone down, accepted my Donald Duck ‘Mad Genius’ mug that Jan had gotten me in Disney World, from Tasha. A deep smile spread across my face as I looked into the steaming mug. She always fixed my coffee for me now, exactly how I liked it. “Thanks.”

One thing I was slowly getting used to, was the way Tasha took care of me. Which was not something I was used to. Not something I would have ever guessed I would like. Being independent was a major part of my identity. It had been instilled in me by life from a young age. Do it yourself. Take care of yourself because no one else is going to. My childhood taught me that, my marriage solidified it further. But Tasha, she always thought of the little things. The things I was learning mattered most. From fixing my coffee, to providing a safe place to land when I had a hard day. It was both comforting and often disarming to realize I liked being taken care of. That it didn’t actually make me weak to be vulnerable around her.

“Of course, love.” A kiss on my cheek. She was so loving. For so long I lived without this type of close contact and now she was making up for all that lost time simply by being herself. It had been a little overwhelming in the beginning, but now I craved it. Needed it. Was getting better at being the same way with her. Of allowing my guard to come and stay down, knowing I was totally safe with her.

Kris mockingly groaned. I didn’t have to say anything to her, I knew she was kidding. She and Tasha had grown closer over the last few weeks and she told me how happy she was to see me happy. In fact, she had started spending more time out in the living room with us now that Tasha was up here every night. And every day. They shared a lot of the same world views and listening to them talk was one of my favorite things. Tasha was ridiculously smart. She saw a lot of things differently than I did, but I loved hearing her take on them. It was very evident that she was well educated. She and Kris got along so well which was extra nice given how challenging Kris had been to her in the beginning.

“I hope he’s not too hard on Sam.” Kris was holding her coffee barely sipping it. Flashes of worry hit her face every few moments. She crinkled her brow exactly like Travis did. I wondered if she knew that.

I sighed. “Me too. But I told Sam to call any of us and we would come get him if things got too weird. That’s all we can do. Your father will get over this.” I was hoping my words sounded more certain than they felt. The pit in my stomach shook just a little, reminding me it was there.

She sighed. “I’m so glad my birthday is in two weeks.”

Eighteen. My little girl would be eighteen in two weeks. Even if that weren’t the case, I doubted family court would force her to see her father if she didn’t want to. I was trying to be positive and project some assurance that this would pass, and it would be fine. She may never stay there for weeks at a time again, but that was bound to change anyways. She would be an adult in fifteen days and was graduating from high school in a few months. Her life was changing. “I think this is the first time you’ve ever expressed anything resembling being glad that your birthday is the day after Christmas.”

She half-smiled, half-sighed. “Well, I’m not sure I would go that far, but.” Her words trailing off, both Tasha and I understanding what she meant.

I had done my best over the years to make her birthday feel separate from Christmas. Once she had learned it was Boxing Day, and what Boxing Day was originally, she about lost it. I could still hear her little kid voice, “really mom, the day that the rich gave stuff to the poor? I was born on that day?” It never seemed to matter to her that we didn’t live where Boxing Day was a thing. I made certain not to tell her about it typically being a day the servants got off. She would have rolled with that forever. I did offer once to take her to Canada for her birthday where they did celebrate it. If my memory was correct, she threw a stuffed animal at me that day.

“Well let’s just take this one day at a time.” It was the best I had in this situation.

“So, what are we going to do with our day?” Tasha asked. kaçak bahis siteleri Her words music to my ear. A change of subject welcomed.

I pondered that. Usually after the kids left, Tasha and I enjoyed some time alone. It wasn’t as desperate as it had been during our early days now that we shared a bed every night. Which was good, given that we wouldn’t have nearly as much time alone as we had before, if Kris were actually done staying with Travis for weeks at a time.

“How about some Christmas shopping and dinner?” I offered.

Kris’ face lit up. She had been itching to have a girl’s day for weeks. “Finally! I’ll go get changed.” She was out of the room before I could blink my eyes. I shook my head with the speed that girl could move when she wanted to.

Tasha came over and wrapped her arms around me as she so often did. I loved it each and every time. “So that’s the key to making an almost eighteen-year-old girl happy eh? Shopping trip.”

I leaned into her. “Oh, that has always been the way to make that one happy. I’ve been saying she is like having a tiny broke best friend since she was a toddler. Only difference now is, she’s not as tiny, and she wants more expensive things.” I sighed. Remembering the days that I couldn’t indulge her in this way. When I had to take on the role of the mean mom who always said no. It would be a lie to say I didn’t love having the ability to take her out and spoil her now. I wasn’t trying to make up for her childhood, because I must have done something right, she was a good person. None of the kids ever went without things they needed, just the less pressing things they wanted. And now, I relished in saying yes more often than no.

Tasha laughed. Her usual quiet laugh. I rested my head against her shoulder, taking in the way she felt. Smelled. The way she made me feel loved. We were still locked together when Kris returned.

“Geez you two. I get it. You’re in love. You’re out and open, but could you at least let go of each other long enough to get changed before we leave?” She eyed us up and down. I made a face at her. I didn’t need her critiquing my clothing. Then I remembered I was still in sweats and slippers and decided she was right.

“As you wish, Princess Kristianya.” I teased. She groaned at me, then ushered us out of the kitchen. We both changed into jeans, nice shirts, and boots. Tasha’s were low, I always preferred higher boots. I aimed for a slightly higher heel than hers so I wouldn’t feel so short when we walked side by side.

As I was putting my boots on, I looked around my bedroom. Everywhere my eyes landed, I saw bits of her. The book she was reading on the nightstand. In the bathroom was her toothbrush and a cute little robe that I had never actually seen her wear. Instead of a collection of her clothing on the top of my dresser, she had her own now. The matching upright that had sat unused in the attic prior to her arrival was brought down last week.

We moved most the rest of her clothing up here. At least the stuff for winter. I liked seeing my closet full. Knowing the dresser was hers and filled with her stuff. I liked falling asleep and waking up with her next to me. Kris hit the nail on the head. We were absolutely in love. It was intoxicating. She was intoxicating. Everything about her was different than anything I had ever experienced, and I was certain it had less to do with her being female than it was about who she was as a human. She was perfect for me. In ways I didn’t even know someone could be. Our differences complimented each other, our similarities blended easily.


I was zipping up my boot, a task that didn’t usually take me as long as it had right now. “Sure am. Let’s not leave the princess waiting.” Tasha chuckled before wrapping her arm in mine and walking together back to Kris.


“I told him if he didn’t stop he would never see Kris again and me either.” Sam was over. It had been almost a week since my phone conversation with Travis. Today, Kris brought him home with her after school. “He grumbled and barely spoke to me for the first three days but yesterday was more normal. Kate was over for dinner and she told him off pretty good. Told him he was being an ass and you had every right to date whomever you wanted and if he was over you he wouldn’t care so much. It was actually great mom. I think if things were different you’d like her.”

“She is okay. If he’s not careful, he’s going to lose her.” Kris added.

I took a deep breath. It was just me and the kids home. Tasha was running personal errands. I wanted to change the subject. Entirely too much of my time had been spent over-thinking this whole situation and I needed a break from it. The last thing I was interested in doing was talking about Travis’ girlfriend. “Sam, I’m really glad you came over. Are you staying for dinner?”

“Are you cooking? Or maybe could we go out? Kris said you guys ate that new Hibachi place Sunday.” He gave me his big ole puppy dog eyes in the hopes of using them to persuade me into saying we could go out. I reached up to muss his hair, forgetting how much taller than me he was now. I missed totally, which garnered me a teasing laugh from him. “Let’s see what Tasha says when she gets home.”

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