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Remember the time when you thought “God, I need to be fucked hard!” Yes, you said it with an explanation point in your head.

I have written in previous stories that I am a lesbian but there are times I am so horny I actually want a cock. Can’t help it, a rock hard rod driving in me, without apology, is what I want in that moment. If I don’t know his name, even better. Anonymous sex is such a turn on. I don’t want to know where he live, what he does for a living, hopes and dreams – keep it to himself. I’m kind of like a guy that way.

One cold winter night, after an unsatisfied session of masturbating to bad porn, I decided to go out for dinner. It’s a local joint so I know most people on any given night.

I sat at the bar, ordered a salad with my chardonnay and hung out looking at my phone, listening to other conversations.

I didn’t pay attention to the man sitting next to me on his own. He chatted to some regulars, they talked about hunting, fishing and things I have zero interest in. I only glanced at him when someone said I would know when the ferry runs out by me. I didn’t but said politely that it’s at least once an hour this time of year. Just because I live near it doesn’t make me the information booth.

The man next to me, smiled and thanked me. I took a second look at him, thinking he was rather handsome with a dark beard. He was fit in that rugged woodsy sort of way.

We exchanged a few words to keep the conversation going.

“You near the ferry?” he asked.

“Yes, just a few minutes away,” I replied.

He nodded his head and then said he will try to catch the next ferry.

I said “Just drive straight out to the end, you can’t miss it.”

“Thanks,” he said smiling as he took a sip of his beer.

“You are welcome,” continuing this mundane conversation. I crossed my legs as my pussy gave a “I want to play” jolt, between my legs.

After I finished my drink, I slid off of the bar stool and politely shook his hand and said “Nice to meet you.” I held his glance that moment too long and slowly released my grip.

He said “Yes, I am leaving too, I will walk out with you.”

I put my coat on slowly, ignoring him and saying good night to the regulars as I made my way to the door. I didn’t look back to see if this stranger was behind me but I knew he was close for some reason.

I got to my car and turned to look and he was a foot away, I could feel his breath as he tried to come up with something to say.

I filled the silence by pointing in the direction he needed to go, “Go straight that way, I’m heading the same way.”

He smiled and got into his black pickup while I got into my jeep.

He pulled out of the restaurant parking lot first, I was behind him thinking if I should just let him drive away.

He pulled further ahead on the dark road. It probably wouldn’t be wise to chase him down and then do what? Say what?

We drove slowly. I noticed he kept slowing down as I followed, it occurred to me he may be trying to see what street I turn down? Did he want to follow me? The thought made me so wet.

I turned onto my street at a snail pace as he pulled over to the side of the road just past my street. I looked in my rearview mirror to see if he was following. It was pitch black, I wasn’t sure if it was his truck but I saw lights turn the corner heading in my directions.

I drove down my street glancing in my mirror for the handsome stranger, my pussy throbbing with anticipation. His truck was catching up to my car.

I turned into my driveway and got out of my car as naturally as possible, not wanting to look like I was expecting anyone to stop by, let alone a nameless man.

I headed for my porch door, keys in hand when I hear the low rumble of his pickup truck.

I turn to see a black pick up blocking the end of my driveway, lights off now, in the pitch black of night, idling.

Talking a step back from my door I look out to the car as if I’m not sure who it could be.

He gets out of the pickup, shuts the door and walks around the front of the truck, stopping, staring at me.

I took a few steps off the porch, “hello?”

He said, “I thought you wanted me to follow you home.”

I stood for a few seconds then without a word, went back to my door, opened it and walked in, leaving the door open.

In the darkness of my big kitchen I waited for my handsome stranger to walk in. bakırköy escort He did.

Without a word or a flick of a light, he walked in and came to me. Grabbing me around the waist and kissed me deeply, like a long lost lover.

I held my ground, grabbing his head, pulling him into my mouth, parting my lips. His pulled off my coat tossing it to the floor. His hands slid down to my ass, over my jeans, pulling me in close. I loved the feel of his hard body, rough beard and hot tongue. I was so aroused by his strength, his beard brushing against my face as he ran his tongue along my neck, biting the nape.

I took his hand and led him into the living room. He unbuttoned my shirt in front of the picture window, unhooking my bra. His hands were working man hands, big and rough as they cupped my breasts. His mouth lowering to suck my pink erect nipples, one then the other. Sucking so hard it hurt but I wanted more. I fumbled with his belt as his licked and tweaked my nipples with his teeth.

My hand unbuttoned his 501 jeans. With each button I could feel his hardness wanting to spring out. The back of my hand against his cock, his boxers the only thing between us. My pussy was throbbing.

He lifted his head from my tits and looked down as I reached beneath his briefs to free his beautiful long and thick cock.

He let out an “Awwww,” as I took him in both hands, stroking lightly.

We stood there, my hand on his cock and his fingers tweaking my nipples, knowing it was a moment that would never happen again. Two strangers letting go, no rules, no expectations. He took a half step back and watched me play with his cock.

His hand slid down to my jeans, unzipping slowly.

He asked “what do you want?”

Without hesitation I whispered, “All of it, everything.”

His eyes grew bigger, like a kid at Christmas.

Hi pulled my pants down as I shuffled out of them. His rough hand found my slick pussy, fingers now wet with my juices, he moved up and down my clit as I softly stroked his shaft and caressed his hairless balls. I was expecting a thick bush of hair around his shaft but was pleasantly surprised this outdoors man was perfectly manscaped.

I decided I should pull the curtains in case someone drove by. As I turned my back he pulled me in, feeling his cock against my ass. God, I wanted to be fucked hard.

I said “just let me shut the curtain.”

“Ok,” as he moved with me in unison, trying to step out of his shoes and jeans at the same time.

I managed to move the curtains most of the way shut as his fingers started fucking me from behind. I held onto the window sill, spreading my legs, wanting more. The glass was fogging up with my face next to it. His large fingers were like cocks on a hand, each one wanting to penetrate me. He wrapped an arm around my waist, fingering me from the front while his other hand found my ass. His middle fingers started fucking me in the ass and pussy at the same time. He was as least a head taller than me, he practically lifting me off the ground the deeper he penetrated.

“Yes!” I cried out.

“Yes? You want more?” he asked.

I moved off the window and down to the floor on my hands and knees.

He let out a low laugh and said, “I am going to fuck you so hard.”

With that statement I spread my knees a little wider on the carpet.

With a swift movement, he knelt down behind me, his fingers swiping up and down my soaking wet pussy and ass. I felt his tongue, warm and big lick my juices as I pushed against his face. His fingers fucked me, one than two at a time as his tongue rimmed my ass, circling my hole. I had a feeling I knew what was coming next.

While I am on all fours his arm reaches around and plays with my pussy as the head of his cock played with my ass. He teased me, rubbing his tip up my clit, and around my ass, lubricating the entrance. He slowly pushed into my ass as he fingered my pussy. I moaned and push against him. His fingers coated with my cum, pulling out than going deeper. He thrusted his rock hard cock into my ass while he buried his fingers deep in my pussy. I could feel his full length in me while my clit throbbed with excitement. My arms couldn’t hold me up anymore, my body gave into his desires. In a down dog yoga position he fucked and fingered and I loved it. I wanted more and more.

We could feel our orgasms grow with each thrust, beşiktaş escort his cock buried deep and fingers in my pussy, I had an explosive orgasm. My pussy gripped his fingers, he let his load go in my ass. I could feel one release after another fill me as I came in his hand. I loved the sensation of hot cum deep in me.

We lay on the floor for a few minutes with only the smallest ray of moonlight exposing our bodies.

He sat up looking down at me, his eyes taking in every inch of my body.

I pulled him down to me, pushing his head down between my legs.

“Lick me.”

He did with enthusiasm.

Everything on this guy was big, his fingers, his tongue, his cock. I let his tongue fuck me as I came, pushing his face into me while he lapped up my juices. He came up for air, climbing up my body to give me a deep kiss. I could taste my sweetness, his wet bearded mouth pressed against my mouth, his tongue exploring in a hungry, passionate kiss.

I wrapped my legs around his waist while his massive hard cock found my pussy and thrust in as far as possible. He balls slapping against my ass as he pounded into me. Again, I released and laid back raising my ass up so he could go deeper, harder. I fingered myself as he fucked me. I think this turned him on even more, he slowed to watch me play with my clit; his hand intervened guiding me to the base of his shaft. As he slid his cock in and out, my fingers felt his full length, slippery with our combined juices.

His cock was so hot and hard, for a rare moment I wanted it in my mouth.

I sat up while he was kneeling in front of me. With his help I guided his cock into my mouth. He knelt on one knee so he could pull my head in closer with his hand, gently sliding his cock between my lips. I tried to take as much of him in, opening my throat. My arms wrapped around his ass as he kept me propped up allowing me to take him in at my own pace.

I loved the heat and taste of our sticky juices. As he pulled out, my lips sucked the head of his cock tasting a little cum before he filled my mouth again with his girth, touching my throat. As a woman who loves eating pussy, taking in a cock is not my forte but it is a total turn on in this instance.

He pulled out for a moment and asked if I was ok. I said “yes, just not used to doing this.” Probably not the best thing to say.

He asked “What does that mean?”

I said, “I prefer pussy so cock isn’t something I would normally have in my mouth.” I didn’t want to get into a conversation in that moment but said “But I really like being with you.”

He laughed. “You are a lesbian?”


Not sure why this always turns on a man, but it does.

“Man this is the best night ever!” he said a little too loudly.

“Don’t worry honey, I will take care of you,” he said as he stroked my hair, my face still looking at his even harder cock.

He held his cock to my lips, circling them while I opened them slightly inviting him in again.

He help my head with both hands as he gently guided his cock into my mouth, feeding it to me inch by inch.

He said “relax take it in.”

I did. He dipped his fingers into my pussy and rubbed my cum on his shaft and then slid in my mouth again. “That’s it baby, a bit more,” he said as I tried not to gag. He inched himself in further.

“I’m going to cum, are you ok with that?” he asked through shallow breaths.

All I could do was hold on and suck as I felt a warm flood release down my throat. In a reflex I pulled back and his cock came out, shooting cum on my face.

He couldn’t help it, he just kept cumming. After he finished he said he was sorry if I wasn’t ready for that, but to tell the truth I liked it. It felt really erotic.

I got up and said, “it’s ok, it was fun.” Then walked to the bathroom to clean up.

I came out of the bathroom with a bathrobe on and found him in the living room with his boxers on. We chatted on the couch about where he lives in Maine, but still don’t know his name, and he asked if I had a girlfriend. He wanted to know if she was coming home tonight so we could have a threesome.

“No, she won’t be home for hours, and no, she wouldn’t be into that,” I said.

He stood up and held my hand to stand up too. He then pulled down his boxers with one hand to expose his hard cock.

He took my hand to stroke it and said beylikdüzü escort “I want to keep fucking you.”

He was definitely direct which was a huge turn-on.

He opened my robe and held me close, his cock pushing between my legs. I opened my legs to let his cock slide between my pussy lips, getting it wet and warm.

He pulled off my robe and took me to the floor, spreading my legs wide while he entered me slowly this time. We rocked together, as he fucked me, teasing me with his cock, tickling my clit and ass with his head. I put my legs on his shoulders so he could go deeper, his finger fucking my ass as his entire shaft filled my pussy.

“You like that?” he asked.

“Yes, fuck me!” My back arched, fingering my clit as he slid in and out.

“Oh baby!” he started to pound me harder, holding my hips as he slammed his thickness as deep as it could go.

Again, the hot pulsating sensation of cum filled me. With each thrust I felt another load released deep, our cum seeped out while he fucked me until he was empty. He lay on top of me while we caught our breath.

It felt like hours as we lay in the dark, nodding off. I had no idea what time it was. I got up to get a drink of water, legs wobbly. The kitchen was dark except for the water dispenser on the fridge door. As I pushed the lever for water I heard foot steps behind me and arms envelop me, hand cupping my breasts.

I drank the water as he massaged my breasts and slowly wondered down to my mound. He sat back on the kitchen stool and pulled me onto his knee, my sticky wet pussy against his thigh. I leaned back enjoying the light touch up of his hands run up and down my body,

He whispered, “One more time before I go.”

I could feel his insatiable cock grow hard against my back.

I turned around and lowered my mouth onto his cock. I sucked and licked until he was as hard as cement.

I led him to my bedroom and pushed him onto my bed. “Spread your legs and arms.”

I went to my armoire and pulled out a few scarfs. I watched as his eyes lit up. I crawled up the bed and said “Let’s have some fun.”

I lightly tied his left hand to one side of the head board and right to the other side. His cock was standing at full attention. I stood up on the bed and my pussy over his face while I straddled him. His head and tongue reaching for a taste as I kept an inch out of reach.

“I want to lick your cunt.”

He flexed his arms against the restraint, trying to reach out.

My fingers spread my lips in his face while my other hand slide in and out. “You like this?”

He opened his mouth for a taste as I put my finger to his lips. He sucked the cum off my finger while I played with myself. I wanted his mouth on me.

I leaned my hand against the wall while standing, straddled his face, spreading my lips for his mouth to suck and tongue fuck. I moved around his face as he licked me clean, holding his head close as I came hard into his mouth. He moaned with excitement catching my juices.

I dropped to my knees and kissed him, moving down the bed to his cock. I licked up from his balls to the tip, tasting cum, teasing with my tongue. He pulled on the scarfs wanting to reach me.

I straddled him, my throbbing pussy hovering over his cock, just grazing the tip. I took his shaft and played with him between my lips, tickling my clit. He let out a laugh and said “come on!”

I lowered myself down inch by inch until his entire cock was gone, buried deep in my tight pussy, muscles gripping his cock as I rode him up and down. As I fucked him, I untied the loose knot on each hand so he could free himself.

With his free hands he held my hips and lifted me up and down him shaft. I leaned back and played with his balls as I took the ride. As my orgasm rose inside, I help onto his knees, looking down to see his veiny pulsing cock slide in to its base, I leaned forward to let him pound me, his ass thrusting up. He held my hips down with his rough hands while he pushed his full length up one last time, I thought I might rip with his girth. Then I felt him explode inside me, filling me with his hot cum, one load after another.

I was so fucking turned on, as his milky cum oozed out of me, I rubbed it all over my pussy, guiding his cock size fingers into me as I climaxed, pushing his fingers in deep while I rode his hand to the biggest orgasm I could remember.

That was the end of our encounter. I never saw him again. I never knew his name.

That summer, I was gardening and heard a truck pull up, I turned to see a black pick-up by my driveway. I looked at it for a minute than it took off down the road. Maybe one day or dark night my handsome stranger will surprise me with a knock on the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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