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Well, hell, I was feeling horny. So what was new? I just had to get out of the apartment, so I decided to slip down a few doors and see Pamela, a good friend and fellow apartment dweller. We had found a common bond as we were both divorcees in our early thirties with no thoughts of rushing into another marriage. She loved to talk about sex, so did I! She was a delightful neighbor to have.

As I started to knock on Pam’s door, I distinctly heard the sounds of lovemaking. I hesitated a moment, then with a wicked grin, I knocked rather loudly on her door. Immediately I heard scurrying sounds, and after a long pause, Pam opened the door clad in a thin, revealing robe. Her generous breasts threatened to escape from the confines of her robe, and her nipples tented the material alarmingly. I admired her luscious looking slopes and deep cleavage of her breasts. Was I that horny?

“Hi, come on in,” she said. Her face was flushed and she was breathing hard, her breasts rising and falling delightfully.

“Did I interrupt anything?” I asked hopefully, moving into the room. I immediately smelled the distinct scent of sex in the air. She shook her lovely tousled head. “Oh, come on,” I said. “I distinctly heard moans and groans, and this room smells like you just had an orgy in here. Where’s your lover? Drag him out, and we’ll both give him a workout.”

Pam began to laugh. “Can’t put one over on you, can I? All right, here!” She reached over and hit a button on her remote control, and on the big screen TV two beautiful women appeared, locked in a sixty-nine, moaning and sobbing. “You caught me watching porn. Totally naked too. Shocked?”

I laughed. “Not in the least. You were getting yourself off watching it, right?” I said my eyes on the large screen. Damn those women were really going at it!

“Guilty. God, these girls really love this. They eat pussy, not just lick it for the camera. Watch the blonde!” She said motioning to the action. The high definition picture brought out individual hairs on the dark haired pussy the blonde was licking. With the scent of sex in the air, it was almost like being there. We watched the pink tongue slide along the lighter pink of the woman’s pussy. Every fold was clear and vivid. The camera switched from pussy to pussy, both equally delicious looking, wet and gleaming.

I sat down on the couch next to Pam and watched. The women were beautiful, and they did appear to really enjoy eating each other. The blonde’s tongue focused on the dark-haired woman’s clit. I began to feel my own clit swell and my pussy get wet. Her tongue flicked and probed, she seemed to really be enjoying the beautiful wet pussy she was devouring. Her head moved forward and back, fucking her long extended tongue deep inside her partner’s sex. Damn that was sexy!

Beside me, Pam sat watching the TV screen. One hand disappeared beneath her robe, and I could see it was moving slowly up and down. I found myself getting more excited, for here was my good friend right beside me, masturbating, oblivious to my presence. Suddenly, inexplicably, I wanted to see. Without a word I reached over and pulled her robe open. Startled, her head swiveled toward me and then she laughed. She stood up and let the uşak escort robe fall away, leaving her beautifully naked.

I gasped. Her body was spectacular! She’s what is called ‘full figured’. Her large, low-slung breasts were beautifully rounded melons with just a slight sag, the jutting nipples erect and dark. Her chocolate colored areolas were oval shaped, large and crinkled. Her pubic triangle was thick, dark and damp. She sat down, spread her legs and began to finger her pussy in full view of me. “This is where I was when you knocked,” she said, grinning lewdly at me. “Why don’t you join me? It really releases the tensions, and feels so damn good too!”

I watched fascinated as the fingers of one hand spread her pussy lips while the other stroked and rubbed her clit. The exciting smell of her pussy wafted to my nose. I hadn’t realized how beautiful a woman’s pussy could be. Her pussy was an opened rose, and at the top, her clit, pink and protruding, was clearly visible.

“Join me? Please?” She whispered, her voice husky.

My pussy was dripping, burning. Almost without thought I stood and quickly stripped as her eyes took in every inch of my body. I lay back on the sofa facing her and spread my long legs apart. Using both hands, I spread my pussy lips wide, exposing myself to a woman for the first time.

“God, you’re so sexy,” Pam said. “Your pussy is lovely, perfect. Let me see your clit. Pull up on it.” Her eyes stared intently at my open sex. Her tongue ran along her full lips unconsciously, leaving them wet and glossy. My eyes went back and forth from her wet pussy lips up to her lips and sliding pink tongue. Her fingers continued to move over her gleaming sex.

I slid the fleshy sheath up and my swollen nub slid into view. I have a rather large clit, and the head juts down about the length of my little fingernail. My ex loved to suck and lick it and even took pictures of it. Now a woman was looking intently at it for the first time, making it even more exciting. It got me so damn hot. I guess I have always gotten hot having someone look at my pussy.

“What a beautiful pussy,” Pam said. “I can smell it from here. Slide your fingers in and out while you stroke yourself. I want to see you cum. Your juices are running out and down onto your lovely brown asshole. God, sometimes I wish I were a man and could fuck a pussy like yours.” Her fingers moved faster. “Ohhh yes! That’s it, fuck yourself with your fingers, and rub that fantastic big clit. Your pussy is so fucking beautiful. Ohh, finger fuck your cunt, fuck it, fuck it! God, I’m coming! Finger fuck yourself! Yessss! Ohhh! Ohhh! She cried out over and over, her fingers thrusting in and out of her gleaming cunt. The liquid sounds made my blood boil. Her eyes were locked onto my pussy, her face distorted by her passion as she climaxed.

The sight and sounds of Pam bringing herself off right beside me drove me wild, and I thrust my fingers in and out of my pussy and stroked my clit with total abandon. I guess it was the novelty of masturbating in front of another woman, something I’d never done, that gave me one of the most intense orgasms of my life. My moans and cries of ecstasy joined with hers, uşak escort bayan our lust feeding off of each other.

Long minutes later, and after several climaxes, we both lay panting and looking at each other. The women on the screen sighed and moaned, forgotten now by our real life sex episode. Our legs were still spread and our fingers still wet with our pussy juices. For some reason we both began to laugh at the same time. The thought of two grown women getting themselves off together so intensely, struck us as funny. We laughed and joked, neither of us bothering to cover our spread pussies. I looked at her wet red center, the darker lips spread open wide, her starred nether hole wet from her dripping juices.

Pam leaned forward and kissed my lips softly. I responded and pulled her to me. Our breasts touched and we thrust our chests out, feeling hard-tipped nipples against soft flesh. My breasts are smaller than hers, but firm, and I’m told, lovely. My nipples were hard spikes making dents in her skin. We rubbed our nipples repeatedly back and forth against each other. It felt fantastic.

Pam’s eyes sparkled, and she took my hand and did something totally unexpected, she moved it to her mouth and began to lick and suck my fingers, which were still coated with my pussy juices. “Delicious,” she murmured as her tongue roamed over my slick fingers. That was so sexy to have her lips around my fingers, her tongue sliding sensuously over them, tasting my juices.

Than she moved her hand to my lips, her fingers still gleaming, coated with her pussy juices. She traced her wet fingers lightly over my lips. I could smell the heady aroma of her sex. I licked her fingers and for the first time in my life tasted another woman’s pussy juices. I licked and sucked her fingers as she did the same to mine. She moved her fingers back and forth into my mouth fucking my mouth with her pussywet fingers. My clit came alive again.

The passion built up inside me to an unbearable level, and I did something totally out of character. I brought my wet fingers down to my friend’s pussy and slid them into it while I leaned forward and kissed her lips, my tongue gently thrusting in her mouth. She moaned softly and pulled me to her. Her tongue answered mine, exploring, exciting both of us.

We kissed long and eagerly as my fingers wiggled and thrust into her hot flesh. I was on fire. I pulled back slightly and looked deep into her eyes. “I’ve never made love to a woman before, but I want to kiss and caress every inch of your body. I want to lick and suck your pussy and make you cum and cum till I make you scream for me to stop!” The words rushed out of me.

“Oh God, yes. I’ve never done it with a woman before either, but I want to make love to you, too. I want to do all sorts of nasty things to you – suck your cunt, lick that big beautiful clit of yours, and slip a finger up your pretty asshole. Oh, yes, let’s go to the bedroom where we’ll have more room. I want to eat you. Hurry!” She said getting up and pulling me to my feet.

Hand in hand we rushed to the bedroom, the video sighs fading behind us, threw back the covers and jumped into the bed. We pressed together, hard, escort uşak urgently. Her hot flesh and soft curves fitted mine, and we squirmed together, grinding our pussies against each other as we kissed. My passion soared and I moved down slightly and kissed her full breasts, then took a long hard nipple between my lips and sucked on it. I loved having the hard tip between my lips. I flicked it with my tongue, it was so firm. I sucked on it then pulled back making it longer, still harder. Her hands moved over my breasts, stroking and fondling them, rolling my nipples between her fingers. God, she knew just how to do it.

After I had licked and sucked her breasts for a long time, she slid down and began to suck and kiss mine. Her teeth nibbled on my hard nipple giving me just a touch of pain. I cried out it felt so wonderful. I have always loved having my breasts kissed and caressed. Now I knew why men made such a fuss over them. Hers so were so damn sexy and tasted so good. We enjoyed each other’s bodies and kissed till we couldn’t stand it any longer. By unspoken mutual consent, we swiveled around and kissed and licked our way down to dripping, spread pussies.

There was no hesitation as our mouths went to open pussy flesh. I pressed my mouth against her wet intimate flesh, speared her with my tongue, then sucked and licked her in almost a frenzy of lust. She tasted delicious, salty/sweet; her hot sexual odor swirled around me, thrilling me. No wonder my ex loved to lick and suck my pussy. God, she tasted divine. A woman, I was making love to a woman!

I licked and sucked, mashing my face against her hot, slippery flesh. I found her firm clit and sucked on it while I drove my fingers deep into her slippery pussy. Her mouth was devouring my cunt at the same time; her tongue was a squirming lance fucking me. There was no subtlety to our lovemaking, just raw unbridled lust. For it to be the first time with another woman, we lost all of our inhibitions.

I climaxed first and buried my face in Pam’s sex as I shuddered and moaned. She climaxed a moment later, and I felt her hot juices spurt out into my mouth. I couldn’t get enough of them. I sucked, I tongue fucked her as my body went into orbit. I wanted more and more of her. Her hips thrust hard against my mouth and she cried out over and over, our cries filling the room. My climax subsided momentarily, and I kept devoured her pussy, using my chin, nose, tongue, lips and face to bring her to shuddering orgasm after orgasm. She brought me to several throbbing, gut wrenching climaxes too. Finally, our passions temporarily slaked, we turned and held each other close, licking our own pussy juices from each other’s face. We kissed, nuzzled and fondled as we whispered endearments.

Her tongue slid along my ear, her hot breath made goose bumps pop up on my arms. “You’ll never guess who loaned me the girl/girl video.” I pushed my ear against her lips wanting more of her wet lips, her probing tongue. She nibbled on the earlobe and I melted. My clit swelled and throbbed. I could actually feel my pussy lubricating. I slid my finger down and found her clit, firm and swollen. I stroked it lightly. She sighed and nipped my earlobe.

“Who? ” I managed to moan, having almost forgotten the question.

“Trini, in 141. She has quite a collection. She might be interested in the real thing! You think we might invite her to join us?”

I nodded, eyes closed, a vision of the sexy dark eyed Trini popped into my mind. Things were really looking up!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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