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Bahamas, Day 15 – Saturday

The next morning, I woke up to the sounds of the waves crashing into the beach. I sat up and walked over to the cooler, happy that I had picked up some iced coffees at the store the previous day. I cracked one open and sat down on the edge of the blanket, waiting for the others to wake from their earned slumber. I enjoyed the sounds of the ocean, the occasional seagull squawking, and the three ladies deep breathing, while I sipped on my coffee. “Life is good,” I thought to myself.

“Good morning, lover,” Jessica said as she awoke.

“Good morning, fiancée.” I told her.

This statement made her blush slightly, but she smiled big, and came over to me, sitting down next to me and wrapped her arms around me. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder, pulling her in close to me. I kissed her on the forehead and turned back to the ocean, the both of us watching the waves crash onto the beach. We sat there, cuddled together, until the other two woke. We heard Keira stirring around, then looked back to see her still laying down, but looking directly at us.

“Hello, lovers,” She stated, “Sleep well?”

“Yes, I did,” I replied, “one of the best night’s sleep I have ever had.”

“Me too,” replied Jessica, “BEST night’s sleep.”

Keira continued to look at us as we turned back to face the ocean. Her eyes started to swell with tears, and Jessica and I could hear some sniffling, so we turned around to see what was happening.

“What’s wrong, Keira?’ Jessica asked her.

“It’s just, the three of you are the closest friends I have ever had. And now, you two are going to go back to the states today. I’m just sad to see you two head home. I will miss you guys like crazy.”

“This isn’t goodbye forever, you know,” I told Keira, taking one of her hands in mine, “You do have to come to our wedding, after all.”

“That’s right, sweetheart,” Jessica said, holding Keira’s other hand, “You better show up. I need a Maid of Honor.”

Keira began to cry even harder, overjoyed at this offering. “Seriously?! You want me to be your Maid of Honor?”

“That’s right, Keira. You are the best fit for it.” Jessica told her.

Keira jumped out up, went over to Jessica, and hugged her. She smiled so big; I didn’t think it would ever go away. After hugging halkalı escort Jessica, Keira switched to hugging me, then wrapped her arms around the both of us, sitting down between Jessica and me. “I can’t believe you two are in my life. I have never had friends like you two. I don’t want you to go back to your home.”

Jessica looked at me, unable to come up with the right response. I froze too, lacking the words. The three of us cuddled together until Rey woke up, and when we were all awake, we packed up our things and headed back to the main island.

On the cruise there, Rey was captaining, and had called to Jessica to come to her. She then whispered into Jessica’s ear, and Jessica smiled, took Rey’s seat at the helm, and looked at me. Her mischievous smile crossing her face.

Rey moved up to the bow of the boat, bent over and whispered something in Keira’s ear, then moved to me, whispering into my ear, “how about one last fuck before you leave?”

I looked back at Jessica. Her smile still hadn’t changed. I then reached out and grabbed Rey by the hips, spun her around, and pulled her down to my lap. Rey worked on sliding out of her bikini bottoms while I slid out of my board shorts, my now wakening cock exposed. Rey grabbed my cock, gave it a squeeze, confirming it was hard, and guided it towards her pussy, lowering her body down on top of mine. She pressed her pussy lips into my cock, allowing the head to slide inside. Rey released my cock from her grasp and slid down further, pressing my shaft into her walls. She slid my cock in all the way down to the base, and once inside, slid it back out again. Rey rode my cock reverse cowgirl while Jessica and Keira watched. Rey ground her hips down into me, my balls slapping against her. Rey began to increase her pace, her orgasm coming to fruition very rapidly. She started cumming on my cock, her walls tightening on my shaft.

“Oh… Ooh…” moaned Rey, “Fuck, that feels so good. I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum. I’m cumming!”

Rey slammed down on my cock one last time, pleasure surging through her body. She ground her pussy down on me, riding the wave until it subsided.

Keira was up next, assisting Rey to stand up and take a seat next to me. Keira then climbed şişli escort onto my lap, her breasts in my face. She grabbed my cock with her hand, pointed it to her pussy, and pressed it to her opening. Her body lowered down onto me, my cock sliding inside her. Keira rode my cock while I sucked on her titties, her breasts bouncing up and down with her movements.

“Oh, fuck, Jason. I’m gonna cum.” Keira exclaimed, still bouncing her pussy on my cock.

“Then cum for me. Cum for Jessica. Cum for Rey. Cum all over my cock.” I told her.

This sent Keira over the edge, her pussy clamping on my cock harder than I had ever felt. I thought for a moment that I would cum too, but as her orgasm subsided, she slid my cock from her pussy and sat back down in the seat next to me.

Keira and Rey then bent down from their seats and lowered their mouths to my lap. Rey took my cock in her mouth while Keira worked her tongue on my balls. They both licked and sucked for some time, while I stared directly at Jessica, and Jessica stared directly at me. Keira moved herself to the floor, positioning her body between my legs. She continued to lick my balls, but then drifted south, sliding her tongue across my taint and to my asshole. This brought my orgasm to the next level, which Rey sensed, so she picked up the pace and intensity, sliding more of my cock into her mouth. The two of them worked my cock until I couldn’t take it anymore, and as my orgasm peaked, Rey pulled off my cock and moved down next to Keira, pulling me to my feet while she did. I released my load onto the two of them, covering their faces with my seed. Keira and Rey, after receiving my load, started kissing each other, licking up my cum from their faces. I collapsed back into the seat, enjoying the waves of pleasure still coursing through me.

We arrived back on the main island about an hour later, unpacked our belongings, and headed back to the hotel room. Jessica and I had a flight to catch in a couple hours, so we packed up our clothes and other belongings and headed back to Nassau to have one more meal with Keira and Rey.

We took our seats in the booth the server guided us to and ordered our food. The four of us sat at the table, ate our food, and relived the past two weeks.

“Thank you, sarıyer escort guys, for finding my dad’s dive shop.” Keira said, “I can’t believe I have made such good friends by a mere chance.”

“Thank you, Keira, for stripping naked in the cave. I don’t think we would have spent time with you this whole trip if not for your forward advancements.” Said Jessica.

“Thank you, Rey, for coming onto my fiancée,” I told her, “I am so happy to have spent this time with you.”

“Thank the both of you for being open to me,” said Rey, “I needed some real friends in my life, and I think I have found them. And thank you, Keira, for being my real friend. I didn’t know what we could have had this whole time.”

“Me either, Rey. It has been truly special.”

We finished up our last meal together, and after I paid the bill, the four of us left the diner and caught a cab to the airport. At the entrance to the gate, we said our goodbyes to each other, Keira embracing Jessica, Rey embracing me, then switching. While I was hugging Keira, she whispered into my ear, “Thank you for this. I will never forget you.”

“I am truly honored to have known you and have gotten to know you. You will always hold a special place inside me.” I told her.

After our exchanges of emotion and love for one another, Jessica and I proceeded to our gate. We boarded the airplane, bound for Miami, both of us very sad that the vacation was coming to an end.

“Back to real life, now, huh?” Jessica asked.

“Jessica, my love, I have been thinking.” I told her.

“What is it, baby?”

“What if we found a way to make that place our life? Would you like that?” I asked.

“Really? You would give up your job and life in Seattle? “

I responded to her question with, “You are my life. I would give up anything for you.”

Jessica leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I could tell from her excitement that she really wanted this. It would take some time, but I’m sure we could figure this out.

“Then it’s settled. We will figure out a way to make paradise our home.” I told her.

On that, we leaned back in our seats, both happy in our bright future together. The flight back home may be long, but our future together will be longer. and if we had each other, I knew we could achieve our dreams.

The End


Author’s Note: Thank you, everyone, who has taken time to read my story. This is my first multiple-chapter story, but hopefully will have more in the future.

If you liked this story, or have constructive criticism, I would love to hear it. Please provide feedback in the comments.

Thank you!


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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