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I’m standing at the bar, waiting to get served, the place is heaving and I decide this will be my last drink. I’m tired, drunk and my feet hurt from the shiny black stilettos I chose to wear. I knew they would kill me, but I love wearing them, the sound they make on the stone floor as I walk and how they change the shape of my legs and ass, making them tighter and firmer. Even so, I curse my vanity as I shift my weight from leg to leg to ease the aches. I comfort myself with the knowledge that my usual Allstar pumps just wouldn’t have worked with the short black sequin shift dress, and the wet look leggings. I was shocked at how hot I looked when I was ready. Big red glossy lips and dark smokey eyes with sweeping flicks of jet black eyeliner. Being a mum doesn’t really call for glamour, or allow much time for it.

I’ve even straightened my long auburn hair before tying it up in a high pony tail, it still hangs down to between my shoulders and moves like silk as I shake my head and laugh with my girlfriends. My hair is one of my fave things about myself, it’s the only thing that didn’t really change after I had my daughter. A guy at the bar had pulled it earlier, I knew he was trying to get my attention, but it irritated me that he thought he could put his hands on me like that. He got the message quickly and backed off, I can’t see him now, but I’m on edge, wary. The thing is, I love having my hair pulled but he didn’t do it right, he did not have permission to touch me and it was a yank. He didn’t wrap it around his hand and slowly pull my head back until I could feel him breathing on my neck. It has to be sensual and have intent, or it’s pointless. I briefly wonder how many women think they hate having their hair pulled because of clueless jerks like him.

His wasn’t the only attention I’ve had tonight, I’m sure I’ve seen a face I know in the crowd a couple of times and I felt eyes on me as I walked to the bar, but it can’t be you. I haven’t told you I would be here, it’s not like the old days when my signals were great big beacons of fire that went unheeded. There was always a tiny chance, I guess, I’m out in your town after all, but so unlikely, I shrug to myself and look in my bag for my phone. I’m next at the bar and I text my friends to say that I’m getting a drink and then going out to vape. I can see the barman can hardly hear what the guy in front of me is ordering, the music and laughter is so loud. I tap my drink into my phone, so I can show him and go to step the bar, but big hands clamp my hips and I feel a body move in behind me. I roll my eyes to the sky and tense, getting ready to turn around and end this bullshit, but then I hear it.

It’s only a Hello, just one word, but I know. It was you I’ve been feeling watching me. I know your voice. Even after all this time. Deep and loaded with desire. I’ve heard it a hundred times before, but not like this, not in reality, not so close that I can feel your hot breath on my cheek. I don’t know what to do, my legs feel weak and my head spins. My body reacts quicker than my mind and I feel myself get wet and my nipples harden and tighten. My breathing gets quicker and my mouth goes dry, I’m usually so confident, but this? This was unexpected and I know I’ve already lost control.

It can’t have been anymore than 10 seconds since you laid your hands on me and I’m already thinking about the things you’ll be doing to me, and making me do to myself, later. It makes me blush. I push back into you and feel you relax, it hadn’t occurred to me that you’d doubt my response. I thought my feelings for you had always been crystal clear. I make myself look up to the mirror behind the bar and you’re already looking at me. We lock eyes and see each other’s reflections. Your beautiful blue eyes still hold the same appeal to me. I still have a huge crush on you and you move your hands from my hips, wrapping your arms around me, letting me know you feel the same way.

I’m glad of your arms, I need holding up, my mind is racing, hundreds of thoughts tumbling over themselves in a bid to try and make sense of the moment. A gap at the bar opens in front of us and you move us forward, my legs are barely working and I wonder if people can sense what’s happening here or if they think we are just a normal couple, out for drinks, that you’re just another protective guy keeping a check on his pissed Mrs. You take my phone from my hand and add your own drink to the screen, showing the bar tender and handing over a 20 at the same time. I go to take it back, but you switch it off and slip it into your pocket. I should protest, but I don’t, It’s a clear signal that it’s only about us for tonight. Your hands are straight back on me, one on my ass and the other kneading my hip.

Anyone looking at us could see the intentions you have for me and I can feel them, your solid cock is pressing into my back and when I put my hand over yours on my hip you squeeze my fingers. You’re standing so close to me, our isveçbahis bodies are in contact from thigh to shoulder. There’s a vibration between the two of us, the air is humming and it makes my skin tingle. I want to you feel your lips on mine so badly. You’re so close to me that I could turn my head and kiss you, but I don’t, I don’t want the first time to be a snog at the bar and I want you to initiate it. Our drinks arrive and I pick them up, I look to you in the mirror and you cock your head to the door, putting both hands back on my hips and guiding me outside.

The air is cold as fuck and I shiver as it hits my skin. There aren’t many other people out here, and they’re clustered around the door, so all of the space heaters are unoccupied. We walk to one and you help me onto a high stool underneath it and switch it on. You take your beer from me and take a large swig, then you turn to look at me. I feel awkward and nervous, we still haven’t spoken and this is the first time we’ve properly checked each other out. And that’s certainly what you’re doing to me right now. I watch you slide your eyes down my body and then up again. I feel really exposed under your gaze. This is the real me, not filtered or glossed in any way. I sip at my drink and try not to down it. I wonder if it’s all going to end here, if reality will step in and we will just walk away. After all, reality isn’t like a selfie, you don’t get to choose the best angle.

We’ve only ever had the best of each other, that’s how fantasies work.

Your actions answer me, you put your bottle down and take my drink from me. Then run your hand up my arm and rest it on my neck, your thumb stroking my jaw. My breath catches in my throat and I have to work to steady it, I try to let it out slowly but it unintentionally comes out in a sigh, and I tilt my head to the side, into your hand, exposing the other side of my neck to you. You bring your other hand up and put it on my throat. I’m totally vulnerable to you and you know it, I can see it in your face. Your eyes change as you rub my neck, and you close your hands around my throat. Just really tiny squeezes, nowhere near hard enough to hurt me in any way. Being choked has never been my thing, but that’s not your intention, you’re just letting me know that you are in control. I get the message loud and clear. My pussy floods and I bite my bottom lip, thinking about how much I want you to kiss me. I lift my chin towards you and watch you as you bring your face to mine. I close my eyes, anticipating your lips on mine and your tongue in my mouth. I wonder how you’ll taste. I can feel your breath on my skin but the kiss doesn’t happen and I open my eyes to see you looking at me, into me, smiling, I don’t know why it’s so intimate but I feel exposed, you have a way of doing that to me. I know what’s coming, what you want to hear, and it makes me tingle.

“Do you want me to kiss you?”

I have no idea where your confidence has come from, but it’s incredibly hot. It’s like we’ve switched places. I should’ve known this would happen, that it wouldn’t be so easy as you just kissing me. Of course you’d make me tell you what I want, what I need, right from the start. That’s how it works for us.

I want to answer but my words are stuck. I can’t believe I’ve gone shy now, of all times, and hope you don’t mistake it for disinterest. There’s so much I want to say, but I’m still so shocked by your presence.

“I’ll ruin your perfect lipstick you know.”

It’s a statement, not a question, said with a filthy undertone and obvious intent, your eyebrows are raised and your lips curl in a smirk. I wonder if you’re thinking the same as me…that it’s not only my lipstick that’s going to get ruined. You run your thumb over my lips and smudge the colour, I’m glad I chose scarlet and I hope you don’t rub it all off before you kiss me. I can’t help but part my lips and lick the pad of your thumb with the very tip of my tongue. You close your eyes, just for a split second, and I know your control has slipped a little. I feel your arousal radiate out and feel a little smug at the idea of doing that to you with just a lick of your thumb.

“Well, baby? do you want me to kiss you? I want to kiss you, I want to kiss you all over, but you have to ask me…”

Your voice is husky, I’d forgotten how sexy you sound. I wonder if you remember my voice, or just how I sound when I cum. You pause and your hands get a little tighter around my throat and I get a little wetter. You lean into my ear and whisper to me…

“Tell me, tell me you want it, tell me you want ME…”

You pause, just for a single heartbeat

“My beautiful slut.”

Hearing you say that forces a moan from me, as I lose the tiny amount of control, I had managed to gain, over my lungs. My heart is beating out of my body and I know you can feel my pulse under your fingers. You move away from my ear, grazing my cheek with your beard and lips, and look at me isveçbahis giriş again, waiting for me to reply. I nod, I’m so turned on and thrown by all this and It’s all I can manage, but it’s not enough for you and you shake your head, just once really slowly while still holding your self control. I genuinely don’t know how you’re doing this. Your hands leave my throat and go to the back of my head, you hold me, tilting it to hold my gaze.


My voice is barely a whisper but you hear it and nod in satisfaction. Everything moves really quickly- I can’t stop myself and I open my legs, you step straight in between them and mould my body into you. It’s so quick and fluid, as we move into each other. Our lips finally touch and I can’t catch my breath, it’s so gentle but hard and insistent. I feel your cock pushing against my pussy through my clothes and I wrap my legs around you, using you as leverage to pull myself closer to you, you slip your hands under my ass and pull me forward at the same time. I’m right on the edge of the stool, I’m practically sitting on your cock. The sensations make us both kiss deeper and my head spins as you put your hands on the nape of my neck and the small of my back, pulling me in even tighter, I put my arms around your neck and let myself melt into you. We press against each other, easily finding each other’s rhythm and falling into one that meets both our needs, grinding and rubbing through our clothes, slow and hard.

I’m grateful there’s very few people out here, because the rubbing is making me wetter and wetter and I’m struggling to stay quiet. I need to take a break and regain my senses, plus I want to tell you how much I want this, you deserve to hear it, and I really need to find my voice. So I pull away from your kiss, you look confused until I push my hand down in between us, wanting to feel your cock for the first time. You’re hard, solid and thick, like I expected, I’ve seen pictures and videos, but reality is different. Touching your cock makes my pussy heat. I can feel your body vibrate when I touch you and I’m in awe at your control over your desire. I look up at you and see that you’re really fighting for it again, your jaw is set and your eyes are closed as you take regular deep breaths, slowly blowing them out. I don’t want to stop stroking and squeezing you through your jeans, and you haven’t put up any resistance, so I carry on, I know it won’t be long until you stop me, I only get to do this until you say otherwise. You feel fabulous in my hand and I think about feeling you slip inside my cunt later. The thought pushes me to speak, I bury my face in your shoulder and my words come out quietly, but clearer than before.

“I want this.”

I close my fingers around you and your cock flexes in my hand, getting even harder. You wrap your hand in my hair, you know exactly how to do that and I swear I hear a growl in your throat as you pull and twist it around your fingers, drawing my head slowly back to your mouth so you can kiss me hard again. Telling you I want your cock is turning us both on. But it’s more than that, I want everything, not just your cock. I want your hands and your fingers and your mouth and your voice and your filthy mind, I want all of it. I pull away again and rest my forehead against yours.

“And I want you, I want to be your…slut.”

Louder and more confident now, but I still can’t look at you and say that word and my voice falters slightly. Saying that to you in reality is the hardest thing. It was so different on the phone, I could hang up at any point. But here, tonight, I can’t. We both know what the words I’ve just said mean, what I’ve given permission for. Everything feels different. You stop pushing your cock into my hand and just look at me. I can’t read your expression and for a split second I think the reality, of me, of this, is too much for you. That we should’ve just kept it as a fantasy.

Your hand tightens in my hair and you let out a big sigh. I’m really confused now and suddenly aware that I’m freezing, the heater went off ages ago and my skin prickles with goosebumps as I start to shiver and my teeth chatter, I know this isn’t all due to the chill air. I’m on edge that this is over, that we’ve made a mistake. You break our embrace and pull me off the stool.

“We need to get you warm.”

I don’t know what that means, I don’t want to go back into the bar. I don’t know what’s happening. You pick up on my confusion and wrap your arms around me, turning us towards the taxi rank. The question isn’t asked out loud, you just raise your eyebrows at me along with that filthy smile and I relax immediately. Whatever internal debate you just had, is over and I wonder again if you’re surprised by my consent, I’m pretty sure I know what you were debating but I don’t mention it…It’s just us tonight.

I know what those raised eye brows are asking, we both know how this is going to go now, it’s inevitable. I don’t isveçbahis yeni giriş answer out loud either, I drain my drink in one and give you a short nod, you take my hand and lead us to a cab.

The cold, fresh air, downing my gin and the adrenalin of the last half an hour, all take their toll and my head spins even more, I stumble a couple of times in my silly shoes. You laugh at me as you catch me and pull me upright. Using the opportunity to pull me into you and kiss me, while shaking your head silently and rolling your eyes in mock disappointment at my drunken state and poor choice of footwear, I know you love these shoes tho, I hope you let me keep them on later…

You love me being drunk too, you’ve had me drunk on the phone a couple of times and I was tender for days after those encounters…

As drunk as I am, I’m still acutely aware that we’ve barely spoken, that you’ve turned up and claimed me from a night out and now we are going home to do fuck knows what to each other’s bodies and minds.

I can’t wait.

The taxi is warm and you give the driver your address and a twenty, then pull the screen over, making it clear that you want me to yourself.

I pull you close to me and we kiss again. Hard and deep, more forceful than last time. I’m sure of what’s coming now and I want it. You put one arm behind my shoulders and the other on my thigh and pull me close to you, tucking my body up snug to you. I can feel you breathing on my neck and the side of my face and you kiss my neck and ear so softly, making my skin tingle and heat. I can’t help but squirm in my seat and push my thighs together to feel my wetness. My clit’s throbbing and I think about telling you, but you beat me to it and start talking. It’s good to hear your voice.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw you. Why are you here?! I spent ages checking you out, just to be sure. I watched you drinking and smoking and laughing and I knew it was you, but I still doubted myself. I just didn’t understand why you’d be here. Then I saw you put down that guy who pulled your hair and I knew it was you for sure. I couldn’t believe the cunt touched you like that. I was so angry with him, it made you twitchy, you were more guarded after that and I knew I didn’t have long before you left because you’d stopped having fun. So, I stood behind you at the bar, trying to get the balls to say Hi, or catch your eye, I hoped you’d feel me there. I’m sure you saw me watching you earlier. But you didn’t turn around, so I had to touch you. I had to.”

I push myself into your body harder and you grip my thigh, sliding your hand in between my legs and rubbing my inner thigh.

“I’m glad you did, I was thinking about you just a minute before. About how I thought I’d seen you tonight, but how that would’ve been ridiculous, I used to tell you exactly where I’d be and not see you, so to meet you tonight, even tho you live here, would’ve been a very big coincidence…”

It’s much easier to talk to you now, but my heart is still banging in my chest and my mouth feels dry. I close my eyes and breathe for a second to gather myself.

You move your hand to my cunt and rub me through the fabric. I’m distracted and lose my train of speech.

“Why are you here?”

I’m not surprised you asked. It’s reasonable that you’d be curious. I try to move your hand, so I can think clearly, but you’re stronger than me and won’t budge. I focus on speaking, it’s hard to block out your expert fingers seeking out my pussy.

“I’m here to see a friend, she’s a really good friend, I’m here a lot, but usually just at hers.”

“You’re here a lot? And you know I live here, I told you.”

You rub harder.


It’s a response to your question and the rubbing. I push up to meet your hand and you laugh.

“So, why didn’t you say you come here? Seems like something you’d tell, to tease me.”


“And why are you out tonight? Who are you with?”

I laugh, your questions are all asked with a mocking tone and you throw your hands up as you ask them. But I know you genuinely want to know.

“It’s my friends birthday, I’m out with her and her friends. I didn’t tell you because, I, well…” I shrug.

I don’t know how to finish my sentence. I think about how I knew that telling you would bring this one step closer to happening and although I usually love handing over control to you, I needed to control this. You’re quiet for a minute and I’m pretty sure you’re working it all out for yourself. This is complicated, it’s not a normal hook up. I need you here with me, right now or I’ll lose my nerve, and I wriggle my ass, which is currently in your lap and you’re back with me instantly. You move in and kiss and lick my neck, sucking my ear lobe into your mouth and breathing in my ear. I put my hand on the side of your face, feeling your beard under my hand. That’s new since last time. You raise you hand and take mine, moving it from your face to my pussy. You lower your voice and use a softer, more gentle tone and the words you are now whispering in my ear change and become so deliciously dirty and sexy.

“Rub your pussy for me baby, soak your panties.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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