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A Christmas I’ll never forget.

It was the week of Christmas, I still had to get some gifts for my mom and my nieces. I hate shopping at malls the week of Christmas, but I had no choice but to head to the local shopping mall and get those gifts. I figured after work I would just deal with the monotonous of the department stores while I grabbed what I needed. It was a cold dreary December 22nd night as I drove to the mall. My hopes were the stores weren’t too crowded and I could get right in and out.

I was 32 at the time this happened. I had never been married; never had found someone I would have said yes to, even if they would have asked. I had my fair share of boyfriends, but no one I ever thought about “forever” with. I was always considered pretty, but never was a hot girl. I always considered myself a seven out of ten. I was only 5’08, big hips and a pretty round butt. I had shoulder length blonde hair, with smaller B cups tits. I have a great smile, but was never one of those women who floor men when they walk into a room.

At this time during that year, I was lightly dating the newest guy. We’d see each other once a week or maybe every ten days, but he wasn’t “it” either. And I was just going where life took me. I was kind of bummed as I usually get this time of year, because I had no husband, no kids, no special someone, but that’s what life had dealt to me and I was playing the hand I was dealt.

I walked through the department store for seemed like an hour. Seeing rack after rack of clothing, Knick Knacks, those unique Christmas gifts offered for sale, not finding anything I thought would fit my needs. I decided to head to the perfume counter. My nieces were getting old enough to wear those teenaged perfumes and my mom has always like Channel number 5. As I approached the counter, looking down into the display cases, the sales woman must have started wandering my way.

“May I help you find something?” She asked.

“I’m just looking.” I replied as I started to lift my head up.

But when I arose and got a look at the sales woman, I was taken-a-back instantly. Here stood in front of me the 20 something perfume girl with her giant smile. Her name tag read Amber and she was sexy. Her long brown hair, hanging until about the mid of her chest, styled, full, voluptuous. Coupled with her tight black pants, her lose off white silky shirt, with the buttons opened up a bit further than they should have been. She was thin and had a nice set of C cups tits. The perfume she was wearing lofted my way and tickled my senses. Her gold earrings hung gently off of her ears, as the long gold catholic cross hung from her neck. Her hands extend out onto the counter, with her blood red painted nails as she spoke.

“Is there anything in particular you’re looking for?” She asked.

I was a babbling idiot, as I tried to explain I was there to find some perfume for my nieces and my mom.

“We’ll we have a wide selection for ladies of all ages.” She replied.

Amber bent over and slid the drawer open reaching in for an item. I could not stop looking down her shirt as she was bent over. Her light milky colored skin, showing more cleavage than someone should normally do. Her lacy white bra holding in her perfect tits, which had my undivided attention. I felt tingles inside of me I had never felt before. I stood there speechless, with my hands on the edge of the glass display case, just focused in on her chest.

“We have this fragrance from a designer that a lot of younger women like to wear,” she spoke as she was coming upright. Amber sprayed a bit on the card and handed it to me. It was sweet and light, almost what you would think coming of age girls would wear.

“What is your name?” She asked me.

“Umm… Ahh… I’m Jenny. Dribbled from my lips as I sat in awe of her.

“We’ll Jenny it’s nice to meet you.” She spoke as she rested her right hand on top of my left hand. “I’m Amber. You’re in good hand with me.”

“You are so pretty.” She spoke.

“And I love your purse. Did you get it here?” She asked.

“Ugh… No… Ugh, it was a gift from my mom. I replied.

Now I know sales woman are supposed to flirt. I had a long-time friend who worked in retail for years and she’d tell me the more she flirted; the better the sales. But I didn’t know they were supposed to flirt with women too.

I walked back and forth with Amber for a few minutes smelling all kinds of perfumes. But I was at a loss. I almost forgot why I was there. I forgot all about the perfume as I was talking to her. I was enthralled by her and as dippy as I was acting; she could have sold me $5,000.00 worth of stock in a garbage company at that point. I just couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. And strikingly enough, I had no idea why this woman had me under her spell. I had never been attracted to women before. Never intimidated by them. But for some odd reason, I was just in absolute awe of her. How friendly she was and how attracted to her I was. tuzla escort I finally had to walk away. I didn’t know what to buy and there were plenty of other customers at the counters.

“I’m sorry Amber.” I spoke. “I’m just not sure if these are what I am looking for. Maybe I’ll look around the store some more and think about it.”

“No problem, Jenny.” She spoke. “If you change your mind, I’ll be right here.”

I walked away with my head spinning. Was it the perfume? The crowds? The noise? Her? I was dumfounded on why she had gained my attention like that. Never in my life have I looked at a woman sexually. Prior to this experience if you would have asked me if I would ever consider having sex with a woman, I would have said absolutely not. And even though I had never had the greatest luck with men. I was a woman and I wanted a man.

But as I wandered throughout the store more, I couldn’t focus on anything but her. She was amazing. So pretty. So beautiful. So friendly. So alive. So sexy and with all the commotion rambling through my head, I was wandering around the store like a lost puppy. Looking at shit I wasn’t even going to buy. I had to see her again. I had to talk to her again. I had to see if her flirting was for the sale or for me.

I wandered back near the perfume section and just watched her from a distance. I had to see if my attraction was because of the Christmas Spirit, the moment; or if I was actually attracted to her. My heart was racing and I was sweating, as I stood watching her help other customers. As I watched her, she caught a glimpse of me, standing across the aisle. She froze in place and smiled at me, forgoing her conversation with the customer she was helping. We starred at each other from across the store and I was sent into a panic.

Why was I attracted to this girl? Was this fate? Because prior to coming here, I didn’t even want to come to the mall. I surely wasn’t planning on buying perfume; and now I’m standing across from her, behind clothing racks watching her like a shy little teenie bopper. Was it a sign? A lust? Was I suddenly into women?

When Amber finished with her customer, I wandered back over to the counter. Another sales woman started to approach me, but Amber saw her and spoke loudly, “I was helping her before, I’ll take this one.”

“Hey, Jenny. You came back!” Did you make a decision?” She asked.

“No.” I babbled out. “I’m still at a loss.”

“Well, I am glad you came back to see me.” She spoke.

“Is there anything else you want to look at?” She asked.

“No. What I need is a break from all this.” I answered.

“I know shopping can be overwhelming.” She spoke. “Hey, I’m about to go on lunch. If you need a break, why don’t you come hang out with me for a bit. You can tell me all about your mom and nieces, maybe I can help you figure something out.”

“Can we do that?” I asked. “I mean, you won’t get in trouble hanging with a customer? Will you?”

“No, of course not. Let me just grab my coat. I need to get some fresh air and I need a cigarette.” She spoke.

With that Amber walked over to another section of the perfume counter, reaching under the counter grabbing her coat throwing it around her shoulders. “I’m going on lunch,” She spoke out to the other ladies as she started walking my direction.

“Common,” she said. “This way.”

I walked with Amber through the store passing conversation as we headed outside. We talked a while as she had back-to-back cigarettes, just outside the main entrance. We spoke of my mom and my nieces and she was truly trying to help me select the best gift possible for them. It was actually nice being outside for a few minutes. As hot as it was inside the store, coupled with wearing my coat and wandering around with all those people. The fresh cool air was a welcomed relief.

“So, Jenny!” She spoke out a she was putting her second cigarette out. “I usually go hang out in a back room off of the stock room and just hide from people. Would you like to come with?” She asked.

“Sure.” I replied without hesitation, but then wondered where this was going.

Amber took my left hand inside of right hand and walked me back inside of the store. We walked hand in hand across the sales floor and to the escalator. We were still holding hands as we went down and I had feelings running throughout my body I had never felt before. I was nervous and excited all at the same time. I felt like I had met a new friend. And someone that I find incredibly attractive, who is taking me to the stock room to hang out.

My mind raced… Was something going to happen? Was she just being friendly? Was she lonely? Did she need someone to talk to herself? Was she just an overly helpful younger lady?

We walked through some big double doors and headed down a dark eerie hallway into a room just off the path. The room was poorly lit and had some bruised and damaged furniture, clothing racks and odd pieces of mannequins strewn about. Amber was pendik escort still holding my hand as I entered into a world, the underside of a department store, the likes I had never seen before.

“I can see why you hide in here.” I spoke. “It’s quiet and well away from everyone.”

“Yah.” She replied. “It’s like my little hideaway.”

“You don’t eat on your lunch?” I asked.

“No. I usually eat before I come in, so I get the full hour to myself. I just hang down here and listen to my music and play on my phone.” She replied.

We started talking more about my shopping needs as we both sat down on this newer but half broken couch that rocked back and forth because it was missing one of the leg posts.

“Did you think about lingerie?” She asked.

“For my mom?” I blurted out.

“No. For you silly. Something special for you and your significant other.” She responded.

“Oh.” I chuckled out as I sat starting to laugh. “I thought you meant for my mom, or my nieces.”

“No something special for you. Something to make you feel sexy and desired.” She implied.

“There’s no one to feel special or desired for.” I replied.

Amber and I sat on the couch for the better part of ten minutes discussing possible items to get as gifts. I was smitten by her, but the more time went on sitting alone in this drab stock room, the less comfortable I felt being alone with her.

I stood up and grabbed my coat from the arm rest of the couch and said; “Well I better go. You’ve been more than helpful, but you need time to enjoy your lunch and I gotta pick something out.”

“No. Wait Please.” She spoke out. “I was hoping we could talk more and just hang out. I still have 40 minutes left.”

“Well, I don’t wait to take up anymore of your time Amber.” I replied. “I’m sure you’d like a little privacy, before going back to work.”

Amber stood from the couch and followed with me back to the door we had come in at.

“How do I get back upstairs?” I asked.

Amber grabbed my hand just as I reached for the doorknob. “You don’t have to go Jenny. I like being here with you.” She spoke.

I turned to look at her face to face. “I appreciate that. But you need to relax before you head back up. And I still have shopping to do.” I replied.

Amber and I stood silent just staring at each other. I could feel her fingers rubbing up and along mine as she was holding my hand. My heart was pumping out of my chest and I was nervous, because even though I didn’t want to leave. I wasn’t sure what was coming next.

“Jenny don’t go!” She whispered out.

Amber slid her free hand along the side of my face. We looked deeply into each other’s eyes as she stepped in a bit closer.

“I feel like I’ve me a great new friend and I really like being here with you. Do you feel the same?” She asked.

“Yes. Yes, I do.” I replied.

Amber tilted her head slightly and leaned in. She placed a soft closed lip kiss on my lips. My initial reaction was to back away, but the intensity of the moment kept me frozen in place. I was shocked I didn’t know what to do, as her lips were pressed up against mine.

When Amber pulled away and looked me in the eyes, I said; “I think you have the wrong impression of me Amber. I have never been with a woman before.”

“Neither have I.” She responded.

We stood staring at each other in the silence of the room. My mind was racing at speeds I couldn’t even comprehend. I was beyond scared and extremely nervous that she just kissed me. But I was excited by her. I was enthralled and under her spell. But I wasn’t a lesbian. I wasn’t even Bi-Sexual. I was just an average plain Jane heterosexual female.

Amber leaned in again before I could even make up my mind, she kissed me again. This time when our lips touched my mouth opened. My tongue met hers. We kissed deeply, softly and slowly, just feeling each other out. I was so shocked by the moment; that I was frozen. It was like a scene from a movie.

I got so enamored by kissing her that I forgot all about where I was and who I was with. I dropped my coat from my arms and started to slide my hands up and along the outsides of her arms. Amber pulled in tighter up against my body and I could feel her tits pushing up against mine. My arms left her arms and wrapped around her waistline as we continued kissing deeper and deeper. I felt tingling inside of me that I only feel when I know I am about to have sex. My body was trembling and my pulse was rapid, as I stood here kissing her passionately.

Amber pulled from our kiss and was lightly kissing up and along my neck line, when she whispered in my ear; “Oh my god Jenny, your kiss is amazing.” And returned her lips to mine.

I was so turned on by hearing her words that I felt myself getting wet. I pulled her in closer. I wanted this. Now I wanted her. This wasn’t an hour earlier, catching a glimpse down her shirt or grasping how sexy and beautiful she was. I was alone with her, kissing her in the aydınlı escort dark recesses of this department store.

Amber’s hand slid up and down the sides of my ribs as our passion heightened. I had no idea what I was doing, or where this was going, but I was turned on and I was liking this. Amber’s hand came to rest on my left tit, over my shirt. I gasped as her palm grasped my chest. Her hand rubbing up and down over my tit, as our heads slighted, shifted and twisted back and forth through this kiss. I found myself starting to slide my hands up and down the front of Amber’s silky smooth work shirt, finally reaching her tits. They were poking out from inside the shirt, so full and plum. As I rubbed over her tits, Amber pulled her hand away from my chest.

Without breaking our kiss, she started to unbutton her shirt, flinging it open as she got done with the last button. My hand reached feeling her tight little stomach and her soft skin along her rib cage. I worked my way up getting my first handful of her tit, over her bra. I could feel how hot and sexy they were. How erotic it was to be standing here holding her tit, while being seduced by this sexy woman, who is 10 years younger than me.

Amber broke from our kiss and pulled my work shirt up and over my head. My hair getting tangled with it as it came off.

“Wow.” She whispered out a she gazed upon my chest. My maple brown bra, holding in my (getting) saggy tits.

Amber’s head dipped down onto my lower neck, along my collar bone and downwards, as her warm lips and tongue whirled along my skin. I felt her hands reaching behind me and unclasping my bra. Panic set in as I felt it start to fall from my tits, as the pressure of the straps loosened. Amber slid my bra down, my arms sliding through the loop holes as my arms and elbows started to cover my free tits.

“Are you sure no one’s gonna catch us in here?” I asked.

“No.” She replied. “But just to be safe. I’ll lock the door.” Amber leaned around me and locked the door handle as I stood covering my bare chest with my arms and hands.

“You’ve never done this before? Have you?” I asked.

“Have sex in here?” She questioned.

“Or do you mean with a woman?” She Asked.

“We’ll both I guess.” Was my answer.

“No, to neither.” She replied.

“Then why me?” I asked.

When I saw you leaning down at the counter, I was drawn to you instantly.” She spoke. “I thought you were beautiful and I had never seen a woman so sexy. That’s why I came to talk to you. To help you. To meet you.” She boasted.

“I felt the same way when I saw you.” I replied.

I pulled Amber into my body and kissed her again deeper this time than I had before. I don’t know what it was between us, but we were both so interested in each other. I reached around and unhooked Amber’s bra. She assisted by sliding it off and I got my first glance at her nearly perfect tits. Just sitting upright and perky on her chest. Her light brown nipples calling out to me. I dipped my head and kissed my way down her cleavage until I had come face to face with them. I sucked on her nipples feeling the strange, yet exciting feeling of having a woman’s tit in my mouth. My hand cupped and gently caressed the other as I sucked her nipple. I was dripping wet and now any fear or concern about being alone with her was subsiding.

I felt Amber’s hands rubbing along the upper part of my back and through my hair as I licked, kissed and sucked both nipples. Amber pulled my face back up to hers as she leaned in for another heated kiss. Our bodies pushed up against one another’s and our tits pressed firmly into a tight pocket of sexuality.

Before I realized it, I felt Amber’s hand pulling at my jeans button, popping it open. She slowly slid my zipper down and her hand gently and lovingly slid down into my pants over my panties. I was so excited, yet so overcome, because no woman had ever slid her hands down my pants. My pussy was pulsing and I was wet, but I was in absolute terror knowing it was her hand and not the hand of a man pleasing me.

“Your panties are so soft and sexy,” she whispered through our kiss.

“I only wear thongs.” She moaned out.

As Amber and I stood kissing her hand rubbed up and down my panties diving further in each time, running along my entire pussy, getting me so aroused and so turned on. I kept thinking; she only wears thongs. I had to see it. I had to see them. Amber pulled her hands from my pants, just as I cupped the underside of her pussy over her work pants.

“Let’s take this over here.” She spoke, grasping my hand, turning her back away from me and walking back to the couch.

Amber sat me down on the edge of the couch, as she stood in front of me. She unbuttoned her black work pants, unzipping them and wiggling her hips as she slid them down. Underneath she had on a light pink thong that was almost see through. I could see the outline of her pussy, with a little patch of hair along the top, the rest appeared shaven. Amber took my right hand and slid it up and in-between her legs. I rubbed back and forth over the material, feeling her lips and the curvature of her pussy. My heart was racing in fear, but my body was screaming for more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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