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Guiding Cock

Most people say this, but this is a true story of when I went from “curious” to realizing I was a submissive cock lover..

The door closed behind her, and I swung open my laptop.

“Finally,” I muttered as I heard my girlfriend’s car door open then shut.

The screen brightened and the laptop booted up as she pulled down the driveway. Friday nights were mine. She worked at a bar, and wouldn’t be home for a good six hours.

Most nights when she worked I would browse through the pages of tasty looking cocks and stroke my own. I would cum, wipe up, and put on a movie as I waited for my girlfriend to come home. Then I would fuck her senseless as I thought about those stiff rods, wondering if they got any action.

“Did people actually meet up, or is this just a bunch of fakers posting,” I muttered as I started my usual Friday routine. Well I guess that is what I am, I thought, since I never contacted anyone either. I had heard guys like me called lurkers. Whatever, it works for me.

I selected the “image only” filter and opened ad after ad as I rubbed my shorts. Finally, I pulled my hips up and pulled the shorts down. I rubbed my sack and tickled my hold as I admired one particularly huge dick. Pre cum glistened from its tip, just like the first drops that oozed from my own.

My cock ached it was so stiff, but I liked to look for a while before touching it, so I kept rubbing my sack. I had the whole night, I didn’t want to cum too quick.

I opened another ad, to my suprise this person said they were in my neighborhood. I looked at the first pic, a view of his cock from the top. Nice, average length but nice and thick.

I opened the next one. He must have used a mirror, as the view was from behind. He pulled his cheeks apart, and his sack hung low. “Mmm,” I thought as I slide my hand over my piece. “This will be the one that gets me off.”

My eyes went down from his sack to the tip of his cock, I and I jumped up when I noticed what was out the window on the other side of him. It was my building! Someone less than a hundred yards away was hard as a rock and begging for a blow job!

Looking back now, I’m surprised the next steps didn’t take longer. Meeting another man is a big deal, there is no going back. But I guess I was ready. I had fantasized about this for so long that I didn’t’ even think, I just acted. “Yes,” I whispered to myself.

As if controlled by someone else, my finger pushed the cursor over the “reply” button and I typed. This was the first time I had done this, and after hitting send I closed my email. I panicked.

I hope he doesn’t reply. But I had to know, so I opened my email again. There was a message. I was both thrilled and terrified.

I opened the message from biguy1980.

Sounds good. Now?

The message said. That’s it. Is that how these things happen? Three words? I had written that I was in his area and while I had no experience, I wanted to try playing with a cock. I gave him my stats, and a body pic. And based on that, this guy wanted to meet. This was going so fast.

I got hesitant, and thought about how awkward it would be to meet with a guy. I had thought about touching a cock, maybe even more, but never thought about how it started. I don’t have to kiss him, do I? Do I have to talk to him? That would be so awkward!

He probably won’t be into what I have to say, but I wanted to at least reply. So I wrote- Not into talking or anything, prefer to walk into a dark room, no eye contact. You pull it out and I give you a nice hand job, then leave. Sound good?

I was sure he would be bored by that, so I leaned back and started at my email. A few minutes passed, and I felt disappointed.

Then a message popped up, and I again went back to terror.

Sounds good. Here is my address, he wrote.

Holy shit. This could happen. I’m not sure what drove me to do it, but I wrote back- see you in 5 minutes.

I ventured across the street, and as we planned out over email, found his door unlocked. It creaked open and I poked my head in.

“Hello?” I asked, violating my own no talking rule.

“Back here,” he said.

I found him lounging on a couch, his hand in his shorts. I could see a huge bulge as his hand worked up and down.

I put my head down and avoided his face. I walked over to him, and looked down. Something was driving me to keep going, though my heart pounded.

“Kneel down,” he said.

Without responding I kneeled down, took a deep breath, and reached for his shorts. He lifted his hips and pulled them down. His cock popped out and stood straight up before me. My pounded even harder, and I was short of breath.

“All yours,” he said as he let go it of it.

I stared at it for a moment, then my hand reached out and grabbed it. It felt so good. It was warm and thick, and incredibly hard. As if my hand had its own instincts, it started to slide up and down as I watched myself jerk my first dick.

He leaned back 1xbet yeni giriş and moaned. “Nice,” he said. “Keep going.”

I did, and somehow he got even harder. I picked up the pace, and saw pre cum ooze out. I watched in fascination. I had a cock in my hand, and I was servicing a complete stranger. And I loved it.

I leaned closer to get a better look.

“Kiss it,” he said.

My head popped up. “What?”

“You’ll love it, kiss it. Lick my tip.”

“But in my email I wrote…”

“I know, but you are here now. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you before I cum.”

I looked back down at his dick. I have to admit my mouth was watering the whole time, but I hadn’t planned on this. I had fantasies, sure, but never thought I would actually do it. Just give a hand job, I had told myself. It will be fun, experiment a little, but nothing serious.

But now I had a big cock in front of me. This might be the only time I do this, I thought. And this guy is married and said he was discreet. I guess I could try it.

There is a big difference between touching a cock and kissing one, I told myself. But my curiosity won.

I lowered my mouth and put my lips on his head.

It’s just skin, no problem. But it wasn’t just skin. It was a guy’s dick, and my mind raced as I realized I wanted to do this. I needed to do this.

He lifted his hips, and I opened for him. I kept my right hand wrapped around his shaft, with my left one on the couch to hold me up. I bent my left elbow and lowered my body. My head followed, and his cock pushed into my mouth.

A man’s cock. In my mouth. My tongue slide underneath it as it pushed my jaw wider. It was thick.

He put his hand on the back of my head, and applied pressure.

My eyes widened as his cock filled my mouth even more. How deep does he want to go, it will never fit!

“Oh god that’s good,” he moaned.

He held my head there, my mouth full of cock as it pressed against my throat. I felt his hand apply more pressure. What is he doing, my mouth is full! It was, but his tip pressed into my throat and he kept pushing.

My eyes watered, and he thrusted with his hips. His cocked pushed into my throat, and my jaw strained. He pulled my hand out of the way so my nose pressed against his bladder. I could feel his sack against my chin. After a few moments he released my head.

“No gag reflex, you’ve got talent,” he said.

I went from saying I would never suck cock, to being told I had talent. I have to admit, I felt a little pride.

I put my hand back and stroked his shaft. I kept my lips wrapped around his head and slid my mouth up and down. It’s OK, he said he wouldn’t cum, I thought.

He moaned as I kept going. My cock tore at my shorts, and butterflies fluttered in my stomach with excitement. After all this time, after all those nights looking and jerking off, I was sucking a dick! I couldn’t’ believe how much I liked it.

He pulled my head away, and I stared in disappointment at his dick. I want that back in my mouth! I thought.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Lick my sack.”

My hand kept moving up and down his shaft with a mind of its own. I looked down at his package. It lay on the couch and its sides stuck to his legs. While I had fantasized over cocks, I had never been into checking out a guy’s balls.

While a long, hard cock made my mouth water, I didn’t pay much attention to a guy’s sack. It was sweaty, wrinkly and didn’t really interest me.

“Come on, lick those big balls,” he moaned.

I kept looking at them. While I never thought I would put my mouth near another guy’s sack, hell I never thought I would even touch a cock, something else came over me. I wanted to do it, not because I was curious, but because he wanted me to.

I had just had this guy’s dick in my mouth, doing what not long ago I would have considered repulsive, and now he wanted more. Sucking his cock wasn’t enough, he wanted me to take his sweaty, dirty sack, which hung only inches from his ass hole all day, into my mouth.

And I wanted to. I don’t know what drove it, but I wanted to serve. I liked the idea of being dirty. I wanted this guy to tell me what to do.

I pulled his dick up with my right hand, and lowered my face. The musty smell filled my nose it pressed against his cock. I dragged my tongue up and down his sack. I pressed my face in further, and his dick lay across the side of my face. My eyes were against his thigh, and all I could smell was a man’s crotch.

I opened my mouth and took one of his balls in and sucked on it. I rolled it around, licking and tasting it. I could feel pre cum drip onto my face. I cringed at the thought of semen touching, but kept going.

His moaning drove me on.

I felt his hand on the back of my head, and once again he applied pressure.

What is he doing?, I thought. His nut plopped from my mouth as I descended. His cock lifted off my face as his hips rose up. I was 1xbet giriş stroking, but had to let go as he pulled his legs up to his chest.

What the hell? Did he cum? He pushed again and his sack slid along my face until I could feel his ass cheeks on my chin.

My chest tightened. Oh my god, no way. I started to panic.

I was somewhat naïve I guess, but I had only saw a guy rim a girl once in a porn and didn’t think that actually happened in real life. Is that what he wanted? That can’t be! That’s disgusting.

“Lick my ass,” he answered my question.

I tried to pull my head back, but he kept pushing. His sack was against my forehead and I could feel his ass cheeks around my mouth. It was dark and I couldn’t see, but even though my lips weren’t touching I knew the dirtiest of holes was millimeters away.

“mmpphh,” I struggled as he pushed my head closer. I had never thought about doing this. I just wanted to give a hand job, and even that was crazy for me!

I admit the sucking was fun, and tea bagging him felt dirty but I could get into it. But not this! A complete stranger wanted me to do the most disgusting thing I could think of, and he wasn’t giving me a choice!

He kept pushing my head and thrusting his ass into me. The musty smell mixed with a new scent. It wasn’t bad, but the thought of where it came from repulsed me. This was the sweat from a man’s ass crack, and it was all over my face now.

He gave another push, and my lips brushed his hole. It was rougher than the smooth skin around it, so I knew what it was. Oh my god, my mind raced.

“Lick it. Get in there,” he demanded.

His arms were much stronger than my neck, and I couldn’t pull away. I gave up struggling, and relaxed. It was hard to breath, my nose was pressed in his crack and I keep my mouth closed and lips tucked in so I didn’t risk touching his hole again.

We were at a stalemate, me with my face between this guy’s ass cheeks.

To my horror, my cock grew even harder. The thought of where my mouth was grew less repulsive. And, I had to admit, the man scent was even more intense down here.

I relaxed a bit, and thought about my situation. He was going to hold me here, and there was only one way he would let me go. He wanted something, and would let go of my head after I did it. And, if there was even a small part of me that was curious, this was my one chance. I was definitely never meeting a guy on line again, not after this.

I opened mouth slightly, and took in a breath. My lungs filled, and my body was relieved to have more air than I could get through my nose, which was still pressed into his ass crack.

My upper lip brushed against his hole again, and I heard him moan. He pushed me in further, and my mouth became pressed against the most vile body part a person has.

Pre cum dripped off the end of my cock as I again took in the scent of his ass. It was nothing like I thought it was. It was- interesting, I’ll say.

I took another moment, and thought- what the hell, there’s only one way out of this.

I parted my lips a little more, and stuck out my tongue. It reached out, and touched the center of his ass. I could feel the rough ridges of his sphincter on both sides, with a gap right at the tip of my tongue. That gap was a man’s ass hole, and my mouth was wrapped around it.

He moaned again, and I flicked my tongue up and down. He held my head there, but relaxed a little. I kept moving my tongue up and down, pushing more of it out so it lay flat against his hole as it stroked across it.

I couldn’t believe what I was doing, but I picked up the pace and adjusted myself to get more comfortable. He pulled his hands off my head and grabbed his ass cheeks. He pulled them apart, and my face fell between them. My mouth now cupped his ass hole and my tongue lapped across it.

He took my hand and put it on around his shaft, and I pumped up and down. His sack flopped onto my forehead, and the feeling of balls on my face and an asshole in my mouth drove me crazy.

I pressed my face in and went wild. I licked and sucked as he bucked and moaned. I pulled away and for the first time saw what I was licking. A man, a complete stranger, was lying on his back with his legs pulled back. I grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled them open father, then dove back in.

This time I straightened my tongue and jammed it in his hole. He jumped up and his legs strained against his hands, but I held his ass in place and thrust my tongue in and out. I put it in as far as it would go, and wiggled it around, tasting the inside of his dirty hole.

“Oh my god!” he yelled. “Eat that ass hole you fucking slut!”

That was the first time he called me that, and it made my heart race. That’s right, I’m a cock loving, ass hole licking slut! Fuck yes.

“Wait!” he said.

He let go of his legs and they fell back into the sitting position.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Nothing, that 1xbet güvenilirmi was awesome. I can’t handle anymore, I need to cum. We’ve been going for almost an hour.”

I had no idea I was there that long. Time flies when you are having fun.

My mind came back to reality and I settled down. I looked down at his cock again. “OK, I’ll jerk you off. Remember from my email, I don’t want to touch any cum..”

“That’s fine, aim my cock away and shoot it on my chest.”

“I can do that,” I said as I started stroking.

After a few moments, he sat up. “The urge went away, can you suck again?

“Suck it? But…”

“I know, I know, I’ll tell you before I cum. I promise.”

“Ok I guess, but make sure you tell me.”

I looked down and saw some pre cum. I used his shorts to wipe it away, then lowered my head.

My left hand played with his balls as my right hand pumped his throbbing cock. I slid my mouth up and down his head. I got right back into it, savoring the chance to live out a fantasy. I deep throated him, then took it out and licked it all over, went fast, went slow. I reacted to his moans, and enjoyed the taste, feel and smell man meat.

I was surprised he lasted this long, and I listed for him to warm me so I could take it out of my mouth before he finished.

As I took his cock all the way into my throat again, I could feel his sack tightening and his breath getting shorter. His hand found its place on top of my head once more.

I kept going, but tried to look up at his face. He’s not going to…

He pushed my head down and thrust his hips up. He held my head there as his cocked stretched my mouth, it grew wider and wider. I tried to pull away, I knew what was coming.

He held me in place as a huge blast of thick, warm cum filled my mouth. My eyes watered as at least four more blasts made my cheeks puff out like a squirrel’s. My mouth was completely full of this man’s cum!

I tried to pull away, but he kept my head there. My mouth was so full some pushed past my lips onto my hand, but most of it stayed.

Just like when he forced me to rim him, he wouldn’t let me go. His cock started to deflate, but his hands stayed. My tongue moved and the cum swirled in my mouth. It was so warm and salty, and there was so much of it! I had never cum that much myself.

I was pissed at first, but then relaxed.

I thought of what I told my girlfriend long ago when she was about to give me my first blow job, but said she would spit- “It’s already in your mouth, isn’t it easier just to swallow it right away? That way it’s your mouth less time.”

She agreed, and when I came, she tried to swallow, but gagged and spit it up everywhere. I had cum all over me and she ran to the bathroom to wash out her mouth. She said it was the worst thing she had ever tasted, and never did it again.

But here I was with a mouthful, and I admitted to myself it wasn’t so bad. I moved my tongue again and the wad of cum slid over it. I moved my tongue back and forth a few more times over his softening dick, each swipe intensifying the flavor. The texture was strange, but the taste was good. Actually, it was awesome.

I don’t know what she was complaining about, I thought.

And again, just like when my face was against his ass hole, I thought there is only one way out of this.

Usually when a person swallows, there mouth is closed. It was a little awkward at first, but I tightened my lips around his cock and opened my throat. I swallowed a little at first, then took a few more gulps. There was so much it took a few times, but I cleared my mouth of this strangers load.

He relaxed his hips and pulled his hands away. His cock slide from my mouth with a plop. I watched it lower away as he settled into the cushions.

I wiped the cum from my chin, and licked it off my finger.

I kept looking at his dick, not wanting to make eye contact. I felt I should force myself to be mad, this guy just did everything I said no to, and used force to do it. I should be angry, I thought, but I wasn’t.

“Fuck, that was amazing. Thanks.”

I snapped out of the trill of the moment, and realized I was kneeling with a rock hard cock in front of a man who had just come in my mouth, not to mention having his ass hole wrapped around my tongue. I felt a little violated, but turned on. I was so confused.

I hopped up and mumbled, “I have to go,” then ran out of his house.

I lay in bed, thinking about the night. My girlfriend would be home soon, and my heart was still racing.

I checked my email, and I had a new message from biguy1980- That was great, I hope you are OK with everything. I get pretty dominant, and you were awesome. It seemed like you wanted me to take charge? I hope we can do it again.

I wasn’t mad, but I certainly didn’t plan to let someone take charge. I just wanted to give a hand job, I hadn’t considered anything else. I would think about it for a while, maybe I would try this again, but would probably find someone less forceful.

I replied- no problem, though don’t think I want to do it again.

Another email popped up immediately, this time there were attachments- Oh, we will meet again, and soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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