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I am a bank manager in one of the major banks in Sweden. I have recently got a new job in a totally different type of company and have to move to another city. I have been with the bank for quite a long time, the last ten years as branch office manager.

This was my last working day. I had cleared everything and emptied my desk. In the afternoon the usual “thank-you and fare well” reception was held with many people from the bank and quite a few customers attending. From head office came my boss and held the speech, as always very flattering. I thought though that he meant at least part of the words. I was also very pleased that many of my former employees at the branch office showed up. They all thanked me for being helpful to them in their carrier. I have always been interested in people’s development and it has paid off. I never have had any problems getting staff to my office. The word has spread around that it is a good climbing step up the ladder. I have former employees in many places in the bank, which always is helpful to solve problems and smooth the proceedings. The backside is that we always had new staff to teach.

I was flattered that so many wanted to come and wish me luck. Especially the females were grateful and hugged and kissed me intensely. The all said in different words that I had helped them go through the female barrier, the invisible wall women have so hard to overcome.

Now I sat at my desk picking up the last things. My colleagues and specially Birgitta, my secretary since ten years, was tiding up and moved around, no one seemed to be in a hurry to leave. Birgitta looked sad, I knew that she liked me. She didn’t look forward to get a new boss.

I had already decided to end the day in the sauna. In the basement of the office building where we have our branch office, is a relax area with fitness rooms, saunas and sauna chambers. We rented the saunas one evening every week and quite a few of the office staff used to go there for an hour before going home. There were of course different saunas for men and women. There was also a common room for relaxation after the sauna. A wrap around towel is the appropriate dress code in there for both sexes. It is a good, relaxed way to get to know your colleagues off duty. It happened that my last day at the office was such a day and I know that at least some of the staff as usual would go there.

I started to say goodbye to my staff. But to my astonishment most of them said they would see me in the sauna. So when it was time we moved down. With me in the men’s sauna were two colleagues. We sat there drinking beer and had a good time. Suddenly the door opened and Birgitta stepped in. She had a big towel wrapped around her and tied in a knot above her breasts. We, on the other hand, were naked with only a small towel to wipe off the sweat. Birgitta ignored that and climbed to sit beside me in one of the upper benches. She said nothing. I put the towel in my lap to conceal my manhood. The atmosphere got a bit tense and soon my colleagues made their excuses to go shower. It’s quite common to go out to shower when it gets too hot and then come back into the sauna. However, they did not come back. When I wanted to do the same, Birgitta put a hand on my arm and asked me to stay. I was confused, not knowing what to do or what was expected of me. Birgitta just sat there.

After a few more minutes the door opened and Cecilia showed up, dressed in a towel the same way as Birgitta. Cecilia is 36 years old and a bit on the wild side. She had been married twice but was now single. She always was the one to suggest things like office parties, girls’ nights out and such things. She was a brunette with a good figure, perhaps a little stocky but it was compensated by an ample bosom. She was no beauty but had a nice smile and friendly manners. People always liked her. She always dressed daringly related to the dress code of the bank. The male customers however liked when she leaned forward over the counter showing a nice cleavage. She was good at her job and would soon be up for promotion.

Behind Cecilia came four more of the women and stood just inside the entrance. Towels were modestly tied above their breasts. They had brought glasses and bottles of sparkling wine and served. Cecilia brought glasses to Birgitta and me. She had to climb up a step to reach us and her towel opened up and gave me a good look of her naked body before she got hold of the towel. She smiled when giving me my glass.

Cecilia stood in front of the group and said:

“I want to make a speech to our former boss. You have been good to us all and especially to us girls as was said upstairs. And you have never tried to take advantage of that or tried to get something back, which we are all grateful for and something we want to thank you for. You know all the facts about us since you have been our boss and also have been a trusted person to come to with our troubles. But we also know a great deal about you. We girls have compared notes so to speak. We have come güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to the conclusion that you are very fond of women’s breasts. We have noticed that you steal glances at our breasts when you think you can do it without it being too obvious. And to your honor we have also noticed that you have done it with admiration in your eyes, which have made us proud. So now, when you no longer will be our boss, we want you to remember us not only by the facts and as a group but also what we and our breasts look like in person. So watch carefully, enjoy and remember this evening. It will be a once in a lifetime experience.”

She stood silent for a moment, then proudly opened her towel, shoulders held back, pushing her bosom forward. She slowly rewrapped her towel around her waist leaving her impressive breasts hanging free. In the process she gave me a good look at her pubic area, nicely covered by soft brown hair. She was standing erect and shook her breasts so they wriggled back and forth. She took her breasts in her hands pushing them up and forward and showed them to me. She also caressed her nipples, which soon got erect.

The other women cheered and clapped their hands. Cecilia stepped up and sat beside me on the bench, her breasts swinging lovely

Then the rest of the girls did the same routine. Some of them were a bit shy and made it quick, some of them did it more slowly showing off to my delight.

I found myself sitting naked in the sauna with six ladies all of which except Birgitta with their breasts free to admire. They were of all sizes. From Carol’s very small to Cecilia´s imposing bosom. It was beginning to create a problem for me. My dick responded to all the beauty displayed and it got worse when they started to move on the benches and wiping sweat from their bodies and breasts. I still had the little towel in my lap but it felt very tiny.

We sat there chatting and drinking the wine. The atmosphere was lighthearted and cheerful. I was busy admiring all the girls. Some tried to catch my attention by letting their breasts swing, by stroking and cupping the breasts, lifting them and pushing them up bending over towards me to give me the best view. It must have been some sort of an agreement between them to give this wonderful show.

The bottles were frequently sent around for refilling the glasses. Sparkling wine in a hot sauna goes straight to your head and soon we all were tipsy. The girls clapped their hands and cheered at each other’s performances.

Cecilia at my side took an active part in the show. Sitting so close to her gave me a very good look at her charms. She was shifting position all the time and her towel had for a while been in a position where I could see her inner thigh all the way up. The pussy, though, was shielded from my sight. But suddenly she shifted her legs and her towel draped itself so I could see her pussy. It was evident that she was aroused, her outer lips had swelled and her inner lips showed. It was a tremendous sight, such a fresh, good-looking pussy so close and without Cecilia noticing my stare. At least I thought she didn’t notice.

All these lovely breasts and now this pussy became too much. I could no longer hold my erection down. It showed clearly under my small towel and I tried to ignore it. But just the thought of me sitting there among all these half naked girls turned me on even more

Suddenly Cecilia became aware of my prediction. She laughed throatily and called for attention.

“Hey girls, how about it, shall we ask our former boss for proof that he likes us?” They all started to cheer, clapping hands and urged her on. “Boss,” she said to me trying to sound jokingly but with lust in her voice, “do you like us as women and not only as a working force?”

” Yes, of course I do, very much indeed. You are lovely, all of you. Just now I can only think of you as very desirable ladies,” I said, trying to sound casual.

“Well, can you prove it?” Cecilia asked huskily. “Hey girls, do we want proof?”

They started to cheer and soon they went into a unison chant singing “proof, proof, proof . . .”

Cecilia’s towel had opened up even more letting me see more of her pubic area. It was glorious and she was turned on. Her lips had swelled even more and her pussy had opened up. She was glistening from wetness. That lovely sight made my problem even bigger literally.

The girls went on chanting and suddenly Cecilia shouted. ” Girls, here comes the proof.” She snatched my little towel away and my pride stood erect for everyone to see. I think my dick is nice, not oversized but thick and nicely formed. The girls went quiet at first then started giggling and clapped their hands. “Speech, speech” they shouted.

I sat there for a short while trying to find out what to do. Then I decided to join their mood and play along. I must have been pretty drunk to dare to.

I stood, let my erect manhood swing free in the air and said. “Well ladies, now you have the proof güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri you wanted. I like you very much and the show you have given me. A man cannot lie about such things, this thing decides for his own, as you can see.” I stroked my dick and happened to look at Cecilia who sat with her legs spread, bending a little forward on the bench to get a good look. My dick responded visibly when I saw her open pussy.

“And,” I added jokingly and without thinking, ” special thanks to you Cecilia.” When they all cheered I took a step forward holding out my arms to hug her, but she ducked and took hold of my dick, stroked it a few times and hold it straight out.

“Look girls, isn’t it good-looking” she shouted. She then moved forward, probably intending to kiss the head but did it with open mouth, which made my dick to slip halfway into her mouth. She froze for a second, closed her lips and sucked, then let go of my dick and rose to receive the hug my outspread arms still was offering. Of course her naughty towel slipped off her but that didn’t stop her from coming in my arms. My dick stroked over her breasts when she rose and was pressed against her stomach. It was lovely to feel her naked breasts on my chest and she held me for quite a long time lightly rubbing her breasts and stomach against my body.

“My, My” I heard Birgitta say, ” I think it’s getting hot in here. Time to go shower and cool down, girls.”

That broke the spell and we all went out to our different shower rooms.

I was the first to come into the sauna chamber, the room for relaxation and to cool off the after sweat. I was modestly wrapped in a bath towel around my waist. I had sobered up under the shower.

Birgitta had ordered small sandwiches and beer and wine and I helped myself at the counter and sat down in a low, comfortable reclining chair.

The next to come in was Birgitta. She stood still for a moment checking the room, a statuesque full-bodied woman. We were of the same age, 52. All she had on was a thin towel that was fastened just above her bosom, leaving her shoulders free. It followed her curves when she moved.

She filled a plate and took some wine and came to sit beside me. The other girls entered one by one, again wrapped in towels fastened over their breasts.

They got settled with sandwiches and drinks. Through the door came a very pleasant surprise. Three more women entered, in towels like the others. It was former colleagues at the office and in fact I had missed them during the ceremony in the afternoon. They had been promoted high up within the bank during the last years.

They came forward to hug me and said that they of course wanted to say their farewell in person. I had helped them in their careers. And when Cecilia had told them about this sauna party they wanted to be here instead at the office, just like the old times. But they were told that my present staff wanted to have me on their own to begin with and that’s why they hadn’t joined us in the sauna. Did I had a good time in there, they asked, giggling.

They joined the other girls around me and told what they were doing. We had a good time, chatting, eating a little and drinking a little more.

Cecilia, who else, suddenly rose and went to the stereo to search for some music. She found a channel with dancing music. She sat for a while moving in her chair to the music. Then, she could not sit any more, got up and started to dance slowly on her own. She urged the other girls to join her and soon they all, except Birgitta, was dancing. Someone lighted some candles and dimmed the light. It got pretty dark in the corners.

The music changed to more rapid rhythms with a drumbeat. The girls followed. They had problems keeping their towels in place dancing so fast. Cecilia tried to tie her towel around her waist. One by one the other girls followed her example and I could see that also the newcomers joined. It was a heavenly sight to see them dance with their breasts swinging and bouncing.

The music got even more rapid. The girls had to hold their towels to keep them in place but now and then the towels got loose and had to be rewrapped. Cecilia being the one to dance most wildly suddenly gave up, tossed her towel in a corner and continued to dance completely uninhibited bucking and gyrating her hips. The other girls shyly looked at Birgitta and me and then several let their towels fall to the floor.

Since it was quite dark in the room those who were shy kept themselves in the back. However, now and then the dance brought them in the light from the candles. Some of them seemed to dance in trance, with an inward glance, not aware of the others. I didn’t know how to watch the show without staring too much. But I could not resist, being offered so many naked female bodies dancing seductively. I was also a little embarrassed to have Birgitta sitting at my side watching me.

Birgitta leaned over, patted my thigh and whispered:

” Don’t be shy. They want you güvenilir bahis şirketleri to look at them and admire them. At least, secretly they want you to. So look, admire and enjoy. They wouldn’t be here today if they didn’t want to show off.”

I sat back and really enjoyed the girls. What a sight to have eight naked or seminude girls dance before you. By now most of them seemed to have lost their inhibitions and was dancing and turning freely letting me see them from every angle. Though the light was subdued it was still enough to let me see their charms. Birgitta now and then made small remarks about the looks of the women and their dancing. I was in heaven.

This went on for more than half an hour. Towards the end the music slowed down and the girls danced very seductively and some of them came very close to me as if to give me a good look. But it was done very innocently, which added to the thrill. I could see Cecilia moving around talking to every girl for a little while, giggle and hug them as she left for the next.

The music program came to an end and that seemed to be a signal. They put their towels back on but most of them wrapped it around the waist leaving their lovely breasts free. They gathered in the middle of the room a little bit away from me and stood there for a while giggling and talking. Then they formed a line, Cecilia stepped forward, breasts bouncing, and said:

“Now it’s time to end this party. We must go home but before that we want to say farewell to you and wish you luck. We hope you have enjoyed our show. Well, Oh, I can see for myself that you have, look girls, his proof is evident again. We love that you like us.”

She started to giggle and had to hold on to calm down. Then she turned around, lifted her arms and hands as if to conduct a choir, which in fact was what she did. The girls started to sing a simple tune. When she turned and lifted her arms her naughty towel slipped down again but she didn’t care. She was standing ten feet from me stark naked with her backside at me, moving in rhythm as she conducted the girls. Her back was also marvelous with a rounded heartshaped ass, a two-finger passage between her inner thighs and a slim waist. What a sight.

I was glad that I had a big towel wrapped around me, although my erection made it bulge, showing my excitement.

When the song ended they stood for a while waiting for something. Then Cecilia pushed Carol forward. She was the youngest in the office, only 22. She hesitantly stepped up to me, looked at Cecilia who urged her on. She shyly loosened her towel and held it open standing naked before me, legs pressed together to shield her pussy.

She was one of these ultraslim girls, with long legs, narrow hips, nearly no waist and tiny breasts. She had an astonishing thick black bush covering her pubic area although it was trimmed. Her nipples were erect and stood out clearly. A thought floated through my mind; how was she able to accommodate a cock in such a tiny frame?

She bent down over me, gave me a quick hug, kissed and said:

“Thank you, good luck, and please remember me”. Then she turned and ran into the changing room.

We were all silent for a moment. It was such a surprise for me and when I looked at Birgitta it seemed that she was taken aback as well. So, this was Celica’s idea and what she had been organizing at the end of the dancing. Well, I had nothing to complain about. It was lovely.

Cecilia took Karin by the hand and pulled her forward. She was the eldest except Birgitta and me, 47. She and Carol had been the most shy earlier. She stopped five feet from me with her towel well wrapped above her breasts. She slowly started to untie the towel, hesitated and then put up some courage and opened it, helding her arms outstretched over her head and letting the towel shield her backside from the other girls. I think she had given some thoughts about how to show off at the best. Her figure was plump and lifting her arms made good things to it. Her breasts lifted, her stomach flattened and her mons pubis stretched. When she slowly took a few small steps up to me, she kept herself upright, shoulders back and her pelvis put forward. Short at it was, it was a good show and gave me a good look at her inviting pussy with its tuft of light brown hair. She bent over me letting the towel drape over us, shielding the view. She kissed me, a long deep kiss and let me feel her breasts against my chest.

“Remember me”, she whispered as she rose and let the towel hang over her shoulders when she went out.

Britt was next. She needed no coaxing to move forward. She boldly went up to me, opened her towel and let it slide back and forth a couple of times, doing a mini strip tease. She was blond, chubby and 28. Her pubic hair was a thick, blond bush, her breasts round and soft but rather small with very pink erect nipples. She let me have a long good look at her, before she bent over to hug me. When she did, she took my hand and put it over her pussy. She shifted her legs a little, giving my hand access to her lips and wriggled her hips, still pressing my hand hard into her. That caused two of my fingers to sink in between her lips and caress her clit. She held her position for a while pressing herself against my hand. She shuddered and it felt as if she had a small orgasm.

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