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One of my favorite stories of Steve’s is the one where Nicki loses her virginity up at Chrissy’s lodge. I just about lost my mind reading that chapter—it’s just super hot. Ronnie and I got a virgin story too. It’s a lot more ‘blue collar’ than Chrissy’s magical lodge, but it was a whole lotta fun.

We got a supermarket a couple miles away. I actually worked there for a while about ten years ago, but it’s been so long I don’t know anybody there any more. Ronnie and I both go in there quite a bit, and often times Ronnie’ll stop in on his way home from work to pick up a few things.

Every once in a while we’ll go in together for something, and one time when we were checking out, the girl at the register and Ronnie were flirting a little. She was trying to not show it because I was there, but it was pretty obvious. A few days later I was in there again.

“I didn’t know you guys were a couple,” she said with a sly little smile.

“Who, Ronnie you mean?” I said, thinking back to the other day.

“He’s so big…” she said, with a faraway look in her eye.

I chuckled. “I call him my mountain man,” I said.

She got this really amazing look on her face, and I could just about read her mind picturing herself being taken by a big mountain man—my Ronnie—out in the woods somewhere.

“How old are you Rachel?” I asked after reading her name on the pin on her smock.

“Eighteen,” she said.

“You and me, we got something in common you know,” I said. “We both like big men. Maybe it’s because we’re both so small. It’s fun to feel like you can’t move a muscle when they…you know.”

Her eyes got big and she blushed real hard. She had a real dark tan and the blush made her almost purple. She looked nervously over her shoulder at the customer service desk, probably where her manager was, and then somebody got in line behind me, so I couldn’t say anymore.

“I’m Kathy. See ya Rach,” I said when I left.

That night I told Ronnie about it. He knew just who I was talking about of course.

“You know her, right?” I asked.

“Yeah I know her, she’s cute as fuck,” he said.

“You wanna play with her…if I bring her home sometime?” I asked.

It made Ronnie so fucking horny he just about fucked the shit outta me that night.

So I decided to go through her line like every day, and just chat and get friendly. She remembered my name right away, which was a good sign, and whenever there wasn’t anybody near us I’d talk about big men, and sorta sexy stuff. The sexy stuff always made her blush, but I could tell she liked me talking about it—I kinda sensed that it was new to her, having someone be open about that kinda thing. Finally, after a week or so when we were feeling real comfortable with each other, I got down to the nitty-gritty.

“You wanna come over and hang out with me and Ronnie sometime?” I asked her.

She just stood there, and a smile happened real nice and slow on her pretty face.

“You want me to?” she said.

“Yeah, we’d love it Rach,” I said. “Only if you really want too though. I don’t wanna seem pushy or anything.”

“No, I…I want to,” she said kinda quiet, and looking more serious.

“Good,” I said. “Tonight’s Friday, you got anything goin’ on?”

She shook her head, her eyes big and curious looking, and I wrote our address on the back of one of Ronnie’s business cards.

“Eight o’clock work for you?” I asked, and she nodded silently. “I’ll make some snacks and we’ll see what happens,” I said with a little smile, and I winked at her. I could tell it hit her like a ton a bricks as I walked away. I was so horny I felt like rubbing one out right there in the car as I drove away.

I got to thinking when Ronnie and I were waiting for her to show up that maybe winking at her scared the shit out of her, and maybe she wasn’t into what I sorta let her know we were into. But then headlights pulled in the driveway, and little Rachel got out of her car and walked kinda slow towards the door. I opened it up and gave her a big smile.

“Hi Rach!” I said real bright, trying to help her with her obvious nerves.

“Hi Kathy,” she said soft and cute, and I hugged her.

“Ronnie, Rach is here” I yelled. “Big slob’s in the bathroom, trying to make himself pretty,” I said, and Rachel giggled sorta nervous like.

Ronnie came down the little hallway with a smile.

“Uh oh,” I said, “he’s got his tight jeans on, we might be in trouble.”

Rach giggled again, and Ronnie put his hand out for her to shake. She took ahold of it and got up on her tip-toes and kissed him on the cheek.

“Hi Ronnie,” she said, and then she looked shy all of the sudden and blushed a little.

I took her winter coat and she bahis firmaları was dressed real cute under it—faded jeans that fit her perfect, one of those hand-knit sweaters that they make in Peru or somewhere, unbuttoned all the way down the front, a little tank top underneath it, and no bra. She’s the kind of girl who doesn’t really need a bra—she’s got real small tits, but they look perfect on her small little body. She took off her Ugg boots and had bare feet underneath. Real sexy.

“Wow,” I said, “This’s the first time we’ve seen you outta your uniform. You’re super sexy Rach.”

She blushed again and didn’t know what to say.

“Wanna glass of wine sweetheart?” I asked.

My devious mind went to work, thinking of how we could get her out of her sweater, and I turned the thermostat up real high.

We stood around the kitchen island and found out she graduated high school back in the summer, and was taking classes at the community college. Ronnie talked to her about the science department building up there, because he worked on that when they built it, back when he worked for big contractors.

“So, you got a boyfriend sweetheart?” I asked as I poured our second glass of wine.

“No,” she said real quiet, shaking her head.

“What, are the boys in this town nutty?” Ronnie said. “You know you’re the cutest girl at the store, right?”

“I am not!” she said, looking embarrassed.

“Fuck yeah you are!” Ronnie said. “I can barely get through your line without losin’ my mind.”

She was really blushing at that point, and I could feel the heat too, so I slipped off my outer shirt leaving a pretty little undershirt thingy I had on. My nips were hard and I looked pretty sexy, if I do say so myself.

“You hot in that sweater honey?” I asked, and I didn’t really give her a chance to answer, I just took it off for her. Her nips were super hard, and really big. Damn she looked good.

“It’s a good thing they got those ugly smocks or I’d never make it through that store,” Ronnie said in wonder at Rach’s little body, and she giggled.

“Let’s sit,” I said. “You’ve probably been on your feet all day punchin’ that cash register.”

We went in the living room, and Rach sat in the middle of the couch, like she could sense that we wanted to surround her.

“Put on some music baby,” I said to Ronnie. He put on an old Stevie Wonder CD that always makes me happy, and he walked back into the kitchen.

I hooked my leg over Rachel’s and leaned back into the corner of the couch, all sexy like.

“So, what do cute sexy girls like you usually do on a Friday night,” I asked as I sipped my wine.

“You’re asking me?” she said, sounding surprised. “I think maybe you got the wrong idea about me.”

“Oh I’m sorry honey,” I said, and I unhooked my leg from hers. “Are you uncomfortable?”

“No, it’s not that,” she said, and she put her hand sorta tentatively on my leg and pulled it back over hers. “I’m just…I haven’t ever done this before. But I’m actually more comfortable than I thought I’d be.”

“Haven’t ever as in haven’t ever? I said.

She nodded, and Ronnie joined us, sitting on the other side of her, but not too close.

“What’d I miss, anything good,” he smiled.

“I was just telling Kathy…I’ve never been with anybody before,” she said, looking down at her hand on my leg.

“Whoa!” Ronnie said quietly. “But you’re so sexy. How can that be?”

“It just works out that way sometimes I guess,” she said, still not making eye contact.

“Yes it does, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of if that’s what you’re thinking Rach,” I said.

She looked up at me and smiled a little.

“How old were you?” she asked me.

“Well, I had a friend who was…sorta advanced for her age, so it’s not a good comparison,” I said.

“How old?” she said, her smiled turning to a smirk.

“Fourteen,” I said sheepishly.

“Fourteen!” Rach said. “Oh my god! I missed out on four years of fun!”

“Well I certainly wouldn’t recommend any girl start that early,” I said. “I kinda wish I had waited like you did. All that early stuff was just slutty and most of it didn’t make me feel good.”

“You make it sound like I waited,” she said. “It wasn’t exactly voluntary. I’ve been ready for a while. But…I guess I’m glad I wasn’t just doin’ it for no good reason. There were some girls in high school like that, and they never really had good steady relationships with boys. But there comes a time when it’s just ridiculous—I’m in college for goodness sake.”

“I hope you’re not here just to take advantage of us,” I said with a wink, and Rach giggled.

I put my hand on top of the one she had on my leg, and I slid it up so she kaçak iddaa could feel the heat from my crotch. I manipulated her hand with mine, massaging my pussy through my jeans.

“Ronnie’s right you know,” I said with a breathy moan. “You’re way too fuckin’ sexy.”

Ronnie took her other hand and put it on his crotch, and he leaned in and they kissed. Rachel was breathing hard through her nose, and Ronnie’s big hand rubbed her little tank top all over her little tits. I was wishing I had set up a hidden camera, because it was hot as shit.

I pulled off my little shirt and pulled her soft hand up over my tits. I was moaning and dying to kiss her, so I leaned in and she shifted to me. While we were lost in the passion of it Ronnie stripped. I don’t know how he did it so fast but there he was, sitting there naked all the sudden.

“What the fuck Ronnie!” I laughed. “Maybe the girl would have liked to have stripped her first man.”

“Oh, sorry,” he said. “I can put it back on…”

“No fuckin’ way!” Rach said, and she just sat there looking at him, breathing hard.

Ronnie’s hard cock was just sorta hovering above the couch cushion, bobbin’ up and down a little, and her hand reached out real slow like and her fingers encircled it. She moaned when she felt the heat for the first time, and I was wishing I could’ve been her, experiencing it all brand new.

“You get to direct traffic honey,” I said to Rach. “We want this to be exactly what you imagined, so tell us just what you want, every step of the way.”

“But I don’t know what I want,” she said. “You know what’s good. I trust you.”

“You must watch porn a little though, right?” I said. “Isn’t there stuff you’ve seen that you think looks super hot?”

“Oh, well now that you put it that way,” she giggled. “Yeah…okay.”

“Just do it baby,” I said to her. “Anything you want, just do it. Or ask us to do it. You need protection? You on birth control?”

“Yeah, I’m good,” she said as she slipped her little body off the couch and kneeled between Ronnie’s legs. “You’re gonna have to tell me how to do this,” she said, looking up at Ronnie with sexy bedroom eyes. “You too, okay?” she said, looking over at me. “I wanna learn.”

She almost didn’t get the last word out as Ronnie’s cock filled her sweet mouth.

“Oh fuck baby!” Ronnie moaned. “You’re so fuckin’ sexy I don’t think I’m gonna last long.”

“Good,” she said, her words garbled a little by the sucking and licking. “I wanna taste you.”

I directed her how to use her hand on the base of Ronnie’s big cock, the part she couldn’t get in her mouth. Her other hand went to work on his balls, just sorta instinctively.

“If you want him to cum keep the pressure up with your mouth and your hand,” I said. “If you take a break, you’ll have to start all over.”

She was really into it, moaning and grunting, and Ronnie was way out there at the end of his rope, trying to hang on. Suddenly his body jerked real hard a few times and he pumped her virgin mouth full. It all oozed out of her lips around his cock and ran down over her hand, looking like some kind of beautiful, gooey fountain. All the nice muscles in Ronnie’s stomach were rolling like big ocean swells, and his big mountain man body was in its element, doing what it does best. It was rare that I got to just sit and watch him like that, and he looked really beautiful.

“Fffuucckk!” Rachel said real quite like, in sort of a breathy whisper.

She was looking up at Ronnie, and he just lay there sorta speechless.

“That was fuckin’ awesome sweetheart,” I said.

I got down on my knees next to her and kissed her sticky, cum covered mouth.

“He tastes good, doesn’t he?” I said.

She still had her hand around Ronnie’s cock, all covered with cum, and I started licking it up and sucking it off her hand. She bent down and joined me, and we cleaned things up real good, Ronnie moaning at the pleasure of it all.

“That was a big time blow-job honey,” I said. “You took more outta him than most girls do.”

Rachel looked real proud, like she had done something better than she ever thought she would.

“That means we gotta let him rest up a bit,” I said. “Wanna lick each others pussies a little? That’ll make him hard again, right Ronnie?”

“Fuck yeah,” he said, still kinda quiet and almost speechless.

Rachel smiled real sexy, with sort of a wild darkness in her eyes. I pushed her on her back and swung my leg over her head and squatted until my pussy was within reach of her tongue, and she tickled me with the tip of it, just like a good fucking sexy girl would.

“Oh fuck yeah!” I said quiet and sexy like, and she put her hands on my hips and lifted her head kaçak bahis up tight into my crotch. Her nose was poking right in my asshole and her mouth sucked in my whole pussy. It was fucking awesome! I dropped down on all-fours and buried my mouth in her sweet little pussy. It was wet and so hot, like it was on fire. The two of us went at it like crazy women, just starving for each others juices. I could feel myself cumming, like a rush of heat bursting through my body, and I looked up at Ronnie as I screamed. It was a long, drawn out scream that sounded like some kinda weird music, like some kinda violin type thing from a foreign land, wavering up and down at the frequency of like, purple, or some crazy shit like that. Ronnie had a look on his face like ‘holy shit baby’, and then I quivered until my head dropped, right into the heat of Rach’s pussy once again.

“Oh fuck!” I said, all muffled by the soft pussy lips against my tongue.

I tried to get my shit together and give that sweet girl a good licking, and it didn’t take long to get her revved up and flying. She took off and had a big orgasm, her pussy trying to knock my head off of it, but I just kept licking with my whole mouth, making her scream. It may have been the first orgasm she ever had that she didn’t give herself. I don’t know if that’s true, but it’d be pretty cool if it was.

“Oh God…oh God…oh God,” she said real quiet afterwards, and her hands moved real soft over my thighs.

I kissed her pussy softly, and kissed all around it and the inside of her legs. She was spread open real relaxed like, and the creamy insides of her thighs were just beautiful and begging to be kissed all over. It was so fucking hot. God I love sexy girls!

I could see Ronnie was ready, so I rolled off little Rach.

“Ronnie’s ready baby,” I said to her. “You ready for the best thing you ever felt?”

She nodded, still kinda speechless from the big ‘O’ and all my licking.

“How do you want him sweetheart?” I asked, rubbing my hands real soft over her little tits.

“Like this,” she said.

She was laying on her back on the rug with her knees spread and her arms up sorta over her head, lookin’ just hotter than hot can be. Ronnie got off the couch and covered her with his big mountain man body and kissed her. It was a sloppy wet kiss and she was super horny.

“Hold my arms down so I can’t move,” she whispered in his ear.

He started by getting his big cock lined up with her little hole, and once he got it started he pinned her arms down out next to her head. Her pussy was super wet, so even though she was a tight little virgin Ronnie thrust it in there, and she was lost in that heavenly place. I sat there and watched and it was so beautiful. Both of them were beautiful, doing that awesome wonderful thing that just makes you feel so God damn good you can’t even stand it. I almost couldn’t stand it and I was just watching!

“Ohhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhhh!” Rachel moaned, with her mouth open. The moans were floating out like feathers, soft and light.

I rubbed her tits real soft, and me and Ronnie took turns kissing her, all of us moaning into each others mouths.

“Oh fuck baby,” Ronnie said as he thrusted his big cock into her. “You feel so fuckin’ good.”

After a while her body started responding deeper, her back arching up and down like those ocean waves I keep talking about, and her soft moaning voice getting louder. Ronnie was taking her high. I could tell he was fighting it, trying to keep from cumming himself, and I was silently willing him on and watching Rachel climb that beautiful mountain.

“Oh baby,” I said quietly to her. “You’re there baby. You’re there…”

Her eyes rolled back in her head like a crazy person, and she gasped for breath. Ronnie kept up a perfect even thrust, over and over as she came. That beautiful colored wave swept through her again and again, and then Ronnie whimpered a little and pulled out and splattered cum on Rach’s pretty little belly, her stomach muscles still rippling with a mind of their own. I kissed her and rubbed her tits real soft, the way I like it done to me, and she breathed real deep, sucking in cool air through her nose as her body writhed real slow on the wind-down.

“Pretty fun, huh baby?” I said quietly to her.

“Fffuuucck,” she said real quiet.


We had lot’s of fun with Rach for a couple months, and then she had the credits she needed from the community college and she went off to a fancy university. Just before she left she was telling us about how her family was helping her out with college and all, and a couple of the names sounded familiar to Ronnie. Turns out Rachel’s his cousin—like a second cousin once removed or something. It’s pretty funny and we all got a good laugh out of it. Anyway, Rach’s a sweet girl and gonna make some guy real lucky.

I hope you liked my virgin story. Who knows, maybe I’ll have another one for you some day…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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