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Sitting at the table, overlooking the bay, she sipped her wine as the breeze rustled her long blonde hair. She wondered at the circumstances that had led her to this place. A trip with friends to this lush Carribean island had not turned out as expected. The opportunity to get away from real life and go with her girl friends to this resort was a real treat. This morning she had decided she needed some time just for herself, and had sent her friends on their shopping tour while she slept late, then came out for brunch.

As she finished her fruit, the server stopped by and presented her with a single yellow rose. With her look of surprise, he advised, ” From the gentleman….,” and pointed toward the beach. As her gaze shifted, she saw only sand and water. The server shrugged and walked to the kitchen. She looked at the tag and read, “A gorgeous yellow rose. Yellow, to match your golden hair, and gorgeous to match the lady.” No knowing what to think, but smiling inwardly, she put her sun hat on, picked up the rose and he beach bag and walked down to the water’s edge. Such a glorious day, warm but not yet the stifling heat of late afternoon, sunny and bright. Not a day to lie down, she decided a walk along the beach was in order. As she walked, she looked again at the rose. The words on the card intrigued her.

Inwardly, she always wondered how she was viewed by the males species. Her husband often told her how attractive she was, but he was, after all, her husband and such comments were expected. Something unexpected from a stranger created a warm glow of satisfaction and she couldn’t help but wonder what had stirred the stranger’s action. Her long, wavy blond hair was attractive enough, but not cover girl status. Her body was fairly firm, but as age creeps up, it was not in the category of the hard bodied teenage beach bunnies she was passing in their string bikinis, or in several cases, bikini bottoms only. Comparing her swimsuit covered breasts to some, she wondered how she came to be the recipient of attention. Her wrap around skirt covered her from waist to mid calf and failed to show the tone and milky skin of her legs, yet couldn’t hide the pleasing shape.

She felt as if someone was watching her, but she could see no evidence of any unusual interest. The resort receded in the distance as she walked, away from the populated beach and along the more remote section of the island. As she came to an outcropping of rock, she stopped to watch the waves lap gently where sand met stone, and looked out at a small yacht, anchored a short distance off shore. She could see no one moving aboard, yet somehow felt a presence. She sat her bag on the sand and raised her arms above her head and stretched reaching to the sky, feeling her hair blowing across her shoulders. A sound came from behind her.

“A lovely view suddenly became lovelier.” She flinched as she heard the words. She turned quickly to see the man sitting among the rocks and wondered how she’s not seen him before. “Sorry if I startled you, but couldn’t think of a way not to.” She was immediately drawn to his smile, bright and genuine. The next thing she noticed was his blue eyes. Not Paul Newman blue, but a bright shade that glowed with the reflected sun. “Well, you certainly startled me, I don’t know how I didn’t notice you.”

“Your mind seemed a long distance away isveçbahis as I watched you walk here. Of course, I always notice a gorgeous lady walking toward me. And admire her beauty.” He smiled again and she noticed his short brown curly hair, gently turning to grey matching his mustache. He appeared to be in his 40’s, tanned, and seemed fit, but with a slight thickening to his trunk as middle age seemed to approach. Wearing shorts, she noticed the hair on his chest and that his legs seemed muscular. “Where did you come from? ” she asked. “From your fantasies, perhaps? Well, actually from that boat out there. I rowed in a little while ago,” and pointed to a small skiff that she now noticed tied on the other side of the rocks. “I was going to take a couple of pictures of the yacht before I took her back to the marina, when I saw you walking this way.” He explained that he and a friend had rented the yacht to sail between the islands when his friend was called back to the States for a family emergency. “I’ve kind of island hopped my way back here the last couple of days, resting when I could. Single handed sailing is a lot of work, especially when you’re not used to it.”

“How did you end up here, all alone?” She began telling him how she and her girl friends had left their husbands at home and come down for a little time in the sun on a girls trip, away from the winter cold. She suddenly stopped, realizing what she was saying, but at the same time feeling extremely comfortable talking with this total stranger. She then decided to go on, telling him about her need to be away from the girls and spend some time on her own. “Hope I’m not intruding on your solitude,” he said. “Oh no,” she replied, “this is kind of nice.” She saw his eyes roaming her body, not staring or lewd, but rather appraising, and wondered what he was thinking. As if he understood, he said, ” I was going to take a picture of the boat with the beautiful island in the background, but when I saw you stretching in front of it, I realized that a gorgeous model would really make the picture. Would you mind posing the way you did?” “Me?” she said, “Why not one of those sexy young things down the beach?”

He smiled again, “Because you came to me, your golden hair is the perfect complement to the teak wood on the boat, and the image in my mind of you stretching there is the picture I’d love to take away from here.” She smiled, and thought, how could I refuse such a wonderful compliment? So, she asked how he would like her to stand, and he positioned her and as she stretched, she heard the shutter click on the camera. She thought back and realized she had heard it earlier, just before he spoke. She turned, “Did you take my picture earlier?” He grinned and admitted that he had, but was using the picture as a ploy to get her to stay. “Why?” She asked. He replied that she was gorgeous, he was enjoying talking with her, and wanted to take some more pictures of her. Curious, she said that she would enjoy posing for him. He then said that he had been influenced in his appreciation of art by Paul Gaugain,, “You know, the artist who painted the girls on the island of Tahiti?” She smiled, thinking to herself “Weren’t his models topless?”

Taking off her hat, she stepped out toward the water and asked where she should stand next. He had her turn slightly to one side, saying “If isveçbahis giriş I set this just right, get you slightly in profile with your breast from the side, and get the boat in the background, it would look just like Gaugain’s famous work.” She turned, looking him directly in the eye, and wondering where the words came from, she heard herself say, “But Gaugain painted her with naked breasts. Shouldn’t mine be?” This time, he was the one who flinched! His eyes dropped immediately to her breasts, then looked her in the eye and grinned again, saying, “That would really be a giant stride toward matching the master, wouldn’t it?” Smiling, and still looking him in the eye, she reached up and released the catch on her swimsuit top, shrugged her shoulders and let it drop to the ground. She heard the quick intake of his breath as the breeze cooled the sweat on her breast, stiffening her nipples. What she couldn’t realize was the dramatic effect of her beautifully shaped breasts and succulent nipples. She was looking at his eyes, and not at the physical reaction much lower. She then turned her back, looked at the boat and asked, “Just where should I stand?” “Right there,” was the quick reply and she heard the camera shutter.

He then said he needed to move her just a little to one side and she felt his presence, then his hand on her back and one on her hip and he gently turned her slightly away from him. His hands however stayed in place, and he said, “I should brush this hair back just a little, and he raised his hand to lightly touch the side of her face before brushing back her hair. His touch on her cheek was feather light and she felt a shiver run through her. As his hand dropped back, she leaned forward, pushing her nipple against his hand. The touch caused a moan to escape her lips. She turned to face him, their eyes meeting, and he leaned his head to her, his lips brushing her forehead, then her cheeks, then finally meeting her lips. He brushed them gently, then pulled slightly back, and looked in here eyes. She placed her hands on his hips and raised her head to him. As their mouths met, the kiss became more intense, their lips parting and their tongues meeting. She felt her breathing quicken, her heart beat faster as she reacted to his tongue, gently exploring her mouth. His hands moved on her back and began pulling her to him. As her nipples contacted his chest she felt the tickle of his chest hair, then her breasts met his skin. Her hands on his waist pulled him to her, and she felt the reaction that the sight of her breasts had already caused.

He pulled his head back and said, “You have a fantastic kiss.” Then his mouth sought hers once more. His hands slid up to her shoulders, then down her back to cup her butt as he pulled her against his stiffness. He groaned as they met, and pushed back against her. She could feel how hard he was, and felt her body reacting. His mouth moved down to kiss and lick at her neck and throat, and he slowly pulled her down to her knees, then leaned her back on to the warm sand, lying her down while his legs went to each side of her hips. His kisses slid down onto her chest as his hand slid up to run his palm over her nipples. Hard and erect, they proudly met his touch and she felt the tingle as they were caressed by his palm, fingers and then his lips. The mustache hairs tickled as they ran across isveçbahis yeni giriş her breasts, exciting her even more and she moaned again. He kissed the nipples, licked, then sucked them gently before grazing his teeth across them. He licked around them and under her breasts, then slid his tongue down across her abdomen, gently exploring her navel, as he continued to the top of her wrap around. He looked up and said, “Don’t you think this is in the way?” “Oh, yes!” Her hands reached down and undid the strap, and pulled it open. She raised her hips and his hands slid down her buttocks, taking the swim suit bottom with them. He pulled it off of her legs, and then knelt between them, kissing one calf and then the other, working his way slowly up to her knees, then her thighs.

He moved higher on her thighs, and his tongue began licking the skin at top of her legs, sliding slowly up one side and down the other, his fingers slightly raking the outsides of legs and hips. Her breathing became faster, she felt quivering through her body, and she pushed her lips up toward him… waiting for his tongue to explore. She felt his tongue traveling through her trimmed patch of hair, and again down her to her thigh. When would he touch her? She was warm, she felt the wetness between her legs and bucked her hips up at his mouth and spread her thighs farther… and still he kept licking, not quite reaching the wet lips she was dying to have licked….

Then, his tongue slipped against the bottom of her slit, and she felt a shudder pass through her body… the tongue slid soooo slowly up one wet side… stopping just short of her hard clitoris… it moved to the other side and slowly down to where they joined. And then he did the same again, and again… she was becoming frantic for him to satisfy her need… she felt his tongue slide lower to softly flick against her puckered hole, then it moved up this time sliding deep into her wet waiting opening… moving slowly in and out, deeper and higher toward her waiting clit… this time his tongue pushed against it’s hardness… caressing it, stroking, slipping up to the head. As she felt it move higher her hips raised and pushed against his face, she was hot… panting … telling him to lick… suck her…. Oh, god she wanted more… his tongue circling the head… teasing and arousing… his hands moving to caress her breasts and pinch at her nipples.. she threw her head from side to side… and saw two pairs of eyes looking back at her… two ladies in bikinis, sexy young things that she had passed earlier, watching with eager, expectant eyes…. But she was too far gone in her excitement to care… She pushed again at him with her hips as his lips encircled the head of her erect clit, the tongue stroking harder and faster as he sucked and licked… She felt the quiver begin low inside, then like an explosion it hit her body, waves of pleasure passing up and down, quivering, wet, .. she grabbed his head with both hands..but didn’t pull away as his ministrations changed to a gentler, yet insistent tonguing….the waves of pleasure kept coursing through her body… she felt as if they would never stop and she didn’t want them to…. How long she kept quivering and moaning she didn’t know, but never had it lasted like this….. finally, with a final jerk, her body went limp and she pushed his mouth away…. She lay there panting and shivering…. Then she looked up with a start at the girls who were looking at her, smiling… no sign of embarassment in their stares. She looked down at him and he looked back, grinned and shrugged, “Never saw them come up.” And he smiled at her. “Now where do we go from here….?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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