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“You awake?” read the text message on my cell phone. I was up, being a slight insomniac, I was awake, and bored out of my mind in front of my computer, surfing the web. Usually the mindless surfing through web sites put me to sleep, but not so tonight.

“Yep, what’s up? You’re up late.” I texted back and hit the send button. It was late for him, he was usually in bed by 10PM, and here it was, almost 2 AM, and he was texting me.

“Can’t sleep. Got a hard on that won’t go down. Wanna help?” I had to chuckle at that. He was always raging horny, but it never seemed to keep him from sleeping. Still, though, sex may help me sleep as well.

“Where do you want me? LOL.” I sent back to him, thinking he’d never ask me to come to his place, his girlfriend being home. I even chuckled a bit as I sent the message. He was known for his text-sex conversations as well as his in-person fucks. Nine inches of cock went a long way.

“Come over.” Read the answer. I was a bit surprised by the boldness of him wanting pussy in the same house with his girlfriend, but the idea turned me on, and I logged off the site I was on, and headed downstairs to get my shoes and keys.

“On my way.” I sent as I sat down into the car and the Mustang’s engine roared to life. The drive was going to take about 25 minutes, so I had plenty of time to think about what was waiting for me when I got there. We’d been hooking up randomly for a few months, whenever we could steal a little time to fuck, we did.

Our last encounter was running through my mind as I hit the highway, spurring the Mustang to 70mph. He’d shown up outside my office building, and I’d gone out to his truck, using the excuse that I needed something out of my car to leave the office. I was gone a total of 7 minutes according to one co-worker. In that time he’d bent me over the front seat of his isveçbahis truck, yanked my scrub pants down, and fucked my pussy till we both came hard. It was exhilarating. I loved how spontaneous he was.

Remembering his cock stretching my pussy in his truck was making me wet as I drove towards the town he lived in. He was pierced with a Prince Albert piercing, and I loved the way it rubbed my pussy with every stroke. I was getting wetter, and my nipples were starting to tingle in anticipation of being played with.

“I’m in town, where do you want me to meet you?” I texted him. I slipped a finger up my pajama shorts, and into my slick pussy, eager to feel a cock in place of my finger, as I waited for his response.

“My place is fine.” was the answer. The thought of fucking him with his girlfriend in the bedroom was getting me wetter. I texted that to him, knowing he’d like the idea, and headed in the direction of his apartment.

I pulled into the parking lot and slid the Mustang into the space at his door. I could see him, silhouetted at the window, naked, cock half hard, waiting for me. I groaned at the sight. He had an awesome body, and was an incredibly good fuck. I couldn’t wait to get in the door.

I got out of the car, and headed for the door. It opened a bit, and as I opened to screen door, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me in the door. He had a finger to his lips, warning me to be quiet. The door closed quietly behind me, and we went into the living room.

He grabbed me around the waist and pulled me to him, kissing me deep. His tongue was sliding down my neck, making me shiver. I tongued his ear, and nipped at his ear lobe, making him gasp. He lifted one of my legs around his waist, and ground his hard cock into my crotch. I started panting, eager for him to fuck me.

He yanked my shirt over my head, and isveçbahis giriş I hit my knees, taking his cock into my mouth. Swirling my tongue around the tip, I teased the piercing with the tip of my tongue. His hands dug into my hair, and he started thrusting into my mouth. “I want that pussy,” a ragged whisper said.

Pushing me down onto the floor on my back, he had my pajama shorts off fast and spread my legs. He loved eating my pussy, I knew that. He started licking the outer lips of my pussy, making my hips raise towards his mouth for more. His tongue began thrusting into my already soaking pussy, making me gasp. I loved the way he ate me. He clamped down on my clit, and started sucking it, his tongue going like waves over my clit. It was the part I loved the most about him eating me. No one sucked my clit like that, and I wanted more and more.

One of my hands went to the back of his head, not wanting him to randomly stop what he was doing. He had a grip on my other wrist, trying to keep me from moving away from him. He dropped his shoulders down onto my hips, pinning me down so he could keep eating me. He had me gasping for breath, unable to utter anything vocal.

I felt my pussy getting wetter, knowing that I was going to cum soon. I ground my hips into his face, as much as I could with him holding me down. He hooked an arm under my right hip, keeping my pussy anchored to his mouth while he ate me. My legs started to twitch as his mouth brought me to orgasm. The room swirled around me, and I was sure I was about to faint.

Suddenly he flipped me over onto my stomach, and pulled my hips up til I was on my knees. I felt his piercing rubbing against my swollen clit, sending zaps of pleasure thorough my pussy. I was still coming down from him eating me, when his cock entered my pussy.

He was big around, and always isveçbahis yeni giriş stretched my pussy when he fucked me. I loved the feeling, it was mainly why I kept fucking him time after time. I braced my arms on the couch, pussy ready to be pounded, and pushed my hips back towards him, opening me up more for him.

He started pounding my pussy, balls slapping against my clit. Despite the previous orgasm, I could feel another one building. He could feel me getting wetter, I was sure, and put one of his fingers in my mouth so I wouldn’t scream. I sucked it like I would have sucked his cock. I came hard, and I could feel my juices on his balls as he pounded me through the orgasm. It was all I could do not to scream and wake up the neighborhood. I felt him pull out of my pussy, still rock hard, and knew that he hadn’t cum yet.

He grabbed my wrists, and held me still on my knees on the couch. His cock pushed against my ass hole, and pushed the tip inside. He was huge, and stretched my ass even more than my pussy. I could fell the slick juices of my orgasm on his cock, turning me on. “I’m gonna fill your ass” he whispered. I just gasped in response.

His cock in my ass felt so intense, every time we did anal. He could make me cum like that faster than any other way he’d fucked me, and he knew it. I could feel him stroking in and out of my ass, long hard strokes. He pumped faster into my ass, and I could feel his cock get harder with every stroke. It wasn’t long before he was pounding me with abandon.

I felt his cum fill my ass as his breathing went faster and faster. Neither one of us screamed, which surprised me. He kept thrusting in me as his cock softened, both of us breathing hard, trying to calm down. I grabbed my shirt and pajama shorts as I got to my feet. My knees felt like jelly.

I saw him yawn, then he kissed me deep again as I headed out the door. On the drive back to my place, I could hardly keep my eyes open. My cell phone lit up with a message as I parked the Mustang. “Thanks, now I can sleep,” it read. I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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