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If there is one part of Ottawa that I can’t stand, it’s the environs of Kanata. The most boring spot in all of provincial Ontario. Yet for some reason, the security company I work for keeps sending me there. I go where the money is, but I don’t have to like it. The other day, I caught hell trying to make it there, man. I live in the east end of Ottawa, and had to walk to Hurdman Station from my apartment near Saint Laurent Mall in order to catch the ninety six bus heading to Kanata. The ride was long and boring, with a lot of people staring at my Black ass for wearing a Santa hat AND a security uniform. Ottawa is full of bigots and if you’re not white, they develop a staring problem. I was used to the stare, but this time it was different.

I noticed that it was mostly Arabs and Somalis doing the staring. I guess they’re upset that not every Black immigrant in the City of Ottawa is Muslim, in spite of their best efforts. Most of us Afro-Caribbean folks are of Christian stock and damn proud to be. Don’t like it? Oh, well. My Haitian ass is staying Christian, thank you very much. The Arabs control the religion of Islam and while I respect their faith, I can’t overlook the fact that they treat us Blacks like shit. Why in hell would I want to bow down to them? My name is Carl James and I approve this message. Anyhow, I went to Kanata that night, winding up ten minutes late because the ninety three bus is the only one that goes to the industrial park where I was sent, and it only comes every half hour. If you miss it even by a hair, you’re shit out of luck.

We’re in early December, and it’s snowing a lot in the City of Ottawa. It’s exam time at Carleton University, where I major in civil engineering. If I want to stay in school next semester, I’m going to have to fork over twelve hundred bucks. I owe the school and they intend to collect by January. That’s why I’m breaking my back working security. That and I’ve got to pay my rent. My former roommate ( and erstwhile boyfriend ) Ralph Davilmar left abruptly, and we used to split the eight-hundred-bucks-a-month rent. Now I have to pay it solo because finding a roommate in the middle of the winter is gonna be tough. Ralph and I met at school, and we just clicked. It’s rare to meet an openly gay or bisexual man who is Haitian. I liked Ralph, and he liked me. The sex was off the chain, and neither of us liked dorm life so we got an apartment off-campus and moved in together. That was a big mistake. Ralph was insecure, with anger issues. If he hadn’t left, I would have kicked his ass out.

I walked up a small hill from the roadside and went to the silvery building, which had a high-tech look to it, and was greeted by an old Black dude working at the security booth. He let me in, introduced himself as Paul, then he asked me for my Ontario Security Guard licence, and signed me in. Dude then pointed me to the security office, where I got my marching orders from a matronly white lady who introduced herself as Marsha Kelvin. Apparently, for tonight’s assignment, I had to watch some contractors. Sounds good to me because watching contractors while they did their business is a big part of security work. I’m a floater, meaning that I go from site to site, I don’t have a permanent workplace.

As soon as midnight struck, Paul the old security dude and our dear supervisor Marsha Kelvin left the site, put it on lockdown. The contractors left, and I was told that I was expected to stay until seven in the morning. I waited for everybody to leave, then made myself comfortable. I ordered from isveçbahis Pizza Pizza, the only company in Ottawa that will deliver anywhere in town regardless of time. Forty five minutes later, the pizza delivery guy showed up at the door. Well, guy might not the right word. The delivery person in question was definitely not a man. A tall, skinny dark-skinned Black chick with hair dyed bright red and green contacts stared at me awkwardly while banging on the building window. I let her into the building lobby, and took the pizza box she handed me. That will be twenty dollars, she said with an accent I couldn’t place. I handed her twenty three dollars, giving her a decent tip because I once did deliveries for Boston Pizza and they treated me like shit.

The pizza delivery chick brightened up, and I wished her good luck and Godspeed. She nodded, thanked me and left. With all the snow failing, the roads are bound to be horrible. I’m surprised she delivered the pizza so quickly. I walked back to the security desk, and opened the box. The rich smell of pineapple pizza filled the air, and I felt my stomach grumble. I took a slice and bit into it, then took a few sips of my Pepsi. Ah, now that’s what’s up. Who says security guard duty has to suck? Sure, I’m only getting paid eleven dollars and fifty cents an hour and I’ll have to work eighty six hours in order to pay Carleton University for the winter semester, but my job does have its perks. I smiled to myself as I wolfed down another pizza, and relaxed. I leaned back on my chair, and closed my eyes. A moment later they snapped open, thanks to some banging noise I heard on the window. I looked, and shook my head. It was the pizza delivery chick again. What in hell did she want?

I went to the door, and she excitedly pointed to her car, which she somehow smashed against a metallic pole in the parking lot. Geez, I thought. How original. She told me she called CAA and since her car was fucked up, she wanted to know if she could stay inside the building until CAA showed up. I thought about it. Security really isn’t supposed to let non-employees into the building but since this broad was in distress, I suppose I could make an exception. I told her she could wait inside, and she smiled warmly. I’m Rosa, she said unprompted, extending her small hand. The name is Carl, I said. I shook her hand, and went back to my desk.

Rosa stood at the window, looking outside. I watched her pace back and forth while eating my pizza. Finally, I got tired of it and offered her a slice of pizza, and a seat, not because I felt like being charitable but because I wanted her to stop her damn pacing. Rosa thanked me for the pizza, and sat down at last. She looked at me and asked me how long I’d been working security. I told her I’d been at it since April 2010. Rosa smiled, and said that delivering pizzas was how she was paying her way at La Cite Collegiale, this French college near Orleans, Ontario. She checked her cell phone, and called CAA again. Nada, she said. I reminded her that it was really cold and snowy outside, so the CAA guys were probably super busy. Rosa nodded, and continued with her ( unwanted ) banter.

I don’t know what I said that made her think I cared about her life, but this Rosa broad could talk. She went on and on about her ex-boyfriend Larry, whom she referred to as a Quebecois scumbag. Apparently she caught him cheating on her with a Chinese broad and chased him out of their apartment. I smiled at that, and for some reason, I shared with her my tale of woe concerning one Ralph Davilmar. isveçbahis giriş Rosa seemed surprised that I was bisexual, and I told her male bisexuality wasn’t rare. Anyhow, when I finished the story, she told me that Ralph was an idiot for letting a hot guy like me go. Total line on her part but I smiled anyway. I got up to stretch. According to the supervisor’s rules, I had to perform some patrols in the empty building but with Rosa here, I couldn’t do that. I looked outside the window and saw that the snow was getting worse. All the cars outside were covered. Welcome to Canada, I said wistfully.

Rosa crossed her arms and whined a bit, saying that she should never have agreed to take the shift. I nodded, for I was starting to feel the same way. I should be in my bed, not in this cold empty building with this random broad. Anyhow, I think that by now you’ve figured out that I choose my associates very poorly. It’s going to be one of my New Year’s Resolutions, that’s for sure. To better select the people I let into my life. Out of the blue, Rosa shot me a pointed look and asked me if I still liked females. I stared at her, and she shrugged, saying she was just curious. I shrugged. These days I mostly slept with guys, because women were too damn fussy. The last chick I dated was Bethlehem, an Ethiopian chick I met at school last year. She gave killer head, and had a nice ass, but she was also mean as hell and liked to steal. I had to dump her.

I leaned back against the desk, and sighed wistfully. I looked at Rosa, smiled and told her that whether I dealt with guys or girls, I always ended up with the worst that both sides had to offer. Guys with anger issues and women with kleptomaniacal tendencies, that’s who ends up in bed with me. Rosa smiled, and told me to go easy on myself. Suddenly, she was much closer. Gently she touched my shoulder, and told me that good men were rare in this world. I looked at her hand on my shoulder, Rosa noticed me looking at it but didn’t take it away. I asked her how she knew I was a good man. Rosa grinned, and told me that a bad man would have let her freeze her ass off outside. Then she kissed me.

It’s often said by women the world over that us guys think with our dicks, but I think women are guilty of the same thing sometimes. How else would you explain how Rosa and I started making out right here in the lobby of this empty high-tech building, in spite of the fact that we’d only known each other for half an hour? Rosa kissed me passionately, and much to my surprise, I responded in kind. Rosa pulled away from me and smiled, then asked me if I had a condom. I nodded. That’s one thing that the media and society at large gets wrong about us gay and bisexual men. Since we hook up casually more than any other demographic, we ALWAYS carry condoms by the frigging barrel. With condoms in my pocket, and a bulging erection in my pants, I led Rosa to the washroom upstairs.

Rosa and I got our freak on, as I set her on the bathroom counter. Hastily she unzipped her jacket, revealing the faded blue T-shirt featuring Bob Marley that she wore underneath. I’m Trinidadian, she said with a grin. I smiled and pulled her shirt over her head, gently kissing her tits before telling her that us Haitians liked Bob Marley just fine too. We kissed again, and I fondled her tits while she touched my groin. I unzipped my pants, pulled them down and freed my hard dick from my boxers. Rosa stroked my cock while I kissed her neck. I was ready for her, but she pointed to the space between her legs, telling me isveçbahis yeni giriş that her kitty needed some love too.

That’s another big difference between men and women. Although it pains me to say this, I’m that guy who has been known to fuck other guys in the bathrooms. However, if I had a guy on that washroom counter right now, he’d want my hard cock inside of him instead of insisting on foreplay. Women are different. I knelt before Rosa as she pulled down her pants and panties, revealing a hairy Black pussy. I began sucking on her clitoris while fingering her pussy. It has been a while since I had sex with a female, but some things you never forget. Soon I had Rosa moaning and squirming in delight, thanks to my tongue and fingers in her pussy. When she calmed down, I asked her how she wanted it. Rosa laughed, and grabbed my dick. Before I could stop her, she began sucking me off.

A lot of the other bisexual guys I know say that men are better at sucking dick than women. I used to agree with them, until I met Rosa. This freaky Trinidad chick began sucking my dick like it was the cock sucking Olympics or something. She fondled my balls and deep-throated my cock like it was nothing. I felt weak in the knees, man. I was ready to blow my load but Rosa wouldn’t let me. With a swift lick of her tongue, she delayed my ejaculation, causing me some sweet pain. When I finally came, she surprised me by guzzling it all down. Every last drop of my semen. My ex-boyfriend Ralph didn’t like to swallow, saying that he wasn’t a bitch, even though he loved it when I bent his hairy ass over and stuffed him like a thanksgiving turkey. Rosa swallowed my cum like it was nothing, then purred at me and asked me for more.

Rosa sat on the counter, her pretty face still smeared with my cum, and she nonchalantly told me to fuck her. I smiled, and rolled a condom on my dick. Once again, it was Rosa who took control, grabbing my hard dick and guiding it into her pussy. Rosa wrapped her arms around me, and told me to fuck her hard. Man, I did just that. It has been more than a year since I got me some pussy. I’ve fucked a lot of guys and I love burying my cock in a tight male ass, but a hot pussy is itself a tasty treat. I pounded Rosa really hard and she shrieked, urging me to fuck her harder. For such a thin chick, she could certainly take a pounding. I’m six-foot-one and she’s an inch or two shorter than me, though I outweigh her by at least fifty or sixty pounds. I weigh two hundred and ten pounds and fucked Rosa with all of my might, slamming my dick into her pussy like a battering ram. She screamed and so did I. Half an hour later, I came and my erection vanished like ice in the sun. Man, that shit always happens after I get my nut.

Rosa and I looked at each other and grinned. Standing side by side in the men’s washroom, we cleaned up and put our clothes back on. We went downstairs, and finished the rest of the pizza. Ten minutes later, the CAA guys came and Rosa left with them. She didn’t tell me her last name, or offer me her number. I didn’t ask. I just shook her hand awkwardly and wished her well before she left. The rest of my shift went by quickly, and before I knew it, the building employees started coming in. I was relieved by a short, stocky Arab guy who introduced himself as Abdul, and hurried to catch the bus across the street. As soon as I got to my place, I went straight to my bed. It was eight thirty in the morning. The midnight to eight shift is the worst. When I woke up, it was three in the afternoon. I went to the campus library to study, then left around seven. I got a call from the security company asking me if I wanted to work the same shift again tonight, since the regular guy was still sick. I smiled to myself as I agreed. I think I’ll order pizza again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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