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Below is my own personal diary. I started a week after I turned 18. It was meant then to be a record for myself of what I thought then would be the craziest week of my life. How wrong I was. I’m 19 now, and what you’re about to read is how I slept with no less then 365 men in 365 days. A different man a day.

As you’ll soon see, sometimes I slept with men repeatedly, and sometimes with multiple people at once- but not a day passed without a new dick.

You may not believe this is a true record of my last year, you might think I’m stretching the truth or just making it all up- but I’m not. The only thing I have change is the names- except mine. I really am Kim. Oh- and I had to sort of ‘novelize’ it so it’s readable. So sometimes I explained things to the reader that I obviously would not need to explain to myself.

Day one. My Birthday.

Today I became legal. Since I was 13 my mum reminded me every birthday not to have sex until I was an adult, until I was 18. She warned me of all the dangers heartaches and risks and she told me sex was not a Childs decision.

I love my mum, and I know she’s smarter then I am. So I promised not to have sex till I was 18- and I meant it. But for the last year I hated that I had. I was in love with my boyfriend, Josh — or thought I was. In the end he fucked a slut from school because I wouldn’t spread my legs for him.

But I’d become an adult. If I decided to fuck someone, I could, and I though I probably would.

The only problem with that is my family wants to spend the whole day celebrating. I’m not sure when I’ll be alone long enough to fuck anyone. But I decided to play it by ear, after all, it didn’t have to be my 18th birthday that I lost my virginity, any of the many days after would probably do.

The party was a big one, I had invited all my friends from school, work and netball and mum had invited the extended family as well as our neighbors and her friends. There had to be a hundred people there. It was a hot day so daddy cooked a barbeque and everyone jumped in the pool. There were plenty of hot guys there.

I showed off my hot body at the pool as much as I could, I wore my new 2 piece bikini and let all the boys cope an eyeful of my huge firm milky tits. I was glad to see Derrick checking out my curves, he’s my friends older brother- now in collage- and he’s completely hot. I toyed with the idea of letting him be my first.

One of my girlfriends whispered into my ear that Billy was checking me out. I turned and looked towards him and our eyes locked for a moment, before he got embarrassed and looked away. He was sitting on the side of the pool and I could see his prick pressing into his swimmers. Me and he girls both giggled. Billy was only week or two older then me and he lived next door, he was a total computer geek- he had no idea how to even talk to girls.

Everyone ate Daddy’s food and sat around the table talking about me, mostly embarrassing stories of when I was 5 or 6. And then I got to open presents. As much as I loved the attention I snuck back into the house for some booze, It was legal for me to drink now I was 18, but I was still sure daddy wouldn’t like it.

As I stood in the kitchen with the fridge door open, sculling back my second cold beer I heard the backdoor open. I ignored it, I wasn’t doing keçiören escort anything wrong. With me standing in front of the open fridge the way past me into the kitchen was almost completely blocked, but someone squeezed past me.

Normally when someone squeezes past u like this it’s acceptable to put a hand on them as you pass- for balance and to reassure them. It could even be acceptable to do it on someone’s ass if you knew them well enough, but I wasn’t expecting anyone to squeeze my ass as the walked past. It gave me goosebumps.

I turned to face whoever it was as he passed by, and was shocked to see my older cousin. ‘Was that just a playful cousin thing? Or is my cousin coming onto me?’, he smiled coyly at me but I still couldn’t read his intensions. At that moment I was interrupted by three of my girlfriends who literally dragged me away.

The party eventually dwindled, but 20 or so people hung about to watch movies with us and play pictionary. I wanted to go out drinking in town, but mum quite sternly reminded me some of these guests had traveled interstate to see me today- and that I should go drinking next weekend.

I went to bed happy, but a little annoyed. I didn’t get the chance to fuck anyone.

Now I forgot to mention one important person at my party. Garry. Garry is an old friend of my dads, they both served in Desert storm together. Garry saved my dad’s life once (I don’t know the details) during the war, so he’s treated like family, better then family really. We all call him Uncle Garry.

Garry’s one of those guys who went to war and came back a different person, he can’t hold a job or a relationship cause he gets these flashbacks or gets really depressed. Whenever things go badly for him he moves in here for a few months and we all look after him.

This was one of the few times I had seen him happy. He had a job at a warehouse and dad thought he had a girlfriend (even though he refused to admit it) and he brought me an awesome present (a large silver framed mirror). I’m telling you this because about a half hour after I fell to sleep he crept into my bedroom.

I was fast asleep after a day of food, booze and sun. I was exhausted. Garry (or so he told me later) carefully snuck into the room after he could hear the house had gone to sleep, and he simply stood there looking at me as I slept. For five minutes he stood there, watching me breath and staring at the bits of my body exposed from under my covers (I sleep naked).

He moved over to the bed and grabbed the sheets. I was to tired to realize anything had changed. I’m blond, with shoulder length hair and white skin (although the sun the day had made me more pink then white), I’m not a stick-figure-model — I have some fat on my bones but also a big round ass and large breasts. And that was what he saw when he looked at my naked body curled up on the bed.

One of his hands reached out and stroked my thigh with a feather touch. In my sleep I began to dream of Derrick and of his hand on my thigh, I let out a soft involuntary moan. Encouraged by my moan he used both his hands to caress my body. He explored my legs, my butt, my waist and eventually settled on gently rubbing my breasts.

I was still sleeping, and still thinking of Derrick’s hands, dreaming that Garry kızılay escort was Derrick. In my dream I had seduced him, and I was guiding his hands. He rubbed my tits in awe and bent down to suck on my nipple. The sensation was amazing and I remember thinking how this was just a dream and I couldn’t wait to feel this for real.

His sucking became more and more urgent, and he sensed I was waking. He worried what would happen when I woke, but instead of this making him retreat it drove him to move forward all the faster. He carefully rolled me aside onto my back and gently opened my legs.

In my dreams I kissed derrick and layed on my back for him, opening my legs. I gasped as I felt his hard cock press into my moist pussy. I gasped in surprise, in pleasure, and I began to realize it wasn’t all a dream. Someone was pressing their hard dick inside me.

For a few long moments I wasn’t sure where I was, my mind raced with scenarios. I had been kidnapped and was tied up in someone’s dungeon, or maybe someone had broken into our home and was raping me as they robbed us. When I realized these ideas both turned me on more then they scared me I was a little disgusted with myself.

I felt him push his cock in deeper, pushing against my cherry and I considered keeping my eyes closed and letting some mystery man take my virginity. But curiosity got the better of me.

Staring back at me were Garry’s lustful eyes. His hands were pushed into the pillow on either side of my head and he was thrusting deeper inside of me. He wasn’t an unattractive man, I had fantasized about him for a while when I was about 16, but he was not who I pictured as my first man.

It was to late, as I considered weather or not to let him get far enough inside me- he did. I could feel his hard cock thrust me open, stretching my pussy to accommodate his monster. I gasped and bit my bottom lip, I was unsure I could handle it, he was pushing inside of me to quickly- he was too big. I didn’t realize it but I had begun to shake my head.

He slowed his thrusting, and looked me in the eyes. He even gently brushed my cheek with the back of his hand- like I was his little princess. He kissed me on the lips and then whispered into my ear. ‘Babe, don’t fight it. The first time is never easy but if you accept me into you it can become so much more enjoyable for you’.

He didn’t say anything about the new girlfriend of his who he was cheating on, he didn’t apologize for putting his cock into me or say anything about the fact he was ment to be my daddy’s best friend. He just said relax.

The deed was done, no one else could take my cherry now- so I decided to take his advise. I nodded and he instantly picked his pace, pounding me over and over with his cock. It hurt, but also felt good, and I was slowly able to take more and more of him inside me.

I began to make little moans, soon I was moaning more and more loudly and he had to put a hand over my mouth to stop the whole house hearing it. But his cock never missed a beat, if anything it got faster and harder as it slide in and out of my wet pussy.

“I’ve watched you for a long time” He whispered into my ear. “You were forbidden fruit, you still are- but seeing you in that skimpy outfit today made me realize I had to be the man to take your kocatepe escort innocence. “

He was looking at me with such adoration, with genuine elation of finally having me all to himself. I smiled back at him, I felt pleased I could make this man- my ‘uncle’, a man who had so much unhappiness in his life- fulfill this dream. I kissed him on the lips, sliding my tongue inside his mouth. He responded by kissing me passionately, but tenderly and by using a hand to rub and twist my nipple. I moaned in his mouth.

His cock was pounding my cunt so hard now that the bed was shaking, I could feel an orgasm building somewhere inside me and I wrapped my arms around him. Each thrust of his manhood inside me made my head swim, as if I was passing out for a brief moment each time he pushed his deepest into me.

Then suddenly he slide it out of me. For a moment I was very confused, and upset but he walked to the head of the bed and dangled his cock in my face. It smelt like my pussy, and it was thick and long, with a slight curve like a pirate sword. I knew what he wanted before he told me, and I wanted it too.

“I can’t risk cuming in your pussy — as much as I’d love to- so your going to learn about sucking cock.”

With no other warning he pushed it forward and rested the bottom of his helmet on my bottom lip, then he slid it forward into my waiting mouth. It tasted gross and intoxicating at the same time, and I felt a hunger for it in my belly. I’d never sucked a cock before, or even seen one, but my instinct was powerful and I let my lusts go to work on it.

He moaned almost instantly. So far so good I remember thinking. I tried to lean my head back and open my throat, I pulled my lips over my teeth so I wouldn’t bite him and then I wrapped my hand around the base of his warm cock so I wouldn’t have to swallow the whole thing. Just 6 inches was hard enough, without tackling the rest.

I read once in a Cleo that you should suck like you’re trying to get a gold ball out of a garden hose, that’s what I did. I sucked hard, and I sucked fast, and when I needed to breath a little I licked around his head, or along his cock from the balls to his cock-hole.

Now it was him moaning so loud the house might wake, but it was because he was cuming. He’d only lasted about seven or 8 strokes in my mouth before his cock gushed a big load of hot steamy cum into my mouth. I couldn’t take it all and I spat his cock and hic cum out- and it all spilled onto my naked boobs.

He smiled, but a guilty look suddenly appeared on his face. He pulled up his pants and fled the room leaving me covered in his cock juice and without an orgasm. I had to bite my tongue not you yell ‘Come back here and finish me off!’- dad would not have been impressed.

So instead I let my fingers play with my clit. I had been real close before, so it didn’t take long to reach the brink again. I don’t know what possessed me to do it that first time, but as I began to cum I scooped a big wad of his cum off my tits and sucked it off my finger.

After the orgasm rocked my body I lay back and considered what had just happened. I had been fucked in my sleep by my daddy’s best friend. I woke up with a cock inside me and accepted it. Was I a Slut? A Nympho? Or was this normal? Did everyone do this, but just not talk about it- like a universal dirty secret.

As great as that had been, the orgasm had not been brought on by sex with a man. Just before I fell to sleep I promised myself I would fuck someone else soon, and this time I wouldn’t let them leave until I came by their hand (or cock or tongue-or whatever!).

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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