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“A Burning Passion” (c)

Copyright 2014 by EroticStorm (c)

The Author reserves all rights. Prohibits the copying of any part of this publication or the distribution or storage. Transmission in any form and by any means possible is not allowable. This includes photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods. Without getting written permission from the publisher or the Author. The only exceptions allowed are brief quotations embodied in critical reviews. Other non-commercial purposes allowed by copyright law.

This book is fiction, all names, places or other known materials used for this story, and any likenesses with reality are purely coincidental.

A disclaimer: The material in this book is for mature audiences only and contains explicit sexual material. The intention of this material is for the enjoyment of those aged 18 years and older.

Author’s note: All characters portrayed in this work of fiction, are 18 years of age or older.


I have been writing on an intimate and informal level for a few years now. I have found the erotica style of writing, to have an extraordinary effect on the mind and body.

The communication of detailed, descriptive, and arousing words by the written medium is even better than voice and vision imagery.

The mind has more time to absorb the full meaning and feelings intended by the selection of words, with the bonus of feeding the expectation of the reader. I have found it astonishing that a simple idea or fantasy can blossom into a book.

The Prologue: (c)

Andrew is fretting over the loss of Jade, the love of his life. A little more than two months ago, she made a rash decision. Jade had become disillusioned with her job at the regional airline. The main clientele of the airline were miners travelling to and from the coal fields, and she was sick of the pawing hands and crude comments. One of the passengers on the plane groped Jade one Monday afternoon in April. After that incident, she made up her mind to seek employment elsewhere. It was not the first occasion, and management had never taken any action on the issue. Jade applied for a position as a flight attendant with a national airline.

In May, Jade had her interview and gained employment with the carrier. To take up the position she had to leave her lover and move over one thousand miles south of Ashtonville to the state capital. Although Andrew is the most skillful lover, she has experienced in her twenty-six years. When she informed him it wasn’t what he was expecting. However, he did accept her decision and her reasoning behind it. She left in early June after giving two weeks’ notice to her previous employer. It was a sad time for both of them and they vowed to get together as often as possible.

It’s mid-August here in Astonville. Andrew is missing the constant contact he had with the love of his life. At thirty-two he has had his share of women. However, he has yet to find anyone as sexually stimulating as Jade. They can fuck for two or three hours, have a short nap, then get right back into it. He has spent almost a year teaching her the art of intense lovemaking. Jade had been an apt student. Andrew taught Jade to hold back the release of her orgasm during foreplay. Jade knows to wait for a trigger now to set her on the path of an intense climax. He uses a combination of pinching or biting nipples and clitoris to hard finger fucking. He also taught Jade to hold her orgasm back when he fucks her. His ejaculation inside of her is the trigger for her to climax.

Jade is the perfect equal for an alpha-male like Andrew. He loves to dominate his submissive in bed. She has thrived under his coaching and guidance. Her sexual pleasure has grown from having a single orgasm to having multiple, intense, body-draining orgasms now when he fucks her. Their monthly visits won’t sustain her sexual cravings for long. Andrew knows his well-trained fuck buddy has a high sex drive. She only gets to have sex with him three days a month now, and this is going to be a letdown for her. Jade has become accustomed to having intense sex sessions with Andrew most nights. It just isn’t going to cut it in the long term.

The characters mentioned in this book, Andrew and Jade are the main two participants, and Mike and Sue have minor roles.

Just a little background on the main two characters:

Andrew is the master of a tugboat. He is thirty-two, stands six-foot-three inches and weighs a solid two hundred and five pounds. He is a typical alpha-male with charisma, charm, and a dogged determination to be successful. Other people sense his power and tend to gravitate toward him, whilst women just want to become intimate with him.

Jade’s employment is as a flight attendant, and she is a stunner. At twenty-six, she stands five-foot-five inches and weighs one hundred and seven pounds. Even though she is slight in build, her breast size is an ample 38D. isveçbahis She is a very attractive, blond-haired beauty with long, straight hair just past shoulder length.


“A Burning Passion” (c)

This is where this story picks up on a Tuesday night in mid- August. Their infrequent romantic unions has left them both hungry for more. The loneliness is starting to take its toll on their distant relationship. Andrew is at a loss as to what to do and dreads the thought of Jade seeking solace elsewhere. He is having a drink at his local watering hole before his regular Thursday night game of snooker. In walks Jack, a long-time friend whom he has not seen for quite some time. They have their usual, boisterous greeting.

“How is Jade doing?” Jack asks after a deal of men chatter and joking around.

“Oh! She is okay, I guess!” Andrew answers with a sad expression on his face and a low tone in his voice. This is something that Jack has never seen before in Andrew. This isn’t the extremely confident and cocky alpha-male that Jack knows Andrew to be.

“Okay! Spit it out. What’s happening between you two,” Jack asks now in a softer and more concerned tone for his friend.

“Jack, she has taken a position with a national carrier. We can only ever get together once a month, and that is if everything goes according to plan. You know that I can’t possibly give up my job on the tugs. If we have a family it will be my income that we will be relying on.”

“Yeah, I get that. So then what’s the issue? Is Jade playing around with someone, Andrew?” Jack asks.

“No! Jack, not yet. However, Jack our sporadic meetings are affecting our relationship. I just don’t want to lose her. She has a fucking high sex drive and what we are doing at the moment will not keep her faithful for long. No matter what good intentions, she might have. You know how much I care for her. We’ve been together now for over a year, and these last few months have been hell. She is the best fuck buddy I have ever had or likely to have. We speak most days for hours, even when I am away on the tugboats. I can hear the loneliness in her voice,” Andrew says. Then he takes a swallow of his beer while Jack is mulling over what he has told him.

“You know, Jack. It’s starting to get me down as well. I’m concerned that we’re drifting apart. It’s hard to keep the conversation going for hours every day and know that I have made her feel better,” Andrew shares. He stops talking, drains his glass, and orders two more beers.

“Okay, buddy, I understand your problem. Sue and I had a similar issue a few years ago when I was working down in the south west corner on the gas drilling rigs. Don’t you remember? I worked three weeks on and home for one?”

“Yes, I do Jack. You did that for over a year. How did you two manage your relationship without breaking up?”

“Andrew, if you promise that you will not to laugh or tell any of the guys. I’ll tell you!” Jack responds, as he motions toward the members of the teams that are gathering for tonight’s competition.

“You know me better than that, Jack! Have I ever spread anything around that you have told me?”

“No! Andrew, you haven’t, and I thank you for that. That’s what mates do for each other. Well, Sue and I had sex-chats or cybersex as some people call it.”

“So you and Sue had cam sex… like watching each other get off or telling her what you want her to do while having a sexual play?”

“Not likely, back then the internet did not have very good cam capacity. The bandwidth was too narrow. We did try phone sex, but in the end, we found out it was better if I just typed a story to her. You know! I told her what I would be doing to her if I was there with her. When she relaxes and absorbs the meaning and feels what I am telling her in the story, it is as if I were there with her. She got off big time.”

“Really? So, you typing a story to her was more arousing than talking on the phone?”

“Well, you know those damn telephone lines. They had a lot of static, and it depended on the weather conditions at the time. You tried to talk to me a few times and gave up, remember?”

“Yeah, I do. It did piss me off trying to get a conversation going with you and then have to repeat myself so often.”

“Well, the internet was slow, but it added to the anticipation and excitement for her. She had the bonus of being able to save the chats. We were using hotmail back then. Only nowadays you have these chat boxes you can use where it’s faster and more direct.”

“Okay, Jack! So, Sue got off on it big time did she?”

“You have no idea how much those little typed stories affected her. Whenever I did get home, we had some intense sexual sessions. We experimented sexually with each other and got a little more adventurous. We found out new ways to arouse each other that we would not have considered before then. Even now, we still isveçbahis giriş chat on the odd occasion. That’s when I get a chance to go away, like tonight. I will be chatting with her tonight after I have a meal and catch up with a few of you guys. This is the first time I have been away from home in months.”

“How long do the chats go for Jack?”

“For as long as you want them to, buddy. It is entirely up to you and Jade how long you want to play together. However, Sue and I keep at it until she has enough orgasms to drain her completely. She loves touching herself while I feed her a hot story.”

“I’ll be doing one with Sue tonight for a few hours, or until I have helped her enjoy several orgasms, maybe even more!”

“Really … So, they go for that long, Jack?”

“Yep … Moreover, tomorrow when I get home, she will fuck like a wild woman. She stays so fucking horny for days. You have no idea of how a good, very personal story like that can turn a woman on. Sue has taken to our story playtime like a duck to water. Stumbling onto this additional means of satisfying her needs has made all the difference in the world to us.”

“Okay, this sounds interesting. I don’t want to get too personal or probe around in your business. However, what do you say to her? What kind of stories do you and Sue like sharing? I’ll talk to Jade and give your suggestion a try. Nevertheless, it would be helpful if I had some idea of where to start,” Andrew asks. The serious look on his face only received a raucous laugh from Jack and a slap on the back.

“Look, buddy. The first thing you need to do is relax and be natural. I would suggest that you select a theme that you and Jade are familiar with and have in common. Then just follow it through as if you were actually in the scene. That’s how these chats work. Look, start doing something where you can seduce Jade. As if you are with her when you two get together for one of your dirty weekends. The secret is to have the chat imitate reality as much as possible and be as descriptive as you can make it, but keep the actions flowing. Telling her a hot story will probably be a little like having sex for the first time,” Jack reveals. Then he again let out a raucous laugh, which did not help Andrew’s nerves at all. Andrew finishes his beer and orders another round.

“Okay, Jack! You can laugh and have your fun at my expense, but this is serious stuff for me. I’ve got to find a way to keep Jade more connected to me while we’re apart.”

“Buddy, that’s what I am trying to tell you. Don’t get uptight. Just relax and be your natural self. Shit, if you’re uptight, how do you think it will come across to Jade on the other end?”

“Okay, I get it! Well, I’ll go with something that is familiar to both of us before we explore other scenarios.”

“Yep, that’s the way to go. You know the old ‘Kiss’ (keep it simple, stupid) saying. Just keep it simple and let it flow.”

“I found the dirtier and more lustful my chats were with Sue the hotter she got. Andrew, it will surprise you where this whole sex-chat concept will lead you and Jade. Sue and I act out all our fantasies, and we have discovered so much more about each other’s needs while doing these chats. Get as detailed and descriptive as you can. You have to get into her mind, and once you have done that, you are well on your way. Don’t make the chats about you, it’s about her. Do the chat as if you were giving her the best sex session she could ever imagine. Make it feel that real to her. That she will want to do what you are telling her to herself. It may take you a few chats to get into the feel of it. I am confident that you will, buddy!” Jack tells Andrew in a reassuring manner.

“Now it’s your shout again,” Jack says as he gives Andrew a friendly slap on the back. Then he motioned to the bartender that they required two more beers.

“Okay! Thanks for the advice, Jack. I appreciate your candor. Jade is working tonight. However, she will be back at her home base in the morning. I will talk to her then about your idea. Is it okay if I mention to her what you’ve told me?”

“Sure, no problem. Look, Sue and I love you and Jade. We will do anything to help. Besides, now we’ll be the only ones who know you two will be sex chatting. Tell her to ring Sue if she has any concerns or questions at all. She will fill Jade in on the details from a woman’s point of view. I will clue Sue in tonight that she might receive a call from Jade.”

“Thanks Mate! Here come the guys. Do you want a game at all? Where are you staying?”

“Staying in this hotel tonight, the company booked me in here, and they are picking up the tab. I will just have a few beers with you guys while I have a buffet meal. After that, you know what I will be doing!” Jack shared, and winked at Andrew as the guys come up to them.

The guys are all over Jack, asking him how long he was in town for and all the usual bloke stuff.

Andrew isveçbahis yeni giriş sends Jade a text. “Hi love. Contact me when you get back to your apartment in the morning. I’ve got something exciting to share with you.” Even as the guys greeted their old friend, Jack, Andrew’s mind kept returning to the idea of spending some intimate time with Jade, and hopefully, turning her on in this novel way.

Jade receives Andrew’s text. With a thirty-minute delay in her flight, she rings Andrew from the crew’s lounge. Andrew is still in the snooker room. As luck would have it, his team won the first game on a forfeit. So he has the freedom to talk to her at the moment.

“Hey Babe, what do you want to talk about? There is a delay in my flight, so I have a little time to talk. I am in the crew’s lounge having a coffee with the other girls, and it’s cool that you can talk. What’s up? Is it urgent?” Jade asks with a noticeable curiosity in her voice.

“Hello! Honey, how are you? I’m glad you called. Everything is fine. In fact, I believe I’ve found something that will help with our separation situation.”

“Sounds exciting. Tell me,” Jade asks him.

“I ran into Jack while at the snooker tonight. He thought I was a little down in the dumps, which I was. Anyway, we got talking. A few years ago, he was working down in the south west on a drilling rig in the gas fields. He and Sue were having the same issues as we are experiencing. You know with the distance and time they were apart. They came up with a modern-day solution to their problem. Are you following me?”

“So far, yes, but I have no idea where you are going with this.” Jade’s voice was calm, and her tone indicated a little confusion.

“Well, they used the internet to solve their problem. They had sex-chats. Now do you understand?”

“Yes, I do, but I won’t be using a webcam. I don’t trust who can see me on there.” Jade’s tone of voice reflects some concern. Two of the other flight attendants turn and look toward Jade when they hear her mention a webcam. Jade blushes once she notices them.

“No, we will not be using a webcam at all. We will just be using the chat box on Gmail or Yahoo’s messenger. Jack and I discussed it in detail. He told me they found that it worked for them. In fact, they still do it. He will be sex chatting with Sue later when he leaves here and goes to his room. Jack did say if you had any concerns to ring Sue. She would fill you in on what it’s like from a woman’s point of view.”

“Okay, that’s good. I have an audience here now, and they are listening to my every word. I’m so excited to hear what you are telling me. I completely forgot they were listening.”

Jade walks away from her friends for some privacy and asks, “So let me get this straight. You want us to do sex-chats over the internet? What, like having role-plays?”

“Yes! So that’s why you are whispering now! Jack told me what they found worked best for Sue was more like, him telling her a story. A story where Jack would describe what actions he would be doing to her if they were together. He said it was very descriptive and allowed them to delve into some of the fantasies that they both had. It would be like having sex using the brain as the main recipient. Then their imaginations influenced how both reacted to the words. With him, he found he could get down and dirty with his story and with her. It was her knowing that he was doing this to her in his mind. She felt every bit of it as if they were actually together. Are you still following me, honey?”

“Yes, I am, it sounds exciting. I have my mind tuned into what it might be like. For some strange reason, I can feel myself getting excited, and we are not even talking sexually. It’s like we are planning something naughty,” Jade says. She laughs as she shares her thoughts.

Andrew could hear the excitement in her voice. His confidence rose up a level at just hearing Jade so willing to try this new approach to togetherness.

“Yes, I feel the same way. Jack said they fuck like a couple of minks once they get together again after having several sex-chats. He has found Sue aroused and ready for more of him.”

“Yes, I can understand that completely. You might be right. I’ll be back on the six a.m. flight in the morning. Ring me at around seven a.m. I should be home by then. We will see how turned on I can get with you telling me a story. I’m thinking you can wear me out, and I’ll go to sleep thinking about you in the afterglow of our hot chat.”

“Okay, I will call around seven a.m. So, are you as excited about this as I am?”

“Yes, I’m very excited about the prospects. My mind is already in overdrive thinking of all the possible fantasies we could enjoy. However, I have to leave you now, babe. They have buzzed me. Love you, talk to you in the morning. Big hugs and kisses. Goodbye, baby,” Jade shares and hangs up.

Andrew grins at Jade’s response. He could still feel the excitement he heard in Jade’s voice.

Andrew has the day off, and he awakens early. There is plenty of time to talk to Jade today and try out the chat. He rings her promptly at seven a.m. as she told him to do the night before.

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