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Hot Milf

Hi I’m Karen, and this is the story of one of the wildest nights of my life.

I was having a night in with a couple of friends, Lauren and Kelli; we had had a couple of glasses of wine and were having a girly chat.

Kelli was telling us that her brother had left a DVD in the machine at the flat they shared, she had played it and it was a film of two women wrestling. We giggled, as Kelli expanded that when one wrestler had clearly won she then proceeded to use the other woman as a sex toy, sitting on her face and riding her beaten opponent into complete submission.

“Now that’s my kind of wrestling!” I said; my two best friends knew that I was a lesbian but were still a little surprised to hear me say that.

“So have you ever wrestled then?” Lauren asked inquisitively.

“No but I’ve always liked the idea.” I said, to my two amazed friends.

“Really? And when you say that’s your kind of wrestling is that sitting or being sat on?” Kelli enquired.

“Either really but I think I would rather win, it would hurt less and would have other fringe benefits.” I said winking.

“Would you like to try wrestling with me?” Lauren asked.

This proposal stunned me slightly; I looked into her eyes to see if she meant it and she certainly seemed on the level.

“You really want to?” I asked.

“Why not, it sounds like fun.” Lauren responded.

“Does that include the forfeit at the end?” Kelli asked of Lauren, giggling as she said it.

“Let’s see when we get there.” Lauren smiled back.

Lauren stood, kicked off her shoes and looked at me beckoning me with her eyes. There was this beautiful woman in front of me, waiting to roll around on the floor with me and who was I to argue.

Lauren has short blond hair, light blue eyes, soft skin and features, all in all, very pretty. She is about 5’3″ tall and around 115 pounds. She was wearing a short black skirt, white t-shirt and black pantyhose. I just love her legs in pantyhose — my pantyhose fetish was one of my biggest weaknesses and she has the most gorgeous legs. In fact, it had been all I could to keep my hands kaçak iddaa off her tonight anyway but now I was going to get the chance to paw her legitimately.

I have a size advantage over Lauren, being 5’6″ and 130 pounds. I am feminine, with shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes and whilst I am not pretty in the way that Lauren is, although I have been described on many occasions as sexy. I too was wearing a skirt, a short denim one, with a black jumper and of course black pantyhose — as always.

I rose, as soon as I did Lauren lunged at me, we struggled and fell to the floor in a heap. We tussled on the floor for a couple of minutes I had an obvious advantage but she resisted and I found it difficult to get control. Finally I managed to pin her on her back; I sat astride her pinning her to the rug with all of my weight. I motioned as if to move forward to sit on her face, stopping before I got there.

“Do you submit?” I asked mockingly. Before she could answer and again to my huge surprise, Kelli leaned forward and said to Lauren.

“Tag me!”

My two friends touched hands and before I could react, Kelli had jumped on my back, knocking me off Lauren and wrapping her legs around me in a scissor hold, grabbing two hands full of my hair pulling my head back at the same time. I winced in pain, as Kelli caught me off guard. She had a tight grip on my hair and squeezed as hard as she could with her legs. I was in a fair amount of pain and it was clear that Kelli was taking this quite seriously.

Kelli is again smaller than me; a similar size to Lauren, the most obvious difference in their stature is that whilst Lauren has small pert breasts, Kelli is much better endowed. She has long black hair, dark brown eyes and tanned skin. If Lauren is described as pretty and I as sexy, then Kelli would be described as stunning, she really does have stand out good looks. She was wearing, a tight fitting dark grey vest top, a short grey plaid skirt and black pantyhose.

I struggled to get out of the hold that I was in but after a short time my strength advantage told and I managed to get on top of Kelli, kaçak bahis my relief was short lived because as soon as I got the upper hand they girls tagged again. With Lauren pouncing on me and I was again the captive of fresh, energetic and keen adversary. This cycle went on for about 20 minutes, as the girls tag-teamed me, with it becoming harder to fight my way free each time. Eventually they gave up any pretence that this was still a contest and started tagging in and out whilst they had control. The wrestling was sane and we were not out to hurt one another but in over 30 minutes of wrestling all I had succeeding in doing was pinning the girls to the mat for a few seconds at a time, whilst I had been on the receiving end of masses of headlocks, I had my arms and legs pulled every which way and legs wrapped round my head or body squeezing the life out of me. I was sitting on the carpet, exhausted with Lauren’s legs scissored around my waist, constricting the remaining energy out of me, with he arm pushed up behind my back, it was uncomfortable to say the least. Lauren reached out and tagged Kelli again. If I thought I was in trouble now then things would get worse, as Kelli had been the more brutal of the two throughout and I was past the point of resistance.

Before Kelli could get to me I yelled my submission, imploring my two friends that I couldn’t go on.

“OK, but you know what happens to losers in this game.” Kelli said.

I though for a moment she was joking, in a matter of seconds I realised she wasn’t. As Lauren released me Kelli grabbed my hair forced me to the floor and dropped on top of me, quickly scooting up to come to rest seated on my face. If I thought she had been rough whilst we wrestled that’s nothing compared to her assault when it came to getting herself laid.

None of us wore panties when wearing pantyhose, so the only thing between her pussy and me was the covering of sheer nylon. I did what came naturally to me at this point and started to lick. Between me licking her clit through the rough material of her pantyhose and her movement back and forth as she rode my face she was starting illegal bahis to get hot. It took only a couple of minutes for her to reach a juddering climax although as she did so I though she was going to break my nose or jaw, such was her voracity.

Kelli rolled off and as I had expected and become only too familiar with during the wrestling I immediately had Lauren on top of me; the victim of a tag-team to the end. Lauren was a lot more delicate in her approach but no less demanding, there was no bucking but instead her thighs gripped tightly around my head keeping me face pressed hard into her pussy, as she orgasmed she grabbed my hair tightly, which hurt like hell but I wasn’t about to stop at this point, she came and once more rolled away. I was beat but at least it had come to a conclusion.


Once again Kelli grabbed me, she rolled me over, so I was face down and pulled my head into her crotch. Wrapping her thighs tightly around my head, I was once more in pain as she scissored my skull and the judging by the way she was gyrating her hips she was clearly up for it again, so I once again started to lick her pussy.

This time took a little longer and Lauren was obvious horny and feeling left out, she dived on my back, took my arms, folding them behind my back and sat down on my hands, I took the hint and awkward as it was I began to stroke her.

I couldn’t believe this, my two straight friends, neither of whom had never had sex with another woman had me pinned to the floor using me as a sex object. I could think of better ways of being double teamed but I wasn’t complaining.

Kelli climaxed first, releasing me as she collapsed into a quivering heap; as soon as she did Lauren took her place and within 60 seconds she had finished also.

I lay there for a few seconds not knowing what to expect but it seemed that my two friends had run out of energy. I raised my head to see Lauren flop down on the sofa next to Kelli.

“So do I get a happy ending to all of this?” I asked.

“Sorry sweetie, that’s for winners!” Kelli said.

“You’ll just have to try harder next time.” Lauren added.

Next time??? I was exhausted, fatigued, in pain and most of all utterly aroused and unfulfilled but the thought of winning and having both of them at my will…. I needed a plan!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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