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In the weeks since my return from France I had noticed much excitement in my friends and their families. My visits elicited subtle questioning on the subject of my journey into womanhood, and cryptic asides concerning their own future involvement in it. I felt plans were being concocted around me. There were many smiles and giggles and equivocal remarks as sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers, spoke of their conquests and indirectly hinted at their wish to know of my own. I, of course, refused to play the game by their rules. I remained coy, declining either to confirm or deny their suspicions. I got the distinct impression from my closest friend Charlotte and her mother that General Stanton had since spent an intimate afternoon with the two ladies in which he was less reticent than myself. Tongues could wag as well as lick.

Even the servants and maids had knowing looks for me when they passed within my eye line. It was all very conspiratorial, and I left feeling a mystery would soon reveal itself to me. I chose not to ask of it, instead deciding it more fun to wait until I was drawn into whatever game was being played in the society houses.

A week had gone by and John had ensnared Kitty many times in his arms. He played his part perfectly, managing to coax ever more daring clinches from her. He had begun with words, and coached by me he had told her the things a girl enjoys hearing most. I in turn had prised their encounters from her as she bathed me, dressed me, or sat with me some evenings.

John was the perfect gentleman. Gone was the worry of his crude advances and rough attempts to have her, replaced now by her excitement in his company. She told of sweet kisses from soft lips, of a man so evidently brought to a state of erect arousal by her who would rather talk of her loveliness than take her hand and press it between his thighs.

He was such the gentleman that Kitty was beginning to become frustrated. She was longing for more. Normally shy she would not dream of running her hand down a man’s chest to his hardened cock, yet this she did on ever more oft occasions.

Poor John, I knew only too well how he desired her, how he fought with all his strength the urge to tear off her dress and thrust his weapon into her belly. And Kitty too, how she would love that now! She was perfectly ready to be ‘tipped’. I however was having too much fun teasing the pair to let them fully find each other just yet.

I continued to advise John not to give in to his urges, to keep bewitching her with the words I gave him. To kiss her softly then passionately, but to pull back when she raised to a particular heat. I crafted him into Prince Charming for my little Princess.

To her I told the opposite. I told her what men want and how to perform for them, and that girls who do not submit to the desires of men end life without experience or happiness or companionship. I nurtured the concupiscent appetites she hid beneath her shyness and encouraged her to follow my lead and look to me as her guide on this new and exciting merry-go-round. I conditioned her also to believe fidelity was a mere invention of the church, and that she would have true spiritual and sexual fulfilment by serving many lovers. This would serve me in the coming future, for I had further plans for my handmaid that precluded her monogamy to John.

From my frequent visits to my close friends, as well as to the homes of members of the court, Lords and politicians, and aristocratic ladies and gents, I had discovered alternative codes of dress for some of those who served them. It was not that I had as yet failed to notice this striking difference, but rather that a hidden facet of society life was being by degrees revealed to me. I felt I was being tested, had already been tested by General Stanton, and my reactions were being gauged. Increasingly a very different world was opening up to me.

In some of the houses where the children were either grown up or permanently boarding, the serving girls wore outfits and uniforms which left little to the imagination. Just one or two at first, but the more I admired and the more I questioned where I might too obtain such provocative couture for my own staff, the freer they felt to unveil this daring and exciting side to life.

Skimpy French maids outfits, silky black with frilly white trimmings short enough to show the girl’s knickers at only a slight forward bend seemed to be the most preferred. Their long and shapely legs were often encased in stockings, sometimes black, sometimes white, sheered with the complete range of deniers. The girls were exceptionally desirable, their hips swayed suggestively as they walked, drawing the eye to the stimulating swishing of their indecently short skirt frills. I found myself increasingly attracted to many of them and had no doubt the men of the house enjoyed them at their leisure.

I was told of several outlets in town to have them made, but I decided first to visit my friend Madame Belvaux, taking with me one of Kitty’s fitted dresses. The Monsieur was istanbul escort excited and happy to see me as ever. He showed me many new things he had made specially for me. I bought them all and told him to continue his endeavours. I very much liked him, and his wife. They were very kind, and I did so enjoy their respectful but naughty flirting and let them feel and touch all they wanted as I was undressed, measured and fitted.

I explained how I wished my maid to dress. Monsieur Belvaux, it seemed, secretly stocked a variety of merchandise perfect for girls in service. I ordered much, and left Kitty’s dress with them to alter the items specifically for her. It, apparently, would not take long, but I chose not to stay. I arranged for them to be picked up later that afternoon. Before I left Madam Belvaux apprised me on the progress of my wedding dress and other trousseau. I was told it was all wonderfully sensational and perfectly on schedule. I merely nodded and thanked them. They did not need to assuage me, I trusted them implicitly.

One other thing Monsieur Belvaux said to me had excited my curiosity; he had something special for me; a new outfit he had been working on in his spare time for the last few weeks. As he spoke of it, and of me, he flattered me as though I were a Princess. I soaked up his every word, kissed his cheek, and told him I would look forward to its completion with great anticipation.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“A package for you, Miss.” I turned my head to see John holding in both arms the Belvaux Boutique parcel. John wouldn’t know it’s origin; it was outwardly plain, but I recognised its crafting. His eyes were roving up and down my legs as I lay outstretched on a chaise longue in the gazebo, enjoying the summer air and the flourishing garden.

I turned back to my book, ignoring him for the moment and allowing him to look me over as I finished my paragraph. I wore one of the Boutiques naughty summer dresses; so short it barely hid what lay beneath, and had I not been wearing panties I would surely have revealed my most precious treasure. With one leg straight and the other knee raised my lascivious retainer had the perfect view of legs and inner thigh, although I had been at care enough when I’d lain down to conceal the evocative little triangle of lace that hugged my pussy beneath the delicate folds of my dress. It wrapped my torso and showed much cleavage and would thrill God himself should he choose to look down upon me.

Turning to John again I noted his expression of desire. I instructed him to place the package beside my bed and return to me. Even before I could finish the page he was back and instantly caught again in my thrall. I put down my book and motioned him closer.

“Thank you, John. Now, tell me of your attempts to woo Kitty. Has she yet reached sufficient heat to allow your darling cock inside her?” I spoke crudely; time was fast approaching when all subtleties and pretence would be abandoned. I made show of my glance at his tight trousers.

“Yes, Miss. I’m sure she has. I can barely control her anymore!” The poor fellow looked at his wits end. I laughed cheerfully at him and drew one, then the other leg from the length of the chaise longue and sat facing him with my legs together as one might sit when riding side saddle. I noted with pleasure the desirous flames in his eyes as they gazed at my thighs and moved up my body to rove over my breasts. He looked down again at my thighs. My knees were together, but I cared not whether my panties were on show to him. I reached my hand and brushed my fingers over the expanding bulge in his tight, black and gold trimmed trousers.

“I’m far from surprised; I can barely control myself either,” I said with a giggle and a squeeze of his lovely prick. “Does she squeeze it as I do?” I asked, and popped open his top button.

“She does, Miss. Proper grabs it she does! I’m having a trouble keeping her still now. But I do as you say to, Miss, always.” I did just as he said Kitty had and grabbed it somewhat artlessly. A moment later, and with the aid of my other hand, I caressed its length in a subtler, more erotic way. Then another button fell to my attack.

“When you kiss does she gasp and groan and rub her little belly against your hard cock?” I giggled more.

“Oh god, yes! She does,” he groaned. His own hips had begun to push ever so slightly against my hands. I opened the rest of his buttons and sharply tugged open his britches. His fearsome instrument fairly launched itself at me and bounced once, twice. I put my finger to the tip and slowly pushed it downwards. “If I’d let her I know she’d lift her dress and drop her knickers and have me fill her with it! Oh god, I want to, Miss!” His eyes looked down at me with fiery passion. I let my finger slip from the head of his cock. It raced back up and bounced obscenely hither and thither. I tickled his shaft with my dainty fingertips and lightly avcılar escort scraped it with my manicured fingernails.

“Does she ask to see it again? Does she say this time she will make no fuss? She will obey your every command?” I asked. I did not look up at him, not wanting him to avert his eyes from wherever they chose to glance. Instead I gently palpated his prick, using both hands to slowly stroke it into a heightened state of agitation.

“Yes, Miss! She almost begs for it. Says she’ll let me. Says I can do anything I want. I want to, so much, but I do as you tell me, Miss.” Twice now in as many minutes he had intimated I was all that was holding back a perfect new love. I sensed from his words a battle in him, one that needed to be rewarded with a victory now and again, and if I continued to deny him much longer he may ultimately disobey me with her.

The poor fellow was overwrought, and there was only so far I could take it before he began to resent me, and that just would not do. He had two young girls constantly teasing him, one endlessly throwing herself at him and the other exercising her power to deny him either of them. Sucking his cock until his come flowed when the whim took me was no longer enough to cage his lust, and I had purposely not done even that for him in many days.

When I glanced up I saw more than plain desire in his eyes; I saw a fight of Nature and carnality against loyalty and morality. He quickly closed his eyes, lifting his head up straight. I smiled to myself. The man in him was screaming from his every nerve to lift me, turn me, push me over the arm of the lounger, rip my panties off and fuck me. I’m sure he thought me sorely in need of a lesson he would gladly teach. But the butler and serf in him fought tooth and nail to hold back those instinctual screams. I chuckled to myself.

He no doubt thought he would enjoy again his Mistress’s mouth upon it, but instead he would endure the disappointment of denial, for I gradually lessened my grip, and elevated his frustration. I teased him with the gentlest of touches, tickling little caresses of my fingertips. His hips moved with a will of their own, attempting to force the great, rampant beast into my hands or even my mouth.

“Tell me your true feelings for her?” I asked, and gently blew warm breath onto the shining head of his prick.

“I love her, Miss!” he blurted out. “I love her same as I love you!

“You want to care for her, as you do for me?”

“Yes. I want to protect her too. Both of you, together like.”

“You would like to have us both?”

“Yes, Miss! Oh, I would do whatever the both of you wanted, always!”

I smiled. The fact that I had not touched his cock for several moments seemed to go unnoticed, for still he motioned his hips in that deliciously lewd manner, his eyes tightly closed, seeking release of his copious spurts. From the little slit in the end a dew drop of his nectar had welled up; a sticky treat for me to suckle. I put my fingertip to it and pressed down again, bending his great curve downwards.

“Do not worry, John,” I said softly. “you have been perfect.” His eyes opened, and for a moment he seemed somewhat embarrassed. “I’ve heard many things from Kitty too, as I’m sure you know, and I am sure she too is now very much in love.”

His eyes widened. “Really, Miss? Oh, but that’s wonderful! Truly!” His elation was conveyed to me and quickly I stood up to hug him, only releasing his cock at the very last moment. Even as I went up on my tiptoes, even as my arms went around his neck, as my lips pressed their little congratulatory kiss to his cheek, his powerful staff found its way between my thighs. It pressed up against my wet little pussy, conveying its carnal desires to me through my delicate panties. My thighs squeezed around it. We both felt it; that unstoppable force of Nature. I wiggled my hips ever so slightly, but when I realized John had frozen still I did the same too, and for a moment we both held there, as though caught in a situation both of us wanted but neither of us expected would ever happen.

“Tonight, my dear John,” I whispered into his ear. “You shall have that which you love.” Another little kiss and I slid myself off his wonderful staff. It sprang upwards again once released from its flesh prison and I turned on the spot and bent over at the waist to pick up my book, orchestrating my body in such a way that as my short little dress skirt lifted to reveal my naked bottom it pressed slightly to the great arcing curve of the underside of his cock. I noted with delight that his hips pushed forward in equal measure. Quickly I stood up with a gasp and widened eyes, spinning to him once more as I clutched my book to my breasts. I giggled and looked down. “You shall have to save that for tonight,” I said with a flirty smile, and as I started away I playfully slapped his cock, turning once to wink at him as I quickly tiptoed barefoot towards the house.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I found Kitty in şirinevler escort my bedchamber, pressing and hanging clothes, and folding and storing the more delicate items. While she busied herself I rang for some iced tea and finished reading the chapter I was on. I had decided upon tonight for our deflowering, and that Kitty would herself ask me to join.

“Miss Laura?” a voice chirped from inside the room.

“Yes, Kitty?” I replied, turning away from my book to look out over the stone parapet at the tops of the trees in the lower part of the garden, languidly swaying to and fro in a gentle breeze as though engaged in separate dances of the same encompassing song.

“You’ve a parcel here.” She peered round the edge of the door, then stepped out onto the balcony and walked towards me. I left her standing in expectant silence a moment as I watched two large birds settle on the same branch. It dipped under their combined weight until the pair were forced to take to the air once more to seek independent roosts. I turned to Kitty and instantly as I did she turned her head to look through the open doors, as though I needed assistance in locating my bedside.

I smiled. She turned back to me, a look of suspense glittering in her large, dark eyes. “The depth of your perception never ceases to amaze me, Kitty.”

She looked momentarily puzzled, then tilting her head slightly to one side looked thoughtfully up into the sky, as though providence might bestow understanding upon her, and with a lovely cheerful smile she looked back at me and said, “thank you, Miss!”

I chuckled. Kitty laughed too. “You are a silly girl, Kitty,” I playfully chided and swung my legs from the lounger. “But I shouldn’t ever like to be without you.”

“Me neither, Miss. Without you I mean,” Kitty said as she followed me back towards the doors to my chambers.

At the door I stopped and turned to her. “The parcel is for you,” I said candidly. Her large eyes widened even more, glittering with renewed sparkle. Her mouth opened in a silent gasp as her hands lifted to them. I thought her perhaps lost for words; certainly an event of some rare and considerable note, but then she began to stutter and stumble over her words.

“A..? For..? For me? A parcel? What is it? What is it?” I wondered if she might have decided to go for a little jog around the balcony, for her feet hopped beneath her, first one, then the other as she tottered from foot to foot. I smiled with a little shake of my head and turned into my bedchamber. Kitty followed closely behind. As I sat on the edge of my bed she stood on tenterhooks, looking back and forth from me to the package.

“Well open it then, dear girl. It is for you, after all,” I laughed. As she fairly dived upon it I leant back on to my elbows, lazily swishing my toes in the deep fur of my bedside rug. Kitty lifted the parcel and dumped it unceremoniously on to the bed without pausing to let it settle as she fought with the bindings. I laid back, my head resting on my folded arms and watched her. She was so awfully sweet.

In the midst of the great flurry of activity she suddenly stopped, looking down into the torn and shredded packaging, her face caught in a frozen gasp of surprise and delight. Her hands delved inside and slowly from within she withdrew a light pink, almost white, garment, like an excited botanist removing the last living petal from some dying giant, paper flower.

“My Lady!” she said slowly and breathlessly, holding aloft the hand-crafted French maid’s outfit. Kitty almost never addressed me as ‘my Lady’, and I think should I require her to do so she would most likely find the transition difficult. It mattered not, because Kitty had found her way into my heart when we were little girls, and although she was wonderfully imperfect, she was also perfectly wonderful, and I afforded her many familiarities and freedoms. I leant back up onto my elbows. “It’s beautiful!” she said slowly, holding it to her body. I watched her quickly flit to the mirrored room where my clothes were kept. She disappeared inside. I heard much squealing, giggling, gasping and purring. A moment later she was back.

Still clutching the dress, as though afraid I might change my mind and take it from her, she delved her nose into the parcel again to rummage for treasure. “Kitty,” I said calmly, “that one is for special occasions. The black ones are for every day.”

She poked her nose over the edge of the paper. “You mean, I can wear these? All the time? Instead of my normal ones?” My smile widened as I nodded to each of her questions. She jumped back and dived to her knees, holding my own as she laid her cheek to my leg.

“Thank you, Miss Laura,” she said softly. I stroked a hand through her dark curls. She kissed my thigh, then seeming to just realize what was in her hands she gasped, “Oh! My dress!” and jumped up again. Before setting it down beside the open package she twirled around, swishing lacy frills beneath satin silks. Again she investigated her parcel. Stockings of all grades of sheerness were placed on the bed, along with wrist-cuffs and neck-collars, thigh and arm garters, chokers, maids hats, high heeled shoes, and several pristine black and white French maids outfits. All were designed and made by the Belvaux’s to the effect of raising the temperatures of the men, and some of the women, who saw the beautiful and alluring young girl wearing them.

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