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She was 73, I was 37. The planning of what I am about to explain has been in the making for years. It all started last year and has been going on almost everyday since then.

Her name is Elnora and she is the Grandmother of my wife. She isn’t very tall or a full figured women, but what she does have is… well you will just have to read on a little more to find out for yourself.

Last summer, my wife received a phone call and needed to go out of town for some personal business. I was left home alone with “Baby” as we call her because I had to work. That next evening when I came home I had expected to release some built up sexual tension. Then I remembered that the wife was gone. I showered and decided that I would fix Baby and I something to eat and throw in a video and masturbate instead.

What happened next was far from that. I was in my bedroom watching this porn flick with two younger men banging away at this older chick. I had greased up my cock pretty good and was going at it pretty good when all of a sudden, Baby walked in and saw what I was doing. She said nothing nor did she do anything for a few seconds and then she walked into the bathroom and began to take her nightly bath.

Stunned from what had just taken place, I paused the video and walked into the bathroom to take a look at her nakedness since she had seen mine. Upon entering the bathroom I saw her standing there completely naked bent over the tub placing in the stopper. Much to my surprise, Baby was still put together pretty well. Her ass was small but well formed somehow for her age, the next thing that bahis firmaları caught my attention was that her love muscle was bald and seemed to be calling my name, so I answered.

Quickly I closed the door shutting out the rest of the world and that’s when she noticed I was behind her. Almost as if she already knew what was about to happen, she turned back around and continued to allow the water to fill the tub. That was when I decided to make my move, I walked over to her and stood very close without actually touching her to see how she would then respond. She didn’t move I then turned out the lights and proceeded back behind her this time reaching my hands forward to touch her. Her skin was wrinkled but at the same time very silk-like, this began to make my cock harden than its ever been before. Was I really getting this excited over my Grandmother? Hell yes I was.

I had always wondered what she looked like naked and her I was finding out first handed. What happened next may have only taken a few seconds but seemed to last forever. I slowly eased my dick up against her ass and just stood there, again checking her response. To my surprise, Baby reached back and grabbed a handful of my cock from between her own legs and began to rub it up and down against her now moist mound and loose ass. The sensation was more than I had ever anticipated. Without hesitation, I slowly began to ease the head of my cock into her with caution. MMMmmmmmmmmm, that’s it she said. Never had I heard her say much of anything since she had been living with us.

The smell of sex was now starting to fill the kaçak iddaa bathroom and her moans were getting louder the more I filled her. Then it happened, she began to move with me and caught my beat. Stronger and stronger, deeper and deeper each thrust was met and then I couldn’t resist any longer. I removed my hands from her hips and placed them upon her hanging but rather large breast, paying very close attention to her nipples that were at lease 1/2″.

Still very aroused hard, I pulled myself from Grandmothers flesh and took her by the hand leading her to the game room. Laying her down on the thick padding custom designed for playing my video games. I began to rub her thighs with both my hands in rhythm and planted a finger on my right hand so it came in contact with her wet spot. I slowly applied pressure to the outer lips of her pussy. In less than a few seconds Baby was jerking and arching her pelvis upwards. She placed her hands on top of mine as tightly as she could as if to keep me from moving or stopping my actions.

I continued this action for a few more minutes before she began to slowly pull my hands towards her breasts. That’s when I noticed that I was now looking face to face with her bald moistness. As I closed my eyes and extended my tongue, I felt pressure ever so softly applied to the back of my head and Baby guided me in for the kill. As my tongue began to part her outer lips I began to taste her sweetness, the more I tasted the more I wanted. It was as if her pussy was a drug, causing me to become subject to its beck and call. Each time my tongue raced across her clit kaçak bahis she would raise her hips ever so slightly to grind her pussy to my face. Without missing a beat the next thing I knew Baby turned over and pitched her ass into the air spreading her butt cheeks apart. I didn’t know which hole fill first, so I just decided to keep it normal and save the anal for another episode. I guided my cock down the side of her hand and replaced them with my manhood. I entered her from the behind with full force to ensure she didn’t resist my advances as if she would after all that had already taken place.

There were muffled screams and moans coming from the padding. Her hips banged against mine as she rocked back and forth on her knees to meet each powerful thrust. She came instantly. Each and every thrust afterwards made her body convulse and spasm then she would relax for a moment and begin to shake and spasm into another orgasm.

Still hard, I continued to pound her contracting pussy while ever-so-lightly tapping her butt cheeks. I was now starting to cum myself, placing one leg over her hop in hopes to hit the back of her vaginal walls. She came in waves when this happened and that’s when she tightened her lips around my dick and began to squeeze and milk me for everything I was worth…

We both sank to the floor exhausted. Baby didn’t say a single word, I guess she was gathering wind back or something. Finally, she rolled over and said it was wrong for us to have done what we did. I agreed but then before she could gather all her thoughts together I quickly asked her if she could make it go away, would she? She responded to my question by saying, “I take my bath the same time everyday,” and headed for the bathroom.

Next time I must see if Baby still knows how to give head… see you next time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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