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Chestnut Falls, 1949

My breath had become ragged as I pumped my dick harder. I closed my eyes tighter and tried to ignore the sound of my mother’s vacuum cleaner coming from downstairs. Why did she insist on beginning her housework so early in the morning? I bit my lip and pumped faster, then slower, softer. My bed was creaking. It was no use, it just wasn’t going to happen. Not this morning.

I lay in my bed and desperately tried to remember last Saturday night. I had taken Principal Pullman’s daughter, Emily, to the drive-in movie. We arrived late and the show had already started, but that didn’t matter to us because we weren’t there to see the movie. I don’t think we had been parked for two minutes before Emily was leaning over me, pulling at my pants, and sucking on my dick like a starved pup. It was incredible.

When I had gotten word from my buddy, Bryce Rockwell, that Emily was a sure thing, I knew I needed to strike fast. I caught up with her during lunch on Friday and we made a date for Saturday night. And then, there we were: sitting in my convertible at the drive-in, my head back while the screen flickered above us, and little Emily slobbering on my rod.

I didn’t last long – who could with a girl like Emily? The girl was a natural-born cocksucker. I bust my nuts into her mouth and she kept on going like a champ. She worked her tongue around my johnson, savoring my gunk, moaning for more. I have to admit, I’m a gusher so I was more than able to oblige and filled her pretty little mouth until she was forced to swallow it down. She kept her lips firmly sealed around me and I unloaded another fresh batch for her to taste. I was weak by the time she had tamed my throbber and was softly licking me clean. When she was finished she wiped herself up and flashed me a cute smile. I wanted to hold her, to have her lean into me, but she seemed ready to go home soon after. When we pulled up to her house she jumped out of my car and when I asked when we’d go out again, she just smiled, waved me off and dashed up the front walk to her house. I knew then that I wouldn’t have another date with her; she was finished with me.

And now, here I was, lying in my bed on a Tuesday morning, thinking about her and feverishly trying to rub one out before I had to get up and get ready for school. But it just wasn’t happening no matter how hard I tried. I was desperate to feel Emily’s mouth on my penis, just once more.

The vacuum had stopped. “Steve, are you awake?” my mother called from downstairs. “It’s time to get ready for school or you’ll be late!”

My hand stopped, there was no use, it just wasn’t going to happen this morning. Frustrated I kicked my sheets off me and sat up. My dick was a bulging hard-on. I huffed as I began to unbutton my pajamas. At the ripe age of eighteen, the agony of sexual frustration was killing me.


“I’m awake,” I called. “I’m getting ready now, I’ll be down shortly.”

I pulled off my top and threw it down on the ground. My penis, poking out from beneath my pajama bottoms, guided me like a compass to the bathroom. This was going to be a long day.


When I arrived at school I immediately began looking for Emily. My penis had gone down a bit, but was still chubbed just enough to be uncomfortable. In my mind, I was certain I could find Emily, she’d see me and instantly recognize the spell she had over me, take pity on me, and give me the relief I needed.

The halls of Madison High were bustling; the bell would ring in less than 10 minutes. I needed to focus. Maybe if I booked it over to her locker I could catch her. I made a beeline to where she would be when suddenly I saw her. My heart sank. Emily was leading Arnold Caulfield by the hand into the school library. I froze and watched as the two of them ducked in through the door, Arnold checking behind them to see if anyone had caught them. It was obvious what the two of them were up to; it was evident in their body language, the way Emily led Arnold by the hand, the way Arnold followed. Of course, the chub that was tenting in Arnold’s pants foretold all too well as to what would come next. My chance with Emily had expired. I was history.

I turned around, defeated, and made off for my locker.


The morning had been excruciating. My first three periods dragged on and on, and I was certain the final remaining fifteen minutes left in Mr. Cooper’s fourth period biology class would last for an eternity. Emily was seated on the other side of the classroom by the window. I couldn’t help but stare at her as she twirled her pencil and I watched as every so often she would place the end of it delicately against her lips. She must have had an oral fixation, yet another reason she drove me wild. But she didn’t even glance my way. She was listening to Mr. Cooper’s lecture, shutting me out completely. I watched her play with the pencil, I saw her tongue gently grace the end of it as it rested gently on her soft, pouty lips. The blood was rushing to my penis again.

My eyes began to bore into her. ‘Emily, Emily,’ I thought. Maybe I could send bedava bahis her my thoughts telepathically. ‘Emily, please. Do it again. Please. Put your mouth on it.’ I imagined us sneaking away, out of class and into the boys’ bathroom. She’d push me up against a stall and drop to her knees. She’d be craving me, needing my dick, hungry for my sperm. She’d pull my pants down and I’d be ready for her. She wouldn’t waste any time with kisses, or licks, or strokes, she’d just bury herself down on me, and start sucking me with everything she had. I would thrust slowly into her face, my dick gliding in and out of her mouth, down and out of her throat. I’d look down at her and know she would be mine, and only mine. She’d look up at me with her big, beautiful green eyes peering over my johnson as it stuffed her face. And then, I would lose all control. My balls would be ripe and ready to burst forth all their juices. I’d clutch Emily’s head, I’d open my mouth and cry out, “Emily! I’m going to — “

“MR. ANDREWS!” The voice was booming and knocked me out of my daydream. I looked around. I wasn’t in the boys’ bathroom. I hadn’t been pushed up against the bathroom stall and Emily had definitely not been sucking my dick. I blinked; members of the class were snickering.

“Ye — yes?” I squeaked.

The class laughed.

“Mr. Andrews, are you with us now?” Mr. Cooper asked.

I licked my lips, my mouth had become dry. I nodded. “Yes, yes, sir,” I replied, embarrassed.

“Good,” Mr. Cooper said. “Then perhaps I can proceed with the lesson?”

Mr. Cooper returned to the blackboard and continued with his lecture. I was out of sorts. I shook my head and looked back over to Emily. She was still completely unaware of me. But something caught my eye. I looked. Sitting right behind Emily, David Potter was smiling at me. Was he looking at me? I blinked, looked around the classroom and returned to meet his eyes. He was definitely focused on me. I gave him a curt, friendly smile and then ducked my head down, pretending to write something in my notebook.

The bell rang. The class jumped to its’ feet as everyone slammed their books closed and made a dash for lunch. I sat in my seat, still bewildered from my thoughts. I noticed someone approach my desk.

“Are you ok?”

I looked up and saw David hovering over me with an expression of concern, tinged with delight.

I forced a smile. “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine.” I replied. “Just tired.”

“It looked like you were out of it,” he joked.

I made a face. “No, just trying to stay awake. You know how Mr. Cooper can drone on.”

“Definitely,” David replied. “Well, it’s lunch time; I guess I’ll see you around.”

I gave David a nod and he walked off. I sat there at my desk for a moment, puzzled. David and I had never been friendly with one another, not that were was any animosity or anything, we just ran with different crowds. We didn’t hang out together, we hadn’t really spoke to one another — why was he so concerned with me now?

My boner had died down so I stood up and gathered my things. I was ready to blow. Maybe, with some privacy, I could rub one out in the bathroom during lunch.


In the boys’ bathroom I splashed some cold water on my face. I dried myself off and stared into the mirror. I had made up my mind; I’d lock myself into one of the stalls and quietly jerk off. I could cum into some wadded up tissue paper, flush my junk, and then I’d feel back to normal. I’d get Emily out of my mind and I could find peace again. No problem. I’d do it.

Suddenly the bathroom door opened and in walked David. “Oh hey!” he called when he saw me. “What’s up?”

I couldn’t meet his eyes. I felt guilty about my plan; could he see the embarrassment on my face? Did he suspect something?

“Everything ok?” he asked, concerned.

I nodded. “Yeah, yeah, everything’s fine.” I lied.

He stared at me. He wasn’t convinced. “Really? Because you look really stressed out.”

“Seriously, I’m fine,” I tried to laugh it off but my mouth was becoming dry again. There was an awkward pause.

“I saw you staring at Emily Pullman during biology class.” David said. “And I also saw you fixated on her during english.”

I swallowed hard.

He snickered. “Man, you’ve got it bad!”

I made a face. “What?”

“You know what I mean,” he replied. “You’re smitten with her. You can’t get her out of your head!”

I was silent, frozen.

“She’s gotten you under a spell,” he said. “And it’s a bad one!” He laughed.

I dropped my head and looked at the floor. There was no use in lying. David could see everything as plain as day. I hadn’t been aware of just how obvious I had been.

“So, tell me, what did she do to you?” he asked. “I’ve heard rumors around school that she’s become the new all-star at Madison, teasing all the boys. So what did she do? She give you handjob?”

I was stunned.

“I hear her head is incredible.” he said. “That’s it, isn’t it? She gave you head.” He started to walk closer to me. “Is that it? Man, and that’s a tough spell bedava bonus to break. That’s what’s got you so worked up, isn’t it? You want more.”

I swallowed again; I didn’t know what to do. How did he know all this?

“Well, I hate to break it to you,” he sighed. “But the thing is, with a girl like Emily, she only gives it to a guy once, and that’s it. You’re on your own now, pal.”

“How do you know?” I blurted out.

“Because that’s how these girls are at Madison!” he laughed. “Everyone knows that.”

A knot began to tie in my stomach. My groin began to ache. Was he serious? Would I never have another chance with Emily? Would I feel this pain, this unsatisfied feeling forever?

“But, there is one thing that can help you out,” he said.

I looked at him. He was walking closer toward me. “What’s that?” I asked.

He smiled at me. I could see the mischief in his look, the sly way he looked at me. He knew I was about to jerk it, it was too obvious. He was going to call me out on it. His tongue parted his lips and he paused for just a moment. “I’ll suck your dick.”

My eyes widened. I was shocked. “What?!”

“I’m serious,” he replied. “I’ll suck your dick. I can do it better than she can. I’ve been doing it for a lot longer, and I know, firsthand, what a guy wants.”

The knot in my stomach began to unravel and I became lightheaded. The thought of a blowjob right then and there made my head spin. I don’t know what had come over me; I’d never once in my life wanted to be with another guy, but at this moment it was proving to be too irresistible. The offer to feel a warm mouth on my thick, aching throbber was too good to pass, regardless of who was offering.

I looked into his eyes. I had to admit, David was a cute guy, he always had been. Tan skin, brown hair, brown eyes. He had a toned, solid build, probably from all his years on Madison’s swim team. He definitely wasn’t an Emily, but right now I didn’t seem to care. I felt his hand touch my side; it was an odd feeling at first, but I closed my eyes and went with it. I thought of his mouth, how it would feel. I could always pretend it was Emily’s, right?

David leaned into me and held me. “Emily doesn’t appreciate you the way I do,” he said. I was slightly taller than him, for which I was grateful; I prided on being the dominant one. He nuzzled into my neck and moved his hands along my back. I welcomed his touch. “You’re so handsome, Steve. So strong, and masculine.”

It was easy to give myself to him. I was so horny, craving physical contact. David was affectionate with me, soothed me and gave me the attention I was desperate for. He planted kisses all along my neck and held me tight. He brought his hands over my chest and squeezed my pectorals and rubbed my biceps. He raised my arms and lifted my shirt up and over my head. I dropped my hands back down to my sides and he kissed my chest muscles.

“You smell so good,” he whispered between kisses. His tongue flicked at my nipples and he began to nurse on one. I dropped my head back and I felt my hand slowly raise and rest on the back of his head as he sucked on my nipple. His mouth moved over my chest and explored my upper body.

“Let me see those biceps,” he said through his kisses. A sheepish smile appeared on my face. I flexed for him and he swooned. He kissed my arms and sucked on my firm, bulging bicep. He gravitated toward my underarm and began to lick my armpit. My eyes rolled back into my head as his tongue massaged my tender skin, unfettered by my underarm hair.

While his mouth moved over my body, David’s hand began to slide down toward my groin. It almost tickled until his hand rested over the growing bulge inside my pants. Gently he rubbed my swelling mound while he feasted on my nipple.

“I want to suck your dick,” he whispered.

I let out a soft moan at the thought of finally receiving release. I looked down at him and our eyes met. With my fingers in his hair, holding him to my chest, I kissed him gently on the lips. “Suck it,” I ordered.

David dropped down to his knees before me and immediately began to unfasten my belt and pants. He leaned into my groin and kissed the bulge though the fabric. My dick twitched. He curled his fingers over my waistband and pulled my pants down, freeing my manhood. My dick was harder than ever, primed and ready for him.

He moved closer and began to lap me up, taking in my strong, masculine aroma. “You smell so good,” he moaned. He placed his hand around my shaft and lifted it up, exposing my balls. Delicately he began to lick my nuts. I let out a soft sigh at the feeling of his tongue against the soft, tender skin of my ball sack. He tongued my balls with long, deliberate strokes, moving in deeper and licking up my sweat. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation of him loving me, caring for me, wanting me.

David began to stroke my shaft with his hand. He opened wide and took my balls into his mouth. Then, ever so gently, with his mouth full, he stuck his tongue out and swept it back behind my scrotum. My eyes were beginning deneme bonusu to pop out of my head. I looked down at him, I had to see him; David was looking right back up at me with his big, beautiful brown eyes. I could see the hunger inside of him, the pleasure he took in tasting me, and the satisfaction my testicles were providing him.

David let my balls drop from his mouth; he repositioned himself and placed his hands on my thighs. My dick was throbbing, aching for more. He flashed me a little smile and without breaking eye contact, he opened his mouth wide and took me inside completely. A guttural moan escaped from me. His tongue was unbelievable soft, much softer than Emily’s.

Naturally, my hands came up to rest on the sides of his head as he began to suck my cock to a steady rhythm. He was salivating and I could hear the swishings of his mouth as it worked me into a frenzy. He brought a hand to cup my balls and his fingers teased my taint. Slowly and methodically, I felt my cock going down deeper and deeper into his throat. His tongue moved back and forth along the underside of my throbber, as it slowly teased me down further and further into the warm recesses. His lips were moist and tender and stroked the base of my johnson as his mouth sucked me in further.

David was still making eye contact with me, watching me intently, determined to satisfy. He brought a hand up to my chest and caressed my pectorals, and gave my nipple a tiny pinch. The swishings of his mouth were becoming louder. His mouth was incredible, so warm, so wet, so soft. I couldn’t help but begin to thrust, creating my own rhythm, forcing my cock into his face. He moaned with delight.

“Oh my god,” I gasped.

David brought his hand to my shaft and dropped my cock from his mouth. “Does it feel good?”

I nodded and licked my lips. I wanted to say ‘yes’ but nothing came out; I was becoming breathless.

David could see I was speechless and was unable to converse coherently. He snickered and gave my dick a tug. “I told you I could suck a better dick than Emily; I know what a guy wants.”

And, boy, did he? Emily had given great head for sure, but this was beyond anything I had ever experienced before. My toes were curling inside my sneakers. I could feel the sweat forming in my underarms. I gripped his head for leverage. He was driving me wild — and he knew it. He opened wide and stuck his tongue out. He slapped my dick on top of his soft, pink tongue. With each slap, my dick landed firmly against his tongue, splashing in his spit. His eyes became soft, “I want to taste your cum.”

My heart skipped a beat. He was incredible. He began to plant soft, moist kisses on my cock head, his lips pursing themselves around the swollen glans. He didn’t have to ask for my cum; at this point, with the sexual frenzy he had me worked into, he was a fool to think he had any choice in the matter.

I tightened my grip on the sides of his head and forced him down onto my fuck pole. “Just suck!”

He moaned loudly as I buried my cock deep into his throat. I didn’t thrust, not now — right now I just wanted to see how much cock this boy could take. Slowly, I buried myself deeper, his throat opened up. He began whimpering, his eyes watered, but still I pushed myself down further. Almost there, just a little bit more. His whimpering was building. “Just take it! Take it!” I instructed. “You’re doing good, almost there!”

He braced himself on my thighs as I pushed further. His nose was skimming my bush, only a few more inches. He pushed his tongue forward, through the seal of his lips and he was completely open. I pushed forth further and his face buried itself into my groin. I was firmly lodged down his throat.

“Good boy!” I exhaled. “Good boy.” I held him there for a moment and reveled in his achievement. The tears were running down his cheeks. He had had enough. Slowly, I pulled out. David gasped for air and wiped his eyes. He looked up at me and smiled.

“You ready for more?” I grinned.

David nodded eagerly. “Yes.”

I laughed. He was eager to please.

With newfound zeal he took me back into his mouth, brought a hand to my shaft and began to pump feverishly. His mouth milked me, the suction nearly knocking me off my feet and brought my head back into the game. It was time.

I ran my fingers through his rich, brown hair as his head bobbed back and forth on my flesh rocket. With the one hand pumping my shaft, he used the other to tickle my balls. And then I felt it. There was an explosion in my balls, my nut sack tightened, and my cum began it’s journey to David’s waiting mouth. “I’m cumming!” I cried, nearly doubling over David as he sucked unwaveringly. “I’m cumming!”

David pulled my dick from his lips and began to jack me off over his gaping mouth. He flicked his tongue over my dick slit and lapped up the first drippings of my boy juice. And then, I unloaded. The first discharge of spunk blasted from my cock and landed perfectly on his tongue. David’s eyes widened with satisfaction. The gooey landings pooled and then slid down his tongue toward the back of his throat. My dick spasmed and a second discharge escaped, a thick, creamy wad streaking across his smooth, unblemished skin. It was beautiful but I didn’t want to waste anymore of my gunk. I forced myself back into his mouth and David greedily accepted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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