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My name is Leona Phillips and I turned 35 years old on 7th March 2005. I live on the outskirts of Blackburn in Lancashire. I have a teenage daughter and work as a Teachers Aid at a local comprehensive school. I feel happier with my life now but it could have been very different.

When I left school in the summer of 1986 there was not a lot of choice in what you could do. A number of industries had closed down in recent years or relocated elsewhere in the country. Some of my friends had found employment, some went on to Youth Training Scheme’s, some did nothing but I decided to go to College.

It was whilst at College that I had my first introduction to lesbianism. It was only brief fumblings back at the houses of friends nothing more serious than that. I didn’t consider myself to be a lesbian and had a number of boyfriends in my final year at school.

I left College in the summer of 1988. I was more qualified than when I started but a qualification in Business Studies didn’t guarantee me any career prospect in this part of the country. I started part-time work in a local shop. Whilst working there I met Jonathan Owen. He was a little older than myself at twenty-two. We started dating in September and just before Christmas I became pregnant. Jonathan was supportive and we agreed to keep the baby.

The baby, whom we named Karen, was born in September 1989 and thankfully it was healthy. Jonathan and I made plans to marry in the summer of 1990. Financially it was not easy but our parents helped out when they could.

On a freezing January morning in 1990, the 13th of January to be exact Jonathan was killed in a motorway pile-up. My world fell apart. Coping with his death and a five-month old baby was hard, so hard. Family and friends were supportive but I became almost a recluse. The next few years were difficult to say the least. Karen was a beautiful child and she seemed the one thing I had left in the world.

It wasn’t until a number of years after when Karen started nursery that I felt some of my old spark return. bahis şirketleri Friends that I knew had moved on or away and I had become isolated in my own world. I met another single parent through Karen’s attendance at nursery called Alison Dalton who had divorced her adulterous husband three years earlier. Karen had a little boy. We struck up an immediate friendship and it continued to blossom in the coming months. As the friendship grew I knew I was falling in love with Alsion. It may seem a strong term of affection but my heart and instincts were in agreement. I dare not tell her should she feel shocked or repulsed. Later it emerged she felt exactly the same.

Throughout the coming months and years we laughed and talked; later talking more frankly. We had meals out together, nights in and out in fact everything a normal couple would do, but we weren’t a couple. A friend said to us that we acted like an old married couple. Not long after Alison broached the subject of what our friend had said about us being an old married couple and I thought she is going to back off. It turned out not to be the case. The night that followed I will remember for the rest of my life.

Our children were staying at relatives on this particular Saturday night. Alison who sat next to me on the sofa raised the topic of us being compared to an old married couple. She asked if perhaps we should think about being a couple. I nervously laughed. She spoke of her feelings about me and her attraction. Could I have been really blind all this time not to see it? It seemed once she started to talk she couldn’t stop and she clearly wanted to tell me everything. When she finished she looked up at me. I leaned across and kissed her. She responded and she kissed me back passionately. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world.

I stood up and led her upstairs into my bedroom. I knew I was shaking but not with fear. We kissed each other again. With trembling hands I removed her blouse. Alison unclipped and took off her mauve coloured bra. Her breasts are 36c. bahis firmaları I gently fondled her breasts and as I felt her nipples I could feel them stiffen and become longer. Alison unfastened and took off her skirt. Alsion is quite tall at five feet ten and at that time had long brunette hair. I was just looking and admiring her body. She removed her matching mauve knickers and stood naked in front of me. I looked at her for what seemed like an age. Her body with curves in all the right places, in my opinion far better than any magazine picture and I told her so. She had long legs and her pubic hair was neatly trimmed unlike my own unshaven bush.

She moved forward to unfasten and take off my own blouse. I quickly removed my own bra. My breasts are slightly smaller than Alison’s but my nipples are a little longer than average. I felt Alison’s hands and tongue explore my upper body. My body tingled with desire. She moved to take off my skirt. She slowly pulled off my knickers and she stood back to look at my body. She commented that I had a nice body. I am five feet five tall and probably could do with losing a few pounds. Back in those days I was a little slimmer and fitter. With us both naked we looked at each other; it was almost an appreciation society between the two of us.

Alsion led me onto the bed and we lay next to each other. We both were breathing heavily and we kissed again. Alison ran her hands all over my body. Her touch was gentle but she was turning me on like nothing I had experienced before. She then moved on to kissing me all over. I remember as she kissed and licked my sensative nipples that I could have orgasmed right there and then. She started to guide her hands all over me before starting to lick my pussy. I had not been with anybody for so long I almost screamed with pleasure as I felt her tongue inside me. I learnt later that this was Alison’s first lesbian experience. The thrill she gave me as she licked me was so intense. I could feel my juices dripping freely and Alsion greedily tasted all of me. She continued kaçak bahis siteleri to lick and taste me. I had never experienced such a continued period of cunnilingus and it was absolutely mindblowing. It was like my body was totally alive for the first time in years.

When Alison stopped I found it so erotic to see her face glistening with my own juices. Alison asked me to feel her. I didn’t need a second invitation. I pushed her back on the bed and sat astride her. I ran my hands across her shoulders and started to fondle her breasts. I gently felt her nipples between my fingers. I was surprised because she asked me to tug and twist her nipples. It is something she finds a real turn. I agreed to do it and could see the pleasure in her face as I pulled and tugged at her nipples.

I ran my hands across her stomach before moving to kneel at the side of her. I allowed my hands to feel her body from head to toe before using my tongue to do the same. Her skin felt so soft. I remember her body writhing as I used my tongue to explore her. When I used my tongue to explore her pussy she seemed to immediately gasp for breath. I didn’t need any encouragement but she gently guided my head as I licked and tasted her juices. I was so wrapped up with everything – the charged atmosphere, her smell, her taste and it was all so wonderful.

I found myself pulling on her nipples as I continued to work my tongue inside her. Alison seemed to cum in torrents. Her juices filled my mouth each time and I was happy to swallow everything, an undescribable tastes but very, very pleasant. In bringing Alison to climax I again orgasmed myself and I felt fantastic.

We both decided to shower, eventually. We were both coming down for some time and neither of us wanted to end the holding of each other. We slept together that night but in all honesty there was not a lot of sleeping done!

Here we are now in March 2005. We are as happy now as we were then. Our personal and sexual life is going wonderfully well. Our children although they are both growing up so fast are happy and healthy.

Despite living in a modern society we still occasionally encounter some small-minded prejudice. Our friends, family and colleagues are very supportive and I wouldn’t change my life for anything.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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