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I have known my online lover for several years now. He is a very erotic, very dirty, very attractive older man. We ‘play’ under the cover of popular MMORPG’s (massive multiplayer online role-playing games). We are both happily married – to other people – and wouldn’t have it any other way. But he is the pink-icing-roses on my cake, and he never fails to make my day a little brighter – and a lot wetter! I love knowing that I have made him cum – as I did yesterday… twice! Here is the letter I wrote him afterward…


For my lover,

So I thought perhaps you would like to hear about what I did after we logged out. I was very hot and bothered – and wet – from our roleplay – and our conversation after, so I decided to take a nice long soak in a hot bubble bath.

I filled the tub to the brim with soapy bubbles, piled my hair up high on my head, and climbed in. The tub is shorter than an American tub, but deeper, so I can lie back and the water covers me completely – big breasts and all. Alas, the problem with “Mr. Bubble” is the bubbles dissipate pretty quickly. But it smelled nice, and the water was steamy hot. I have to admit, my first thought, looking down at myself in the water was, “I really need to lose some weight”. I’ve not shown much restraint this holiday season! But I do have very nice legs, dancer’s legs. And, well, I’ve always been secretly proud of my breasts, even if I honestly believe they’re far too big! And my nipples were HARD. Between our marathon time online, the chilly air, and the steamy water, my nipples were soooo tight and hard, they really looked like they were ready to pop right off my breasts. They didn’t even look real! They were a dark rose color, and I played with them awhile, thinking of you, imagining you watching me in the tub. Mmmm… that’s a very nice thought…

I moved my hands down to my cunt, thinking of this entire night, how enjoyable isveçbahis it was, how much I enjoyed making you cum – twice! As I thought of that, I stroked my inner lips and clit lightly, again and again and again. My cunt is hairy right now, I haven’t shaved or waxed it in some time. I need to trim it, and clean up the bikini line. But the inner lips are soft and smooth, and my clit is a hard little nub of peachy-pink flesh. Mmmm… I rubbed it again, and once again, I imagined you kneeling nearby, watching….

I closed my eyes about halfway, and masturbated, thinking of you. Here is the fantasy of you that I stroked and fingered myself to… I thought about you, about your cock, and tried to imagine what it looks like. I’ve never seen an uncut cock before. I found myself thinking of you, sitting at your desk, and I imagined that moment you must have, whenever you sit down, when you first start to grow hard. That moment where your cock stirs and awakens, and makes its presence felt. Just typing this is making me wet again!

I can see, in my mind’s eye, the bulge that forms inside your pants, and I imagine you rubbing your hard cock through the fabric. You type, and we laugh and chat onscreen, and roleplay, and your hand periodically wanders down to give yourself another rub. Mmmmm…. I’m rubbing my clit now, eyes closed, and think of you at your desk. I imagine you teasing yourself this way – the occasional rub through your clothes, going on for awhile, before you finally give in, and pull out your cock. There it stands proudly, fully erect and purple-veined. Pre-cum forming at the tip. I love pre-cum on a guy’s cock! It’s like a portent of good things to come! (pun intended). I find myself wondering about your pre-cum – does it form up, droplet by droplet, waiting to be licked away, or rubbed into your skin? Or does it dribble almost constantly, demanding more immediate attention? Mmmm.. with this thought, I find myself slipping a finger isveçbahis giriş into my cunt, still rubbing at my clit and lips…

I can imagine your strong, capable hand sliding up and down your cock, stretching the skin up and over the tip, then bringing it back down, smearing that pre-cum wetness into your skin. I imagine you typing a response, then that hand returning to stroke yourself a few more times. I would love to watch you masturbate, watch what you do with your hands, and see how your cock responds to my words onscreen…

I imagine what it would be like to lie you down, and jerk you off. I would love to explore your cock, stroking a finger up the underside of it, tracing the bulging veins, rubbing my fingers all around the helmet-head. To roll it between the palms of my hands, like a child playing with play-do. How I would enjoy closing my strong little hand around your shaft, and slide it up and down – perhaps you could put your hand over mine, and show me how you best like it…

The thought of this makes me rub harder, faster at my clit. With my other hand, I’ve added a second finger, and I’m pulsing them inside my clit, not really drawing them out, keeping the movement concentrated inside. It feels soooo good! I draw close to climax at least twice, and then pause – once to add more hot water, and once to cool off a bit. My heart is racing, and I love teasing myself… I also pause a few times to pinch my clit lightly, play with it… mmmmm…

Cooled off a little, I resume my rubbing and finger-fucking. And I think of you, of your cock, of what a dirty man you are… I think about how I would love to stroke your cock with my hand, up and down, up and down, squeezing, fondling, feeling the smoothness and texture of your skin over the hardness. I would love to play with your balls, to feel their weight in my hand, to cradle them, and rub my fingertips against them. I would gently squeeze them and stretch them, isveçbahis yeni giriş and pin them up against the base of your cock, then let ease up a bit, as I kept stroking. How erotic, to have my face so close, to watch your cock go from start to finish.

I’m so close now, in my bath of hot steamy water. I think about you, breathing hard, your skin flushed, your mouth slack, telling me how close you are. I think about how your cock would start to twitch, how your balls would somehow draw up tight, your body tensing. And then, that magic moment, where suddenly there are great gobs of cum shooting out of your cock, hot and salty and thick. I’m rubbing myself almost frantically, as I imagine my hand working that cum out of you – but I also have a delightful mental picture of you jerking yourself off, the cum spurting up through your fingers. As I imagine you reaching your orgasm, it makes me cum – very intensely. It’s almost like a sharp pain – only breathtaking in the pleasure it gives, my entire body tensing, locking, and freezing around my cunt, which is spasming around my fingers. I wonder if that is what my cunt would feel like when it cums around your cock – squeezing you so hard, you could feel it. Mmmmm…

The climax ends fairly quickly – which is good – because if it went on any longer, I’d probably have a heart attack. I am utterly spent, and want to just close my eyes and fall asleep, naked, in the still-warm water. I am so relaxed right now! But I don’t want to catch cold, so I climb out, towel off, and rub my favorite lemon oil all over my body, paying special attention to my breasts and pubic hair. I love putting oil on my cunt, it makes the hair soft and glistening. I follow this with a layer of body lotion – my daily routine. I’ve always been told, from the first person I ever fooled around with how soft my skin is. So I apply my daily dose of lotions and oils, and I get dressed.

Writing this has made me wet again. I can feel little trickles of moisture in my cunt. So I’m off to bed, where I will probably rub myself to climax again, thinking of you, and your cock.

You are the most delicious playmate! *hugs* I hope you enjoyed this!


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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