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My phone rang me out of a deep peaceful sleep. “Face down. Ass up. That’s the way we like to… Face down. Ass up. That’s the way we like to…” The sound of his ringtone made me smile, even while half asleep.

I rolled over and grabbed my phone off the night stand. He was texting me to say it was raining and he was being sent home from work. I texted him back – “I’m not getting out of bed.. It’s warm and they like me here. Come join me. Back door’s open.” I pulled the 1200 count Egyptian cotton sheet back over my head and fell asleep.

About an hour later, I hear the familiar sound of a Ford diesel pull up the driveway under my bedroom window and I felt someone noticeably bigger than my cat climb into bed with me and start playing with my piercings. I let out a little moan, rolled over to face him and let the pillow out of my death grip. His tongue met with my nipple and I couldn’t help but arch my back a little bit to meet his mouth. He traced his finger down my stomach, barely touching me, but I could feel the halkalı escort heat from his hand. His hand traveled further south and gently he spread my legs apart so he could make sure I was waking up for him. I woke up a little more with each circle he made on my clit with his well calloused thumb. I am so not a morning person and he knew it. There had better be some coffee on the night stand or I was going to be a grumpy camper when we were done.

I then reached down to let him out of his tight jeans. Nothing like waking up to a sexy construction worker with his hard body up against yours, electricity building between you until you find release. I flipped over on the bed and took him in my hand. I started licking him. I was a happy fat kid with an ice cream cone.

The sounds he was making turned me on even more and I started to go down on him, sucking him hard until the noises got louder. He grabbed my head to get me to stop before şişli escort he exploded and smacked my ass to get on my hands and knees for him. He entered me slowly from behind. Each fraction of an inch he moved inside, I wanted him to hurry up and fuck me hard. Slow and easy was mean.

Once he filled me to the hilt of his rock hard cock, he moved his hips around, teasing me with his movement. I pulled away from him and started to move back and forth on his cock. Fuck me already damn it. Finally he got the hint and started to live up to his ring tone. He pounded me hard, slamming my face into the pile of pillows at the head of the bed. I was begging for him to make me cum. I was close and he knew it. He liked to hear me beg.

I was a spoiled brat and used to getting my way so he liked to tease me into submission before finishing me off. He pulled out and reached over to the night stand drawer. I look over to see him taking out the g-spot vibe. I stop pouting and start smiling. sarıyer escort Still on my hands and knees, he reaches under me with the toy and starts rubbing my clit. He knows he’s making me crazy by the way I’m wiggling around as he plays with me. He slips his dick back in my dripping wet pussy then pulls out and takes my ass. I gasp with pleasure as he fills me and starts sliding in and out. He knows I’m close because I can’t breathe or talk.

He slides the toy into my pussy and his balls slap it back inside me as his thrusting in my ass pulls it out. The combination of him fucking me and the toy rubbing my g-spot has me cum hard and gush all over him. I hear him grunt as he cums as my entire body tightens up with my release. I feel him filling my ass with smoldering hot cum and as he softens slightly, our combined juices drip down my thigh.

I thank god that the neighbors can’t hear us grunting and screaming in pleasure.

He pulls out and falls down on top of me, knocking me down on the bed. He kisses my neck and he tells me he’s going back to bed. I laugh as he pulls me close to him and covers us both back up with the soft cotton. I snuggle up to him and close my eyes. His even breathing on my neck helps me fall asleep again. We sleep until lunch time and then get up, take a shower together and go out for lunch, just like the two friends we really are.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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