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The dream. What can I tell you about the dream that changed my life? I’ve only ever remembered the last minute – just one scene – of that dream, but it was enough to transform me and my life, in the space of a day.

I remember standing, in a hospital OR, while a doctor was performing a C-section, the baby being pulled out , the doc saying “healthy baby boy”, the nurses checking him and his crying for the first time and then the baby being brought over and placed on his momma’s chest to nurse. My step-daughter Callie’s chest. She looked lovingly at the baby, kissed the top of his head, then reached her hand over to me, and said “Say hello to your son, Papa.”

In that moment, my mind exploded – I screamed, woke up, and came, all in the same instant. “What the fuck?” I thought immediately. “Callie, calling the baby my son? Where did that come from?”

Callie was 24 at the time. She had lived with her mom and me since I had married her mom when she was 12, except for the weekends and weeks that she stayed with her dad, until the custody agreement expired when she turned 18. And she kept living with me, after my wife Colleen had died in a car accident 18 months earlier.

Callie had gotten pregnant when she was a freshman in college by a guy named Brad who wanted nothing to do with fatherhood, and after he’d totally trashed her reputation on campus, she dropped out, in part to avoid him and the false rumors he started, but mostly to take care of her pregnancy. She gave birth to a pretty girl she named Marie, who was now 5, soon to finish up kindergarten. Brad had graduated a couple of years before, but was still fighting against paying child support. His parents were spending more on a lawyer to fight in court than he’d have needed to pay Callie, but some people think the words “it’s the principle” means they actually have any. Brad had none.

When Marie began to talk, she learned to call me Papa Dave, while Colleen’s ex was called Grampa. By the time I had that dream, Callie had also started calling me Papa or Papa Dave more than she called me just Dave any more. We had never gotten to the point where she ever called me Dad, because she really resented me when I first showed up in her mom’s life, wanting her parents to get back together as many kids of divorce do. That resentment faded as she got older, and getting called Dave was a lot better than being called “Asshole” and “Jerk” as she had done while a rebellious teen. Having “Dave” morph into “Papa Dave” felt good, coming from either of the girls’ mouths. Callie had finally accepted me as being part of her family. She and Marie certainly were mine, and I was glad to still have them in my life.

When Colleen died, Callie decided it was easiest to keep living with me, because she couldn’t stand her dad’s latest live-in girlfriend, and couldn’t really afford to move out on her own yet, especially without any support from Brad. She was planning to start taking some online courses over the summer, then go back full time when Marie would be in 1st grade, to finally get college back on track, and if she kept doing the summer courses, she thought she could graduate in two more years. I had the bedrooms for them in my house, and felt I owed it to my wife to stand by Callie and Marie for as long as they wanted me in their lives. I benefitted from having someone around the house when I had to travel for business, and loved having the two of them close to me. I had more than enough income to support the three of us. And I knew I could not have survived losing them as a result of losing Colleen, and was so glad I hadn’t.

My mind was in a whirlwind – how could that baby boy be my son? Had I had sex with Callie in that dream but couldn’t remember it? The puddle of cum on my stomach told me that some part of that dream must have been sexual, but what had I imagined? Reaching over to my nightstand for some tissues, I cleaned up the mess and started to panic – was I some kind of pervert, lusting after my daughter like that? I calmed myself down by telling myself it was only a dream. Right? Just a dream, and I didn’t actually remember having sex with her. Just the OR part of the dream. Right? I got out of bed, and headed to my shower, which I ran cold. Really cold.

Washed, shaved, and hair brushed, I had just finished dressing and opened the bedroom door to head to my office, when I heard the front door open, and Callie shout up the stairs, “Hey Papa, I’m taking Marie to kindergarten – do you want me to stop for bagel sandwiches on my way back?”

“Umm, that’d be great, honey – bacon egg & cheese for me, and could you get some OJ to go with it? We’re out in the fridge.”

“Okay, Papa! I’ll be back in 20. Love you!” And with that, she slammed the door like she always did, and headed for her car with Marie in her arms.

My answering “Love you too!” was cut off by the slam. She always seemed to do that, ending a conversation before you could get your last words in. “Love you too,” I repeated. In that moment, the words “Say hello to your son, Papa,” bedava bahis replayed in my head.

In my office, I sat down to the computer, responded to some emails, and then was headed downstairs to make a pot of coffee, when Callie walked through the front door with a bagful of sandwiches and a couple of Starbucks lattes.

“Hi, honey! Good thing I didn’t start the coffeemaker yet. Let me help you with that.” I reached for the tray the two coffees were on, and as I turned towards the kitchen, brushed my arm against her left breast. And was hard again in seconds. Callie’s curvy physique was only made curvier by the pregnancy, and her breasts were the best part of it. I’ve never been the kind of guy who can guess a woman’s measurements just by looking at her, but I did know her current bras were 36Ds by doing some of the laundry.

What the fuck was up with me? I knew I’d been feeling pretty horny lately, since I hadn’t yet started dating again after my wife’s death, but was I really that horny, and for my step-daughter no less? Walking towards the kitchen, I tried to keep my back to Callie so she wouldn’t see my arousal, and sat down at our kitchen table quickly, and took my Mocha out of the tray to take a sip.

Callie grabbed some napkins off the counter, sat down in the chair next to mine, and started pulling out bagels and bagel sandwiches from the bag, along with a small bottle of orange juice. “So, how much work do you have today, Papa?” With just the sound of the word, my dick hardened even more. When she leaned forward, resting her breasts on her forearms, I practically heard the seams of my jeans stretch to make room for even more hardness.

“A… a few hours, at most, unless my boss assigns me a few more tasks. I might even be done by the time you have to pick Marie up from school.” But I couldn’t pull my eyes away from her breasts for about 15 seconds. When I did, and looked up at her, she had a strange look on her face. Not mad, not happy, but clearly she’d noticed my stare. Neither of us mentioned it. We sat in silence for a couple of minutes, eating our sandwiches and drinking our lattes.

She broke the silence, asking “Um, I’ve got to do a grocery run. Besides more OJ, is there anything you think we need?”

“Just some more peanut butter, I think. Do you have enough money for whatever else we need?”

“Papa, I’ll just use the debit card you gave me. That’s what you got it for.” I had gotten her the debit card tied to my checking account after a couple of experiences of having to wire her money while I was out of town when she’d run short on cash I’d left her. She used her small paychecks for her own expenses, but used the debit card for family expenses like groceries. Over the months since her mom died, she had taken on a lot of her mom’s responsibilities, from cooking and shopping to laundry and cleaning, and was just as involved in staying within the family budget as Colleen had been. Between that and caring for Marie, she was only holding down a part-time job, and was planning to go back to school once Marie reached first grade. I was the breadwinner in the family at that point, and glad to do it.

“Okay. There’s enough in the account for groceries, just remember I don’t get paid for another five days.” I had finished my bagel sandwich, and more importantly my erection had finally gone away, so I got up, grabbed my coffee and OJ and said “Off to the salt mines” and headed for the stairs. As I started up them, I looked towards the kitchen, and saw her looking at me with that same expression on her face. “Oh, gawd,” I thought. “Is she still thinking about my stare?”

Work was nearly impossible, as thoughts of the dream, and my reactions to her at the kitchen table kept crowding facts and figures out of my head. I must have gotten hard and then soft again a dozen times over the next four hours. Callie was gone shopping for about an hour, but otherwise stayed downstairs the whole time I was working. The thought that she was avoiding me because of what had happened at the table was the next to consume my mind, when I heard the front door open.

A torpedo with arms and legs ran up the stairs, yelling “Papa, Papa” before launching herself into my work chair and hugging me. “Guess what we did in school today?” I hadn’t even heard Callie leave to pick her up.

“Sat in chairs?” I joked, pulling her way from my neck so I could look into her face.

“We had a clown visit us!” she squealed. “But it was a girl clown, who made us balloon animals and made us laugh and laugh! Can I be a clown when I grow up, Papa?”

“You can be whatever you want, sweetie, so long as it makes you happy and pays the bills.”

“What are bills?”

“You’ll learn about those when you’re older.”

“Okay, Papa.”

By then, Callie had come upstairs and poked her head into my office. “Okay honey, we need to let Papa Dave get his work done. You need a bath, so come on.” After I helped Marie down, I looked up at Callie, and our eyes met, and that same bedava bonus expression crossed her face briefly before she took Marie’s hand and walked her towards their bathroom. I heard the water running as I turned back toward my computer.

I was able to work on a few more things before running out of tasks around 2 PM. I got up from my chair, stretched my back and neck, and started heading downstairs, when Marie ran out of the bathroom, butt naked, and Callie called out “Marie, get back here! I need to dry you off and brush your hair.”

I looked towards Callie, and immediately started another erection – the t-shirt she was wearing was soaked, and I could clearly see her nipples through the material. She noticed me looking, and immediately threw an arm in front of her chest. “Papa!” she shouted.

“I’m sorry, sweetie,” I mumbled, as I turned around and closed my office door. And began to cry. “What is wrong with me?” I thought. “She’s as close to a daughter as can be, why am I thinking of her this way? Colleen, please forgive me.”

The rest of my afternoon was miserable. I cried several more times, was hard several more times, uncontrollably, and by 5 my eyes and balls were both feeling the pain. “Time to face the music” I whispered, as I shut down the computer and headed downstairs to find out what Callie had planned for dinner, and to try and apologize.

When I got downstairs, I didn’t see Callie, but Marie was at the kitchen table coloring. “What’cha drawing, squirt?” I asked her. I could see a package of Italian sausage, spaghetti sauce and rotini on the counter, so I guessed we were having pasta for dinner.

“Us, Papa,” she replied, showing me a picture of her, her mom and I standing in front of a pretty good representation of our house, with the trees and even the plants in front.

“That’s a real pretty picture, honey. Where’s mommy?” I asked, just as I heard the downstairs bathroom flush. “Oh, I guess I know where she is now”.

“Yup, going potty,” she giggled.

Turning towards the bathroom, I saw Callie open the door to the bathroom, as she finished drying her hands. But when she turned to exit, she hadn’t zipped up her cargo pants, and I caught sight of her pubic hair, just before she reached for the zipper. It didn’t look like she was wearing panties, underneath. Sproing, again. “Oh gawd, not again,” I thought. I sat at the table next to Marie, to hide myself, and started asking her more questions about her drawing, trying to get the mental image of denim rubbing against what I imagined Callie’s pussy lips looked like, out of my head. I managed to banish both those thoughts and the developing erection, thankfully, and stood up, planning to head back upstairs.

“Is it okay if we have dinner a little earlier tonight, Papa?” Callie asked, opening the pack of sausage. “I’ve got to do a Target run after, and want to get back home in time to put Marie to sleep and for a couple of TV shows.”

“Sure, sweetie. Is there anything I can do to help make it quicker?”

“Okay, can you get the loaf of Italian bread out of the pantry and prepare it for garlic bread. You always seem to do it better than I can. Not as good as Mom…” She shuddered a little, and turned to me. ‘I… I still miss her so much!” Tears started falling, and she walked into my arms for a hug.

I wrapped my arms around her, one hand stroking the back of her head lightly, and told her “It’s okay, honey. We’re supposed to miss the people we love, when they’ve left us. Remember that she loved us, and a part of her is still here, in our memories, in our hearts, and in our souls. She’s so proud of how you’re raising Squirt over there, of the meals you’re making for me, all of it.” I wondered at that moment if Colleen was proud of me, for having the kinds of thoughts about her daughter that I’d been having, but promised myself I would shake them off. It was just that dream making me think like this, after all.

“Thanks, Papa, I needed to hear that”. We actually managed to separate right at the moment where I really became aware of Callie’s breasts being pressed against my ribs, and as we stepped back from each other, I noticed that her nipples were erect. She apparently didn’t notice it, as she turned to continue dinner, and I moved to get the bread. We did our tasks silently, while Marie told us all about her day at school. In no time flat, we had dinner ready, and had our normal dinner conversation, teasing Marie the this wasn’t actually “s’ghetti”, because it was a different pasta. She gobbled it up anyway. It was the best I’d felt all day.

I offered to take care of the dishes, so she could get her shopping started. She came over, said “Thanks, Papa,” and gave me a little peck on the cheek, and turned towards Marie and said “C’mon squirt, we’re going. Anything you need from Target, Papa?”

“Shampoo, and my razor blades, I think. Drive safe, okay?”. I always worried about losing someone else to a car accident.

“I will, precious cargo, right?”

“The preciousest.” deneme bonusu It was one of our routine exchanges anytime Callie complained that I drove too slow when I drove her some place. I was not willing to risk her or Marie’s life, just to shave a few minutes off of driving time.

I rinsed our plates, cups and utensils to load them in our dishwasher, washed the pans, and started the dishwasher. Then I headed up to my office, and started reading some stories off of Literotica, thinking that I could push thoughts of Callie out of my head by reading about other people having sex.

It didn’t work. Every female character sounded just like a description of Callie in some way, making me picture her in all the sex scenes. I tried switching to another story, where it would happen again. And when a sci-fi based story I started reading immediately turned out to have elements of father-daughter incest in it, I really had to stop. Which is around the time I heard Callie get back from the store.

Taking a deep breath, I headed downstairs. She’d just come through the door, holding Marie and her keys in her left arm, a couple of bags in the other. Marie had a grip on the collar to the baggy t-shirt Callie was wearing, pulling it so far down, I could see the edge of her areola. I don’t think Callie was aware of it, but my dick sure was. “Is… is that everything?”

“No, there’s a couple more bags in the trunk, thanks.”

I headed to her car, pulled the remaining bags out, and closed the trunk. The car beeped, letting me know it was locked. Heading back in, I heard Callie say, “Okay, squirt, time for bed.”. Seeing me come back in, she took the two bags I was carrying to set them on the table and handed me the bag with my stuff I’d asked for and said, “I’ll put the rest of this away after Marie’s asleep, okay? You headed to watch TV in your room?”

“I’ve got a couple of bills to pay online first, but then I’ll get caught up on some of the shows the DVR recorded during my last trip.”

“I think I’ll watch my shows on the TV down here in the living room, so it doesn’t wake Marie up. If you fall asleep before I come back up, sweet dreams.”

“Chocolate dreams for you.” It was something I’d started saying to her mom when we were dating and I learned how much she loved chocolate, and it became my routine goodbye to Colleen when I was on a business trip, and Callie knew it. I’d only said it to her a few times since her mom passed, at the end of phone calls from the road, but this was the first time I’d done it at home, face to face. She blushed, before scooping Marie up to take her to her bedroom. I followed behind them, and man did I notice her butt sway in front of me going up those stairs! “Stop it!” I thought. “She’s almost your daughter!”. “Almost,” a whisper said in the back of my mind.

We parted at the top of the stairs, I went into the master bedroom while the girls headed down the hallway to their bedrooms on either side of their bathroom. I turned on the TV in the little media nook I had made out of what had previously been Colleen’s craft area, and started an episode of “Amazing Race”, while I logged on and paid those bills. I watched the racers running around Brazil, but I wasn’t getting into the show, thoughts of Callie walking up the stairs kept intruding. So I decided to head to bed early, hoping I’d be back to normal in the morning.

My balls really, really ached, but I couldn’t risk trying to masturbate, because I knew it would be to images of Callie, and I was trying to get sexual thoughts of her out of my head, not deeper into it. So I just tried to sleep, and dreamed again.

But not of Callie, or the OR, or a baby boy. No, this time I dreamed of Colleen. We were in our bed, naked, and were in my favorite sexual position, me spooned behind her, rubbing the head of my dick through her pussy lips, occasionally hitting her clit, before I entered her, and began sliding all the way in. Both hands were now on her breasts, squeezing her nipples, as I slowly stroked in and out of her, trying to angle my dick to hit her g-spot over and over. I could hear her moans, feel her breath on the hair of my arms, even smell her pussy juice in the air, and her hair right in front of my face. It felt like no dream I’d ever had.

She had already orgasmed three times from the friction against her g-spot, as I moved one hand down to stroke her clit, and along her lips on either side of my dick going in and out, and when I squeezed her clit hard, her orgasm triggered mine, and I came, really hard. Harder than I ever come from masturbation, harder than I’d come since she had died. And here it’s in a dream with her. Yet it didn’t wake me.

As we cuddled afterwards, Colleen turned slightly, and whispered to me, “Dave, honey, it’s okay, what you’re feeling about Callie. You need her in your life, she needs to be in yours. And Toby needs to be born. He’s going to do great things. God told me so. You’re all part of her plan. My dying was part of it, too. As much as I know it caused you and Callie a lot of pain, it has also brought you closer. You would never have wound up together, if I was still there. I love you still, but I needed to say goodbye and tell you to stop fighting this. Let Callie take my place, completely.” And with that, she vanished.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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