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She is quite the beautiful woman! The erotic pleasures she delights in providing drives me wild with desire. How she looks up at me, with her fingers wrapped around my rigid cock, the head between her warm lips, her slippery tongue playfully exploring every part, the lust in her eyes, just for me.

I love how she wants to explore every aspect of her sexuality. She surprised me when she stopped licking and reached over for the lube, dripping it along the head of my cock and slowly working it along my shaft. How wonderful that felt, and how I trembled in anticipation wondering what she had in mind.

But now I know and how I love it. On my back, I watch as she slowly climbs up my body and straddles my hips, my greased cock resting against her glistening pussy, feeling the heat of her skin. In suspense, I wonder as she leans backward, spreading herself wide, lifting her hips. How beautifully her body is like that. Hairless, the full lips of her pussy are so erotic parted before me. And in this position, I can see the seductive roundness of her ass, and the puckered skin between.

I feel her fingers guide my cock, rubbing it along her lips and over her clit as we both moan. But that ass, how wonderful the skin of her cheeks feel against the underside of my shaft and balls. I make a mental note that I must have it one day soon. Then to my surprise, almost as if reading my mind, she lifts herself more leaning way back, and guides the head of gaziantep escort my cock to her bum. OMG!

I think I know what she has in mind now! My cock gets even harder as I feel her relax as the tip slowly parts the puckered skin of her opening. We both watch as my cock slowly disappears into that beautiful hot ass as she uses gravity to her advantage. What a sight! What a feeling! I squeeze and try not to cum as my cock spasms.

We stay paused like that, each getting used to the sensation. It feels wonderful, so tight around my cock, so hot. I love when she squeezes and her bum clamps down on all sides of my cock at once, and when she releases it slides deeper and deeper until my full length is within her. We look at each other and smile before she slowly gyrates and lifts only to slide down again. It feels wonderful.

She reaches down with one hand, her fingers feeling my hard shaft as it slides in and out slowly. Her other hand caresses her breast, thumb sliding over her very erect nipple as she moans with pleasure. I watch her trace her engorged pussy lips slowly, and then pulling back the skin over her clit exposing it erotic beauty to me.

I am transfixed as she circles her clit with her finger tip and moaning loudly with pleasure. I feel her bum squeeze my cock, and in response I lift my hips and thighs, thrusting so deep into her as I lift her off the bed. She squeals louder in pleasure and I groan loudly at escort bayan the sight of her impaled on my cock.

Her fingers move faster now causing her to pant and moan in pleasure. The only interruption to her pleasure is momentary as she slides her two middle fingers deep inside her pussy. I can feel her other two fingers against my shaft as it slowly slides in and out of her tight ass. I watch as she presses her palm against her clit and repetitively lifts her hand in short penetrating strokes.

I think she really likes this since her body is starting to tremble and between moans she is crying out “Oooooh fuuuuuckkkk, I want your hard cock deeper, yessssss”. I plunge in and out faster in response, moaning some myself, as I try not to cum! But I can feel it building inside. My balls raise and my cock hardens, pleasure radiating from my prostate.

I look into her face and see a glint in her eye between the grimaces of pleasure. I think she has something more planned but I am too close to wonder as I am distracted by her bouncing breasts. Then it happens. She opens her mouth, arches her back, spreads her thighs wide, pushes down hard on my cock, and looses control of her body in orgasm. Eyes unfocused as she grunts and groans in pleasure. I can feel the contractions as her ass grabs my cock, and squeezes it simultaneously from all sides. I feel myself pass the point of no return, and squeeze tight trying to postpone the inevitable.

I watch her fingers slide out of her, and her beautiful lips pulse in pleasure as she shakes. Then to my wonderment I see a spurt of clear liquid emerge from between those beautiful lips and feel the warmth of it as is splashes against my lower abdomen and base of my cock. The stream is cut off by each spasm of her body as she groans like a wild animal. This is way too much for my senses as I grunt and lift into her and loose control myself. My cock, contracts and releases rapidly spurting my cum deep inside her ass in mutual spasms of pleasure.

As our shudders slowly subside, my awareness of my surroundings starts to return. What an erotic sight: the shaft of my cock emerging from the beautiful cheeks of her bum, just below her now drenched pussy, is now covered in her warm wetness as is my lower abdomen. It has even

pooled in my belly button. We both laugh together in disbelief.

She sits up straight still straddling my cock and smiles down at me. I take her hand and pull her down to me, until her breasts touch my chest. Our lips meet hungrily as we kiss passionately. I wrap my arms around her and hug her tight as we kiss, trapping the wetness between out bodies. Our movements result in my cock slowly sliding out of her, trailing a string of white cum from the head, to her ass. We stay like that, kissing, and smiling.

Before she can get cold, I roll her on her side, stand, and slide one arm under her neck, and the other under her knees, lift her, and carry her to the bath where we lovingly wash each other in the warm water of the bath tub.

What a beautiful and erotic woman she is!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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