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“I will never stop enjoying this book,” said Lily. She was sitting with her feet up in a large leather chair, wrapped in a cozy blanket under the yellow lamplight. A worn copy of Little Women rested in her gentle fingers, one-third progress marked by the insertion of her thumb. Her hair, the color of milk chocolate, was tied into a loose bun, and a few strands fell around her reading glasses. She smiled warmly at her son, her expression inadvertently charming him.

“How many times have you even read Little Women?” asked Alex. He bookmarked the current page of his own book and took a sip of his tea.

“This is the fourth time,” she answered. Alex shook his head and chuckled.

“There are a lot of books out there,” he said. “You’re really missing out on a lot of good reads if you keep re-reading the same five books.”

“I do NOT read the same five books!” she exclaimed playfully, dimples showing alongside her grin. She groaned as Alex listed off a couple of books that she couldn’t deny having read multiple times. “What do you propose I read then?” she asked her son.

He thought intentionally for a moment. Wickedness took over and her imagined giving her an erotic novel, or perhaps some online literature, making her horny… no, that wouldn’t do. He may have had a major crush on his mother for as long as he could remember, but that would always be it. No Freudian fantasy would come true today, and not ever, no sir.

“You should try something short. I did find a new short-story online that was pretty good,” he said. “It’s a romance- right up your alley.”

Lily looked at him amusingly. “You’re a romantic, huh? Like mother, like son.”

He shrugged and tried to keep himself from blushing. His mother was into romance novels and movies, and he recalled a time when they had watched a particularly steamy one. They had been sitting next to each other on the couch, and for much of the movie he had been incredibly fearful of one accidental move and her discovery of his erection. Since then, he had been hesitant to sit near her while they watched movies.

“I’m going to reheat my tea. Do you want me to do yours to?”

He nodded and handed her the mug. If this was in a porno, he could have said “I would love to have you do mine,” and then they’d start doing each other. As his mother walked away, he couldn’t help but stare at her ass as it swayed naturally across the room. At this point in his life, he had just about accepted that nothing would ever happen between them, so he took every chance he could to look at her and fuel his fantasies. Later, his hand would relieve his fantasy, through stroke or through storytelling.

His latest work- a short mother/son story- had so far received a 4.7/5 rating. Not bad, considering the behemoth of exceptional writing that was on the erotic website. It seemed that writing was the one true way to get out his built-up incestuous energy. Masturbation was a temporary solution (unless he jacked off five times a day, which he had done on more than one occasion), and sex with real girls was generally only physically satisfying. Putting words to pages was his primary outlet.

“So can I read this short story?” Lily asked from the kitchen, interrupting his thoughts.

“Yeah,” he called back, “I’ll pull it up on my tablet later.”

He had discovered his love for literature by the end of high school. For most of his confused existence, he was frustrated that he couldn’t have what he truly wanted. But that was history. Writing came first, encouraged by his eleventh-grade English teacher. Until then, no one had expressed confidence in his ability, and her doing so made all the difference in the world. He began to write outside of his school assignments, starting with short narratives and later dipping his toes into poetry. Reading came next, at first as a way to improve his writing (every good writer is a good reader, his teacher had said). But soon he fell in love with the stories, his imagination inspired by mere words on a page.

So now he was a creative writing major and a psychology minor. He liked to write and he liked to understand people. Or maybe he still longed to understand himself.

Now it was early November, and finals were coming up soon, but he didn’t feel the need to study. He was taking easy classes and was confident that he would graduate. Instead, he dedicated most of his free time into writing and reading. He was glad that he stayed home this year, his fourth and final year instead of living in an apartment, even if it was a further drive to campus.

It’s worth it, he thought as his mom walked back into the living room. She set his tea on the coaster for him and smiled. He thanked her and tried to continue reading, though he acknowledged that a certain pattern of thoughts had begun, and it would be difficult to focus.

A few minutes went by, and Alex looked at his mom. She was engaged with the paperback, her expression one of focus. Her arms were squeezed together at just the right angle to cause çankaya escort her breasts to huddle together, a long line of cleavage protruding from the top of her scoop neck shirt. Mesmerized, he stared absentmindedly.

Lily’s eyes darted at him suddenly, and he looked straight down at his book. It was quick, but just enough time that his gawking was noticeable. She said nothing, and he didn’t dare glance back up to check if she had reacted. The blood rushed to his face, and he gulped silently.

“How’s the book?” Lily asked. He shrugged and closed it.

“It’s fine. I think I’m gonna go write.”

“Okay,” she said, turning her attention back to her book. As he walked by, he caught a slight smirk on her face. Either she figured what he was really going up to do, or she liked his gawking… or both.

The first thing he did was lock his door.

Alex pulled up a website for erotic stories on his tablet and found the incest category- a section of literature he was familiar with. With his mother on his mind, he read through a short story about a model her son that helped take pictures for her when her previous photographer left. The photo sessions turned hot very quickly. Alex wanked onto a tissue.

He laid still for a moment and nearly dozed off before grabbing his laptop and settling into typing a story of his own. The word count was only at about 2000; he was having trouble getting started.

“Maybe I could leave my laptop out for mom to find,” he whispered to himself. He tended to whisper aloud while writing. “She could help me finish it… maybe with some practical brainstorming.”

With a slight grin he shook his head. Like his mom would ever buy into that.

After about ninety minutes of thinking and typing he had put down a couple of pages. Not bad, considering he had retyped at least half of it. He began to get up but remembered that he was supposed to find a short story for his mom. He switched out of private mode on his browser and found a more family-appropriate website containing literature that he enjoyed reading. It took a moment, but he found one that he liked at opened it up for his mother to read. He left his room, bringing his tablet with him.

Meanwhile, Lily had been looking outside, appreciating the calm October weather through the living room window. The house was still- it had been since Alex had gone upstairs- and the silence made her feel eerily alone. But nature always lifted her spirits, even if she could only see the reddened maple trees littered along their block.

A couple walked by the house walking their dog. They had to be about Lily’s age, maybe in their mid-forties, and they looked happy, as they walked past and Lily saw their backs, the man cupped the woman’s ass before giving it a gentle slap. The woman jumped and swatted at his arm in disapproval, though her smile said otherwise. She looked around wildly for any observers, but as far as Lily was aware she was the only one who saw it, and she wasn’t caught.

Without realizing it, she drifted off into a daydream. She reached down and… wait, why was she wet? Damn, she was horny, even after something as small as a pat on the butt. She sipped her tea and thought, her heart feeling powerful yet desolate. It wasn’t the ass slap… it was the couple’s closeness. She hadn’t been with a man since Jack left, and that was what, eight years ago?

“Fuck,” she muttered. Eight years! Nothing to please her for eight years except her hand, vibrator, and the dirty fables of the internet. She sighed and touched herself again; she wasn’t going to dry off anytime soon.

Lily attempted to drift away to the bedroom when her son came down the stairs. Startled, she gasped and clutched her chest.

“Sorry,” he said, stopping at the foot of the stairs. “You okay?”

“Yeah, just got lost in a daydream.” She walked into the kitchen and set her empty mug in the sink.

“I have that story pulled up if you want to read it,” he said, holding out his tablet. Without much consideration she took it with a quick thanks. Maybe a romance story would get her off.

“Do you mind if I read this in my room?” she asked. “I might doze off after reading for a little.”

“Sure, take it.”

They parted ways with smiles, and she went straight up to her bedroom and locked the door. For the next thirty to sixty minutes, she couldn’t care less about the world around her. Right now, all she wanted to do was touch herself and imagine a man’s cock sliding into her pussy.

She stripped down to her underwear and hopped into bed, getting cozy under the thick sheets. There was already a wet spot on her crotch, so she might as well make it bigger; the panties were going into the laundry anyway. The story was already pulled up when she unlocked the tablet, so she quickly started reading while absentmindedly rubbing her middle finger around the outside of her underwear.

The story was good, but it wasn’t what Lily was looking for at escort çankaya the moment. There was a nice kiss towards the end (actually, it was pretty hot), but the story was too short, and she needed something else. She reached for her phone to pull out some porn, but hesitated. The tabled could give her a great view of some cock. She could delete the history afterwards. Wait, wasn’t private mode a way to avoid that? She navigated to the private mode option and switched windows… and what she found made her heart stall.

There were five tabs open from an erotic literature website and one tab with a collection of pictures. Her shock was met with immediate curiosity. What kind of porn did her son look at? Her amusement was brief, as she saw the title and felt a wave of unease fall upon her.

“Mommy’s Mouth – Chapter 3?” she whispered to herself in disbelief, her heart rate skyrocketing. Alex reads mother-son porn?

Her first thought was to start reading it and see what it was, but she checked that thought. No way, this isn’t right, leave it alone. Her thoughts exploded. Do I talk to him about this? Is it just a phase? What do the other tabs have? Does he think about me this way? Of course he does. Well maybe not, maybe it’s just a fetish. Don’t kid yourself. Is this a common thing for boys? Why the fuck am I even wetter?

The last thought made her stop her touching, which she just realized she had continued to do during the start of her discovery. Her mind was all over the place; she didn’t know what to think or what to do.

She browsed over the other story tabs, noting that some were also incestually titled while others merely alluded to sexual endeavors. Perhaps those were less taboo.

Instead of checking the stories, she tapped on the tab with the pictures. It was a board called “Mother-Son,” and all the pictures had some form of captions. There were almost a thousand photos in the board.

“If this isn’t Alex’s creation, then I’m glad he’s not the only fucking creep,” she muttered, using her thumb to scroll while her other hand began to swirl around her crotch again. Many of the pictures were of pornstars that she recognized, though they were given mother-like identities. Those that had men or even just penises usually had some sort of allusion to incest.

Lily pulled her soaking panties aside and inserted a finger into her womanhood. Her palm rubbed against her bush, which had grown a bit wild. Not like she needed to keep it tame for anyone. She scrolled through the pictures, putting all concerns aside to deal with later as she really just wanted to get off.

One picture had a busty brunette pornstar squat riding a huge cock. The caption was “Dad hadn’t even pulled out of the driveway before mom was on top of me.”

One picture, a .gif, had a beautiful blonde woman on her knees in front of her standing son. She kissed the underside of his cock before taking the whole length in one effortless motion. The caption was “My girlfriend couldn’t deepthroat, and I asked mom what it was like. She seemed eager to show me.”

One picture was a close-up of a surprised woman’s face in front of a huge cock. The caption was “I heard my son had a big cock, but it was even bigger than I had imagined!”

One picture showed a younger woman watching an older one having doggystyle sex with a younger man. The caption was “Mom walked in on me and my girlfriend having sex on the couch. She said we were doing it all wrong and showed us how it was done.”

One picture, another .gif, showed a close-up of a very huge cock pounding a very wet pussy. The caption was “After eighteen years, mom finally let me back into her pussy. I filled her up nicely!”

Lily paused on that last one for a while, studying the large shaft and the vaginal grip of the lucky woman. Her own hand was moving rapidly now, two of her fingers fucking herself while her thumb tapped her hood. She closed her eyes and imagined as best as she could the same penis entering her wet pussy. Then she looked up and saw Alex’s face on the man who was pounding her…

Her body suddenly convulsed, and her legs clenched around her hand. She opened her mouth in a silent scream. A flood of warmth pulsed through her, causing her thighs to twitch and her stomach to flex. As it subsided, she exhaled heavily, having held her breath for a good ten seconds.

The concern she faced not too long ago returned in greater force as she rag-dolled in bed. It was too much on her mind to think about everything she thought of earlier and the self-shame she felt after masturbating to those pictures. She mustered the strength to close the internet and lock the tablet before closing her eyes and ignoring every bit of the strange mix of disgrace, fulfilment, and loneliness she simultaneously felt.


Alex received his tablet back from his mom a few hours later. She had napped for longer than he had expected. He put the tablet on his nightstand and grabbed his car çankaya escort bayan keys and wallet. He figured he would pick up a bottle of wine for him and his mom so they could relax some more this evening. He certainly felt like he needed to let loose just a bit given his writer’s block, even though he had made progress today.

While he was at the convenience store, his mom sent him a text. “Can you pick up some wine?” she asked.

“That’s what I’m doing,” he replied.

“Oh. Get two bottles.”


He found something relatively inexpensive that he knew tasted good and grabbed a couple bottles. When he got home, his mom was sitting on a stool at the kitchen counter. She wore a loose sweater and leggings. He said hello and slipped his jacket off.

“Hi,” she said quietly. He put the alcohol onto the counter and took a pair of glasses out of the cabinet.

“You okay?” he asked. She nodded and eyed the wine. “You sure? You aren’t your usual bubbly self. What’s going on?”

“Oh, just something came up earlier. I don’t want to talk about it right now though. I just want a drink.”

“Okay.” He poured them each a glass and they clanked them together before taking a sip.

“Why did you get wine in the first place?” she asked.

“Writer’s block.”


“Yep. I made some progress today, but in general I’ve been kinda stuck.”

“What are you working on?”

He hesitated slightly, but it was enough for her to notice. “My first novel. I’m not very far. It’s about a, uh… man and woman who are meant to be together, but culture keeps them apart.”

“You’re quite a Shakespearean,” she joked, and her momentary lightheartedness lifted his own spirits, for they had fallen upon seeing her mood. She took another sip, and her expression turned somber again. “When are you going to find your woman?”

“Mom, we’ve been over this before.”

“And I know what your excuses are. What I want to know is the truth. Is culture keeping you apart from her too?”

He looked at her with as vacant of an expression as he could muster. “No.” They studied each other’s eyes for a moment, as if expecting the other to break first. But both held their ground.

“I could ask you the same question,” he said.

“I don’t want another woman,” she said with a grin. ” But if I did, culture wouldn’t be the one keeping me from her.”

“You know what I mean. Dad’s been gone for eight years and you haven’t brough home a single date.”

Lily took a big gulp of wine. “I know… I know.”

“I don’t mean to pry, but why is that?”

“I guess I’ve been waiting for the right man to come along.”

“Well, you’re not gonna find the right man by waiting around. You’ve got to do something to get what you want.”

She repeated that last line in her head several times. You’ve got to do something to get what you want. But what do you want? Is it really your own son? Or are you just turned on by the taboo of what you saw on his private browser?

Alex poured himself another glass, so she quickly finished hers and pushed it towards him. “Want to settle in the living room?” she asked.


He sat in the middle of the couch, expecting his mother to take her usual armchair, but she sat next to him. He scooched to the opposite end to give her room, and they turned to face each other. Her cocoa hair appeared extra milky this evening, and he wanted to run his fingers through it, to smell it. Imagination told him it could be that special tangerine shampoo he had bought her for her birthday a few weeks ago.

A touch on his toes made him look down. Her toenails were painted a deep cerulean blue, sparkling in the lamplight. If only he could… he caught himself before his thoughts took him too far.

“I’m curious to know more about my son’s dating life,” she continued. “Have you ever been with a girl that you thought might be the one?”

“Not really,” he replied.

“Don’t tell me their tits aren’t big enough.”


She giggled. “Sorry, must be the wine. But really, you’re not just basing it off looks, are you?”

“No, of course not.”

“Good. I’d like to think I didn’t raise my son that way.” She sipped her wine and looked him up and down. “Although, I’d go for you based off of looks if I were around your age.”

Alex felt hot but played it off. He smiled and finished off his glass. She asked him to bring the bottle over when he got up for more wine.

“You HAVE been with girls in college though, right?”

He sighed. “Alright mom. Yes, I have.”

“One-night stands? Anyone want a round two?”

“That’s between me and the girls. But if there isn’t a round two, it’s not because they don’t want it.”

She smirked. “Confident, eh? I like that. I bet you give those girls a good time.”

His heartbeat quickened a little. Time to turn it back onto her. “And I bet there are tons of guys just wetting themselves at the thought of you. Seriously, no interest in dating?”

“I’m waiting for right guy.”

“Go find the right guy. Have a girls night out. Bring someone home.”

“I’m also too busy looking out for my son.”

Alex laughed. “I may be living at home, but I was away for three years. I’m grown.”

“You’ll always be my baby boy.” Her eyes flickered downward. “Even if you are a little bigger now.”

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