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You come into the room, your robe swishing around your naked thighs, your tits jiggling seductively under the thin material as you move.

I’m lying on the bed in just my boxers shorts. I’m horny for you. You can see it on my face. You stare shamelessly at my bulging crotch as you sit down on the bed beside me.

You reach out a hand and stroke my thigh, careful not to get too close to my bulging crotch just yet. My eyes are on your body. Your robe has fallen open revealing your naked tits and cunt. I’m staring at your pussy like a starving man. You feel your pulse quicken. You part your thighs so I can get a better look at your naked cunt.

You enjoy the feel of my hot eyes on your naked flesh. You let the robe fall casually from your shoulders before slipping it off completely and tossing it into a chair. You have a stunning body and you know it. You can see in my eyes how much the sight of your naked flesh turns me on. I gasp, and you watch my cock stiffen noticeably inside my pants.

You feel my heat before your fingertips touch me. You run your fingers along the outline of my cock, feeling the thickness of it through my pants. Then, very gently, you squeeze my swollen balls.

I lift my hips and press my cock-bulge into your hand. My breathing becomes noticeably laboured as I lay back, enjoying the erotic stimulation of your exploring fingers. I’m in seventh heaven.

You place your whole hand over my cock-bulge and rub softly. The feel of your my virile cock pressing against your palm makes your cunt drool with desire. You bend forward and look into my eyes, smiling seductively.

I reach out and close a hand around your left breast, staring in awe as my fingers squeeze the warm, resilient tit-flesh. I squeeze your big, firm tits one at a time. Your pussy-slit fills with lubrication as you stroke my hard cock, your hot, eager cunt seeping oil. You lean forward and pull my mouth to yours, one hand behind my head, the other curling around my cock and balls as you kiss me passionately. I moan as I feel your soft, warm tongue slither sexily between my parted lips. I respond immediately, returning your steamy kiss with equal passion. You squeeze my balls, then close your fingers around my cock-bulge and rub it.

Your cunt is literally dripping in lustful anticipation of what is to follow. You feel your tits swell and your nipples stiffen into hard, throbbing points under my hands. Your pussy is flooded, and your distended clitoris throbs almost painfully for attention. You have never felt so horny.

You want to scream at me to get naked and fuck you. You want to throw me onto the bed, spread your legs and shove that lovely big cock of mine into your sex-starved cunt. You want it so bad, you can hardly control yourself. But better to take it nice and slow for now, even though the wait will be excruciating.

You reach for my hand and slide it between your thighs, pressing my fingers into the scalding wet flesh of your naked pussy.

You’re so hot I feel like your cunt might blister my fingers, that it might suddenly burst into flames, if you weren’t much too wet to burn.

You spread halkalı escort your thighs wide and groan deep in your throat as you feel one of my fingers slip eagerly inside your horny hole. I moan too as the hot, succulent pink flesh of your cunt envelops my exploring digit.

What you need most of all is a big, hard cock in your achy cunt, but right now my thick middle finger feels almost as good. You soak it with a huge gush of molten pussy-cream.

I push it into you as far as I can, right to the last knuckle, cramming your vagina until my palm comes to rest on your pussymound. At once, I begin to wiggle it around, moving my finger back and forth. Slowly at first, then more forcefully when you begin to gasp and groan, and hunch your pussy into my hand.

I introduce another finger into your clinging fuckhole and hear you groan with pleasure as your muscles ripple and stretch around it. You feel absolutely wonderful inside… all hot and wet and slippery. You feel like silk, and I tell you so.

Your hot cuntlips seem to cling and suck at my fingers as I move them back and forth in the well-lubricated mass of your pussy. I hunch my cock into your hand, desperate now for more erotic stimulation. You’re desperate too. Your pussy is on fire, wet and pulsating around my fingers as I begin to move them in and out of your cunt.

You need a good, hard fuck now so damn much, you can almost taste it. It is time.

Flashing me a lewd grin, you reach out and pull down my bulging shorts. I lift my hips off the bed to help you, watching the look on your face as my throbbing erection springs free almost slapping against your chin.

With a moan of frenzied lust, you reach out and wrap both hands around it. Holding the shaft steady, you lower your head and gently kiss the bloated tip.

I close my eyes and begin fucking my prick impatiently into your tightly clenched fists. Your fingers feel wonderful, but I remember the hot, wet softness of your lips on my cock and I want more.

I now beg you to suck it, staring into your face with lust-crazed eyes.

My blood-engorged prick throbs and jerks at your slightest touch, a steady stream of clear fluid oozing from my dilated pisshole. My balls are swollen, and you have me on the verge of shooting my cum.

You decide that the best thing for both of us is to help me get rid of my first load before we start fucking. You want a long, luxurious fuck. You lower your head between my muscular thighs and inhale deeply, enjoying the musky male scent of my crotch. My cock stands straight up, wagging stiffly and lewdly in your face. Your hot cunt twitches with fucklust.

You think about how great it’s gonna feel cramming your starved little pussy, pistoning inside you and making you cum. But right now you want to devour me. Your hot breath fans my prick, I shiver lustily. Your stiff nipples are grazing my body, your luscious tits swaying gently as you crawl into position. With a moan, you stick out your tongue and begin lashing it all over the engorged, purple head of my cock.

You şişli escort swallow the first drops of my cock cream, and drool eagerly. I know you love the taste of my cock juice. You’re not just licking my meat because you have to. Your hot little tongue works swiftly and eagerly, swirling around my swollen cockhead, lapping up my leaking fuck-cream as fast as you can get it, rolling it around, savouring the taste before swallowing, licking and gulping till you’ve finally cleaned my cockhead of all the oozing cream, but you’re still hungry for more. Using the stiff tip of your tongue, you drill right into my pisshole and ream out more of my tasty fluids, relishing the pungent saltiness of me.

I twist my fingers into your silken hair and suddenly pull your face down over my cock, fucking urgently into your mouth. You almost choke as I ram the head of my prick down your throat.

I stare at your face with glassy eyes, my hands in your hair as my cock slides in and out of your hot, slippery mouth. You lift your hands, caressing up my thighs, before cupping my naked ass. You squeeze it firmly, and with a grunt, I begin to fuck your mouth harder.

You become submissive, letting your emotions soar as you allowed me to fuck your mouth as hard and as fast as I want. It arouses you deeply to be used by me, and your cunt begins to react in ways you had never felt before.

You twist and writhe your ass, bunching it tightly, squeezing your thighs together in attempt to satisfy the hot itch between your legs. Your labia swollen and puffy with desire, and your clit seems to bulge in a hard, throbbing knot. My balls bounce against your chin, and you wish you could swallow them too, but your mouth is too full of my hard cock.

All the while you’re making soft, whimpering sounds deep in your throat. Your sucking lips feel exactly like a tight little cunthole, clinging hotly to my prick.

With your legs spread wide as you crouch above me, your outer lips hang open, revealing the ever-so-juicy inner folds of your pussy. Your pinkly-gaping gash is flooded with arousal. I can’t wait to stick my cock into that hot, wet hole and fuck you, but right now I want to explode down your throat.

My hips lurch up off the bed, my jism churning in my balls. You tense in anticipation, whipping your hand wildly up and down my swollen prick as you coax my hot load into your mouth, my dick jerking and pulsing wildly between your lips as jet after jet of hot, spunk erupts into your mouth.

To keep from choking, you swallow as I keep fucking your face, my movements jerky. Squirt after hot, sticky squirt shoots into your mouth, coating your tongue and the insides of your cheeks. You gulp loudly as your mouth fills with creamy seed. Your cunt twitches and bubbles hotly as you savour the taste of me.


You spread your legs for me, your eyes firey with lust, and I watch in fascination as your glistening pink cuntlips gape open, revealing the glistening pink inner flesh, quivering and contracting with arousal. Mesmerised by the carnal beauty of it, I reach out to touch you. sarıyer escort My fingers slide into the soft, wet cuntflesh like a hot knife through butter. My fingers churn around in your tight, juicy cunt as you flop back and spread your legs wide apart, giving my delving fingers complete access to your cunt.

You notice with satisfaction that my cock is already beginning to thicken visibly as you rub it gently up and down.

I press my nose against your matted cunt-bush and inhale deeply. The delightful odour of your sex fills my nostrils, sending primeval urges racing through my brain. The smell of hot pussy always turns me on, but your smell is absolutely intoxicating.

I kneel between your open thighs, my hard cock in my fist. You look at the expression on my face and realized that it mirrors your own. I mount you, my gorgeous, naked lover and force my cock into the hot, wet, slit between your perfect thighs. You gurgle, feeling my cock penetrate the moist constriction of your pussy with a single hard thrust. You groan as your hips jerk upwards, sliding onto the length of my eager cock. Your eyes bulge as you feel me fuck deep into your open-lipped twat and stretch the elastic walls of your pussy. I can feel every ridge and groove of your cuntal lining as it clings to my cockshaft like a tightly stretched glove. Taking the weight of my body on my elbows, I begin to move my hips up and down, slowly at first, and then, much faster as your juices began to flow copiously, lubricating the junction of our mutual lust.

I stab my prick in and out swiftly, causing you to pant and writhe. You begin to sob, clawing at the bedspread, your head twisting from side to side as you began to lift your hips and fuck back at my thrusting cock. The friction of my thick cockshaft along the sensitive lips of your cunt makes your mind spin, and you churn your ass wantonly.

You look down between your splayed thighs, watching my cock fuck in and out of your cunt. Your pink cuntlips clinging to the shaft as I withdraw and disappear back inside, seeing the way your pussy stretches and clasps my cock, as well as feeling it.

You lift your legs, drawing your knees back, shoving your cunt up at my lunging cock, and rub your clit hard up against my hammering pubic bone.

A whimper escapes your lips as you feel the spreading heat of orgasm filling your battered twat. Your eyes flutter open to look up at me staring down at you.

I fuck you harder as I hear your cry, my hips pumping up and down, my cock stretching and filling your bucking twat with hot, throbbing hardness. It’s just what you need and you feel your thighs begin to melt and your eyes go out of focus as my prick slams into your hole. You strain your quivering snatch high, grinding your clit deliciously against my cock as you cum, climaxing in a surge of raw, mindless ecstasy. You fling your hands behind my body to grab my jerking ass, pulling me into you as deep as you can while you cum. Your body shudders all over and your cunt explodes, squeezing and gripping my long cock like a tiny toothless mouth. You bite your bottom lip hard to stop from screaming,

Your wild reaction is all I need to slip over the edge myself, and with a deep, panting grunt, I throw back my head and send jet after jet of thick scalding sperm deep up inside your cunt.

As I cum, I grab your breasts and grip them tightly, twisting and squeezing the sweaty, jiggling titflesh as I fill your hot cunt with a full load of creamy cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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