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My breathing came out ragged and harsh, as the large looming weight above me alleviated. The grin of the larger man shone in the darkness of the room. He brought his head down and his face was mere inches away from mine. His rough, calloused hands worn from countless battles freely roamed my bound body.

His head slid down my body, his tongue leaving a hot wet trail as it slithered down. I gasped when his mouth latched onto my nipple and his tongue rolled the hardening bud. My body writhed in pleasure and I arched out to have him continue more. One of his hands came and held down my hips while his tongue still fondled the bud. His free hand played with the unattended bud, as his mouth teased the other.

Leaving the bud, he blew on my saliva covered nipple making me shiver from the new sensation. His hands left a fiery trail in the wake of their passing. His fingers played my body across each cell in my body. I felt long skilled fingers probing the space between the cheeks that conceals my taut pucker. His fingers slowly slide into the tight ring of muscle, and I wince from the dragging feeling.

My mouth is engulfed in a rough smothering kiss, as his middle finger slowly slide in and out of my bottom opening. I felt my body flinch, when he twisted his finger in a circular motion. He starts up a corkscrewing motion, and soon adds a second finger. A small squeal leaves my lips, and his mouth devoured the girlish sound. The side of his lips turned up into a grin as he continued the heated kiss.

He started up a scissoring motion with the two fingers in me, while keeping up with the corkscrew. A third finger went in, and I whimpered in slight pain from his fingers having gone in dry. Removing his hand he stretched over my body, and searched in a drawer; searching for something. The sound of a cap popping brought me to looking deep into his gray eyes. A cold, wet and slimy substance was applied to my loosened pucker, his fingers reentering me, to coat my walls.

Something much larger replaced his fingers, and I bit back a gasp as he slowly started to push the enormous girth into me. “Shhh” he cooed, running his free hand through my hair, trying to calm me from the harsh pain ravaging my being “It’ll be okay. Just a little more.” My eyes locked with his and I saw pure, raw emotion flooding them. His voice a gravely, gruff sound, sends tingles down my spine.

He leaned his head down and rested his forehead on mine; his warm minty breath hitting me in the face. The feeling of scratchy hair pressed up against my cheeks, alerted me that he distracted me from him completely filling me to the core. “Relax for me baby.” He said softly, never taking his forehead off of mine. I willed my body to relax, and I felt my lower sphincter relax the tight conjoining of muscles. He held still while waiting for my body, to finish adjusting to his size. My mind traveled to all sorts of things while my body adjusted. To how I got into this position, to how it felt with him controlling my being. Just trying to distract myself for when I nodded to him, and he pulled his hips back slowly.

He pulled his hips back to he was almost out of me, and snapped his hips forward. My body lurched as another surge of pain reigned my body. The pain quickly faded to pure pleasure as he angled his body to slam into my prostate on each thrust. A slur of moans, and inconceivable words spewed from my mouth, as each thrust made my body bounce on the bed. The headboard collided with the wall every time, making a pounding sound join with the creaking of the almanbahis yeni giriş bed fill the room.

Every one of my moans was accompanied by a moan from him. I almost lost my composure and shot my load when he slammed particularly hard into my prostate. “A-Ares!” I moan out, my voice sounding minuscule in the complete dominance of his grunts. His eyes locked with mine again and he grabbed my legs and placed them on his shoulders and bent forward, collapsing my body.

In this position it felt as if his cock was going into me deeper and deeper with each stroke. “Heracles… you’re so tight!” his grunts got louder and his thrust got longer. I reached up and placed my hands on his shoulders, and he dropped my legs, to his waist. I flipped us over so I was riding Ares. “Ride me baby” he rasped out; his voice husky from the dripping emotion. I placed my hands on his broad chest and bent my legs in half. I slowly rocked my body back and forth on top of him, and moaned as I felt his cock rub my walls.

I slowly brought my body up, and the down; ridding him. His hands found my waist and he helped guide me along. I bent forward and clashed my lips to his while keeping my body moving. His lips were chapped, but not so as to make it dreadful to kiss him. It made you remember that he was a man… and a big man he is. His hips thrust up to meet me coming down, and I gasped into his mouth. A slight chuckle escaped his mouth, as he repeated the process over and over again.

My body was on fire. Each thrust slammed the head of his dick into my prostate, sending burst of heat throughout me. The feeling was intense, like the need to piss extremely badly, but the pleasure it brought you made you wish it to never stop. A burning sensation, that started in my ass traveled through me, and into my groin. I felt myself about to explode. My nuts contracted into me, and my own dick jerked and my essence was shot out.

A loud cry of pleasure and ecstasy freed itself from my being as my seed splattered on the sparsely haired chest of Ares. Ares let out a loud grunt as his hips frantically jerked when my anus contracted and squeezed his cock. His grunt turned into a roar of triumph, and I felt warmth being pumped into me from his throbbing member. As more and more of his seed was pumped up into me, he pulled me down onto him, squishing my emptied seed between our chests and gently kissed me.

I slightly gasped as he pulled his member out of my hole. Following his member was his emptied seed, and I clenched my well stretched ass to keep it in. He rolled me onto my side, and I lied on my back. Ares got up off the bed, and returned with a wet cloth. After cleaning us both off, he climbed back into the bed and pulled me over onto his chest. My eyes closed, and he intertwined our hands together. My body relaxed and I feel asleep, on the older man’s chest.

Waking up, after you just had your ass pounded is the worse. The aching feeling that throbs in your lower body, shoots pain through you each time… but waking up, with a aching ass alone in the bed, is even more worse than that. I climbed out, wincing at the discomfort down there, and walked over to my closet. I pulled out one of Ares’ white shirts and a pair of pajama pants. Ares being greatly taller than me, the shirt fell down to my knees making it look like a dress.

I walked down the concrete stairs, but stopped when I smelt the aroma of cooking egg biscuits floating in the air. Ares never cooks… I thought curiously. Wandering down, and then into almanbahis giriş the kitchen I was shocked to see Ares at the stove. As if sensing I was there Ares looks over his shoulder and grins at me. “How ya feeling?” he asks, as he goes back to cooking. I walk up to him, and he opens his arm and pulls me into his chest while he stirs the yogurt.

“A little sore” I answer softly, still stunned to find him cooking. “You’re cooking.” I said, plainly. His chest softly rumbled, and his stirring went off slightly.

“Yes I am.” He answers with humor in his voice. “You were so tired after last night, I thought I should make you breakfast today.” He said. I turned in his arms so we were chest to chest and wrapped my arms around his neck. I placed a soft kiss on his lips, and he returned it. “Now go sit down while I serve you.” my mouth was agape. He was going to serve me too? I thought incredulously to myself.

I followed his instructions and sat at one of the barstools under the counter. I only had to sit there for a short while, before Ares approached and placed two biscuits and a side cup of yogurt. “This looks great Ares.” I tell him. He smiles at me while sitting on the opposite side of me. I take a bite of the egg biscuits, and a moan leaves my mouth.

The sweetness mixing perfectly with the bitterness shocks my taste buds and leaves a pleasant after taste after it goes down. “Ugh…” a grunt leaves Ares mouth, and my eyes glance up at him to see his eyes locked on my mouth. An idea comes to mind, and I mentally smirk. I set down the biscuit and grab the spoon in the yogurt. I lift it up with a good amount of yogurt on it.

Slowly I bring the white cream up to my mouth. I let my tongue slither out and softly drag on the slightly warm cream. I moaned as the tangy flavor burst on my taste buds “Heracles” Ares voice was a warning tone, which just made my resolve all the more strong. Tilting my head back, I let the yogurt drip down off the spoon and slide down my throat. Moaning all the more, and groaning softly as it drips down my lip and chin. I place it back in the cup and look at Ares, my eyes hooded, and a soft smile on my face. “Heracles… what do you think you’re doing?” he says.

His tone is deep, rough and husky laced with emotion. His breathing is short and slightly rasped. I climbed up onto the counter and crawled over it until I was right in front of Ares. His gray eyes swirling with lust look deep into my blue eyes. I reach down and grip the bottom of his shirt and pull it over his head. He looks at me quizzically, “Are we going to have sex in the kitchen?” he asks, his voice full of excitement. I couldn’t help the small chuckle that came from my mouth. He sounds like a little kid who just got a new toy.

Grabbing the yogurt, I leaned over Ares. I slid down into his lap, and his hands instinctively grabbed my hips. I dribble some of the yogurt down onto his chest, and he shivers slightly. I lean up and place my lips on his softly. I pull back and some yogurt is on his lip. I lick it off slowly and trail kisses down his chest. Reaching his pert nipples, covered in the now cold cream I lick around the hardened bud. My mouth clamps down on it and teases the bud, while cleaning it off. Moving to the other one, I repeat the process while listening to his breathing become erratic and feeling him stiffen in his boxers. I put more onto his slightly haired chest and proceed to lick him clean. He starts to grind up into my ass, while pressing my hips down onto him. I chuckle as I climb back up his almanbahis güvenilirmi body, and reconnect my lips to his. “What do you want Ares?” I whisper in his ear.

“Keep doing what you’re doing.” His voice is hard and commanding. I look deep into his eyes, and then travel down his chest. I lick up the remaining yogurt, and go down lower and lick each one of his rippling abs. my hands roam his sides. His grinding gets harder and more urgent, so I eventually pry his hands off my waist with a groan of protest from him. But that was quickly hushed, when I slid to the floor and pulled his dick out of his boxers. “What are yo-” he gets cut off when I drop a glob of the yogurt onto his throbbing member. A gasp escapes his mouth, and I bend forward and slide my tongue along the underside collecting the sweet cream… and the yogurt as I go. “Zeus! Baby, how did you think of this?” he asked. I peered up at him and his eyes caught mine.

“It just came to me… do you like it?” I ask, then without waiting for his answer start licking his throbbing member again. The angry red head, slightly poking out of his foreskin leaked slightly. My tongue collected his pre-cum the engulfed him halfway. I made loud sloppy slurping noises as I sucked off the cream, and his pre-cum. After the yogurt was gone, I wrapped my hand around his girth and stroked what I couldn’t get into my mouth. His grunting was encouraging me to work harder, and I hollowed my cheeks and applied a forceful amount of suction to him.

He started to softly thrust his hips upward, and I could tell he was getting close. I speed up my pace, and soon his body was jerking frantically “Baby! I’m…. I’m… c-cumming!” he said than his body jerked forcefully upward. He roared as the first shot hit the roof of my mouth, and I pulled back to let it land on my tongue. It kept filling my mouth and I had to swallow over and over. His cum filled my mouth multiple times. Once his weapon finally softened and fell from my mouth I climbed back up his body.

I gave him a quick kiss, and then rested my forehead against his. “How did you like it?” I ask, my voice timid and not above a whisper. He looks at me and I can’t see anything but love swirling in his eyes, which is a surprise from the God of War.

“Baby, it was great. Even better for the first blowjob you’ve given me.” I blushed at that. I really have never given him a blowjob before. “Don’t blush, it was amazing.” He said. I buried my head into his wet chest and his hands stroked my back.

“I love you Ares…” I say, I felt his body stiffen at my confession. I chanced a look up into his eyes to see him staring down at me. His eyes are glassy, and filled with unshed tears.

“What?” he asks. I straighten my back and clasp my hands to his cheeks. Looking straight into his eyes I repeat myself,

“I love you Ares. I really do. There is nothing that would make me not love you.” I wiped away the few tears the fell from his eyes, I leaned down and kissed away his tears.

“No one has ever said they loved me, Heracles.” I felt tears build in my eyes along with his. His hands come up and hold my face. “Don’t cry Sweetheart. I love you too.” He says. Hearing him say that really made the tears fall from my face. “Shit! What did I do?” he says quickly.

“Nothing,” I sniffled. “I’ve just been waiting to hear you say that for so long.” I get out between sobs. His arms wrap around my waist and he lets me cry into his shoulder. After I calm myself I pull myself back and kiss him. “Happy Valentine’s Day Ares… S ‘agapó_”

“Happy Valentine’s Day agápi_ S ‘agapó_” I placed my head back down on his chest and closed my eyes. This is where I belong. This is where I’m safe. This is where I’m happy.

We look back into each other’s eyes “S ‘agapó_”

(Agápi=Love. S’agapo= I love you.”)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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