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For those that have read my wife’s Dad/Daughter relationship story might remember how big her dad was. Believe me, I am not so well endowed. I am average in size…well maybe an inch fatter than average, but for her to be satisfied with me exclusively for all these years would have taken some real doing on her part and mine. She just really loves me I guess. I realized early on in our marriage that she needed more than just me and she had to have a bigger cock than mine to keep her somewhat satisfied but I was not expecting it to be with her own dad.

I found out about her dad and her a couple of years into our marriage when I came home early one day and caught them fucking. It was not easy for me or her for a while after that. I guess I was just so shocked to be told by her that they had been fucking almost daily for four years, since the night she describes in the story. Her mom was in the dark at the time too. Later she did find out which drew us closer and led into an ongoing beautiful relationship between she and I. But that is another story.

This his how I remember it all happening that day. Terri will tell her side and her feelings later I hope in a response to this. We are working as a team to share our experiences. It was and is still very, very complicated to understand and sort out all the emotions that happened within me when I found out. I had to deal with rage, jealousy, envy, betrayal and my own lustful desires to just name a few and make a decision quickly that would alter my lifestyle one way or another.

I had been calling on customers all day and was completely exhausted. I was looking forward to seeing Terri and spending some quality time with her and our little boy after a long day. I turned into the drive and saw my father-in-law’s truck and thought, “Damn, now I will have work with him for several hours and not get any pussy or dinner.”

It was not uncommon for him to be at the house in the afternoon. He was helping us in our new house with the electrical wiring and other things. I thought it odd that the doors were all locked but unlocked the basement door and went on in. I did not hear any sounds at first from the basement, so I figured everyone was upstairs. As I began to climb the steps, I heard the distinctive sounds celtabet giriş of my beautiful wife in the throes of orgasm.

“What in the hell?” I thought. I first thought she was alone and masturbating because she was insatiable and had to have relief several times a day…much more often than me. But I knew her dad’s truck was outside and she would not do it with him around. Maybe he was outside in the back yard or just left his truck in the drive for some reason….my mind was getting overloaded. Then I heard what sounded like a man grunting but it was muffled and drowned out by her own grunts, groans and moans of pleasure.

I stopped and listened as she screamed out very loud and explicitly, “Oh Daddy,…..fuck me harder….cum in me….harder…oh YES….I’m cumming again!!!!” I was stunned and actually doubled over in the kitchen when I heard her say that!

I slowly opened the door to the hallway and followed the sounds of sex coming from our bedroom. I crept down the hall with all kinds of conflicting feelings and emotions. I tried to open the master bedroom door but it was locked. I stood outside and just listened in a daze to the sexual sounds of both of them and the squeaking of the bed. I then thought of our little boy and decided to check on him in his room. He was nowhere to be found. Terri must have dropped him off at her mom’s or a neighbor to take care of him…..while she fucked her dad. I wondered if her mom knew or suspected anything. My mind was whirling as my stomach churned. I was close to throwing up thinking of them together, naked and sweating. But I was drawn back to the bedroom door again by a force that I could not explain. I felt betrayed by Terri and by my own body…I was getting an erection.

I stood at the door listening and trying to visualize exactly what they might be doing just a few feet away. Was she under him or on top….maybe he was behind her fucking her doggy style. Terri loved it that way. I could hear the slapping of their bodies together and Terri’s grunts as he slammed into her time after time. Terri let out a loud gut wrenching moan and said she was cumming again and screaming obscenities. “Fuck me Daddy…FUCK ME!!!! You are the biggest I have ever had…..I love you and your big cock….oh celtabet yeni giriş my god…..I’m cumming again!!!!”

I found the key to the door and gently opened it just a bit. The first thing I noticed was the musky sexual aroma that hit my nose…the familiar sweet odor of a woman’s fully aroused sex mixed with the secretions of cum and fluids. I inhaled and almost came myself as I felt my own cum surge from my balls into my cock….I was so close to erupting in my pants. I grabbed my cock to stop it but felt a short blast of super hot cum shoot from my swollen glans as I peeked inside the room. What I saw next I will NEVER forget as long as I live. Possibly the largest cock I have ever seen was buried deep in my young wife and was pounding her with such force that she was grunting with each vicious thrust and yet she was yelling for him to fuck her even harder. I stood there in awe and complete astonishment seeing with my own eyes my father-in-law, Terri’s DAD, fucking his own daughter. My cock stiffened more and throbbed as the rest of my cum erupted and filled my underwear. I realized that I was actually enjoying this scene because I had gotten an erection like none other and had cum just from watching my gorgeous wife getting fucked by another man….her own DADDY no less!!!!!

I may not be able to explain the feelings and emotions I experienced in my heart, but one thing for sure….my cock and brain had betrayed me and liked what it “saw and smelled”. To hear her scream out in pleasure one orgasm after another was more than I could take.

She was on her knees, ass in the air, legs wide apart and her face buried into the bed. Her full breasts were moving back and forth and giggling with each thrust. Her hands were out stretched pulling on the sheets and making fists as she orgasmed. He would pulled his long cock all the way out of her pussy leaving it gaped open and then ram it back inside. I could hear the sucking sounds as he pulled out and the pussy farts as he plunged back in.I could see and hear his big hanging balls slapping against her pussy. He had his big hands on her hips and ass cheeks and would spank her hard from time to time. The picture still comes to me all these years later.

I continued to watch celtabet güvenilirmi them unnoticed for several more minutes until he finally let loose several loads of cum inside her cunt. When he pulled out, I could see his cum gushing out of her red hole and onto the bed. I almost rushed in right then….but to do what? Would I have yelled and screamed that I wanted to kill them both or was I so aroused and sexually charged that would I have cleaned them both up? I think now I would have done the latter. I froze and remained hidden.

After he came and they uncoupled, I was able to see my competition up close…he was very well endowed, maybe 9-10 inches, which was several inches more than mine. His now flacid cock lay still fully swollen on his belly. It was uncircumcised and was beginning to retract back into the foreskin. His balls hung heavy with one lower than the other.

Terri was still wanting more, I might add….unsatisfied as usual! She first went down on him and began to lick him and clean off all the cum from his shaft and glans pay lots of attention to the skin covered glans. Terri took him in her mouth and began to suck him back to life. She got on top of him and with her sopping wet pussy and hands she worked him hard again and then mounted his cock and continued to ride him through several more orgasms of her own before he finally came deep inside her again.

He fucked her again at her insistence in the missionary position with lots of kissing and loving caresses. He said he was concerned that I would be home soon. She seemed to think that I would be late and wanted him to fuck her more, but he said no, he had to go.

I gently closed the door and rushed back downstairs and to my truck. I waited for him to come out and I pretended to be just arriving home and getting out of the truck. I know he was sighing a sigh of relief, but only if he knew what I had just witnessed.

More to continue!

Note: This is being released after the first story was so well received and liked. There is a lot to tell that happened in between the first one and this one….only my husband does not know the details like I do. We write together and proof read each others work and try to be as accurate as possible. I will write my version of his story next after I try to answer all the e-mails we have received. Thank you all for supporting my/our first writings. Most of this is true as he saw it and as I remember it, but then I was really quite busy at the time and completely “out of my mind”!!!



Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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