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The soothing bike ride back to their urban home and a few more relaxing drinks induced the two couples to go on to bed early. Rick and Michelle cuddled and kissed for about twenty minutes before she told him she wanted his body and reached for him. After making love they fell asleep in each others arms, both of them were totally contented with the world.

Rick couldn’t remember how long he’d been carrying Lieutenant Jack Dennis’ body, but it seemed to him the ordeal had been going on forever. When the attack had occurred earlier the entire team had been dead tired from three days hard march in the bush; the L.T. ordered them on after a five-minute break. Rick had taken only one step toward the point man when he’d felt Jack shoving him to the ground.

Rick heard several shots and felt the impacts as the bullets struck Lt. Dennis’ body! He had rolled the L.T. off him and had come up with his weapon blazing, but the death of the Viet-Cong had been too late to save the life of their brave officer. The other team members had been arguing with him for hours. They were trying their best to persuade him to allow them to spell him off, but he stubbornly insisted on personally carrying in the man who had given his own young life to shield him.

He kept repeating his most sacred holy litany to himself as he labored. “Green Berets never leave their dead. Green Berets never leave their dead. Green Berets never…”

“Wake up, Rick, wake up. You’re having another terrible nightmare.” Michelle was very comforting to Rick; she held his sweaty face snugly to her bare breasts and rocked him until he quit trembling from the severe emotional shock of the terrible memory. After Rick relaxed some, his body began reacting sexually to hers as it often did after his return to reality from his upsetting nightmares. He cupped one of her big breasts with his hand and sucked her nipple into his warm mouth.

Michelle laid back; she held his head to her and stretched her sexy body sensually as he nursed at her breast for a moment. He stroked her sleek belly with his hand for a while then he moved his hand down to rub her warm, already wet pussy. She rolled toward him to shift her other breast within easy reach of his greedy mouth and she moaned with pleasure as one of his fingers penetrated to her wet core.

Rick switched his attentions to nurse at her other nipple. Michelle’s mind almost lost control of her body and her pelvis began to thrust upward to shove her clit against his palm. After several frantic movements, She grabbed Rick’s head and pulled him upwards until he released her breast and moved isveçbahis his mouth to hers.

Rick continued to slowly rub her clit with his finger until she recovered her control. She reached eagerly to pull on his swollen erection and she moaned into his mouth until he got up onto his elbows and knees above her and lowered himself into Heaven as she guided him into her with both of her possessive little hands.

Michelle began to tremble rapturously almost as soon as Rick entered her. She gasped and moaned and shook uncontrollably as she climaxed. Rick was doing his best to control himself; he decided to give his sweet lover the fuck of her young life. Rick started thinking Michelle’s pussy felt just too damned good to him, as he made love to her he started going through the multiplication tables in his mind. That little diversion kept him sufficiently distracted for several minutes, but he almost lost it when Michelle started wildly thrashing around as she came again!

She clenched his back tightly with her long nailed, slim fingers and she flung her blond head about as she passionately cried out. Rick slowed his pace to give Michelle a chance to recover her senses for a moment, “Oh Baby.” she moaned. She sighed with pleasure and then she eagerly increased the pace of her pelvic thrusts. Rick gathered his strength and then he began to thrust harder and faster, he knew from experience just the pace that would bring her to her peak again.

After another few minutes, Michelle felt another orgasm coming on and she rasped out, “Oh no, Lover, you’re going to make me come again!” Michelle’s breathing became frantic gasps and this time it was all Rick could do to keep up with her as she alternately bucked and pulled him to her.

“Fuck me, Baby, fuck me!” Michelle screamed. She thrashed so wildly this time Rick was beginning to doubt he was going to be able to continue at this wild pace much longer! Michelle pinched and pulled on her big nipples, then thrust her breasts at Rick. “Nibble on these things just a little bit, Babe! I’m about to cum my brains out!” Rick decided he was going to try to hold out for just one more time. He kept up his strokes as Michelle began to beg. “No, Baby, no. Please, don’t make me cum again!”

“Yeah, right.” Rick thought. Her pleading for him to quit making her climax was somewhat akin to ol’ Brer’ Rabbit begging not to be thrown into the briar patch! She was far and away the most sensuous woman he’d ever known. He slowed the tempo of his thrusts; he was going to use another speed change to really blow her mind away!

Rick almost lost his isveçbahis giriş control. As the thrill of Michelle’s sexual helplessness struck him, he gathered his resolve and decided to think about all of the troops he had known in the war who would never make love again. He was making sweet love for all of his lost Bros.

Michelle began begging him softly, “Please, Baby, please!”

Rick knew she was almost out of her head by now. He increased the speed of his hip movements and he was encouraged when Michelle quit begging him not to do it and began speeding up her rhythm to meet his. He could hear her soft whimpering as their fast pace caused his heartbeat to quicken. The overworked muscles in his thighs and groin were burning now as his pubic bone repeatedly slapped against Michelle’s.

Michelle’s whimpering began to change to a rhythmic primal grunting as she dug her long fingernails into the taut muscles of Rick’s ass. Without warning, she began to scream passionately and writhe around again, and this time Rick lost all his control. The fiery spasms caused his whole body to convulse violently and he felt as if he were spurting his very essence and life force into Michelle!

They slowed and then finally stopped their contorted movement as they groaned in ecstasy and gasped for air. As Michelle slowly recovered her awareness of the here and now she reached up and pulled Rick’s face down between her breasts and she crooned reassuringly to him as she held him. It wasn’t long before the exhausted lovers were both lost to sleep again.

When Rick and Michelle awoke that next morning they were more in love than ever. Rick made a quick pass at her in the shower. She told him, in no uncertain terms, she was way too sore for any hanky panky! They pulled on their robes and headed to the kitchen when they smelled the welcome aroma of fresh coffee perking.

When Rick caught sight of Snowman and Cat, he told them, “You two certainly are looking domestic this morning.” They were bundled up together on the couch with their matching plush robes; they had steaming mugs of coffee in their hands.

Cat haughtily spoke up to ask Michelle and Rick, “Does this mean you aren’t going to lay up in bed and fuck all day, too?” She and Snowman started giggling; their silly giggling took the sting out of her heavy-duty ribbing.

“You guys are just jealous!” Michelle flippantly fired back. Rick handed her a mug full to the brim of hot and fragrant ambrosia and she briefly kissed his lips in thanks. While she was so conveniently close to him, Rick took the opportunity to reach down and isveçbahis yeni giriş attempt a grab at a handful of her shapely behind, but she deftly managed to dodge away.

Michelle sat her full coffee mug down on a convenient table and backed away as she made a protective cross in front of her with her two crossed index fingers. Michelle laughed delightfully and joked, “Back! Down, Boy! Would somebody please keep this fucking monster away from me?”

“What kind of drugs were you two on last night anyway?” Snowman wanted to know. “I want to score a couple of kilos of that righteous shit for me and Cat.”

“Hey, we were just high on love, Bro!” Rick bragged, then he shrugged, and he lowered his voice to a more serious tone as he told them the truth. “I dreamed about the mission we were on when Lieutenant Dennis got hit, Brother. A lot of times those dreams seem to make me have to prove I’m still alive.” Rick and Snowman had gotten more and more open with each other about their feelings about the war in the last few years.

Talking about these dreams sometimes helped in easing the pain they caused. When they had their vivid dreams about the past and then talked about it with each other it was almost as if they were partaking of a sort of communion with those of their friends who had lost their lives.

Snowman appeared to be thinking over what he wanted to say for a moment before he replied. He momentarily seemed to lose control over his facial expressions as his face contorted in pain before returning to a more normal expression. “I know exactly what you mean, Bro. Well, I guess I’d better go get dressed.” Snowman got up abruptly and left the room. Rick knew only too well about the incident that had hurt Snowman so deeply that he was still grieving over it so many long years later. He sat thinking about the tragedy while Cat warmed up their cups of coffee.

Cat spoke solemnly as she looked up at Rick and nodded toward the door to her bedroom. “Brother, you know I love you and Michelle more than any damned thing or anyone else in my life, except him.”

Rick just as solemnly nodded his complete agreement with the truth of her heartfelt statement. He studied her face as tears welled into her big, brown eyes and spilled over her cheeks. “Can’t you please tell me what piece of himself he left over there?”

Rick’s whole body tensed in reaction to her request. He knew if it were anyone else but Cat or Michelle who asked him such a personal question about his Brother his reaction would be violent. He considered his answer for a moment; he knew Snowman needed help, but how can you help a Brother if he doesn’t want it? He reached out and gripped Cat’s hand as he answered her the only way he possibly could. “I’m sorry, Cat, but I can’t tell you that. Maybe someday he’ll be able to tell you about it himself.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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