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This is an adult sex story.

All the characters are of the age of consent or far over it!

Any children named or mentioned are not involved in anything sexual.

This is story number sixty seven (67).

Please read my previous story for context.

For a complete list of my stories in numeric order, see my biography page.

Enjoy and thanks for the views and votes.


The week went by in Scottsdale as I had planned.

Actually, it turned out better than I had hoped.

My three buddies all hooked up with the MBA students from Arizona State and probably got more ass in the days they were with me in Arizona than they had gotten in the past five years of their marriages.

Nikki, the head tennis coach for the women’s team at ASU, played in two charity golf tournaments at The Phoenician over the next few days and gained six new sponsors for the program as a result.

There was some business going on too. I was able to convince Caroline that once her parents passed she could sell eighty percent of stock to me, which would free her up to become a celebrity chef, something she always wanted to be. She’d stay on the Board as Chairwoman Emeritus and on a nice salary for life.

She liked the idea but kept mentioning something about “getting her fair share” or that I needed to be “open to new experiences” and she “wanted something special” before we closed the deal but she didn’t elaborate on what the specifics were. I assumed that she would bring these up when she was ready.

In the meantime, my three buddies and I were, on paper, appointed to the Board of Directors of Shin Foods and we started talking about how we would look into every aspect of the operations.

Our goal was to uncover enough inefficiencies that once we eliminated the bloated cost structure, we would pay for the purchase within six months.

Caroline was able to check off everything on her list, including the one item I added to it while we had dinner the first night we were together.

Read my story … “A Divorced Asian Submits Her List” to understand what I am talking about.

To get her ready, to prepare her, each day I inserted a larger butt plug into her ass, to stretch her out, and when I finally did take her ass, she loved it.

Or at least she acted as if she did.

So much so she was asking for it … “Jack, please baby, one more time, it feels so fucckiing good!”

Caroline also came to enjoy pleasuring another female, so much so that each night after our first night together she brought someone new into our bed, which was more fun for me!

Two mouths, two pussies, two rosebuds to plunder.

Caroline had to leave a day early and head back to LA as her father had fallen ill.

She kissed me when she said goodbye and said “I’ll see you soon.”

And, as I was to find out, she meant it.


What happened with Caroline that week was that she ended up getting pregnant and I was the father.

So, far, so good, right?

Well, it turned out that Caroline was pregnant with twins, two boys, and there was a dispute over the contract.

I was obligated to help her get pregnant twice, two boys hopefully, one after the other, consecutively.

Our contract did not cover her getting pregnant and having two boys concurrently.

Now, friends, only in the Great State of California, where the trial lawyers roam wild and free, would this become a court case.

And, at the end of the day, everyone knew from the get go that the only one who would win in this dispute would be the lawyers.

Caroline had paid, in advance, $2,250,000 for her two babies but she also paid for two full weeks of time with me.

So, once I sat down with Caroline and showed her what it would cost financially plus the bad publicity, and who knows how much that would cost her firm, we settled out of court.

What did she really want? She just wanted another week with me and the shot at a third child. Which I was able to deliver on, only this time she got a beautiful little girl.


I spent the final night of the trip with Nikki and we had a lot of fun. She was a three hole lady and I took advantage of her willingness to accommodate my carnal desires.

The next morning I woke up with some pain in my right butt cheek; I figured it was my sciatic nerve.

Nikki offered the name of a local massage place that could handle me on short notice.

She even called and made the appointment for me, dropped me off and told me to text her so she could take me to the airport to fly back home when I was finished.

Nikki kissed me and said “Try not to have too much fun” and then she laughed as I limped to the front door of the medical office.


This was a non descriptive one story building in North Scottsdale. I was told to enter the lobby, go left down the hallway and then knock on the third door on the right.

I looked at the listings of the businesses esenyurt escort when I entered the lobby and found that it was occupied mostly by individuals in the healing professions: chiropractor, grief counselor, and so forth. So, the building was suitable for a massage business.

There was no sign, no indication of a business operating, but I lightly tapped on the third wood door anyway and in a few seconds I heard the deadbolt move and it was opened by what I would call a mature Asian woman.

She had a nice smile and bowed to me, then asked me to please come in, shutting and locking the door behind me.

“We see patients by appointment only” she explained, “and only by direct, trusted referral will we accept a patient.”

She asked me to follow her and she took me to a small office, very neatly organized, with only one chair for a visitor (me) while she sat behind the desk.

Smiling she handed me her business card which read “Bliss, Marie Clark, Massage Therapist.”

I smiled and asked “Is Bliss the name of your company?”

She smiled and nodded and while I guess I was hoping for more but she simply asked “May I see your driver’s license?” to which I said “Sure” and after pulling it out of my wallet I handed it to her.

She typed something into the computer, her printer started making some noise and a couple of seconds later she handed me a piece of paper and gesturing for me to pick a pen out of the holder on her desk said “Please review and sign please.”

As I read the document which was essentially a legal release, she typed some additional information into the computer and then handed me back my driver’s license. Having read the paper she wanted me to review, I signed and dated it and gave it back to her.

Marie filed it away in a desk drawer and then stood, asking me to go with her.

Going through a second door, which she closed and locked behind her, she motioned for me to enter the room on the right. It was a softly lit room, maybe 12 by 15, which a massage bed the prominent feature in the room. It was a standard bed in all regards except for one and that was that it was a bit wider than the ones I had either been on or massaged people on.

Standing, I watched her as she dimmed the lights, and moved some towels and blankets off the bed unto a small table.

I hadn’t paid much attention to her until now and I noticed that while she was older, however you determine that is, she was quite beautiful. I thought at the moment that she must have been stunning when she was younger but she was still quite attractive.

Marie stood just about five feet tall, slender, with black hair in some sort of librarian style look. Her skin was white, almost as if she were half Caucasian / half Japanese; her eyes were bigger and round, and the only make-up she had on was some lipstick that went well with her skin tone.

She was wearing a black sweater over a white blouse along with black slacks and black flat shoes.

I had no idea as to what her figure was like given the clothes she had on.

Not that I was interested but because it is what I do, I did look for rings on her fingers and found none.

She did have on pearl earrings and a necklace with small pearls.

So, what I had in front of me was a petite half Asian lady who was going to give me a massage for my sciatic nerve pain.

All of this looking took just a few seconds and I think she was used to getting the once over by all of her male patients so when my eyes finally met hers in the dim light, Marie’s smile grew quite big and her eyes were sparkling.

Without preamble, Marie said “Nikki asked me to help you with your lower back and leg pain. Is that where it hurts?”

I nodded and she went on, saying “I use some unorthodox approaches to address these conditions. I don’t want to scare you off, they are not totally pain free but they do take an extended visit.”

I said to her “Please go on.”

Marie smiled and said “A typical massage will last an hour, maybe 90 minutes and sadly, the pain will disappear for only a few days, only to return with greater vengeance.”

I replied “That is what happens to me. Can you fix it for good?”

Marie smiled and said “Yes, but this will take us about 6 hours; maybe even longer.”

“Sounds fine with me” I replied.

“Before we get started, how do you think this happened?”

I smiled at her and said “This week I have been standing or running on a lot more hard surfaces than usual but the tipping point was yesterday when I attended the Dodger game. Those chairs are just not set up for comfort.”

As we conversed I realized that Marie, whatever her age was, was one very beautiful woman.


She asked me if I needed to use the restroom and I declined.

She asked me to take a small pill to relax me and gave me small cup of water to wash it down.

Marie had undressed me, completely, and very professionally, hanging my clothes in the closet and then laid me down on my back so avrupa yakası escort she could massage my head and neck.

Before getting on the table I had asked Marie about a towel to drape me and she whispered to me “I like my men naked.”

Which made me wonder for a nanosecond how she liked her female clients like Nikki …


I must have drifted off to sleep because her soothing voice and the softness of her touch was so relaxing.

The room was dark, the door was closed and it took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust.

“So, you finally woke up” Marie teased me.

The voice was not behind me, it was in front of me.

Marie was at the end of the bed, sitting between my legs, my right foot on her bare thigh, her soft hands carefully massaging my toes, arch, and heels.

It looked to me as if Marie had on a one piece body suit, black. The fabric was pulled tight in front; her breasts held firm; her generous nipples visible.

I was on my back, my neck supported by someone’s left hand while the right hand massaged the side of my head using her fingernails.

I asked Marie “Who is massaging my head?” and she smiled and said “My sister Clare.”

“Hello Mister Colton” whispered Clare.

Her hands were soft but a bit larger than Marie’s.

I smiled because I was being pleasured at both ends.

A four hand massage, the best kind.


When she needed more lotion Clare let my head down on her lap — that is how close behind me she was to me.

Her legs were bare; I had no idea as to what she had on.

I guessed without any facts that she had on a one piece body suit like her sister.

What Clare was doing was relaxing, very relaxing, yet at the time highly erotic.

If you have ever had a head massage when your masseuse uses her fingernails to directly massage your scalp, there is nothing like it in the world.

The feeling of those nails sensually scratching my head sent pulses of electricity right down to my cock.

Which explained why I was now hard as a rock.

“I’m sorry” I mumbled, my hand sort of waving at my erection.

“Don’t be sorry” Marie whispered “It tells me that my treatment is working.”

At that, Clare began scratching my head a bit harder, but also more completely, which made my dick throb.


Her fingernails continued to massage me, softly, and I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the sensations.

After a while I heard a slight whirring noise which was the motor on Clare’s chair that was lifting up the seat of her chair.

She lifted my head up fully and then laid it down on her lap, where I guess she was going to keep it for a bit.

I heard her pumping the lotion bottle, slathered her hands with it and then she lowered her upper body just a bit, so that her bare tits lay on my face.

“You like?” Clare asked as her strong hands started in on my upper chest muscles.

How could I not like this?

I smiled in approval.


At the same time Marie started working on the tops of my feet and my ankles.

In doing so, she gently pulled my legs even further apart, exposing my tight sack and starfish.

Moving up a bit, Marie massaged my calves and knee caps while Clare took her time on my upper chest.

Clare’s nipples were hard and as she moved one or the other would graze my lips and I’d give a little suck.

Clare just proceeded on, making no verbal references but my dick was sure showcasing my full approval.


I closed my eyes and just went into a state of bliss.

It was a suitable name for the company and for the place I was, physically and mentally at that moment.

My dick jumped a bit when Marie’s hand went over my knee cap and onto my thigh.

She noticed and softly patted my leg.

At that point both ladies stopped what they were doing and after adjusting me by moving me down the bed a bit, each one went to a side of the massage table; Clare on my right and Marie on my left.

They both lathered up their hands and then they pulled my legs apart and started massaging my thighs, from the knee to my crotch.

I don’t think I could have gotten any harder.


Neither lady touched my balls or my cock as they made their way up and down my leg, pushing and pulling the muscles and trying to improve the flow of my blood.

Marie said something like “Getting things flowing” as she started in on me.

Each one had a side of me to take care of and each did things a bit differently … Marie folding my leg at the knee and spending some time on my knee and below but the majority of it north of my knee to my crotch.

My left hand was sort of in the way so Marie smiled and put it on her waist, to get it out of the way.

I used that opening as an opportunity to wander all over her backside, which was bare except for the thong.

She had a nice firm ass.

She was moving anadolu yakası escort her hands fast and she was moving around a bit so my fondling was limited to what I could touch without moving myself.

Marie didn’t protest when I touched her and when we lost contact by her moving away to massage, she soon got back to where I could reach her.

At one point Marie took the backside of her left hand and gently pushed and held my cock and sack off to the right so she could concentrate on the crease between my leg and torso.

I liked the touch of her hand on my private parts.

“Ligaments” she muttered as her thumb worked and she got an occasional “ouch” from me for her efforts.

As much as I wanted her to, Marie didn’t run those fingernails all over my sack which I was silently praying she would do and as for my cock, well, the best I was going to get out of her was that the back of her fingers held my cock down and I tried to get some friction there but only for a second.

Marie knew what I wanted but she was on a mission.

As she pushed my cock to the right with her left hand she was able to pump lotion into her right hand and worked my ligaments well.

So much so that when she was finished I was grateful her part of the massage was over.

For her part, Clare got up and stood by the table and bumped into my right hand with her own bare thigh about mid way between her knee and her pussy.

I muttered something like “Sorry” and she didn’t respond verbally but she did take my hand and put it on her hip.

I felt some cloth at her waist and opened my right eye to confirm that she had on a black silk thong.

My eyes wandered north to find a set of pendulous breasts, most recently having visited my face.

Clare smiled down at me, knowing full well I was enjoying the view.

She also knew I wanted to touch and to taste.

Clare was a pretty lady too, but she wasn’t exactly petite.

She stood about 5’7″ tall, and probably weighed in at 125 pounds.

Her dark black hair was pulled back in a ponytail.

Clare didn’t get right into the massage; after doing her show and tell with me she reached down with her right hand and pulled my leg out a bit, separating my upper thigh from my crotch.

Using her right hand she started to tease the inside of my thigh and at the same time she bent down and with her left hand she offered me her left tit to suck.

Her nipple was cocoa brown and large, extended, and I not only sucked on it while she teased the inside of my thigh, I gnawed at it, causing her to groan at the sensation of my teeth caressing the hard sensitive tip of her orb.

Her left hand now free, she held my head closer to her breast while I suckled, and my hands wandered over two almost nude Asian matures.

My hard cock dripped.


I got to suck on both of Clare’s tits for a few minutes while my hands wandered all over Marie’s backside.

Then, to my disappointment, Clare pulled away from me and returned to my side where she got to work pushing and pulling my leg muscles, tendons and improving my circulation.

Marie reached across and not being shy, using both hands, pulled my rightward leaning cock and full sack to the left, which allowed Clare ample room to massage my ligaments in the bend between my leg and torso.

Unfortunately, Marie did not tease me with her hands, she just held my private parts away from my body.

I swear she could feel my cock throbbing because at one point she smiled down at me and whispered “You like?”

I nodded and groaned as Clare’s hands rubbed the ligaments a bit harder.

Marie decided to use just her left hand to hold my privates and with her right hand, Marie started to slowly, gently rubbing, massaging my tummy.

There is something soothing, and relaxing getting your stomach rubbed but you always wonder when you are on the massage table just how low the masseuse will go.

I didn’t have worry because Marie soon expanded her massage to cover from my collarbone to my hipbone, soothingly, and she unsnapped the top of her bodysuit displaying her firm ample breasts.

With a smile, Marie allowed me to play with her magnificent titties with my left hand while she gently massaged me.

She let go of my dick and balls, encouraging me to “close your eyes and just relax.”

Clare had moved out of the range of my right hand and worked hard on my lower leg and knee.

Finishing that, she moved back to my side and focused her attentions to my raging hard on and ready to explode ball sack.


Clare teased me and allowed me to reengage with my hands on her body.

She started right in with her fingernails scratching and playing with my balls … it felt amazing and when she lowered her head to tease my cock with her tongue I groaned in anticipation.

Clare ran her hard tongue from the base to the tip and I groaned, my hand moving from her waist to her neck to encourage her not to stop.

Her tits were hanging, she was bent over in the classic position to give me a nice massage table blow job.

I was thinking that this was it, she would finish me but would she get me off with a hand job or would she allow me to nut into that mouth of hers?

Clare licked me three times, each time creating a small but growing pool of precum drops under the tip of my cock.

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