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Ass Grab

I drove home thinking hard about what had just transpired and found myself more amazed the longer I thought about it. I stopped at a local liquor store, to restock a few supplies, and drove on, in no particular hurry.

I knew I had but one thing to do and with the girls out of the way I felt certain I could finish the task.

I forced my mind to concentrate on Rob and Sue’s photo set and not the girls, as I neared the house. I pulled in, fully ready, a new mind set in place. Exiting the car I immediately went to the office.

Finishing my work, I called and set up a time and place to meet. I smiled over Sue’s excitement and secretly felt a little excited my self at seeing her again. Our outdoor shoot, with Rebecca, was a great one and I was very happy at the results. I knew Rob and Sue would be pleased and I was equally certain they would be repeat customers, as I hung up the phone. I finalized the photo package and headed off for a shower.

Relaxing in the hot shower, I suddenly felt a hand slide between my legs and grab my testicles, squeezing hard. I was helpless, my back was turned away from the door and I was covered in soap, having just lathered my face and body and I screamed out loudly,

“Alright, alright…I don’t know who you are, or what you think I’ve done, but ya got the wrong guy! Ease off on the balls man!”

In reply, I heard a deep voice, curiously strained somehow, “Oh I got the right dude alright – you thought you were cute filming me and my lady fucking. What are you, some kind of pervert?”

“Nah – Nah man, I don’t do shit like that! I only do contracted shit! Lay off the balls man!” I quickly screamed back.

“Ya? Then what’s this man?” I heard the voice say, as a CD disc was thrown into the shower.

I, carefully, wiped the soap from my face and eyes and looked down, taking care not to move and cause myself any more pain. There lying on the shower floor was the CD Rebecca had taken to her mom’s house!

“What the hel…?” I started to say, when the laughter started, high pitched and womanly and the pressure on my balls eased, but the hand remained.

“Got ya, you pervert!” I heard Renee cackle out, laughing louder.

“GOD DAMN YOU RENEE… I about shit myself!” I said, turning to see her standing half in and half out of the shower, laughing her ass off.

Releasing her grip entirely, Renee twiddled her fingers on my balls and asked, “Care for some company perv?” and smiled warmly.

Not waiting for an answer, Renee was already ripping her top off, to free her tits, when I finally spoke up,

“Love it, but how in the hell…I left you at Charlies! How’d you get here…And where is that sex bunny daughter of yours?”

Renee smiled coyly and resumed stripping, ignoring my questions, and commented, “I found the cum puddle on the balcony, you know. I had the CD in my hand and was going up stairs to see what it was and stepped on the crusty shit!

I offered a hand and asked my questions again, as Renee stepped in the shower. Backing away, I let her thoroughly rinse herself and soak her hair.

“Well dear, we left right after you. Rebecca had to meet someone and I had nothing else to do, so she brought me home. Are you upset?”

“Care for a shampoo Madame?”

“Yes please – and don’t try to change the subject. Just who had the idea anyway?” Renee quipped, turning and lowering her head.

I worked the shampoo in and began to give Renee a finger massage, never realizing just how sensual it would feel, for both of us. Working my fingers up her skull from bottom back – to top, I watched the goose bumps rise on her arms, even though the shower was warm. I knew she was enjoying every minute, as her eyes rolled back, and her head tilted away trying to force my fingers into her head harder.

“God Michael that feels good – were you a hair dresser in some previous life?” She asked, smiling and gently grabbed my hardening cock to steady herself.

“But of course darling – you didn’t know? I am the wonderful Miguel, from a Spain!” I answered laughing and went on to answer her question, “Rebecca’s of course. She wanted to catch you and Manna and well… You know the rest. You like the video?”

After a pause, as she rinsed her hair, Renee looked at me and said, “Yes – it was very hot, or should I say steaming? That last bit where the cum was oozing out of my daughters pussy was a nice touch too…Yours I presume! I was hoping you might put a little in me today – any chance?”

“And your lustful daughter Ms. Renee… Not lurking about the house with my camera is she?”

“Nooooo, I told you she was out seeing someone!” Renee came back, giving my cock a pull, winking and then added, “I loved the hair thing, wash the rest of me! It feels so decadent!”

The hot water was fading fast, by the time I finished Renee’s wash, and we both hurried to avoid the cold blast it promised, stepping quickly out of the shower. Renee grabbed a towel and started to dry me, as I looked deep into her gleaming eyes. She was thoroughly enjoying her self. Gently, with womanly care, she wiped isveçbahis and patted me dry, stopping to enjoy a brief slow sucking on my rock hard cock. Finished, she stood offering the towel,

“Would you mind awfully?”

Turning to present her backside, I bent my cock down and slid it between her legs, as I wrapped my arms around her and toweled off her head, breasts and belly, to the farthest point I could reach without pulling my cock out.

“Would Madame like an oiling, after drying?” I quipped, hefting both breasts and squeezing her nipples lightly.

Renee turned her head and looking up, responded, “My Jeeves – your talents always amaze me…Perhaps a raise is in order?”

“A Raise Madam? I believe I have a sufficient raise at this time!” I replied, flexing my stomach muscles trying hard to lift my cock between her legs.

Feeling the pressure, Renee parted her legs, slightly, allowing me to feely bounce my cock against her pussy and giggled.

“Perhaps you do Jeeves…Perhaps you do! And this oil you spoke of – just where might it be Jeeves?”

“In the boudoir, I believe, Madame. Would you care to retire there?” I said, keeping up the role and finished her drying.

“It all sounds quiet exciting Jeeves, do lead on!” Renee came back, starting to laugh.


With cock waggling freely, I followed Renee into the bedroom and stopped her short of the bed.

“Hold it, stop right there. Grab the bed posts and be quick about it!” I commanded.

Renee looked back over her shoulder, smiling, and did as asked.

My third dresser drawer contained an assortment of sex gadgets and some very nice silk cloth. I bent to retrieve the cloth straps and felt Renee’s foot slide between my legs and wiggle.

“That will be extra time on the rack, for disobeying.” I retorted to Renee’s continued foot wiggling, and received a giggle in return.

I pulled 5 silk straps out, 4 of which were long and the fifth just long enough to wrap around her head, blind folding her.

With her eyes covered, I turned Renee to face me and tied her hands to the posts of the bed and then bent to work on her feet. I spread one leg and tied her foot to the bed leg and then shifted to tie the remaining foot, in a like manner.

“Ooooo, getting kinky on me Michael – I feel so scared! Whatever are you going to do to me! Oh me – Oh my, I’ve become a sex toy!” Renee babbled on, giggling between her comments.

“Laugh, as you will me Lady, soon you shall beg for mercy! Soon you will decide which pain is greater and which you would choose for release!” I shouted out, in my best dramatic voice and walked away, leaving her to stand nude, tied to the bed.

I fell silent as I selected various sex toys, exaggerating my movements, making sure the sound of those selections were all that Renee heard. I ignored her questions and recalling one last item left the room, leaving her in total silence and darkness.

“Michael! Miiiiichael? Michael you shit, where are you? Damn it…Answer me, what are you doing?” I heard Renee call out, as my footsteps told her of my leaving.

I returned silently, listening to Renee’s pleas. Crawling up on the bed behind her, I quickly launched out and nipped her left ass cheek. A playful nip, just heard enough to leave a small red mark, that caused Renee to jump and desperately attempt escape.

“Fuck, that hurt!” She cried out, struggling against the bindings.

“Perhaps, me Lady, but I can sooth your pain.” I replied back, in a low sultry voice and began to massage her ass.

I lubricated my hands with oil and began a journey around Renee’s full ass cheeks, massaging, lifting, spreading and working the small nip, easing her pain.

“Ummmm, better Michael. That feels good – real good.” She came back, relaxing and pushing her ass towards my hands.

Taking advantage of her position, ass protruding towards me, I grabbed the vibrating bullet and lubricated it with one hand, while I massaged her ass with the other. Spreading her ass cheeks, I slowly inserted the bullet into her waiting rectum. , The insertion caused Renee to stand bolt up-right screaming out again,

“God damn you, what did you stick up my ass!”

“Pleasure my dear, nothing but pleasure.” I cooed in her ear, taking a moment to lick and suck on her ear lobe and then, finally, inserting my tongue, causing Renee to jump and scream out. “Oh my, but we protest too much! Perhaps the low setting on my toy is not enough for you, eh?” I added, as I grabbed the control and increased the vibrations.

“Damn you Michael… Oh sweet Jesus that feels so good! Where are you now…What are going to do?”

I slid off the bed and curled my index fingers into my thumbs and began to finger snap her nipples. Not hard, but enough to make them bounce and stiffen. Squirming, Renee cried out softly and writhed more against her restraints.

I stopped causing Renee some anxiety, as she began to search the room, with blind folded eyes, and called out, “Michael? Michael answer me…Please!”

I did, isveçbahis giriş but not as she expected, as I grabbed her left breast with both hands and squeezed it, quickly sucking in her hardened nipple and drawing it out long and hard with my lips.

“Oh you shit! Don’t you dare bite my…” and I cutoff her demand. Closing my teeth down on the nipple, I bit her gently, but hard enough to get her to scream out. I continued to nip and nibble on that nipple and squeeze her breast harder and harder, until she couldn’t stand it any longer and let out with a long scream, “Stoooooopppppppp!”

“Ah, I sense Madame would like attention paid to the other nipple!” I said low and husky, trailing my fingers across her chest and flicking the right nipple hard. I proceeded by biting her breast, near her armpit and worked my way down and around.

Renee jumped, wiggled, squirmed and cried softly as I closed in on her helpless right nipple. Low whimpers escaped her lips, as my teeth tightened on the nipple, and I readjusted the vibrator again. I set it on hi-pulse and I could feel the vibrations coursing through her body, as I worked her nipple and breast.

“When…I…Get out…Of this…” her words stopping as she inhaled quickly and deeply when I reached down and slid my fingers through her soaking wet pussy lips.

I paused, backed away and quietly selected another toy.


“Yes Madame?”

“Michael what are you doing now? Oh God Michael, that vibrator is going to make me cum! Pull it out…Pull it out please!” She cried softly, her legs beginning to shake.

“That just wouldn’t be manly my lady. Personally, I think it needs to remain until we get the job done! Oh, and did I mention, I’m in control here?” I replied back, with an evil little tone to my voice.

Sinking slowly to my knees in front of Renee, I watched her stomach spasm, with each vibrator pulse and the pussy juice slowly seep from her vagina. I bent forward and tipped my head to allow my tongue to lightly trace the crack made by her labia lips, now starting to part with excitement.

Renee’s clit enlarged and protruded from her lips, ready to be punished! I obliged her and sucked it in hard. She screamed out again and tried to pull away but to no avail. I wrapped my hands around her and grabbed her ass cheeks pulling her back towards me, as I drew my closed teeth down the length of her clit.

As my teeth passed the end of her clit she exploded violently. Thrusting her hips forward wildly, in a mock fucking action, her pussy flooded with juice and it started to run down her legs. I was taking great pleasure watching her cum, especially knowing I had much, much more for her.

“Oh God…Oh God Michael, I’m cumming so hard…Pull it out!” She screamed between short breathes.

“Nooooo, I don’t think so. Not yet dear. But I will change the setting!” I said slowly and deliberately, prolonging her climax.

I reached for the control and readjusted it for short rapid bursts and then grabbed the other toy, saying, “Madame is certainly wet today!”

Renee’s whimpers grew, as I slowly slid my hands up the inside of her legs. Massaging in the cum juice as I went up, I felt her legs quiver and I smiled wickedly.

I cupped her mound with both hands and squeezed her labia lips, spreading them open, and inserted my tongue. Lapping up the juice, I roamed the inside of her lips, flicking my tongue in and out and occasionally sucking hard, which got another wild reaction from Renee. She squatted slightly and spread her legs as far as she could and changed her tune.

“Oh please don’t stop that…I’m starting to build up again, don’t stop licking me, Michael!”

But I did and waited for her to curse me.

Just as the words started to escape her lips, I inserted the new toy, a large dildo that rotated and vibrated, with a clit stimulator. Renee immediately shut up, as she sucked in a deep breath, when I began pushing the mechanical beast into her slit.

The vibrator slid in easily, lubricated by her juices and I bottomed it out, pressing the clit stimulator against her large sensitive button. The shaking started again when I adjust the new toy for rotation and vibrator. “Ummmmmmmmm, I’m getting close again.” She cooed, as I slid to the side.

Holding the rotating toy in place, I reached behind her and grabbed the ass vibrator cord. I slowly pulled the cord, inching the vibrator towards her tightly closed rectum, causing another plea, “God not now Michael!”

Ignoring her, I pulled the vibrator out to the point her rectum seemed to be desperately holding on to it and stopped, maximizing the vibrations on her tight ass muscles. I worked the pussy vibro until she came again, more violently than the first time.

“Michael…You bastard…I’m going to…Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!” were her final words before she screamed with delight and wildly climaxed.

I was nearly ready for the coup-de-gras’ and I knew Renee was. The two huge climaxes had reduced her to a whimpering, spent state. I slowly pulled the pussy vibrator out and watched her body quake at isveçbahis yeni giriş its final touch. I then reached around and pulled the bullet from her ass, which she did not give up willingly, adding a reluctant sigh as it finally popped out.

“Are you ready for my cock?” I whispered in her ear.

Renee nodded and said nothing, but the aftershocks rocking her body told me all I needed to know.

“Okay Madame, I’ll get you ready.” I said, reaching to untie her arm restraints.

Limply her arms dropped to her sides and she allowed me to free her legs before trying to remove the blindfold.

“OH NO! Not yet my dear!” I said, reaching to stop her and added, “Turn around and bend over the bed Madame. I must prepare you for the final climax!”

Renee turned slowly and did as asked, with a deep sexy moan escaping her lips.

“What are you going to do Michael? Are you going to make me cum again!”

“That’s the idea Madame! Now relax please and Michael will take very good care of you.” And with that I grabbed a slender dildo with a large bulb on the end.

Renee gasped as I spread her ass cheeks and lubricated her rectum. I slowly pushed the vibrator in and turned it on to maximum, as Renee cried out her pleasure.

“Now Madame, if you’d be so kind…Please roll over and allow me to assist you onto the bed.” I said, patting her ass.

“Michael, that vibrator is heavenly. Are you going to leave it in?” She asked as she rolled and allowed me to help slide her up onto the bed.

“Why yes Madame! I think you’ll have the best climax yet…May I proceed?” I asked coyly.

Renee’s legs opened wide as I climbed onto the bed, telling me she was very ready and I eased into position. Guiding my rock hard cock towards her wet lips, I paused as the head of my cock started to part her pussy lips. Holding my cock, I guided it up and down her slit, as she writhed below me.

“Fuck me Michael, fuck me good…I am so ready for you!” She moaned, as I slid into her throbbing pussy.

The anal vibrator was intense, sending hard pulses through her and me, as I began my slow thrusts into Renee’s pussy. The moans escaping her lips were continuous now and I buried my cock to the hilt and held it there, feeling her uterus and the hard vibrator working us both.

“Oh my God, you’re so deep…I’m going to cum so hard this time!” She screamed out loudly, as I pulled out to just push my cock head in and out of her vagina lips.

“Damn you…Bury that big throbbing cock in me!” She screamed out.

I complied, as Renee raised her legs higher and grasped me around the waste.

I sunk my cock deep, touching her uterus again, and began short pelvic thrusts, my ass muscles tightened hard with each push. The anal vibrator began having its effect on me and Renee was nearly over the edge.

Wrapping her arms around my back, she dug her finger nails in and squeezed me tightly as her climax built. “Oh you wonderful man….I’m so close and you feel like a log inside me! God I love that cock of yours! Cum with me Michael…Please cum with me.” She pleaded in a sultry, anxious voice.

“Oh yes Madame, I surely will!” I said excitedly and raised my ass to start the final deep pushes that would send us both into hard wild climax.

“Deeper Michael, I’m cumming…Push in deeper and hold it!” She screamed, as I drove my cock in and held it.

Renee’s vagina muscles contracted and held me, as I felt her climax start. With wildly shaking legs, stomach muscles tightening and loud screaming, Renee urged me join her.

The first large burst of cum felt like it had ripped the top of my cock off and Renee squealed with delight! Her hips rocked and pushed with mine, sending wave after wave of cum inside her. I shook violently as I neared the last pulses of semen and Renee’s hips seem to go into overload, almost uncontrollable.

Her legs dropped and wrapped around my ass, her heels digging in and forcing me tighter into her body, as she lost total control. I was riding a wild mare and she was loving it, bucking and shaking with sexual excitement.

Suddenly, with no warning, Renee released me and rolled me off to the side screaming out, “Oh my God…Oh my God, I can’t take any more…I can’t stop humping! Don’t touch me, I’ll start again…That was best fucking I’ve ever had! Please get that vibrator out of my ass….Please!”

Lying off to her side, my spent cock slowly shrunk, wet with her pussy juice. I rose up on my elbows and watched a final small rivulet of cum escape my cock and then turned to Renee, as she rolled exposing her ass and protruding vibrator.

“Holy shit Renee! You are a wild woman!” I said reaching to pull the vibrator out.

“Slowly Michael…Slowly! I’m so fucking sensitive right now I don’t know what’s going to happen!”

I turned off the vibrator and heard Renee’s deep sigh, of relief. Gently I pulled the mechanical wonder stick out and Renee screamed her last and collapsed on the bed. I left her there to clean up.

Following my shower I returned to find Renee sleeping easily, her legs slightly spread. A stream of cum trailed from her pussy and pooled between her legs, as she slept. I chuckled and found the clothes I needed and grabbed the toys to clean them. Renee was still sleeping when I left the house, for the meeting with Sue and Rob.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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