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When I walk into the room, I notice you immediately, sitting alone by the bar, looking deliciously sexy and provocative as you perch on your stool, daintily sipping your drink. I take in the gentle swell of your pert little breasts under your blouse, your nipples pushing against the silky fabric, and I think how nice it would be to suck and nibble them, making you wriggle with pleasure in anticipation of the delights to come. I notice that your complexion is pale olive, suggesting a Mediterranean origin, and I wonder if your temperament is as sultry as your appearance would suggest. Your long dark hair falls just below your shoulders, perfectly framing your beautiful face, your eyes dark and mysterious.

You hold your glass delicately with one hand; your fingers long and tapering with perfectly manicured nails, which I hope will be tracing their way down my spine before the night is much older. You sip slowly, your lips seeming to caress the rim of the glass. My eye falls to your legs, encased in dark nylon. They are crossed, and the hem of your black leather mini-skirt has pulled up slightly to reveal your stocking tops and just the hint of suspenders. As I watch you languorously uncross and then re-cross your legs, giving me the briefest glimpse of smooth flesh, and the merest hint of your black silk panties.

I do not hide my attraction, and once I am sure that you have noticed me, I slowly walk up to the bar and order a beer. Noticing a group of attractive young people, obviously students, chatting away at a table near to yours, I make my way across to them, and ask if it is OK to take a seat at their table. I sit down on a stool, one foot up on the footrest, with my legs slightly apart in a relaxed and yet masculine way. Casually resting my hands lightly at the top of my thighs, I make sure that you have a clear view of my crotch.

Intrigued by my English accent, the students ask what I am doing in town, and I explain that I am there for a symposium at the university. One of the girls says that she has seen the posters, but yuk, isn’t it all about sexual diseases. In a voice just loud enough for you to hear, I tell them that I am an expert in the study of sexually transmitted infections, and that this symposium is about the latest research into the prevention and treatment of these diseases in highly sexually active people. I also tell them that as well as working in public health, I am a part time lecturer at a prestigious UK university, and how interested I am to learn more about what it is like to study in America.

Students are always keen to talk about their experiences, especially if they have a captive academic to moan to about their tutors, who they believe are so unfair in expecting them to study for hours on end, when they absolutely must have a good time. It will be soon enough before they have to settle down to a boring job, and then marriage and babies. I lean forward, listening intently, sipping at my beer, but occasionally glancing across at you to make sure that I still have your attention. I hope that you are a little bit annoyed haven’t come across to talk to you rather than these scruffy and rather unsophisticated students.

When I see that you are looking directly at me, I casually move one hand up to my belt, hooking my thumb into the top of my jeans, with my fingers pointing down towards my groin, lightly brushing my fingers across my cock as I do so. I know that you are alive to such subtle signals, and this is confirmed as you hitch the hem of your skirt a little higher so that I can now definitely see some skin. Idly you move your hand up to play with your hair, and you pout a little before taking another delicate sip of your drink.

I continue to listen to my new friends until I see you turn towards the bar to order a refill of your empty glass. Thanking the young people for their company, I finish my beer, and excusing myself, walk up to the bar, where I stand behind you, but just to one side as if I am waiting to be served. As you catch the barman’s eye I lean slightly forwards, innocently brushing my left hand against the right cheek of your sexy little bottom, and I tell him that I will pay for your drink, whilst ordering another beer for myself.

You turn to thank me, and raising my right hand to gently brush away a lock of your long dark hair from your face, I suggest that we might move to a table in a quiet corner of the bar where we can find out a little about each other in relative privacy. Once we have found a suitably unoccupied table we sit down facing each other, my left knee nudging between yours so that you are forced to part your legs slightly. The tightness of your skirt causes it to ride up above the tops of your stockings, giving me an even better view of the soft flesh of the inside of your thighs. I tell you my name, but no more, because I want to focus all my attention on you. I lean forward, and looking directly into your eyes, I encourage you to tell me bostancı escort all about yourself.

You tell me that your name is Angelica, and that you are a thirty five year old single mum with a lovely boy of twelve. I ask if you have a partner, and you tell me that you did have a steady relationship, but that it broke up in a rather unhappy way a few weeks previously. You add that it was an open relationship, and that both of you had enjoyed sex with other people, sometimes, but not always, together. Now that you were on your own, Friday night was the one night when you could get out and have a bit of fun. I am secretly delighted when you tell me that your neighbour’s teenage daughter regularly sits for you, and that she stops over, so that you can stay out all night if you strike lucky.

Resting my right hand on your knee, I move my left hand from the table where it is resting, to gently caress your cheek. I lean forward to give you the softest of kisses, just touching your lips with my tongue. At the same time I gently slide my right hand up the inside of your thigh to stroke the silky skin just above the tops of your stockings. Delighted to meet no resistance, I become bolder, and continue my progress up your thigh to that lovely soft warm place where your legs meet your body. Tracing the lacy edge of your panties, I run my fingers back between your thighs, and gently rub them against the silky fabric covering your rosebud. I press my thumb between your plump labia, and stroke your slit until I meet the hardening bud of your clitoris, which I gently flick a couple of times, making you squirm with pleasure. The gusset of your panties is wet with your juices, and I know it would be so easy to make you have an orgasm now, but I want to tease you a lot more before I allow you to come.

I take my hand from between your legs, and raise my fingers to my lips to get my first taste of your nectar, which is sweet like your mouth. I then pull you close for a more intimate kiss, our tongues deliciously entwining in their own erotic little dance. I take your hand, and lay it gently at the top of my thigh, so that you can just feel my balls and the length of my cock beneath the denim.

We are both starting to breathe more heavily, and I know that it is time to leave, so that I can continue your seduction in the privacy of my hotel room, so I murmur in your ear as I nibble on your sweet little ear lobe, “Finish your drink and get your jacket, so that we can go somewhere where we can get more intimately acquainted.”

We leave the bar, and stroll arm in arm in the direction of my hotel, which is only a couple of blocks away. Every so often we pause to kiss, our bodies pressed close together in the soft velvety darkness of the summer night. As we approach the entrance to the lobby, I pull you against me and unzip my fly to allow your dainty little hand access to my smoothly shaven cock? Not caring who might see, I lift the back of your skirt so that I can squeeze and fondle your bottom, and slip my hand inside the waist band of your panties, pulling them down enough to allow me to run my fingers down the warm cleft between your cheeks.

Once in my suite I take your jacket and hang it in the closet. I suggest that you might make yourself more comfortable by kicking off your shoes, whilst I pour us a proper drink – on my travels I always carry a large hip flask containing a good single malt for sipping in the evening before retiring to bed. I pour three fingers of whisky into each of two glasses, add a dash of water and a couple of ice cubes, and handing one to you, I propose a toast, “To a night of unrestrained debauchery.”

I sip my whisky, savouring the mellow flavour as it rolls across my tongue, and as I do, I take another long look at you, feasting my eyes on your ripe young beauty. I know that this is going to be a really memorable night, as I introduce you to new and delicious perversions. I swallow the Viagra tablet I had in the pocket of my jeans for just such an eventuality. My cock is already hard and pushing against the restraint of my jeans, but with the help of a little pill I will remain hard all night long, so that I will be able to pleasure you time and time again. I look at my watch, and seeing that it is only 10pm, I realise that we will need some refreshment later on if we are to going to fuck until dawn, as I plan. I pick up the phone and ask Room Service to send up a bottle of champagne, a flask of coffee, another of soup and a selection of sandwiches.

We sit on the bed and resume kissing. I slowly unbutton your blouse to give me free access to you beautiful breasts, and I cup each one in turn in my right hand, squeezing your nipples, and rolling them between finger and thumb. I then trace a line of little kisses down your neck, pausing to lick and suckle the soft hollow at the top of your throat, finally coming to rest at your right breast, which I suck into sancaktepe escort my mouth as I continue to fondle the other. Sliding my left hand under your skirt, I caress your bottom, which you lift up to allow me easier access. As we kiss, you unzip my jeans again, finding to your surprise that I have gone commando this evening, giving you direct access to my naked cock in all its glory. We continue to make out for several minutes, our breathing getting heavier as our desire grows, delighting in the feel of each other’s body and in the sensations that are starting to course through us.

I suggest that we might like to dance, and I select a suitably sultry track on my iPhone, which is plugged into its dock on the bedside table. As we stand up I unzip your skirt, which falls to the floor, and then slip your blouse off, so that you are wearing only your panties, suspenders and stockings. I remove my shirt, and strip out of my jeans, bending to remove my socks. As I do, you notice the eleven-inch scar on my left side, which you trace with your fingernail. You ask about it and want to know whether it hurts. I explain that I had a major kidney operation some ten years earlier, and that it occasionally aches if I overt exert the muscles on that side. Rather sweetly, I think, you drop to your knees and kiss all along the length of the scar from the middle of my back to where it ends just below my naval, before continuing down to lick head of my cock.

I pull you to your feet, and whisper, “Not yet, there is time enough for you to pleasure me. But before that, I am going to take you on a journey to a land of delight where you will experience delicious orgasm after delicious orgasm.”

I bend down to pick up my digital camera from the coffee table, and shoot the first of many pictures that I will take that night. You seem slightly worried by this, but I assure you that the pictures are only for my enjoyment, and that of my wife, although I will let you have copies too.

“You are very beautiful,? I said, “and my wife will really appreciate you, although she will also wish she had been here to savour you in the flesh. We share all our amours, and I know that the pictures of us fucking will really turn her on.”

Taking you in my arms again, I say, “Let’s dance for a while, I want to feel your young naked body in my arms.”

We gyrate slowly to the music, my hands cupping the cheeks of your bottom, and my cock pressing on your naval. Your skin feels fantastic as it slides against me, smooth and soft, like finest silk. You start to become more assertive, running your fingers down my back and across my bottom. You then gently touch the head of my cock with your forefinger; smearing my pre-come across the glans, before raising your finger to your mouth enjoy my taste for the first time. You push one leg between mine and rub your sopping wet panties against my leg, moaning quietly at the tingling this causes in your pussy lips.

I turn you round so that I can slip my right hand under the waistband of your panties to cup your naked mound, two fingers either side of your clitoris and deep into your slit. I squeeze my fingers together, and you squeal as even stronger sensations radiate through your body from your pussy, to join with those from your left nipple, which I am rolling between finger and thumb. I feel your legs trembling, and know that you are ready to proceed to the next stage of your seduction.

I run my tongue up your neck from your shoulder to your ear, and murmur, “Why don’t you strip off your panties for me, and then bend over with your legs apart so that I can worship your pussy.”

You step away from me, and slide your panties down your bottom, then down your legs, until they are pooled at your feet. I groan with pleasure at the sight that greets me as you obey my instructions. You have one of the most beautiful pussies it has been my privilege to see, your plump outer labia glistening with your juices, and your inner lips open like the petals of a flower to reveal the pink heart within. Your clitoris is enlarged and hard, the hood pulled back to reveal the tip, just waiting for my ministrations.

I lick my lips, and drop to my knees so that I can kiss this offering of glorious femininity, as I begin my worship of you. Your taste is divine, headier than even the finest wine, like a drug to my senses. I stand up and turn you round, pushing you back into the chair, and spreading your legs ready to begin the next stage of your progress to Elysium. Just then there is a tap at the door, and a female voice calls out, “Room Service.” You attempt to cover your most intimate parts with your hand, but I command you, “Stay just as you are, do not cover yourself up, you look exquisite.”

I open the door and beckon the room attendant to come in. She is a pretty blonde, probably in her twenties, and she is smartly dressed in a crisp white blouse and short black zeytinburnu escort skirt, black stockings and high heeled black shoes. As she enters the room, the sight of you and me naked and aroused suddenly registers, and her eyes open like saucers, as her professional demeanour suddenly deserts her. Calmly I ask her to put the tray on the side table, and as she bends to do so her skirt rides up a little to reveal that she is wearing stockings, not tights.

I turn to you and say, “Why don’t you stroke your pussy for the nice young lady, I am sure she will appreciate it.”

As she turns to leave, I ask her to wait a moment whilst I get her a tip. Her face is flushed, and she doesn’t quite know where to look, although I notice that she takes furtive little glances at you as you blatantly pleasure yourself. I hand her a folded twenty dollar bill in which I have hidden my business card with my mobile phone number underlined, and looking her straight in the eyes I say, “If you are free tomorrow, we could get to know each other a little better. Give me a ring on my mobile during the day, and we can fix a time and place. In fact, why don’t we go out to dinner first?”

She doesn’t reply, and her face goes an even darker shade of red with embarrassment, but despite her discomfort, I notice that she can’t stop looking at my rampant cock just a few inches from her hand, which twitches involuntarily as if she would like to reach out to touch it. “Go on,” I say, “You know you want to. A quick feel won’t do any harm. Here, let me help you,” and I take her hand in mine and put it beneath my balls.

She doesn’t flinch as she cups them in her hand, and then, as if hypnotised she runs her fingers up the length of my shaft and across the head where another drop of pre-come has formed. Almost involuntarily she then lifts her fingers to her mouth and licks them, before backing out of the door into the corridor. She gives me a quick flutter of her eyelashes, and smiles demurely as I close the door, and I know then that she will be back for more tomorrow.

I turn back to you, and kneel between your thighs, savouring once more the sight of you lovely pussy. “Now for the starter course,” I murmur, “Just lie back and enjoy the ride.”

I dip my face to your pussy and inhale the pungent perfume of the juices, which are now flowing freely from your cunt. I start to lick at your perfect little rosebud, circling your puckered hole with my tongue. Then i work my way up towards your mound and down again, concentrating on your outer lips for the time being. I repeat this for about five minutes as you start to squirm on the chair, gyrating your hips slightly in time to the movement of my tongue. Your hands have moved to your breasts, and you are squeezing them and pinching your nipples as you start to build slowly towards your first orgasm.

Gradually I increase my tempo, dipping my tongue now into the delicious softness of the depths of your pussy. I start to suck your engorged inner lips into my mouth, nibbling them gently, before plunging my tongue as far as I can go into your cunt. Your breathing becomes quicker, your chest heaving, and you start to lift your hips from the chair, thrusting your pussy against my face as I lap at your nectar. I put two fingers into your cunt and start to finger fuck you, and now for the first time I lick the head of your clitoris. I feel your orgasm building rapidly, so I back off, and go back to licking your labia, although I keep my fingers deep in the soft warm velvety depths of your vagina.

You moan and beg me, “Please make me come, I need to come, please, please, I am so close.”

As you continue to plead with me, I suck your clitoris into my mouth and nip the head, causing you to jerk your hips as a sensation like a spark of electricity shoots up trough your body. You are now moaning and squealing with pleasure as waves of ever more exquisite sensations flood through you. Your legs begin to shake, and the movements of your pelvis get stronger and more violent. I back off again to let the sensations subside a little, knowing that each time I take you to the edge of orgasm the feelings will be be more intense, until the point when I drive you over the edge into a state of sublime ecstasy as your whole body is consumed in your rapture.

You grab my head and pull it hard against your pussy, your body writhing on the chair. I judge that the time is right now, and I insert another finger into your cunt and push my thumb past your anal sphincter into your rectum. I increase my assault on your clitoris, sucking and biting on it as you thrust it into my mouth. Suddenly you go rigid, your head thrown back, and your hips lifted right off the chair. You scream as your orgasm sweeps through you, your limbs convulsing in the excess of your passion. I do not let up, and you start to buck in the chair, your head thrashing backwards and forwards as you experience wave upon wave of sensation, until you go limp and collapse back into the chair, almost unconscious, your nervous system overloaded by the tidal wave of stimulation to which I have subjected you.

“Oh my God,” you manage to whisper, “that was incredible. I don’t think I have ever come so hard before. You are the devil incarnate, you bastard.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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