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NOTE: This is a continuing chapter from the “25 and Wanting Lauri” series.


Lauri had jolted awake from the strange dream that she just had; it seemed that she had been having many weird dreams since she had gotten pregnant.

She got out of bed and went to the kitchen for a drink of water, collecting her thoughts before she heard footsteps, only to turn around and find Mike there in all his naked glory under his robe.

“I heard a noise and came to check it out,” he explained.

“It was just me,” Lauri said softly. “I had one of my weird dreams again and thought I’d get myself together.”

“Come on, baby, come back to bed; you need your sleep,” Mike said, kissing her cheek.

“I know, but that dream was just too real.”

“Mmmmm…I know how I can put my sexy lady back to sleep,” Mike said with a grin, looking into her eyes and deeply kissed her, taking her hand. “Come on, let’s go to bed.”

Back in the bedroom, they kissed passionately again, their tongues exploring each others’ mouths.

Mike then pushed her back on the bed, taking in her breast gently sucking and nibbling, his tongue twirling around her nipple and making it erect before he began working on the other.

“Ohhhh God, Mike….” she softly moaned.

He kissed down her slightly swollen belly before reaching the spot between her legs; it always turned Mike on that she kept her pussy shaved.

He licked and sucked up and down both sides of her slit, tongue fucking her for a few minutes, before his tongue came up and began exploring her clit.

“Mike!” she gasped in pleasure. “Yes, baby…ohh that is so good…..but I want to suck your cock while you do that…”

“Oh, baby, I would love that. You make me so fucking hot.”

Getting into a 69 position, Lauri licked and sucked the head of his dick, her tongue twirling around the sides, then up and down his shaft as Mike began eating her again, entering two fingers into her wet pussy while his thumb rubbed her swollen nub.

Mike then let out a gasp when Lauri took his cock all the way into her mouth, sucking slowly then faster. This made him finger fuck and eat her twat harder and faster, sending tingles through her body.

“Mike, yes! Yes!” Lauri cried as she exploded in an earth-shattering orgasm.

She then climbed off of him, sliding down between his legs and gulping his endowed member back into her throat, sucking him if he were the last man on earth.

“Mmmmm, baby, yeah……” Mike moaned. “You can really suck a cock even being knocked up, you know that?”

Lauri responded with a wink as she kept her eyes on Mike, watching him enjoy the pleasure she was giving him, and then gently squeezed his balls.

“Yeah, oh God yeah….” Mike said in low moan.

Lauri then stopped, his cock popping out of her mouth.

“Why are you stopping, baby?” he asked.

She shushed him, before moving up his body, straddling him and positioned herself on his still-hard cock.

Lauri slowly isvecbahis started to move up and down, her hands on his chest holding him down as she fucked him.

“Yeah, that’s it; ride me, you hot bitch,” Mike moaned as he met each thrust as the headboard banged against the wall. “Fuck me harder.”

“God yes!” Lauri cried as she exploded in another orgasm. “I love your big, hard young dick inside me. My pussy feels good around that cock, doesn’t it, baby? Am I the best fuck you ever had? Fuck me, Mike, yes! YES!”

“Oh God! I’m cumming, baby!” Mike cried. “I’m going to shoot it in that hot cunt!”

Lauri screeched out a final climax as Mike’s hot cum began to fill her, sending seemingly endless streams of semen deep inside her.

She kept bouncing nonstop on his cock until the final shot of jizz had left him.

She then fell atop of Mike and deeply kissed him, before laying beside him and wrapping her left leg around his. Mike kissed her cheek and ran his fingers through her hair.

“Even pregnant, you’re a hot fuck,” he grinned at her. “Think you might be able to sleep now?”

“Mmm, yes. But there is something else I want you to do, especially now that we’re having a baby.”

“Yeah? What’s that?”

“I want you to fuck Kelsey.”

“What? But she’s a….”

“I know. I would love to have you be her first man. And you two did date at one time, so why not be fuck buddies? With me being pregnant, I know a young stud like you is going to get horny, and Kelsey would be better than some slut neither of us know.”

Mike thought about this for a brief moment; he always did wonder what Kels would be like in the sack even though they had never gotten past the kissing and dry humping stage.

And now Lauri was giving him the blessing to have sex with her daughter!

He had died and gone to heaven; sex with both women living under the same roof, while Mom was knocked up with his kid? Wow.

“Are you sure?” he asked. “You won’t get pissed off?”

“Try it once,” Lauri encouraged. “If she isn’t any good, then you won’t have to have sex with her anymore.”

“Yeah, okay; if that will make you happy, then I’ll try it.”

They then went to sleep in each other’s arms, Lauri sexually satisfied and Mike eagerly looking forward to getting the chance to take Kelsey to bed.

He never imagined he would get so much sex in all the years of his life—especially the opportunity to bang both mother and daughter!


The next night, with Lauri sleeping beside him, Mike couldn’t think what Lauri had suggested the night before of him having sex with her daughter, and since they hadn’t made love that night with Lauri being exhausted, he was horny as hell.

What better time than now to get a taste–and then some–of Kelsey’s unspoiled charms? He’d been dying to fuck her for years, and now, with Mom’s approval, he was going to get his chance.

Sometime during the night, he had crept into Kelsey’s room and slid into bed beside her.

Shortly after, she began isveçbahis giriş to feel cool fingertips tracing the line of her leg up to her hip, where they flattened out to press a warm palm against the curves of her body, pushing up her nightshirt.

The hands had moved down her thighs and began a slow rhythm. Kelsey wasn’t sure that she could bear the feeling of the hands as they began moving down her body, causing a growing sensation between her legs.

She had to know what–or who–was giving her such pleasure.

“Mike!” she asked in a loud whisper. “Why are you in here? Mom will kill you if she catches you with me like this!”

“I doubt that, baby,” he said as his hands worked her beautiful body, the nightshirt pushed all the way up now. “She’s dead asleep and won’t hear a thing.”

Her 36C sized bust was now exposed to him; he took note that Kels had a great pair of tits just like her mother.

Mike felt up and sucked on them for a few moments before he moved down to peel off her panties, exposing her cunt for him.

Kelsey felt herself blush as he stared at her slit.

“Mmmmm…you’re already wet,” Mike grinned with excitement. “You really want this, don’t you, baby?”

“Mike, that’s embarrassing. Please…….”

“Spread your legs, Kels. I want to make you feel so good.”

Kelsey did what he said and Mike could see her beautiful moist slit. He dove between her legs and she gasped as he spread her pussy lips wide, dying to eat her out.

He put his tongue in her pussy and start licking up and down, pushing a finger inside Kelsey to make her even hotter while Mike’s tongue and mouth continued attacking her cunt like a rabid dog.

“Mike!” she panted. “Ohhhhhh….yes!”

“Do you like how it feels to have me eat your pussy?” he asked.

“Yeah, that’s great,” Kelsey replied with a look of pleasure. “Do you do that to my mom?”

“I sure do, baby; she loves both that and sucking my cock. But now you and I are going to have some real fun. It may hurt for a little bit but it feels real good after that. You’ll find yourself wanting to fuck almost every night just like your mother does,” Mike told her.

“Just be easy, Mike. You’re really big and I’m kind of nervous.”

“I will, baby,” he promised before he pushed his entire cock inside and then started to slide out.

God, Mike thought, she was so tight, yet so hot. Kelsey’s cunt felt like heaven.

“Oh…Mike” she said as he pushed deeper inside her and felt her hymen break.

He noticed a little blood on the sheet; a true sign of a virgin, yet she began to beg him to take her deeper.

“You sure, babe? I’m not hurting you?”

“No….not now. It really does feel good. Fuck me, Mike. Fuck me like you do Mom.”

Mike started to speed up his thrusts, his grunts mixing with Kelsey’s whimpers of pleasure.

He grabbed her legs and placed them around his shoulders, fucking her to the max before he realized she was about to have her very first orgasm.

About twenty minutes of pummeling in and isveçbahis yeni giriş out of Kelsey’s pussy, Mike began to feel his cock swell inside her and his balls tighten. He knew he was going to shoot at any moment.

“Kels,” he said. “I can’t hold it in any more….. I’m going to cum!”

“Cum in my pussy, Mike,” she said with lust in her eyes. “I want you to cum inside me.”

Mike let out an animalistic growl as he exploded inside her, taking note of how good it felt.

When he was finished, he flopped beside her on the bed, giving her a kiss.

“So how was getting your first dick, baby?” Mike smiled and asked in a sexy voice.

“That felt GREAT, Mike!” she said. “But…what if Mom finds out we did this? The two of you are having a baby, after all.”

Mike gave her a quick kiss and one of her firm tits a final squeeze. “Something tells me she isn’t going to mind too much.”

He then headed back to the bedroom he shared with her mother, feeling satisfied. Little did he know this particular night wasn’t over just yet.


When he came into their room, Mike found Lauri awake and smiling at him.

“So,” she asked. “Did you like taking that young pussy and being her first cock?”

“You mean you…..” he began to ask.

“Mmmmmmm hmmm,” she replied, beginning to stroke his cock back to life. “I watched you two fucking the whole time. I think you pleased her as well as you do me. And it got me really hot.”

Both Lauri stroking him and the thought of her watching him fuck her daughter not long before had turned Mike on to no end, getting him hard within minutes.

She could then feel Mike’s tongue in her pussy, and he had pushed one finger into her ass. Not long after she came, shuddering in orgasm.

“Turn over, baby,” he ordered. “I want to take you from behind.”

Flipping herself over, Lauri then reached back for his dick, trying to guide him into her.

“Oh please. Please fuck me, Mike” she begged him. “Watching you with Kelsey got me so horny!”

Mike plunged his cock inside her as Lauri moaned loudly, pushing back to meet him as he was thrusting away.

“Oh God, baby,” he panted as he pumped her pussy. “Now I really know where Kels got being so fucking hot from.”

“Fuck me,” she panted back. “Make me cum, Mike.”

“Only if I can see your face when you cum, baby.”

He turned her over and spread her legs back, pushing his cock back inside her and fucking Lauri very slow while he rubbed her clit, before he began speeding up his thrusts again.

Lauri closed her eyes and could feel the throes of orgasm creeping up on her. She held back for a few minutes, gritting her teeth, not wanting it to happen too soon.

Soon, screams and sighs escaped her lips. Not long after, Mike began to cum inside the second pussy he’d had that night, Lauri feeling his hot sperm filling her for a few minutes.

He climbed off of her once his cock was drained of its spunk, kissing and snuggling into Lauri breasts, telling her how beautiful she was.

“I just had two of the sexiest women in the world tonight,” he added huskily.

They went to sleep in each other’s arms, Mike dreaming about the idea of having both of them at once somewhere down the road……

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