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Donna didn’t know what to do. She stared again at the notice from her bank and couldn’t believe it. The word “FORECLOSURE” jumped out at her. She knew that she’d been having some problems keeping up with her mortgage payment, but she didn’t think she was that far behind. Isn’t everyone having a hard time these days? Even though she had missed a couple of payments, she thought they would make allowances for her circumstances. After all, her husband was deployed to Iraq and she was struggling to keep things together for her three kids.

Donna walked up to the front of the bank and checked her appearance in the reflection from the glass doors. She had dug through her closet and found her most “professional” looking outfit. The tan skirt and jacket weren’t a perfect fit anymore but she figured it would work. The skirt was a little short, showing more of her lean, firm legs than she had intended. The button holding the jacket together was straining – her breasts were quite a bit fuller than the last time she had worn this outfit before the kids. Her pale, white skin and long brown hair still made her a head-turner. Still, she thought she looked very presentable for a thirty-something mother of three. Hopefully the mortgage review committee would feel the same way.

After checking in, Donna was led to a conference room. The room had a long table, nearly four feet wide, with chairs along both sides. She was told to take a seat in the middle of the table. She couldn’t help but notice that the three seats across from her all had pads and water glasses. There was nothing on her side of the table.

The wait seemed to go on forever, but eventually the review committee entered the room. Donna was struck by the appearance of the three men that entered. One was obviously the senior member, his gray hair and striking blue eyes gave him an air of authority. The second two members were younger, but both tall and very attractive. Donna caught herself – she couldn’t believe that she was “checking out” the men who were about to take her home away from her!

After settling into their seats, the committee went to work. The senior member, Tom, introduced the other two members and explained the procedure. They would review the case then give Donna a chance to make her arguments before they rendered a final decision.

Tom began to read through her mortgage history. As he did so, Donna couldn’t help but notice the almost hungry stares she was getting from Brendan and Patrick – the other two members. Donna marked it down to her imagination – too much time away from her man.

Suddenly she realized that Tom had said her name. She looked at him and realized that he was waiting for her to speak. She stammered, trying to collect her thoughts. She explained her situation, telling them that her husband’s Army pay barely covered the bills and there was no way she could afford child care to work outside the home. As she spoke, she was mesmerized by Tom’s piercing eyes the seemed to look her up and down.

After she finished her plea for more time, Tom looked at Brendan and Patrick. Then he turned back to Donna and said, “Mrs. Johnson, we understand your situation. We see it all the time. But do you think you’ve really tried everything you could to earn the extra money to keep you out of foreclosure?”

Donna was shocked, and she wracked her brain. “I’ve already told you – I can’t afford to work outside the house. What else could I do?”

“It seems to us that you’re overlooking some of your assets and not using them effectively,” bayraklı escort said Tom. As he spoke, Patrick stood up and moved behind her. Donna heard the “click” of the door being locked.

Donna was confused and couldn’t believe this was really happening. “Wha…wha…what do you mean?,” she stammered. “What assets have I forgotten? I’ve cashed in everything I can think of!”

Tom stood up, and Donna noticed a large bulge in his pin-striped pants. Was that what she thought it was? Unbelieveably, Donna felt her pussy starting to moisten as she stared at the obvious hard-on that Tom was sporting.

“Well, for starters you could use those tits. They look pretty impressive from here. But maybe we need to do a closer inspection,” Tom said. Suddenly Donna felt Patrick’s arms coming from behind her, unbuttoning her jacket. The jacket fell way, revealing her white blouse with her full tits straining against it. Her nipples looked like little bullets trying to poke their way through the material.

As she moaned softly, she saw Brendan move around to her other side. Patrick and Brendan knelt beside her, each one taking one of her large breasts in their hands, kneading and massaging them and tweaking her swollen nipple. Donna couldn’t believe what was happening, but she was too overcome from excitement to do anything about it.

Tom watched silently as Donna squirmed in the chair and moaned softly. His hand squeezed the bulge in his trousers, which seemed to grow even bigger. Meanwhile, Brendan began to unbutton Donna’s blouse, revealing the lacy bra that was restraining her luscious tits. He unhooked the fastener in the front, freeing them. The combination of the touch and the rush of cold air caused Donna to squirm even more. She looked up at Tom.

“What are you doing? This can’t happen! I came her for help – please, don’t do this to me.”

Tom just stared at her, as he slowly unzipped his pants. As Donna watched in fascination, he gently eased his hard cock out. She couldn’t believe the size of it! It just kept coming, the big head staring at her from across the table. She figured it must be at least 10 inches long and so thick! Out of reflex, she licked her lips as she stared at him.

That must have been the signal Tom was waiting for. As Patrick and Brendan continued to work her big breasts, tugging and nibbling on them, Tom walked around and sat on the table in front of her. His massive prick was throbbing, pointed right at her.

“Here’s the deal, Mrs. Johnson: if you want to keep your house, you’re going to put your assets to work for us. As a show of good faith, you can start by sucking my cock dry.”

As he spoke, Brendan and Patrick grabbed Donna’s arms and held her tightly in the chair. She began to struggle and squirm, afraid of what would come next. She was thrashing in protest as the men slide the chair forward, putting her face just inches from Tom’s massive manhood.

“No, I can’t,” she protested, “My husband would never understand. I can’t do this to him – you can’t make me!” But even as she spoke the words, Donna was overcome with a desire to take Tom’s dick in her mouth and suck him completely dry. Suddenly, she lunged forward until her tongue was pressed against the head, tasting the salty precum that was leaking from the tip. Tom smiled, then reached down and put his hand on the back of her head, pulling her forward. Donna opened her mouth and took in his massive member, enjoying the sense of fullness as her mouth was stretched to its limits. escort bayraklı

It was no longer necessary to restrain her, as she went to town on his cock. Her mouth and hands worked Tom’s cock, as he sat on the boardroom table with his eyes closed and head thrown back in ecstasy. Meanwhile, Patrick and Brendan unzipped their pants, revealing a pair of very appealing dicks that were also aching to be serviced.

While Donna continued to suck and lick Tom’s shaft, Patrick reached between her legs. She was in such a hurry to leave for the meeting that she had forgotten to get panty hose. Patrick reached right up to her thong, which was soaked with the juices gushing from her pussy. She squirmed in the chair and moaned louder as he pushed past the lace and slipped his thick finger straight into her fuck hole.

As Brendan sucked her tits and Tom fucked her mouth, Patrick went to work on her pussy. He finger-fucked her cunt and rubbed her clit, causing her to gush even more. Donna couldn’t believe how good it felt! After 7 months of toys and masturbation, this was heaven!

Donna renewed her focus on Tom’s cock, even though her pussy had her distracted. She could tell from the pattern of his grunts and the way he was thrusting his hips that she had him close to a climax. With both hands wrapped around the thick shaft, she used her tongue to circle the head, then plunged as far down as she could. She could feel his balls tightening as she increased her tempo. Faster and faster she licked and sucked, blocking out the fantastic feelings coming from the rest of her body.

Suddenly she felt Tom tense, and she prepared herself. Big, thick, hot streams of cum began to pour into her mouth, nearly choking her. She had to suck furiously to keep up with the flow, loving the sensation of the hot, salty seed sliding down her throat. After what seemed like an eternity, his cock stopped twitching and she sat back. Looking up at Tom, she could see the utter pleasure on his face. Maybe she did have some real assets!

Now Brendan and Patrick were ready for their turn. As Tom moved aside, they helped Donna stand. Patrick laid back on the table, his thick 8-incher standing at attention. Brendan slid Donna’s panties down and off, then pulled her forward. Suddenly Donna found herself straddling Patrick. Once again, fear kicked in and she began to protest.

“No, not this – please! I can’t do this now! You don’t understand!! What am I going to tell my husband? How will I explain….” – but she was cut off in mid-sentence as Patrick’s powerful hands grabbed her hips and plunged her down onto his hard cock. Donna had nearly forgotten how good it felt to have a man inside her. Almost involuntarily she began to move up and down, taking his hardness deep inside her. Her hand slid to her pussy and she rubbed her clit, enjoying the filling sensation.

Suddenly she was aware that Brendan had climbed onto the table behind her. She felt his hands on her shoulders, bending her forward and exposing her ass. Oh my God – what is he doing? she thought? He can’t possibly be trying to get into my ass!

But that was exactly what Brendan had in mind. Donna felt his tongue licking her asshole, getting it wet and ready. Then she felt an unusual pressure and realized that it was the head of his cock. She stopped her motion and tensed as she felt him ease his six inches of hardness into her tender ass. The feeling was incredible! With Patrick in her pussy and Brendan in her ass, she was being squeezed in unbelievable bayraklı escort bayan ways! She remained still as the men took control. They had obviously done this before, and they knew just how to coordinate as they each moved in and out of one of her sensitive holes.

Donna had been so caught up in the double penetration that she didn’t notice Tom move back around to the far side of the table. She realized that he was now straddling Patrick’s chest and his huge cock was ready for action again. She gulped and opened her lips, welcoming the big helmet back into her mouth. Donna couldn’t believe the satisfaction she felt at having all three holes filled with hard cocks at once. She became lost in the ecstasy, sucking and fucking like a mad woman!

The reverie seemed to go on forever, but then Donna realized that something had changed. The rhythm was different and Patrick seemed to be fucking her with a renewed frenzy. Oh my God, he’s going to cum!, she thought. She tried to get Tom’s cock out of her mouth to tell Patrick to stop, but it was no use. Tom held her head in both hands and kept her full of his hardness. Both Brendan and Patrick were fucking her hard, and her ass was starting to ache from the stretching.

Then all at once, it happened. It started with Brendan, who grabbed her hips and thrust his dick deep into her ass. She could feel the strong throbbing as he flooded her ass with his load. Then Tom thrust his cock into her mouth, nearly gagging as, as he let loose another impressive blast of cum. And then Patrick groaned loudly and thrust his cock deep into her. She could feel it pressed right against the opening to her womb as he shot huge globs of hot seed deep into her pussy. He seemed to cum forever and her belly was warm from his deposit.

One by one, the committee members pulled their still-hard cocks out of her tender holes. Without saying a word, they left Donna lying on the table as they got dressed and took their seats again. Donna wasn’t sure what to do, but she did her best to get her panties, skirt and blouse back in place. She sat back in her seat, wincing slightly from the pounding her ass and pussy had just taken. She stared at the men, waiting for them to speak.

Tom looked at the other two men silently, and they each nodded their heads. He picked up the stack of papers in front of him. After clearing his throat (although Donna’s was the one who needed it!), he looked up at Donna and spoke.

“Well, Mrs. Johnson, after you reviewing your case, the committee has decided that there are sufficient assets and equities to convince us that you will be able to maintain your mortgage. I can tell you that we review dozens of cases every week, but rarely do we agree to a second chance. Based on this interview, we are willing to forgive your current delinquency. If you find yourself in trouble in the future, however, you must notify us immediately and schedule another review meeting. We will decide then whether the circumstances warrant giving you another chance. Do you have any questions?”

Donna sat there in shock. These men were suggesting that she trade sex for her mortgage payment! And that she will have to do it again in the future if she couldn’t find a way to keep up with the bills. As she sat there considering the alternatives, she could still feel the warmth in her belly from the big “deposit” the bankers had made in her. Now she just had to hope that she wasn’t carrying a nine-month CD inside her. How could she ever explain that to her husband? Even though he was coming home next week for his R&R visit, she could never pass off a baby by these hot bankers as his – since he was a hulking black man with a fabulous thick cock! Oh well, she would think of something. She always did! But right now, all she could think about was the next “review” by the mortgage committee!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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