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About a year after leaving the area that Ron and Mary were living, I found myself closer to my old hometown in central Alabama. I didn’t really want to move back home so I found myself a place about 15 miles away.

There were lots of “low places” I’d grown accustomed to very close by with plenty of ‘friends’ ready to buy that next drink. I really didn’t want to get back into that life as I longed for the connection that I’d seen develop between those two. I so hoped it was in my future.

I had gained a few pounds from feeling sorry for myself and didn’t really feel real comfortable dating anyone. So it had been awhile since I’d been with anyone. The bar I’d gone to work in was fairly busy most days so it wasn’t from the lack of willing participants. One afternoon I was in the back getting some supplies when I noticed light shining between stacks of boxes. I moved two of them and was staring at a hole in the wall. It was about waist high and big enough to put 2 fists through. So I did what any curious gal would do and looked through it. I found bahis firmaları myself staring into the men’s room. Now I was born at night but not last night. I knew exactly what it was for. I moved a couple of boxes in front of it for a seat.

I took the supplies I’d gathered to the bar and made a rotation around the room for drinks. There were several guys around the pool table and a few more BSing at the bar. I got everyone’s order and went to the bar to chat with our bartender. It took about 5 minutes before one of the pool players made his way to the bathroom. I made my way to the back room and got ready for the show. The guy that came in wasn’t local. He looked around 50 or so and had that distinguished graying going on. He had said he was a traveling insurance man. After he finished his thing, he moved to the sink to wash his hands. I coughed. I saw him turn toward the sound and take a step my way.

“What do we have here?” I heard him mutter.

“Lock the door and find out.” I kind of giggled as I gave him his instructions.

And kaçak iddaa he did. He returned to the hole and unzipped his suit pants and fished out a pretty good sized cock. He was standing back a little and just waved it at the hole. I reached through the hole and took it from his hand. I had it underhand and moved my hand back and forth on it. After a few seconds I pulled him toward me and as the head came through the hole I took it into my mouth. My tongue circled the head as my hand was moving up and down the thick shaft. A nice prize for my first catch! I took more of it into my mouth until it bumped the top of my throat. I knew I couldn’t stay back here long so this was gonna have to be a quickie. I laved saliva all over the shaft as his hips started moving with my actions. I was barely holding onto it now as I wanted all of it I could get in my mouth.

He had to be hugging the wall on the other side since his pubes were tickling my lips on every stroke. He’d gone a respectable distance down my throat each time. All the practice on Ron had helped kaçak bahis me develop my skills so I had no problem keeping up with him. I took my hand and run it under his shaft to his balls. Gently rubbing them and pulling just a little. The strokes continued as my fingertip found his asshole and I heard a moan as I rubbed it. My tongue action increased as I slid my finger into him. Another moan and a tightening of his thighs preceded the first gush into my throat. I pulled back just a little and continued sucking, licking and now swallowing. After 30 seconds or so my worship of his cock ended with him pulling back through the hole.

I quickly stood and made my way to our restroom to check my face. I hadn’t wasted a drop. Other than a flushed face, no evidence was there of what I’d been up to. I went back to the hole and moved a couple of the boxes back to cover it.

When I got back on the floor with some more supplies, he was gone. The bartender came over and slid me a piece of paper. It was wrapped around a folded $50 bill. The note read, I think I just found a new favorite hangout. See ya my next time through.

“Nice tip for what? 3 rounds? Looks like you made a new friend.” She smiled as I slid the bill into my bra.

It had been a good afternoon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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