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Oh God!

My eyes wide open and I am partially paralyzed. She is there standing totally nude killing me with her eyes. She has left her hair loose, a tinge of a naughty smile on her face, a picture that would be there for a lifetime. Not a welcome that we usually receive at a doorstep of a girl who I met just a few days ago.

Sneha, a fun young bangalorian girl had the audacity to do that. It was a late evening and the train was almost empty, as usual, I try finding a seat next to people who are open to having a good a conversation.

I kept scouting every compartment, while most of them were stuck to their phones; a few were in a deep sleep already. I had no luck in finding anyone interesting, so I made myself comfortable in an empty compartment. The window seat and a cool breeze set me up the mood. I pulled out J Krishnamurthy’s book I was hooked to and started recollecting where I had stopped the previous night.

The compartment had dim lights and I had difficulties in reading but the whole space of me being alone made me comfortable. I was completely into the book, 10 minutes had already passed and there were just a couple of minutes for the train to start moving. There were a few local men who were trying to settle down next to my compartment. The train started to move and I was at peace.

Suddenly I heard a voice which asked me “Are these seats reserved?” I look up to see a pretty girl just in her early 20’s, seeming a little confused and catching her breath, she had beautiful curly hair , jeans, hoody and loafers to match the whole style. With a warm smile, I told her that the seats were unreserved and she could have them.

She had a sigh of relief and she took the seat opposite to me. While I just smiled at myself and thought it will be an interesting journey. I got back to my book as I was in middle of a thought provoking conversation that Krishnamurthy had in that book, so I really didn’t want to disturb the flow, time passed and soon I felt that the conversations were starting to drag.

I just saw that the girl was sitting plugged into music and enjoying the flow of wind through her hairs, she had a beautiful skin very soft and natural. I smiled while she responded with a beautiful smile too. I told her to just keep an eye on the bag, while I fled to the train door to catch some air too. I returned after some contemplation about the glorious life I have been leading and how the cosmic energy is flowing to make everything possible in my life.

I came back to have a small talk with the girl. We started our conversations trying to know each other. College, work, life, friends, we had a few things in common she had gone to the same college, had mutual’s friends and people we knew in general. She told me She was very happy to have met me or she would have had a very boring journey and would have just wasted her time sleeping. I thanked her and told even I felt the same.

While these conversations were happening I was in love to see her meddle with curls, I initially thought it was just the air that was making her do, but slowly I realized I had a share in that too. She could not just stop smiling, laugh and touch me every time we cracked up on a joke.

She slowly started getting really comfortable with me. She came sat by my side and saw all paintings that I had recently done. She was quite impressed with what she saw and wanted to try her hands on it. While she insisted me to take a few class, but I had to deny keeping in mind the busy schedule that I have been in.

She didn’t seem like the rest of the other college girls I have met, she was mature, fun loving, ready to explore and knew anadolu yakası escort what she wanted in life. It remembered me of myself in college days. Our connections grew stronger as we kept talking and she was holding my arm while we were talking and she leaned over me a couple of times to see out of the window.

As time passed by our conversations muted a little and we became silent, while she was lost in some thoughts still holding my arm and leaning over me. While I was peaceful and happy to have met her.

The cold winds and silence were doing its magic, our eyes kept meeting and we both were waiting for the move.

Our eyes were locked to each other I could see the passion in her sparkling eyes, I glided my hand near her neck to feel the soft warmth of her skin, she shut her eyes as soon I touched her and she arched her back a little. The soft touch on her neck had turned her on and she was ready, but I wanted to tease her a little and not get things too serious, so I just moved away. She was dumbstruck, she thought we had the movement, I started laughing hard as she was amused by what just happen, she felt shy and may be a little angry too. She started hitting me on my arms and joined me in the laughter.

I made her sit on my lap, kissed her on her forehead and saw deep into her eyes. Those deep eyes had so much to tell. There can’t be anything more expressive than the eyes, they tell you so much about the person and I always feel there is a journey you can take just by looking at a girls eye. I am sure she must have felt the same. The warmth of her body on my thighs was getting to start to create tension in me.

While she was playing with my hair and I was lost in her eyes. It was magical, it was a bond, and we were lost in each other unaware of the place. The smell of her skin got me excited below my belt, she felt it and gave a naughty smile to me.

She wanted me badly, so she took over the situation and went a little rough over me, she pulled my hair back sexily and planted a deep kiss in me she slid my shirt to plant a kiss on my shoulders ( she loved my shoulders and arms the most).

We were hooked we were lost in each other. I started playing with her curls. While she was getting fully erotic. She played with my hair and planted deep kisses every time. She arched her back for me to come in on her. While I sucked on those juicy lips, our tongues met, saliva’s jelled and she was loving it. Pulling me into make us into one she was connected.

She started slowly moving her bottom’s, the heat was too much, slow movements fastened and she was literally humping me while she holding my head and kissing as she had missed me for ages. She was craving for me to touch her boobs.

She wanted me to suck on I made my move into her neck deep. Giving her the sensual touch my tongue was doing the magic. She could not control, while I started licking her neck from her neck deep to her ears the long strides made her hold me harder and press me harder on her.

The slow strides on the ears and biting them sensually gave her more pleasure it was an ecstatic movement for her. I could totally see the hunger in her eyes. She wanted me, she wanted to feel my skin my chest her hands were rolling on my bare chest and abs, she wanted to pull my shirt out and feel the warmth of my skin she could not resist it.

Just as all these actions were happening. I could see we had grabbed a lot of attention from the surrounding compartments. She had not observed and I didn’t care much. The tension in me slowly was building up and we had reached a point where there was no ataşehir escort turning back. We wanted each other at any cost and we were up for it, even if it was the train.

The train was going at its full pace, and so were we. We once again lip locked, she was good, really good, she knew the art of kissing while I mastered it. Her soft lips with the strawberry flavored lip gloss made it even more tempting to chew them.

The wetness and the slow bites made her close her eyes and we both were lost in pleasure. Slowly the passion increased more saliva mixed, our tongues met we frenched kissed, naughtily played with our tongues for some time and our eyes met. She laughed and I smiled back, she looked relaxed, comfortable but hungry for more.

I pulled her close and whispered ” I love the way you smell and I will make you my queen, would you like joining me” she smiled, nodded in affirmation and kissed me back showing that she is loving all that attention.

We pulled our bag pack kept in it on the upper birth and made sure that they would be safe there and moved towards the washroom. I let her lead me and watched the way she swayed her ass while walking. She saw I was checking her lowers out, she came close and whispered: “They are just waiting for you, it is all yours, my dear” she winked and went ahead as I smiled and just followed the angel.

The washroom was clean compared to the regular Indian Railway Standard, we had quite some room there. We had locked ourselves in and it was all ours. She was hungrily looking at my eyes and waiting for me in a corner to make a move.

I moved in very slowly without breaking the eye contact, as soon as I reached close to her, she grabbed me and hugged me tight. It felt nice, her head was placed on my chest, I felt the warmth of her breath on my skin and her breasts kissing my abs. I kissed her on her head and locked myself tight giving her warmth from my side. She felt secure that she was in safe hands.

She slowly looked at me still not ready to lose the hug ” I want you, please fuck me hard ” I smiled In affirmation and whispered ” you are beautiful… and every part of my body is craving to see your naked skin and feel them, I am happy to make love to an angel like you” I turned her to the other side and smelt her hair , It was mesmerizing it had a deep smell, I Brushed her curls and moved it to a side and planted a soft kiss on back of her neck. It sent a jolt in her spine and she arched for more.

While I Kept on planting kisses on her shoulders and neck my hands were busy lining the end of her hoody, ready to slowly lift them and feel her soft skin. I moved my palms over her tummy slowly and she had a beautiful skin and a toned belly.

As I moved my palms on her tummy she felt ticklish and smiled and moved her body it was turning her on and also keeping it fun. I slowly removed her hoody and hooked it the latch of the door and ran my fingers on her back giving it a feather touch.

She has a black padded bra on which was a contrast to her wheatish skin, I moved my hands closer to her breasts and felt them over the bra they were firm and waiting to be touched.

She had closed her eyes just enjoying the pleasure of my hand over her skin, I stepped back, unhooked her bra, as she was removing it from covering her soft boobs I placed my hands to cover them. It fit my palms perfectly, I squeezed them gently and placed a kiss on her shoulder she arched her head back wanting a kiss. I kissed her softly and turned her to face me.

She wanted to see me naked so she unbuttoned the first few buttons of my shirt and glided ümraniye escort her hands over my bare skin. Her hands were still cold and it brought my chills on my skin.

I pulled the shirt and helped her access my chest and abs. She ran her hands over my bare chest and kissed me slowly everywhere, slowly she came closer and was tasting my skin, she was licking me all over the body while her hands were running and scaring my back with her nails, she loved my toned body and she started rubbing her boobs over my body to generate heat.

She lifted her leg, put it around me and pulled me closer and said “your so hot “the look in her eyes told me how tempted she was to have me. Her hands slowly moved towards my crotch she could feel the bulge in my pants and were rubbing over it. She slowly bent down kissing my abs, she unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants down. While I played with her curly hair.

She caught hold of my ass and started smelling my crotch, she was licking my thighs and her hands were trying to pull my gray jockey down. She did it in a swift and my manhood sprang up to tap her face. It was a monster for her, a long thick juicy meat that was just waiting to be sucked. She held it with both her hands and licked it liked a candy, the warmth of her mouth sent me a jolt in my body. She smelled it more; the raw manly scent made her go crazy and slowly started sucking them.

She played it with her tongue, licked the juicy precum and started blowing me. She deep throated me making me shiver in ecstasy. It went on for quite some time and she was waiting for me to cum on her face. I lifted her kissed her and told “baby it’s my turn”. I unbuttoned her jeans and she helped me get that out o f her beautiful long legs.

As I bent pulled her last piece of cloth on her body and bent on my knees to kiss her soft thighs, she covered her genitals in with shy and ecstasy. She was already leaking a lot of fluids and the smell of that aroused me. I caught her ass pressed them softly. She had a nice ass, it was apple butt that was waiting to get smacked.

As I went closer to her privates she resisted, I Looked at her with a question mark on my face? She bent down and whispered ” I am already getting mad, I know what your tongue can do down there but please fuck me now, we are late and I really need a good fuck, I will give myself to you anytime you want me, but please fuck me now, I can’t wait no more.” she made a cute puppy face and begged me, I got up and said “okay, let me not tease you much now” as soon as I completed my words she hugged me tight and kissed me hard. ” thank you!, now please come in, I am dying to feel you” .

I pulled my wallet and took the emergency condom out! “So you’re fully prepared” she winked at me and grabbed the condom out from me tore the wrapper and went on her keens to slide the condom on me. The condom was not a fancy one; it was a plain condom with no flavors or rib on it. Just something I kept for the emergency purpose.

She successfully slid the condom and asked “How do you want to take me” I told her that I wanted to look in her eyes while I entered her and asked her to spread her legs while standing, I had no much choice as we were in a confined space and couldn’t do anything else except for doggy which I wanted to keep it at the last.

She readily agreed and spread her legs and stood on her toes for me to enter her. I hugged her placed her near the sink for more support spanked her ass to get her ready and her blood flowing. I kissed her looked her deep in the eyes and entered her slowly, she closed her eyes to enjoy the pain and pleasure and we heard someone Knock the washroom.

Thank You,

Will present you the rest of the story shortly.

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We looked at each other stuck in a train’s washroom, naked, making love and someone knocking the door. A mix of pleasure, romance, and fear had spread across.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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