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Foot Fetish

This is one of the more unusual things I’ve ever written. Inspired by a comment I received on a previous part.

Contains: a woman temporarily removing her head with magic and using her detached head to give herself and her girlfriend oral.

Emma took a deep breath, fingering the collar in her hands. It was made of two thick metal half-circles, hinged on one side with an inbuilt lock and small red button on the other. After a moment, she twisted the little key in the hole, splitting the collar so she could slip it around her neck. It was tight when she tried to close it, but that was the point. The inside was lined with a high-friction rubber that – combined with the way it pressed into her skin – ensured it wouldn’t move easily. With her hands shaking, she locked it shut around her neck and set the key safely on the dresser before returning to sitting on the edge of the bed.

It was probably a really fucking stupid idea to try it without Janet being home, but… she didn’t know if she was even going to tell her girlfriend about this. While Janet was open-minded to Emma’s veritable collection of fetishes, she wasn’t particularly kinky herself. The collar was… weird. She was mildly terrified and soaking her panties at the thought of what she was about to do.

Very carefully, she placed a steadying hand on her head and pressed the button next to the lock.

A tingle went through her neck. After a few moments of stillness, she shifted her hands to either side of her head and gently, slowly pushed upwards.

She felt like she was getting taller. The amount of weight she was lifting was surprising, but ironically she was starting to feel lightheaded as the implications of what she’d just done washed over her. She closed her eyes, finding that it helped with the disorientation. When her arms began to feel leaden, she cautiously lowered the burden in her hands to her lap and settled it in the cushion of her thighs, trying to keep her breathing steady.

She could feel the warmth of her bare legs against her neck. Opening her eyes revealed the smooth valley of her thighs just in front of her face. Without thinking, she tried to look at herself in the mirror above her dresser and her torso twisted against the back of her head.

It hurt her brain to think that, but she tried to stay calm. She fumbled at her head, managing to cup her jaw with both hands and turn her gaze sideways. Her head was in her lap, brown eyes wide and dilated. The collar was still fastened tightly around her neck- well, technically. It was split seamlessly into halves, the lower attached to her body and the upper around the part of her neck that was in her lap. Instead of a cross-section of muscle and bone where her neck ended and began again, it was just… black. Perfectly flat black. She wasn’t decapitated, only… separated. She took a shuddering breath and watched her chest swell, airways unimpeded by the fact that they weren’t connected.

A quiet giggle suddenly bubbled out of her. It worked. The throbbing heat between her legs, abated in her nervousness, flared back in full force. She tried to move her head to the bed and groaned as a wave of disoriented dizziness washed over her, leaving her woozy for a moment. Blinking a few times, she closed her eyes and attempted it more slowly, playing nice with the balance of her inner ear as she laid her cheek against the covers. This time kaçak iddaa the vertigo was only mild, allowing her to blindly slip out of her damp panties and, after a moment’s thought, pull off her t-shirt as well, leaving her completely naked. Trembling with excitement, she patted around the covers and found her head, returning it to rest between her legs and this time facing it towards herself.

She could smell her own arousal from the hot, swollen folds an inch from her mouth. Weaving her hands in her own long brown hair, she shifted her head closer, pressing her lips against her lower lips…

It was incredibly strange to feel a tongue between her legs and to also have that tongue be hers. Tentatively, she lapped at her heat, sending a tingly pleasure shooting up her spine. The flavor was familiar, as she’d tasted her fingers more than a few times, but idea of licking up her juices from the source felt incredibly hot and dirty. She sought out her clit and gasped when her tongue swiped across the hard, throbbing nub, fingers digging into her scalp as the sensation sent a hot shiver through her body. She held her head tightly against herself, starting to lap with more vigor, doing exactly what she liked until her thighs were quivering and little muffled moans slipped out with every movement of her tongue. Swirling the wet heat over her clit built the familiar pressure in her abdomen, an aching knot of tension that grew tighter and tighter until it was about to snap.

“What the fuck…?”

She froze, icy fear clutching at her chest. Trying to look at the source of the voice only made her torso twist towards the doorway.

“Emma…? Is that you?”

She let go of her head, letting it fall back against the bed and stare up at the ceiling from between her thighs. She couldn’t breathe. A familiar figure came into her view, face full of mixed shock and horror.

“Jesus Christ, Em…” Janet muttered, sitting down heavily on the bed.

“I’m sorry,” she choked out, clutching her knees until her knuckles turned white.

“What?” Janet shook her head, her expression shifting to concern. “Never mind, are you… okay? This is intentional, right?”


“And… you can put yourself back together?”


“Okay.” Janet let out a sigh of relief, putting her hand over her girlfriend’s and giving it a squeeze. “Shit. I, uh, wasn’t expecting this.”

Overwhelming relief washed over her at the simple gesture, leaving her to blink away tears as she whispered, “Sorry…”

“For what? Hey, don’t cry…” Janet bent over her, curtaining their faces with brown hair as she kissed away the drops welling at the corners of her eyes.

“I’m weird and I freaked you out,” Emma sniffed, waving a hand in the empty air over her neck as she tried to wipe at her face.

“I-” Janet sighed, pressing her forehead against her girlfriend’s and staring into her eyes. “Em, I won’t lie, this does kinda freak me out. Like, a lot. But… I’m not mad at you or anything.” She brought their lips together in a soft kiss, giving truth to her words with the gentle affection.

“Oh,” Emma murmured when she pulled away, her eyes bright despite the tears. “I- I thought you’d say I was gross and… weird and… I don’t know, want to leave…”

“Em, I’m not going to dump you over something like this,” Janet said, managing a smile as she stroked a hand over her girlfriend’s kaçak bahis hair. “Weird kinky shit is literally the reason we ended up together.” She paused, her eyebrows coming together. “This is a kinky thing, right? You’re not doing this for a crazy Halloween costume?”

Emma snorted, trying to shake her head and managing a slight wiggle. “No… That’s a good idea, though.”

“Okay…” Janet was quiet for a few moments. “So then when I walked in here, were you… eating yourself out?”

Emma felt heat rise to her cheeks. “Um…”

“I thought I recognized the taste when I kissed you,” Janet said, a smirk growing on her face. “The head between your legs is a pretty big hint, too.”

“I’ve just… I mean I’ve always kind of wondered…” Emma muttered.

Janet laughed, rubbing her girlfriend’s thigh. “Em, I tie you up and spank you on the regular. You don’t have to be so embarrassed about it.”

“Well, yeah…” Her blush darkened into a deep pink. Somehow that reminder didn’t help.

“Is it good?” Janet asked suddenly, leaning over her and meeting her eyes. Emma found she couldn’t turn away – literally and figuratively.

“Um… yes,” she said, then blurted, “Really really good.”

“Really?” Janet raised an eyebrow. “Better than me?”

Emma hesitated, trying to think of the best way to phrase it. “I think… it’ll always be better if someone else is doing it to you, but I can do it exactly how I like it. It was… really nice. You kind of got home earlier than I expected, though.”

“Mm, yeah. Shopping went quick.” Janet looked thoughtful for a moment, idly rubbing a thumb over Emma’s forehead. “Can I pick you up? Your… head, I mean.”

“Sure.” She experienced a strange sense of weightless vertigo when she was gently transferred to Janet’s lap, but the feeling quickly passed. Warm denim pressed against her cheeks as her girlfriend stared down at her, smiling.

“This is really… something. You’re kinda cute like this, though.” Janet pinched her girlfriend’s cheeks, letting out a giggle at Emma’s expression. “Did you get this collar thing from the same place you got the harness?”

“Yeah… It was on sale, and I was super curious, and… yeah.”

“Hmm,” Janet hummed, tracing a finger around the bottom edge of the collar. “Can I touch the… black part? What the hell even is that?”

“I don’t remember what it’s called, but you can touch it. It’s just the… between stuff. I’m technically still attached.”

Janet traced her fingers over the flat black circle that made up the base of her girlfriend’s neck, her expression strange. “Weird… It almost feels like glass. Can you do stuff with your body?”

Emma shrugged, unintentionally answering the question. “Whatever I can manage without looking. I’m a bit off-balance, though.”

“So if I did this…” Janet cuddled Emma’s head against her chest and stood up, walking out of the bedroom. “You’re pretty much just a helpless little head?”

“Unh,” Emma groaned, feeling her stomach clench as the hallway spun around her. “Don’t move so fast, it really messes with me…” She suddenly processed the teasing tone in her girlfriend’s voice and looked up to meet Janet’s gaze, excitement flaring inside the body that was a dozen feet away. “But, um, yes. I’m helpless.”

“I have to admit this is growing on me,” Janet said, her eyes gleaming. “It’s like the harness, but illegal bahis reversed, sort of.” She started to walk down the hall, keeping her pace slow this time. “How about your body stays in the bedroom while we have some fun on the couch?”

Emma shivered with anticipation, trying and failing to nod before just saying, “O-Okay…” She wasn’t that surprised when Janet ended up tucking her under one arm, shucking off her jeans and panties before sitting on the couch and lifting Emma’s head into a kiss. She eagerly surrendered to her girlfriend’s tongue, letting Janet dominate her mouth while her body trembled and clutched at the bed, her forgotten arousal returning as a hot, pounding need between her legs. Janet stole her breath away with kiss after dizzying kiss before pulling her back, setting her on the couch between the soft warmth of her thighs. Her girlfriend’s pussy was right in front of her, red and puffy with arousal.

“Come on, Em,” Janet murmured, forcing Emma’s mouth against her heat. Emma didn’t need to be told twice and licked along the length of her folds, pushing her tongue deep in the way she knew Janet liked and getting a soft moan in reward as fingers tightened in her hair.

It was a little hard to eat her out when she couldn’t control anything other than her mouth, but Janet helpfully ground her face into her damp slit, rocking her hips into her head. While Emma wasn’t used to this kind of treatment from her normally sweet, gentle lover, she had zero complaints about the roughness. Being totally at Janet’s mercy was always a massive turn-on, and this time she didn’t even have to be tied up. Her head was nothing more than a sex toy for her girlfriend to play with. In the bedroom, her hand slipped between her thighs, starting to rub furiously over her swollen clit while her girlfriend humped her face. It was all she could do to breathe and continue to work her tongue, feeling hot pressure build in her belly as her girlfriend’s low groans grew louder.

“Ff-fuck, Em,” Janet whimpered, clutching tightly at her head as her legs quivered. “Fuck- fuck- oh my God-“

Her fingers worked rapidly between her thighs while she lavished her girlfriend’s clit with attention, doing her best to send her into bliss. Warm skin suddenly clamped around her head, muffling Janet’s moaned, “Fuck!” She watched her girlfriend’s stomach flex, muscles trembling as her back arched off the couch. Emma felt her own orgasm come crashing down on her with violent intensity, sending her body falling back over the bed in the throes of pleasure as she moaned into Janet’s folds. Eventually, Janet released her head from the vise of her thighs, sliding a hand down to stroke her hair.

“Did… did you just come?” she asked, panting.

“Um… yeah…” Emma murmured, realizing far too late that her dominant girlfriend might have wanted a say in that. “Sorry…”

Janet let out a breathless chuckle. “It’s fine, I’m so used to having you in the harness that I didn’t even think about it. Enjoy yourself?”

“Mmhmm…” That was was something of an understatement. Her body was a blissful puddle in the bedroom.

“Me too.” She lifted Emma’s head up, giving her a kiss. “Don’t be embarrassed about your weird kinks, okay? It turns out I’m really fuckin’ into some of them.”

“Okay…” Emma murmured, a smile tugging at her lips.

Hopefully this strange thing is somewhat enjoyable. I have an idea for another chapter that would incorporate both the harness and the collar, though it depends on whether or not people want to see more of this. All comments and criticisms are appreciated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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