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Black Dress

With a pop, his cum covered cock slips out of my mouth. I instantly take heavy breaths having strained for air while his cock was buried down my throat, unable to get any words out of my mouth, my sole focus was letting the cool air in. He spent the last 10 minutes holding my blindfolded, noise cancelling headphone wearing head in place, with an overpowering force, as his hips pushed towards my face and back away in long slow strides. Helpless to pull away, helpless to do anything, but try to take his length all the way in. I had finally succumb to his needs and finally allowed the inner me to the surface. I couldn’t get enough.

With only my third deep breath he takes hold of my face and softly lifts it so my heads looking upward, with his hand on my jaw his finger gripping my lower teeth prying at them to gesture me to open my mouth wide. I stay like this as instructed. All the while, his other hand was slowly sliding the cum filled condom off my cock.

The cool air hitting my hard, wet, exposed cock. I knew what was coming and couldn’t take it anymore, as the first drop of cum hit my tongue. I instantly drew my tongue in closing my mouth to swallow. I must not have been following orders as a swift light slap hit my face. I knew this was not what he wanted. I quickly return to my upward faced position. Mouth open wide, waiting. Slowly, drop by drop, I could feel the mixture of our cum hitting my tongue and pooling in my mouth. It soon occurred to me that this was not a lot of cum from what felt like was deposited in the condom. Before finishing this thought, his hand firmly began shoving the ball gag back into my mouth and locking the clips around my head.

Sitting there unable to swallow, forced to taste the sweet mix of our cum in my trapped mouth.

The headphones were taken off around my ears, as I could finally hear the surroundings of this room I and my mysterious man were in.

The tv played what sounded like scene after scene of intense fucking in quick succession. But I wasn’t paying attention to that. I could hear movement around me but couldn’t make it out. ‘what was he doing?’ then out of the blue a mechanical sound started humming as if coming to life. ‘what the fu…’ the open based chair I was tied to began to lift upward only slightly before very slowly lowering itself. ‘what am I tied to? I thought this was a chair?’ without warning I felt something strange, wet and hard begin to press against my virgin hole, just barely making contact before the machine came to a holt. The tv sounds stopped instantly and the room fell silent. All I could hear in the room was the low hum of the motor powering the contraption I was tied to and my heavy breathing. I began to try to speak through the gag ‘I’m a virgin! please don’t do this!’ over and over. I tried to picture what was going on. He must have been laying under me, cock pointing up towards my ass, with me exposed, tied and helpless above him.

With fear rising inside me, the machine began to whirl back into life. At an almost snails pace, the chair like contraption began to lower me. Lowering my virgin hole down onto his hard cock. Stretching me in a way like I’ve never felt before. His cock opening me up as i whimpered above. I could feel every bump and groove on this mans cock as it slide painfully slow deeper into me. Moans began escaping through my gag as I helplessly gave in to what ankara eve gelen escort was happening. I was having my anal virginity taken and I couldn’t control wave after wave of pleasure flowing through me. I could hear his moans getting more intense and louder. The machine not letting up this relentless decent onto his cock.

Now a few inches inside me he began to feel him fill me up. A sensation I could not have imagined. My cock strained in the empty air harder than ever before. The I began to feel an almost rubber sensation from his shaft, that I hadn’t noticed before, it was strange, slick and wet. Then it hit me. ‘oh my god! He’s wearing the cum filled condom! He must have made a hole in the top. It couldn’t be this wet from the outside?’ This thought sent me into overdrive, knowing his cum and mine was being squeezed through the tip of the condom and deep into my ass. Suddenly the machine stopped. Out breathing filling the room by the intense experience we were both having. Then it began, it started to rise up quicker that its descent.

As the head of his cock neared my opening the machine once again stopped and started lowering me faster than before. With each upward and downward motion it began to pick up speed. My ass getting used to his cock and the pressure on my prostate pushing a constant stream of pre cum gushing out of my cock. I was in a daze. Constantly moaning throwing my head back not wishing this experience to end. he was owning me and I was his obedient plaything. I had never felt soo complete than in this moment.

We were hitting a steady motion, his cock effortlessly sliding in and out of me. Our mixture of cum creating the perfect lubricant. Moans from both of us filling the room as I began to feel the broken condom being stretched over the head of his cock and down his shaft. The feeling of his bare unprotected cock buried inside me was incredible. This brought on a strange feeling inside me a sharp intense burst of orgasmic sensations. I was orgasming without cumming ‘omg is this even possible for a man?’ the intensity gripped me over and over my asshole twitching and gripping his cock tight.

His moans getting louder and louder as the machine picked up its relentless pace. I was now buried balls deep on his shaft, When the machine lowered me all the way down so far nothing more of his cock could be inside me. Then a new strange movement from the machine began to start. It was practically vibrating me on him as his cock. His moans got louder and somehow his cock got harder than before, then it happened, letting out an almighty moan as rope after rope of his hot fresh cum began pumping deep within me. I hit my sexual limit as another a no hands orgasm ripped through my body like nothing I ever experienced before! only this time cum shot through the air from my cock with such force i had never felt before.

Moaning together, willing his orgasm to continue within me. The machine came to a slow and steady halt, then began rising me off his still hard shaft. It exited my hole with a pop as the release of pressure caught me off guard, feeling him fill me was becoming natural. But this emptiness was quickly followed by a strange feeling of something being pressed against my hole. The only words filling the room… ‘lets make sure my cum stays there shall we?’

‘Yes sir’ was all I could muster gaziosmanpaşa escort through muffled sounds with the gag on me.

As I took a sharp inhale of air through my nose as a butt plug was swiftly inserted into me trapping the cum within.

The sounds of him moving around the room kept me on edge.

‘What does he have in-store for me now?’ As the ropes around my ankles and wrists began to loosen. His footsteps quickly faded away with a bang of a door closing behind him. His footsteps fading away to nothing. I sat there, panting for some time waiting before Inbuilt up the nerve to raise a hand up to the blindfold and begin to remove it.

I looked around me for the first time. The room was smaller than I imagined. A huge tv hung on the wall showing muted porn. I strained to focus as my eyes adjusted to the red lit room. ‘Oh my god, that wasn’t just any porn, it was what looked like women with huge cocks getting fucked by these big strong men. I was listening to shemale porn the whole time. I sat there transfixed with what was on screen. Getting hard just admiring how beautiful these women were. ‘Soo obedient, soo pretty! could you imagine being her?’

I began to look around, what looked like a dressing table and chair with a full length mirror sat in the corner. Oddly, there was a shower in the other corner. Confused by my surroundings I managed to steady myself onto my feet a little uncomfortable from the fucking and now from the plug buried in my ass. The machine chair below me looked just how I imagined. An almost half curved seat with the base missing on strange hinges attached to a large electrical motor that was still making a steady noise, ready for action. Looking around again the walls had shelf after shelf of every imaginable sex toy. My eyes trailed back to the dressing table, I see an envelope with a rose tied to it. Walking over, I begin to open it, reading…

‘I knew you’d be the perfect candidate for me after reading your ad…such a submissive little cum slut you are!’

I couldn’t help but look I’m the mirror noticing I still had the ball gag tied on me, I reached up untying it as cum began to drip out from my mouth. ‘Oh my god, he’s right’ savouring this new taste.

I returned to the letter.

‘Now your going to do exactly as I say. open the drawer, I have left you a little gift!



I reach down and open the draw to find a pink box. Opening it I find another letter and a pink silk thong. With an unusual shaped front, almost as if it was made for a man to wear.

Reading the letter; ‘These are for you to wear for me. But before you do, you must go to the shower and clean yourself up. Do NOT remove the plug from your little asshole…I mean pussy 😉 We don’t want a single drop going to waste now do we sweetie’

His words were strangely hitting deep within me, holding the silk panties I couldn’t help but feel turned on. ‘What was happening to me?’

I walked over and entered the shower. turning it on at its fixed heat. The hot water soothes me as the steam from the hot water rises, I begin to make out a sentence written on the shower screen. ‘Shave everything!’ Looking at the small basket left on the shower floor I see floral scented soap, shaving cream and a razor. Without a second thought his words consume me as I begin to slowly ankara grup escort shave my pubic area. My hand having a mind of its own starts to shave away from my privates to my legs. Before I know what I’m doing I have an entire leg shaved smooth. ‘what am i doing?’ Looking at the odd legs side by side, one with and without hair. I have no choice, I can’t leave them like this. I have to even it up and do the other…looking down I admire my smooth legs, noticing the hair on my arms and chest, saying to myself ‘they don’t match…I mean…he did say everything?! I don’t want to disappoint’ As if somehow my mind taking reason out of the equation. Before long I’m smooth all over. As I step out and into a big soft towel. Another letter drops to the floor from the towel rack.

‘Now dry yourself up and put the pretty pink thong on, then go to the back of the door.’

Sliding the thong on up my smooth legs feels incredible I can’t help but take a look in the mirror as the snugly fit thong gave me a feminine look. My eyes dart towards the screen seeing another scene begin with a woman slowly dressing up and applying make up in what looked like a pink thong just like mine. I walk to the door taking a suit bag off a peg placing it over the dresser chair. I unzip it. Another note is pinned inside for me.

‘Put every item on within this bag. Watch the scene on the tv carefully. You are going to transform yourself into HER! That’s right, I’m going to turn you into my pretty sissy girl. Your going to do everything you can to look just like her.’

His words were creating a strange sensation within me. A week ago I would have carried on with my sexless marriage as a red blooded male, now her I was wearing a pretty pink thong, getting turned on by the thought of dressing up for this man without hesitation.

I pull every item out of the bag and lay it out on the floor in front of me.

Black stiletto heels, a small tight black mini dress, a blonde haired wig. A make up box. A fake nail box and a black velvet chocker.

I look to the screen as the scene seemed to start again at the point she was getting ready ‘it’s on loop’ paying attention not wanting to miss a single thing I take my time getting ready making sure every little detail is taken care of. Painting my toes red, glueing red nails to each finger. Squeezing into the dress. placing and brushing the wig to a natural finish. Finally steadying myself in these high heels. Walking over to the full length mirror. ‘Oh my god, you look incredible!’ Staring at this woman looking back I couldn’t even recognise myself. ‘Wow’

I must have been staring for sometime when the tv clicked and a robotic voice began speaking, shocking me out of my daze.

‘Well, Well, Well, don’t you look sexy…Nicole…’

‘Ummm my name’s..’

‘NICOLE’ the tv was quick to cut me off.

‘This is the real you. your name is Nicole, you have created the new you. Your life Nicole has one purpose. To serve Sir. His pleasure is your only objective…’

The words hitting me deep in this strange robotic voice. I couldn’t help hear a strange sound in the background. A repetitive warring that echoed with the words. As the voice began to repeat the sentence again ‘This is the real you…’

It felt like hours, this voice repeating the words again and again until ‘click’ the tv came to a black screen.

Then the door opened automatically.

I cautiously stepped out, the only sound were the heavy steps of my heels on the hard floor. The only light was a trail of candle leading through a hallway turning into a room. I follow hesitantly.

As I enter a man sitting in darkness is facing me. ‘Hello Nicole, are you ready to please me?’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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