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All characters are 18 or older.


“Fuck you, Bobby!” Bethany screamed at her brother.

“Fuck you, too!” He shouted back.

Although they were brother and sister, the pair couldn’t have been any more different. Even though Bethany was now a nineteen year old college freshman, she was still just as stuck up as when she’d been in high school. She had been very popular with her shiny blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, and perfect 36C chest, and she hadn’t ever forgotten it. She was wearing a simple pair of cut-off short shorts and a black spaghetti strap tank top.

Bobby on the other hand was a typical eighteen year old slacker, a senior in high school. While he always completed his assignments, he did so with very little passion and much preferred to just lay around the house and relax. While Bethany was relatively short, only 5’5′, he towered over her at 5’11”. He had shaggy, unkempt brown hair and hazel eyes. He was clad in a simple white t-shirt and pair of blue jeans.

“Give me my fucking phone, you twat!” Bethany shouted, lunging at her brother.

Bobby simply laughed, holding it high out of her reach, keeping his arm extended straight into the air above his head.

“Ask nicely,” he suggested.

“I swear to God, Bobby, if you don’t give me my phone!” She threatened, still shouting.

The front door swung open suddenly, and in came their mother, Shirley.

Shirley was only in her mid 40s, but in great shape. She had the same blonde hair and blue eyes as her daughter, and was about the same height, but curvier. The major difference though was her breasts, which were substantially bigger 38DD’s. They were barely held back by the floral-pattern sundress she was wearing. Her legs were clad in sheer black stockings, and on her feet were a pair of sensible white two-inch pumps.

“Mom!” Bethany pouted, “Bobby is being a dick! He won’t give me my phone!”

Shirley sighed and rolled her eyes. She tossed her keys on the table and crossed her arms over her chest, staring at her offspring.

“You two still fight like children. Aren’t you ever going to grow up?” She asked with a sigh.

“It’s his fault. He’s such a lazy asshole and he just loves to fuck with me and press my buttons!” Bethany shouted.

“It’s not my fault you get worked up so easily. And if you weren’t being so annoying on this thing I might give it back. All you do is talk about dick with your girlfriends.”

“That is not true! You prick!” Bethany’s cheeks were turning red.

“Enough!” Shirley suddenly shouted. She walked over, her heels clicking on the hardwood floor, and grabbed Bobby’s arm. She yanked it down and pried the phone from his hand.

Bethany smiled triumphantly, holding out her hand while simultaneously sticking her tongue out at her brother. To her surprise though, Shirley slid the phone into her purse.

“No. I’m sick of this. Both of you, upstairs now! Go to my room while I think. I’ll be there shortly. And if I hear a peep out of either one of you, you’ll regret it.”

Bobby and Bethany stared daggers at each other but nevertheless ascended the stairs in silence, making their way to Shirley’s room. Bobby opened the door and feigned a polite curtsy, allowing Bethany to enter first. She rolled her eyes and walked into the bedroom, leaning against the dresser. Bobby sauntered over to the bed and fell back onto it, folding his hands under his head and staring at the ceiling, whistling happily.

Bethany stared at her brother, narrowing her eyes.

“You are so goddamn annoying,” she whispered.

“What was that? I didn’t quite catch it,” he replied with a grin, clearly trying to egg her on.

“Fucking asshole,” Bethany sighed, rolling her eyes once more.

She began to absentmindedly pick at her nails, which were painted a vibrant hot pink. She shook her head, wanting nothing more than to punch her brother in the mouth. Bobby just continued to lay on the bed, whistling jovially just to aggravate Bethany.

Downstairs, Shirley paced back and forth in the living room, thinking. Her children had fought for ages, and she thought maybe once Bethany had started college the battles would wane, but every time she came home for a visit they seemed to pick right back up from where they left off. Bobby absolutely loved to annoy her, but she didn’t make it any better by being extremely combative to anything he said or did.

She was at her wits end. She was tired of the fighting, the constant bickering and yelling. She had had her fill of that with her husband, their father, before eventually getting a divorce several years prior. Thinking back to her husband though, a sudden idea struck her.

She hadn’t been with anyone since her divorce. She hadn’t even gone on a single date. She spent many nights alone locked in her bedroom, quietly self-medicating so that her children wouldn’t hear. For the first time in her life though, she began to think of them as adults.

Though Bobby had a rather shaggy appearance, he was still bedava bahis devilishly handsome, just as his father had been. And Bethany was every frat boys’ dream; long blonde hair, blue eyes, slender figure, perfectly smooth skin and breasts. She stopped pacing and looked down, deep in thought. What she was beginning to consider was wrong, and she knew it. But at the same time, perhaps it was just what her kids needed to start getting along. With a deep breath, she made up her mind and began climbing the stairs.

Upon entering her bedroom, she gave both of her children a firm look and pointed to the foot of the bed.

“Both of you on your feet, right there, now.”

Bethany and Bobby both sighed but did as instructed, moving to stand at the foot of the bed, facing their mother.

“Bethany, take off your brother’s shirt.”

Bethany raised a brow.

“Uh…what?” She asked, disbelieving.

“You heard me. Do it.”

“But mom-“

“But nothing! Do as I say or so help me I’ll take you over my knee just like I did when you were little.”

Bobby was all smiles, trying to hold back his laughter. Bethany clicked her tongue, annoyed, and turned to face her brother. He blew her a teasing smooch and she had to resist the sudden urge to sock him. Retaining her composure for the time being, she grabbed the hem of his t-shirt and yanked it up roughly, throwing it into the corner of the room.

“There,” she said, her voice seething.

“Good. Now Bobby, take off her tank top.”

“What?” Bobby and Bethany asked in unison.

“Do it,” Shirley said firmly, narrowing her eyes menacingly.

Bobby again was smiling, but Bethany looked disgusted. She shook her head in frustration as Bobby slowly slid the garment from her torso, tossing it in the same corner where his shirt now resided, leaving her pert breasts covered by just a black bra.

“Now each others pants,” Shirley continued, licking her lips.

Bobby and Bethany gave each other an unsure look now. This time it was Bobby to question her.

“Uh…mom…where are you going with this?”

“I’m only going to ask you once more,” she replied firmly.

Bobby gulped and turned to his sister. While he’d been enjoying the torment up to this point, this somehow seemed different. Then again, they’d seen each other in their swimwear before, and how different was it really? Bethany rolled her eyes and reached forward, unbuttoning his jeans and tugging them down, leaving him in just a pair of navy blue boxers. He stepped out of his pants and then unbuttoned her short shorts. She wiggled her shapely ass out of them and let them fall to her ankles, revealing a pair of black panties that matched her bra. She stepped out of her shorts and kicked them aside, turning back to face Shirley and crossing her arms over her chest.

“Are we done yet?”

“Kiss your brother,” Shirley demanded simply.

Bethany turned to Bobby and gave him a quick peck on the cheek before returning her gaze to her mother.


“You know what I meant,” Shirley said, a bit of anger creeping into her voice.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Bethany groaned. She turned to Bobby, who looked rather unsure. He seemed to have lost his usual confidence in constantly aggravating her, and appeared altogether nervous at standing in front of his sister and mother in nothing but his underwear.

Bethany took a step closer to Bobby and stood on her tip toes to cover the height disparity, pressing her soft lips to his. He in turn bent his head down, and could taste just a hint of her strawberry lip gloss. The flavor was pleasant but something about the kiss felt so wrong. This was his sister, after all. At the same time though, he felt a twitch in his boxers and his cheeks turned a dark shade of red at the realization that he was, on some level, enjoying this.

Bethany pulled back, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

“There. We kissed and made up. Can I go now?”

“Oh you haven’t made up yet. You two have years to make up for. The fighting stops today, I’m making damn sure of it.”

Shirley slid the straps of her dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Bethany and Bobby’s jaws both dropped as they now witnessed their mother standing before them, wearing a simple white lace bra and matching thong, as well as her heels and black thigh high stockings. Bobby felt his cock give another twitch and he shyly folded his hands over his crotch, trying to hide the growing bulge.

“Now I want you to take off each others underwear,” Shirley said in a voice that was becoming sultrier by the second.

“Mom, this is not okay!” Bethany shouted.

Rather than shout back, Shirley calmly walked over to her nightstand and opened the top drawer. From it she pulled a thick, veiny flesh-colored dildo, 12 inches long.

“The next one of you to disobey me will have this inside their ass. All the way inside.” She set the toy on top of the nightstand so that it stood bedava bonus straight up, and gave both of her children a serious look.

Bobby and Bethany looked from the toy to each other, in total disbelief at their mother’s actions.

“I can’t believe this is happening…” Bobby whispered to her.

“Do you think she’d really…” Bethany trailed off, her eyes locking on the toy.

“I don’t want to find out,” Bobby whispered back.

“Let’s just get this over with,” Bethany sighed.

She turned to her brother and grabbed the sides of his boxers, sliding them down his thighs until they fell down the rest of the way on their own. Bobby kicked them to the growing pile of discarded clothing in the corner and folded his hands over his already half-erect member.

“C’mon,” Bethany whispered to him, impatiently waiting for him to finish undressing her. Her eyes darted nervously to the toy looming on the nightstand.

“Alright alright,” he responded sheepishly.

Bobby finally lifted his hands and slid the straps of his sister’s bra down her shoulders. Then he gripped the cups and pulled the entire thing down, revealing her beautiful young breasts. Now that it was around her midsection, he spun it around so that the clasp was in the front, unhooking it and letting it fall away.

He couldn’t help but stare at her exposed chest. Her breasts were so perfectly rounded and perky, and she had bright pink nipples in the centers, not too big, not too small. His cock was now fully erect and he knew there was no way to hide it. He still felt guilty that this was his sister, but what choice did he have?

Bethany noticed he’d gone hard as well. At first she felt disgusted. This was her brother after all. But the more she thought about it, beneath that shaggy exterior was a handsome guy. And she guessed that he had to be about eight inches long. She’d never seen one so big, and she found her mind wandering.

Shirley cleared her throat impatiently. Both of her children gave a jump as they realized they’d been staring at each other. Bethany raised a brow and tilted her head, signaling for her brother to finish undressing her. He obliged without any further hesitation, pulling her panties down her legs. She stepped out of them and then picked them up, as well as her bra, and threw them into the clothes pile in the corner. Again she crossed her arms over her chest, sneering at their mother.

Shirley now saw just how good looking both of her kids were. Bethany was a gorgeous slender blonde with perfect tits, and her son was hung better than their father. She licked her lips excitedly.

“Kiss again. Really get into it this time. I want to see some passion. You’re brother and sister so you need to really love each other.”

Bobby faltered again. As beautiful as Bethany was, he couldn’t get over the fact that this was sister, who up until this point he’d taken every pleasure in tormenting and teasing. Bethany on the other hand was not willing to risk having her ass filled to the brim with a giant dildo.

She practically lunged at Bobby, knocking him back over onto the bed. She lay on top of him and he could feel her breasts pressing against his chest, and was surprised by just how soft they felt. Bethany pressed her lips to his and he parted them without even thinking, allowing her tongue to snake inside. Her shimmery strands of hair tickled his face as Bobby let his sister kiss him deeply.

The shame of this being his sister was rapidly beginning to wane as he realized just how good this all felt. Her soft, supple body pressed against his, perfect breasts pinning him to the bed as her wet, wriggling tongue played with his own, her soft lips locked against his. He could still taste her strawberry lip gloss and he was thoroughly enjoying it.

Bethany was trying to lock the fact that this was her brother out of her brain, but to no avail. She knew this was Bobby, the one she’d argued and fought with for years. But now here she was laying naked on top of him, making out with him as passionately as she would a boyfriend. It felt wrong in so many ways but a small part of it felt right.

Suddenly, Shirley spoke up. She was still watching them intently.

“Bobby, I want you to go down on your sister now. Let her really know how much you love her, how much you’re sorry for always picking on her.”

Bethany finally broke the kiss and smiled sweetly down to her brother, feeling triumphant in the fact that he had to please her first. She rolled off of him and lay on her back invitingly.

Bobby rolled on top of her and finally did what he’d wanted to do since taking her bra off. He cupped both of her breasts, groping and squeezing the soft orbs. He then lowered his head and wrapped his lips around her nipple, suckling on it while keeping her other breast firmly in his hand. Both of her nipples immediately hardened, and she was having trouble coming to terms with how turned on she was as a result.

Bobby kissed across her chest to the deneme bonusu other breast, taking the other nipple between his lips. He gently grazed it with his teeth, while running the other between his thumb and finger, pinching it lightly. Bethany felt herself growing wetter, but she wasn’t the only one.

Shirley watched as her son began fondling and suckling on her daughter’s breasts. She was thoroughly turned on at the sight, and wondered why she hadn’t made them do this a long time ago. Rather than fighting they were loving each other. No yelling, no name-calling, just unadulterated family fun. She realized she was still overdressed for the occasion and reached behind her, unclasping her bra and letting it fall to the floor. She then quickly discarded her panties so that she now stood there feet away from her children in only heels and stockings. She began to grope and fondle her own breasts as she watched Bobby do the same to Bethany’s.

Bobby felt like he could stay between his sister’s breasts for an eternity, but he knew something even better awaited. Because of this he tore himself away from her heaving bosom and slid down her body, coming to rest between her legs. For the first time in his life, he had a prime view of his sister’s pussy. The lips were bright pink and already glistening, with not a single hair anywhere in sight.

He inhaled deeply and a shiver went down his spine. The fragrance was something immensely enjoyable, but it only made him wonder about the taste. Not wasting another second, he lowered his head and pressed his lips to her slit, kissing it softly. He got just the slightest hint of her nectar, a pleasant bittersweet flavor.

He then opened his mouth wide and stuck out his tongue, running it from her hole all the way to her clit. Bethany bit her lip to stifle a moan, but she couldn’t deny how good it felt. Bobby repeated this several times, making her lips wet with a combination of her own fluids and his saliva. He realized that he wanted to get a better taste though, and so he drove his tongue into her hole as deeply as it would go. This time Bethany couldn’t help but let out a quiet little moan.

He immediately got a stronger essence washing over his wriggling muscle. He loved it. She tasted better than anything else he’d ever had in his life. He continued to drive his tongue deeply into her, scooping out her nectar with each pass. He was tongue-fucking his sister so deeply that his nose rested upon her clit, and his warm breath washing over it just gave her another facet of pleasure.

Shirley was soaking wet watching her son eat out her daughter. She kept one hand firmly locked on her breast and thrust the other between her legs. She inserted a finger into her sopping pussy and then placed it on her clit, rubbing it in circles with her moist digit. She leaned against the dresser and moaned.

“I’m gonna cum,” Bethany suddenly whispered. She began fondling her breasts, lifting her head so she could watch her brother eat her out.

This spurned Bobby on. He slowly slid his tongue from her crevice and back up her slit, finally arriving at the sensitive little bud. He wrapped his lips around it and began to suckle, occasionally grazing it with his teeth. Bethany arched her back, shoving her pussy into her brother’s face as her orgasm washed over her.

“Oh god Bobby, you’re good at that,” she said between breaths.

“Mmmm. See there. You’re already giving out compliments rather than insults. Your turn now, Bethany. Show your brother you love him,” Shirley said in a seductive tone, still feverishly rubbing her clit.

Bobby and Bethany quickly traded places. He climbed up and laid down on his back while Bethany slid down the bed and settled between her brother’s legs. He was still rock hard, and she spotted a translucent drop of fluid at the tip. She parted her lips and flicked her tongue across it, gathering up the little bead of precum. As the flavor flowed over her tastebuds she moaned. It was salty but not overly so, and she began to wonder what the real thing tasted like.

She wrapped her lips around his achingly hard shaft and slid them all the way down. Bobby’s eyes widened as he witnessed his sister swallow his cock in one fluid motion. Her mouth was so warm and wet, and he could feel the head at the very back of her throat. She didn’t even gag.

She slowly slid her lips back up until only a few inches remained in between and then descended again. ‘I can’t believe I’m blowing my brother,’ she thought to herself as she began to bob her head faster with every stroke. ‘He’s so big though,’ she reminded herself as well, taking his cock once more into her throat and letting it rest there for a few seconds before coming up for air.

“My baby girl is quite the little cocksucker,” Shirley said with a grin.

Bethany lifted her head to glare at their mother. Saliva was running down the corner of her mouth. “Mom!”

“Oh you know you are. Take it as a compliment.”

Bethany thought to argue but then realized she was right. She did enjoy dick. She just never thought she’d be sucking her brother’s. The situation was what it was however, and so she took his length into her awaiting mouth once again, sliding her soft lips up and down the entire thing as Bobby moaned out loud.

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