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It all started about four months ago. I was working alone on a rotating swing/graveyard shift in the oilfields. The company I work for had hired on some extra nighttime security because of a rash of thefts that had been occurring. Now I wasn’t alone. This took some of the stress out of my job, and I also had someone to chat with. Turns out we’re both 28!

Abby, my security counterpart, is really outgoing. She stood only about 5′ 3″, short dirty blond hair, a bit of baby fat, and huge knockers. If I had to guess, it would be around a 38DD. She also has a mouth that could singe the ears off a sailor! I can tell you, there was never a dull conversation with her. She’s openly lesbian, so girls, sex, and our own experiences were the usual topic.

We started paling around in our off time. This was nice because everyone we knew was either at work or asleep. Her live-in girlfriend worked days, so we were usually by ourselves. I liked to unwind after a long shift with a few drinks, and so did she. Her place was in town, so that’s where we often ended up.

We would talk sex, shop, whatever came to mind. Once she told me she was in a car accident a few years back and had constant bodily aches. I offered my services as an amateur masseuse. She declined for fear that her paranoid, jealous girlfriend would flip out. I can’t begin to think that I’ll ever understand women.

A couple weeks later, she complained that her leg was in serious pain. She told me that the whole thing hurt to move. Once again, I offered my services, this time she accepted. I massaged the pinched nerve at the small of her back and she was amazed that the pain went away instantly. She questioned herself on why she had originally refused my help.

From then on, every spare moment we had, I was invited to care for her aches and pains. I didn’t mind putting hands on a pretty girl, even if it had to be purely platonic. I got great satisfaction from relieving her discomforts. It was not uncommon for me to have her shirt hiked up to shoulders and bra undone as I worked on her upper back and shoulders.

I learned she’d had a really bad breakup with her now, ex-girlfriend and so I helped her move her things into a nice apartment across town. It was horrible to see Abby beat herself up like that. She went on a drinking binge that I began to fear she wouldn’t recover. After a couple of weeks however, she settled down, got her head straight, and picked up the pieces.

This morning was the beginning of our four days off schedule. After a long and fairly busy night of work, instead of beer, she popped the cork on a bottle of wine she’d been saving. Leaving our coats and shoes at the door, I followed Abby back to her room. She drank a glass as I started on her feet. We chatted about nothing in particular. She told me where she hurt and how bad. It felt like the same routine to me, but little did I know, she had other plans.

She handed me a glass. It was a surprisingly light red wine, kind of sweet, yet a kick as it went down. There wasn’t anything on TV, so we continued chatting. It wasn’t long before the topic turned to sex. She set her glass aside and took her shirt completely off. This was a first for me. I could hardly keep from staring. Then she stood and dropped her pants. She wasn’t wearing her usual boxers; instead, she sported a pair of French-cut bikini panties. I was in awe of the gorgeous body before me.

She picked up her glass, refilled it and sat back on the bed. She put one arm behind her head and sipped her wine. Her breasts were stunning in a lacey pink bra that matched her panties. I could make out the top half of her dark areola. Her nipples strained against the lace as they hardened, much like what was happening below my belt.

She extended a leg toward me. “Could you do my calf?” she asked. I just blinked in astounding disbelief.

“Hello? Alan? You there?” She asked and that snapped me out of my stupor so I worked her calf tenderly, still staring hard, ogling her beautiful body.

“Harder, it’s really deep.” She instructed. I increased the pressure.

“That’s it. Just like that.” Her legs were crossed as I worked the calf. Slowly I worked higher toward her knee.

“That felt really great, Alan, thank you.” Abby said as she switched legs, telling me without words that I needed to work this one just as hard as the first.

“Mmmmmmmm, that’s nice.” She said in a low voice, her legs slightly apart now.

I could vaguely see the outline of her quim. In the silence, I could hear my own heart pounding in my ear. The thoughts running through my head were scandalous to say the least.

My now painful erection was screaming to be touched. I had to excuse myself, making a slightly red-faced trot to the restroom in order to take care of the immediate need. I frantically stroked myself to release while the image of Abby burned my brain. When I returned, she was laying on her belly. I knelt by the bed and started on her back. She handed me a pair of satin gloves.

“Put ataşehir escort these on,” She said as she re-adjusted herself.

I quickly complied and continuing where I left off I hesitantly reached for her bra. I undid the snaps and slid the straps to the sides.

She looked amazing. My eyes were fixed on her bottom. It was perfectly shaped. The panties accentuated the fullness of the globes of flesh. It was very difficult for me to concentrate on her back because my excitement was building again. The sight of her smooth back, and full rear were exhilarating.

The silky smoothness of the gloves was unlike anything I had ever felt. Abby moaned her agreement as I worked her back slowly from her shoulders down.

“Is that good?” I asked when I got to the small of her back, slowly massaging just above her panty line.

“A little lower, the dimples.” She answered.

They were barely covered by her panties. I started on top of them. She reached down and slid her panties off her hips. I continued my task.

“That’s much better.” She sighed, only now I could see the top of her buttocks.

My achingly increasing lust made me bold. I switched to one hand, fingers and thumb working her dimples. I placed the other on the back of her thigh, my thumb almost between her legs, and started rubbing. She let out a moan of pleasure.

I worked her legs a little apart with the rocking and pressure of the massage. She didn’t object. I switched legs and pulled them further apart, my fingers inching ever closer to her quim. I could see a small dark spot in between her legs. I thought I had imagined the smell of her sex, but now saw that the wine and massage was having an affect on her.

“Can I get up there with you, this floor is killing my knees.” I asked boldly. “Sure, but take off those dirty clothes.” She replied nonchalantly then added her reasoning for the command, “I just put these sheets on yesterday.”

I took off the gloves then undressed. She propped herself up on her elbows and watched. The straps of her bra fell off her shoulders down near her elbows. She made no effort to fix them. With my shirt off, I undid my belt. As I dropped my pants, my meager five-inch cock bounced to attention in my boxer-briefs. She turned her upper body to see more, resting her head on one hand. Her bra fell away as she filled her glass again.

As she drank, I was faced with the thought of where this was headed. Her nipples were hard, the areolas puckered into tight pebbles of arousal. My head was swimming, my lust, undeniable. She handed me the half full glass. I climbed onto the bed, took it, and finished it off.

“I think my front could use some work too.” She hinted, setting the glass aside.

I put the gloves back on as she rolled onto her back, tossing the bra to the floor.

“Where should I start?” I asked, kneeling now at her waist.

“Here, then down.” She directed, taking hold of my hands and placing them at her neck.

She put her hands across her lap. I started on her neck, working slowly. We both enjoyed the sensation. Abby melted in my hands. One of her hands slipped into her panties. The other moved slowly to my thigh. She was playing with herself right in front of me! Her eyes closed, she began moaning.

I moved my hands down to her shoulders. Her head rolled to the side limply. She squeezed my thigh. By the expression on her face, she was thoroughly enjoying herself. I felt my need growing even more urgent. Just then I felt her hand move slowly from my thigh to my throbbing member! I almost lost a second load of seed right then!

My hands moved slowly down, massaging their way closer and closer to her breasts. Though they’d spread out over her chest, as natural boobs do, resting on her arms, she still had a lot of cleavage. I couldn’t wait to feel the soft boob flesh right under my nose. Abby stroked my hard-on through my briefs, my satin-clad hands finally reaching her breasts.

I cupped her boobs, pushing them together, and then slowly kneaded the flesh. Her moaning grew deeper, almost guttural. My thumbs worked their way up to her still hard nipples, stroking and teasing them. Her body was trembling, almost vibrating. She tightly gripped the base of my shaft. Her other hand worked a frantic pace at her clit. I leaned over and kissed her parted lips.

She exploded into a huge orgasm that rocked through both of us. I kissed her desperately and held her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers with firm pressure. She jabbed her tongue deep into my mouth and furiously jerked on my cock. I sucked and licked her tongue as she came down from her climax.

I shed the gloves, pulled her hand out of her panties and licked her slick, fragrant fingers clean. It was the best thing I had ever tasted. Clean and savory with just a slight musky aroma. She kept at my cock, determined to get me off. I massaged her hand and continued sucking her fingers. In no time at all, I came in my shorts. We both had made kadıköy escort big wet spots in our undies.

I flopped over on the bed next to her. She gave me a wicked smile that said she wasn’t even close to being through with me. It was now about ten in the morning and I was starving. We ordered in some Chinese and as we waited for it to arrive, we showered, unfortunately, not together. She came out in a sheer satin robe and handed me a towel. I quickly washed and was out just as the food arrived, wearing only the towel.

As we ate, we chatted. Nothing of real interest though. Then she told me that she had been intimate with one guy after high school, and that he was a lying, cheating, backstabbing prick. She really boosted my ego when she said I was none of these. We finished our food, and the wine. She admitted that she had been planning this for a couple weeks.

Abby got up, leaned in and kissed me full on the mouth. It was hard and full of lust. I melted into my seat. I grabbed her by the waist and pulled myself up to her. Standing next to her, I returned the kiss with full force and all the passion I had. I lost my towel as I picked her up. She was light, and wrapped her legs around me.

I walked us back to her bed and sat us down on the edge. We continued kissing; the feel of the satin between us was driving me insane. It was warm and slippery. She could feel my rising hard-on pressing into her groin. My hands were caressing her back and the firm globes of her butt. She broke the kiss and pushed me back. I stopped on my elbows and stared into her eyes.

Slowly she untied the robe and let it slid off her back. Her boobs were heavy and gorgeous, her small frame making them look even larger. Her pussy was completely shaved! She cradled the back of my head.

“What do you think?” She asked, guiding me to her waiting bosom.

I hungrily looked her over, and she knew my answer. My need burned in my loins as I began to lick her nipples. She breathed deep and shuddered as I took one into my mouth and nursed at her breast. She played with her other breast and my hands reached around and caressed her glorious ass.

She pulled my head away and slid it to the other one. I took it hungrily into my mouth, squeezing the nipple between my teeth and flicking the tip with my tongue. Abby started grinding into my lap. I rocked my hips in time with her. My ass fondling became more focused, stretching her cheeks apart. I stroked her little rosebud tenderly.

She shuddered, pushing us back onto the bed. I continued my anal ministrations; her head nestled into my neck. With her on her knees, my other fingers gained access to her quim. I stroked her from back to front, nudging a fingertip into her ass. I found her clit and gently rubbed it. Abby was moaning and bit my neck. I dipped a couple fingers into her love hole and spread the thick juice all over her nether lips.

Her hands gripped my shoulders and hair. I rubbed her clit with my slick fingers. Her hard nipples pressed into my chest as she arched her back, pushing into my hands.

“Mmmmmmm…” she moaned.

“I want you, Alan… I want you inside me.”

I kept fingering her clit.

“I need you in me.” She repeated the plea and I could feel the heat radiating from within her.

“Not just yet.” I teased, rolling her off me onto her back while I tucked a pillow under her butt. She spread her legs with her feet on the bed.

“I have to get you off again,” I said crawling between them, “it’ll make us even.”

I placed my hands behind her knees and rolled her thighs back to her sides.

“Hold these a minute.” I instructed.

She grabbed her knees and I dove into her splayed pussy. I licked her clit for a minute then worked my way down between her lips. I got to the bottom and drove my tongue as far into her cunny as I could. I pulled out and flicked at the piece of skin separating her pussy and ass. She tasted musky, stronger than before. With my nose buried in her pussy, I inhaled deeply. The scent was intoxicating.

My tongue snaked down and traced the rim of her rosebud. It puckered and relaxed. I pressed my tongue into her hole and gave her the best rim job I knew how. My thumb sought out her clit and the other took place at her bum as I moved my tongue back up and fucked her pussy with it. I rubbed her bunghole with increasing pressure. I felt her sphincter relax, and my thumb slipped in. The heat from her holes was intense and getting hotter.

“A little faster on my clit, I’m getting close.” Abby spoke softly, huskily.

I quickened my pace. My tongue was wrestling my thumb through the thin wall of flesh. Her holes were clenching and relaxing.

“That’s it, just like that… ohhhhhh, I’m sooo close.” I jammed two fingers into her pussy and clamped my mouth down on her clit.

“Oh god! I’m gonna cum!” She screamed, her belly crunched hard then she let go of her legs. Her thighs clamped my head like a vise. She humped my face and came bostancı escort bayan hard.

I licked her as best I could while she came down. There was so much cream; it took me a few minutes to lick it all up. I loved the way she tasted. I cleaned her from bottom to top, leaving no spot unchecked. I crawled up between her legs, kissing my way up her body. I reached her boobs, her nipples still hard. I alternated between them, gently sucking each into my mouth, then kissing my way across to the other.

I kissed my way up her neck to her lips. Moving up, our thighs touched. My hard cock barely touched her pussy. I kissed her lips, sharing her cream. We kissed passionately. She licked her cream off my lips.

“Mmmm, I taste good.” She said and I kissed back down to her neck and laid my head there. She rocked her hips teasing the head of my cock.

She locked her legs around my back and grabbed my cock between us. Using her legs, she pulled herself up a little and slid my cock into her very tight and hot pussy. I was still as a statue, enjoying the feeling of her velvety sex. Slowly, she worked her way up my shaft. It was agonizing, but still unbelievably sensual. I just melted and kissed her softly.

I spread my knees and lowered us back down. Our soft kiss slowly built into a passionate, lust-driven, tongue-wrestling match. I could feel her pussy gripping my cock, almost like I was getting stroked. The complete engulfment within her grip was more intense than anything I had ever felt before.

“Oh shit, how are you doing that?” I asked. She smiled up at me.

“What… this?” She questioned as she clamped down on my shaft.

“Yes, and much more of that and I’m gonna cum inside you, and I haven’t even fucked you yet.” I said, thrusting forward to make my point.

“We don’t have to worry about that.” She said, and then added, “I’ve been on the pill since I was 15.”

Hearing this, I began fucking her with long, slow strokes. Abby took my head in her hands and pulled me back to her lips. She put her feet back on the bed, arched her back slightly, changing the angle. My cock rubbed her clit as we fucked. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer, so I pulled all the way out. I still stroked her clit with my shaft, getting her closer while staving off my own release.

Abby was grinding into my erection, speeding up the pace and building her own orgasm. The friction between us was just right. Her juices were flowing again, keeping my shaft slick as it slid between her folds. Reaching under her arms, I gripped her shoulders. I rocked back on my knees and slid my full length into her. She slid an arm under me and frigged her clit as I started pounding in and out of her.

We were both so close to the edge. I knew it would be mere moments. She worked herself feverishly. I used her shoulders for leverage and quickened my pace. I reached around her leg and put it over my shoulder. This straightened me up a bit and I felt deeper inside her with thrust. Her already tight pussy gripped me even tighter and I knew she was there.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah…” she whimpered.

“God, YYEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!” She screamed as her cream flooded around my cock.

The added wetness and warmth sent me over the top and I quickly followed, grunting, slamming my cock deep and holding it there. I rocked my hips a little as my cock pumped inside her, sending my seed high into her womb.

I let go of her leg; it fell limply to the bed. I tucked my other arm behind her head, grabbed the small of her back, and rolled us onto our side. Her other leg was now trapped at my waist. I grabbed her free leg and pulled it up to match. Her clit play had slowed, but her pussy still stroked my cock, milking me dry. I kissed her sweating face.

Somehow, she was keeping my spent cock hard. I felt her smile against my lips. I was holding her hip, and she rolled us onto my back. She sat up, still gripping my shaft with her pussy. My now free hand joined my other reaching for her boobs. She kept milking me. I played with her nipples. Her whole body glistened from sweat.

From her knees, she put her hands on my chest, and began riding me. My left hand grabbed her taut butt, her left dove between us. She palmed her clit, her fingers splitting around my shaft. The added sensation was thrilling. Her fingers were vibrating, tucked between her lips and my shaft, as her palm worked her love button. I kneaded her fleshy globes as they bounced from the motion. Her nipples hardened, her pussy spasmed, and she came again, grunting.

She had a look of complete satisfaction on her face, as she slammed down hard on my cock. She pulled her hand out and fed me her slick fingers. The tastes of our combined love juices were tangy and salty. I sucked her fingers clean as she ground our loins together. Her pussy relaxed as she slowed her breathing. She was still so tight around my cock. She smiled, seemingly proud of herself.

I pulled her down to me and kissed her full lips. Then I rolled us back onto her back. Slowly, I reluctantly pulled my cock out of her. I dove down and locked my mouth onto her pussy. Her pussy drooled our juices. I took care in sucking and licking her clean. It was so warm; I swallowed every drop I could get out of her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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