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A short period of time ago I received the following e-mail from someone I had never met before.

I read with much interest your yahoo profile. It seems you may be what I am looking for to finally realize a long time fantasy. I am a 42 year old married male that excites at the possibility of providing oral to another married male (uncut being a big plus) (and bigger then my 5″, even better!!) Me, 5’7″ 165… I responded and asked him to describe himself a bit more and whether he could entertain.

I am a professional, educated, discreet male. NO experience. VERY DISCREET… AND CAN ENTERTAIN. Considered attractive… avg. body shape. Also uncut… trimmed pubes and shaved balls. (Do you trim??)

Have you had any takers?? Any experience?? Please, at your earliest convenience I would very much enjoy hearing from you. I also thrill at the possibility of you looking at photos (xxx) of my very pretty, fit wife… perhaps while being serviced.


A number of years ago I experienced the desire to be with another man, or at least to receive a blowjob from a man. I got my opportunity while away on business. I had the most unbelievable erotic massage by someone who came to may hotel room. Since then I have been with a few men who have provided me with oral pleasures, and not wanting anything in return.

The e-mail was a bit of a surprise as I had not been looking but he came across something that I had posted sometime ago.

Well, we e-mailed back and forth most of the day. This was a Monday and we were both supposed to be working. As it turned out neither of us got too much done that day.

Numerous descriptive e-mails went back and forth as we checked each other out. Things also moved a bit faster than either of us might have expected and we decided to meet. We arranged to meet in a large parking lot, at a summer sports park where there shouldn’t have been anyone. The parking lot was conveniently located in the direction that we both (as it turned out) travel to our respective homes. Mike, I will call him Mike for purposes of this story, thought that this would be a good spot as he would then be able to check out the “goods”, if no one was around.

I arrived a few minutes early, because of the light rush hour traffic, and he arrived about ultrabet yeni giriş on time. He suggested that I should join him in his Jeep. It was higher off the ground and had tinted windows, just in case someone might happen along.

We chatted for a few minutes or so and then he asked if he could seem my cock. I took it out and he then asked if he could touch it. I should say that he indicated that he had not touched another man before, and that this was his fantasy coming true. He played with my foreskin, massaging it in his fingers, moving it up and down and feeling my cock grow. He was genuinely excited as he held it and felt it grow. I was excited also, but for a different reason.

Mike then asked if he could put it in his mouth, who was I to argue. Another first for him and after he had taken it out of his mouth he commented about how good it felt and now he could understand the pleasure that his wife got from sucking on his.

We decided that we would like to meet again and really enjoy ourselves. We departed for the evening.

The next morning I sent him an e-mail, to see how he was and if after thinking about the events of the previous evening was he still interested.

I received the following e-mail.

Trying to free up some time next week…

tue / wed. works best for me. around lunch time up at my place in…

I had the most intense orgasm when I got home!!

Never did get to see your balls… big… heavy… what??

Talk to you.

A little later I also received the following.

I’ll start working on getting out Wednesday for a tryst…

In the meantime… please… seeing as I want you to take control of this situation… could you describe in DETAIL what will happened… what would make you leave totally satisfied… thinking to yourself… “mike is goooooodd!!”

I had to think about that for awhile, I had not been asked to take control before. Actually, I had left it to the others to lead.

Over a series of e-mails I tried to describe in detail how I thought things should progress, remembering what was exchanged in other e-mails or talked about when we met in the parking lot.

Mike wanted me to be in control and by laying this out beforehand in an e-mail I told him that I ultrabet giriş had already taken control, but as he would know ahead of time what is expected to take place I would like him to proceed as if he were in control… this was to be in his home… he had asked me there. I might have to stop him for some reason, however he won’t know when or why.

To add to the intense feeling that I thought might be building inside of him, I decided to send a series of 7 e-mails over the span of an afternoon.

This was to be his fantasy come true, and there was a bit of fantasy in it for me too.

We were to agree upon a date and time.

Here is my e-mail.

We will arrive (either separately or me following you whichever is best for you in your neighbourhood)…

You will greet me and invite me into your home… a brief tour might be offered… and then you show me to where you would like to have the tryst…

If it is a room with a couch, offer me a seat… maybe a drink (non-alcoholic)… you will sit beside me and we can let the butterflies settle… conversation… what line of business are you in … a casual moving of your hand to my thigh lets me know that you are still interested… moving your hand up and down my thigh sets the mood… now to my crouch and gently squeezing and massaging allows you to feel me and my excitement…

You will tell me that you want to suck my cock, to feel it grown in your mouth, to taste it, to feel it on your cheeks, in your hands …

You will want to tell me that you want me take off my pants, and underwear… and show me where you would like me to sit… once I am comfortable you will ask whether I would like to preview a video and some pictures that you happen to have handy…

You will complement me on my choice of socks and shirt… explaining why white socks and a shirt were important to you… (Previously Mike had indicated a desire for me to be wearing a white socks and a regular dress shirt, not a T-shirt, and that they were to remain on me while he sucked me off. )

I’m sitting back now… oversized chair, comfortable, legs spread… now what??

You get down between them, kneeling, fully dressed…

You get close… reach out and touch me… touch someone other than yourself ultrabet güvenilirmi for just the second time… big thrill… enormous turn on… touch it lightly… feel it… smell it… pull back the skin… pull it forward to cover the head… pull back the skin… a drop of precum forms on the tip… slowly reach out with your tongue and form a lovely pearl string to your mouth… put it in your mouth… suck my cock… feel it grown in your mouth… taste it… take it out… feel it on your cheeks, in your hands…

Back in your mouth now… in and out, but not all the way out though … in and out, worship it… take it out and examine my balls… are they OK… suck them.

Back in the mouth… in and out… gently pull it along your lower teeth… your hands are holding my balls… more like cupping them … maybe curl your lip over your teeth so that the stubble stimulates it … you are now free to pleasure me… doing what you want to fulfill your desires as well.

Do you want some of your clothes off… you must ask me …

I like my thighs massaged… long powerful strokes with your hands… pushing up onto my stomach and chest…

At some point my hips might start to buck… you are doing great!… my legs are starting to straighten out… my thighs get tight… feet rising off the floor… you pull back and I relax… somewhat… you continue… in and out… your hands do their magic massaging my legs… holding on tight to my hips… my legs straighten again… my thighs tighten… my feet rise… stomach getting tight …

Are you ready for it… are you prepared… do you want what I have to offer… you will tell me that you want me to cum… in your mouth.

Drink it if you wish or allow it to simply flow back down the outside… that has to be your personal preference…

When I have finished cuming you can release it from your mouth…

My breathing will return to normal… my heartbeat will fall… thinking to myself… “that was wonderful… mike is gggooooooooooooddddd!!”

I broke this up and sent it in 7 separate e-mails. After each one I would get a response with something like:

More… please, more.

I would then wait for 15 or 20 minutes and send another section.

Unfortunately our planned get together never happened. Mike had mentioned that he had previously jacked off with a buddy and the buddy had just called him out of the blue.

I would still like for this to happen, I guess that I will just have to wait for someone else to come along.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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