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(I serious recommend all writers get an editor but Frontma is MINE, damn it and if you don’t like it — Thunder Dome!)

*Control is illusionary*

(Erotic Coupling)

(Please note that the story starts out a bit awkward but it does get rolling. You may assume that Echo does not date — AT ALL; before meeting our hero. That may help you make sense of some of her actions. Also, as explained later, Dominic is, in fact, a FREAKING genius-savant, but not in a way that helps him with women)


I’d never really been wealthy until I graduated college, but I’d been close to it. At nine, I had been given a scholarship to an exclusive prep school and that had opened doors into higher education. By the time I got my Master’s in International Finance, I’d networked myself into a really sweet job way ahead of schedule. I had the nice apartment overlooking the city, the prerequisite sports car, and the healthy bank account. I thought I was the master of my own fate–foolish me.

I am at LA’s Castro Club on a Friday night with several of my co-workers and their dates when my GF Stephanie and I have a huge throw-down and part ways for the evening. After she took off in a huff and I’m sitting back watching some of my friends dance, this smallish, attractive brunette tugs on my sleeve.

“Hey, handsome, would you like to dance?” she smiles. She’s older, nice looking, and Stephanie has split up with me over some bit of drama for the night, maybe forever– just like last weekend.

“Sure,” I respond happily. She grabs my hand and yanks me through the crowd at the edge of the dance floor, but not onto it.

In short order she brings me up to a table where there are several females sitting, including a beautiful, black-haired, dark-skinned, statuesque woman giving the world a frosty glare.

“Hey …” the brunette starts to say.

“Dominic Umstead,” I fill in.

“Dominic, this is Echo Ashaz and she needs a dance partner,” the woman tells me. I find that hard to believe; she’s freaking gorgeous. She’s as tall as I am– taller with those heels. She’s clearly of Middle Eastern descent with almond eyes and curves that just won’t quit. I’m suddenly glad Steph and I had that fight.

“Echo, care to dance?” I say, playing my role. Echo looks at me like I’m some piece of filth she’d like to scrape off her shoe. Before I can back the fuck out of this situation, her friend grabs Echo’s hand and shoves us together.

Echo seems to consider her options before grabbing my hand in a strong grip and dragging me to the dance floor. When we get to a good spot, she turns around and burns a hole through me with her eyes.

“Touch me and I’ll break your hand,” she seethes. I look shocked. Defying her, I put my hand on the small of her back and start shoving her back to the sidelines.

“What?” she snarls.

“I’ve got better things to do than dance with a frosty, stuck-up bitch like you … Echo,” I snap back.

“It didn’t take you long to figure out you weren’t getting any tonight,” she scoffs.

“Wrong. It didn’t take me long to figure out that I didn’t want you. There is a difference,” I counter. She stops me from pulling her off the floor.

“Listen, if I don’t dance with you, my friends will keep dragging guys over to the table. Since you are probably gay I guess it is safe to dance with you. Please stay,” she adds with resentment.

“If it means I don’t have to see you the rest of the night, then okay,” I relent. We get back into the crowd and start dancing. In no time, the crowd presses us together, causing us to start brushing our bodies occasionally. Echo makes an effort to look away when this happens but I sense she’s getting into it. The song ends and Echo looks at me, waiting for me to make the next move.

“Do you have anything else lined up for tonight?” I shout into her ear over the noise. She shakes her head reluctantly, looks to the table her friends are at, then looks back to me. The next song picks up and we start dancing again. On the following song I get her to dance facing away from me for part of it. The next one saw her grinding against me for a few furtive moments. Once she lets down her guard, Echo turns out to be a whole lot of fun.

Thirty minutes later, we come out of the crowd, breathing heavily and winding our way over to her girlfriends. Echo is holding my hand and smiling at me while her friends seem mildly stunned to see us still together and me intact.

“It’s okay,” Echo jokes, “he’s gay.” With the way she rubbed against me, she knows that’s a lie.

“Ha!” I snort. “Echo, ladies, this has been fun, but sadly I have to catch up with my friends. Take care.” I go looking for my buddies and we decide to get a late-night bite to eat.

I’m almost at the door when Echo comes up and grabs my arm.

“Thanks, you saved my night,” she says quietly before pressing a coaster with her number into my hand. I look at it before following her ass as it moves further into the bar. Of course, I already have a girlfriend (sort anadolu yakası escort of) so I’m not looking for any extra complications in my life.


Jay and Scott (two of my colleagues) walk into the club with me, dressed for a night on the town and waiting on our respective ladies. I haven’t taken twenty steps in when Echo appears before me and she looks unhappy.

“You didn’t call,” she points out.

“My girlfriend and I made up, Echo. It is good to see you, even so,” I add as I try to rejoin my friends.

“Maybe we can dance later,” she suggests. I stop and take her in. She’s tall, athletic, and highly attractive, but her hands are worn and her nails are short from physical labor.

Also, she’s in the same dress she was in last Friday, meaning she’s probably some middle-class consumer living above her means; this is a high-end club.

“I’ll see what I can do,” I lie to her. I barely disentangle from Echo before Stephanie arrives. Her getting jealous over Echo is a problem I don’t need.

I try not to think about Echo for the next hour or so as I dance, chat, drink, and have a generally good time. Unfortunately, I’m angling over to the bar for a drink order when I spot Echo and some jerk is giving her a hard time.

I don’t really think about it, I just do it. I walk up and slip an arm around Echo’s waist.

She’s startled and I think she’s about to throw a punch when she suddenly recognizes me. I step up and kiss her deeply on the lips.

“Hey, Honey, how’s it going? Did you miss me?” I say to her and the jerk. I meet the guy’s eyes straight on, daring him to challenge me for my lady. He mutters something and moves his drunken ass away.

“You okay, Echo?” I inquire in a softer voice.

“I was okay without you,” she responds. “You didn’t need to kiss me.”

“It seemed like the thing to do at the time,” I counter.

“Are you used to taking what you want, Dominic?” she inquires.

“Not really. Usually I ask what I want to come home with me, and they do if they feel like it. This has been fun but I have to place some drink orders and rejoin my friends. Have a nice night, Echo,” I tell her before flagging down the bartender and ordering the drinks. If Echo doesn’t need my help, more power to her. I promptly forget the matter and get back to having a good time.


I’ve put a hard day’s work (by my standards) and I’m heading home to get in a nice workout, followed by some television since Steph is pulling another all-nighter on a pending case. She promises me that when she makes partner, this shit will end; God, I hope it does, because right now I could use my cock to drive in tent pegs, I’m so horny.

I’m not really paying attention to where I’m going, or how fast I’m getting there, until I spot the flashing red light from the unmarked car behind me. I pull over because it is a well-trafficked street and I’m not likely to get car-jacked. I don’t think I was speeding but I pull my license and registration anyway.

The officer walks up along the driver’s side and taps on my window. Standing just outside of my angle of vision, I stretched my neck around until I was able to take in the plain-clothed officer’s drab, cheap suit hanging off what seemed to be a nice female body.

“License and registration,” she requests and I comply. She looks me over for a minute.

“Step out of the car,” she commands.

“What is this about officer?” I question.

“Step out of the car,” she repeats. This time I comply. As the door swings open and I step out, I look up into Echo’s face.

“Oh, fuck, Echo,” I sigh with relief, “you scared the crap out of me.” She doesn’t look amused.

“I am Detective Ashaz to you,” she corrects me. “Now up against the car.” I’m about to say something about that but by the look on her face, she’s not a happy camper. I put my hands on the hood, back to her, and she kicks my legs apart. Next comes the pat down, which is kind of surreal when she brushes over my crotch.

She reaches inside my pockets one at a time and on the second try, she comes up with a baggy with white powder in it.

“What’s this?” she asks as she waves the baggy in front of my face. I’m really starting to sweat it because, though it’s not mine, this is ten kinds of bad news for me. I’m trying to remember who the best criminal lawyer (who I’m not dating) is in town when she prods me again.

“Well, what is this?” She places it in my hand for me to examine.

“I haven’t a clue,” I stammer. “I’ve never seen it before.”

“Do you think the judge is going to believe that?” she whispers in my ear. She takes the baggy back.

“I think I need a lawyer,” I reply.

“Especially now that your fingerprints are on it; how is that going to look?” she asks. I think we both know the answer to that one; she’s suckered me good.

“I have a feeling they aren’t going to be happy,” I confess. Echo mulls that over for ataşehir escort a bit.

“Maybe we can work something out,” she offers. Here it comes.

“Like?” I inquire.

“Drive back to your place and I’ll follow you. Do something stupid and you’ll regret it,” she threatens. I contemplate all the calls I could make to deal with this situation but they all boil down to my word versus Echo’s.

I park in my spot and Echo takes the guest slot. She has this totally Bad Ass Cop vibe going on which leaves me somewhat pissed, along with afraid, on the elevator ride up. She watches me go into my apartment first, her eyes following me as I move around the room.

“Well?” I say in a somewhat exasperated tone.

“Nice place,” she comments.

“Thanks. Now what is this going to cost me?” I grind out. Echo looks disappointed. She crosses the living room and starts peeking into the various other areas of my place. When she gets to the bedroom, she stops and pulls out her handcuffs which she swirls around with one finger.

“You want me to put those on?” I inquire. Echo looks at me impassively, handcuffs still swirling. “Fine,” I snap. I walk over to her and snatch the handcuffs from her while watching her smirk.

“Really?” I growl at her grinning face. The smirk doesn’t disappear until I snap a cuff on one of her wrists and we start wrestling in the hallway. Belatedly, I realize she’s still got her gun.

For whatever reason Echo doesn’t go for it, instead trying to get the key out of her pocket while pinning me to the ground. Too bad for her I took Aikido in college. Once we get to the ground, I have her rolled over and her second wrist cuffed behind her back in no time. We are both panting lightly; her eyes are blazing away at me while I lean against the wall next to her. Now what the hell am I supposed to do?

I start by sifting through her pockets to grab that powder she planted on me as well as putting her gun and badge on the kitchen counter. After I dump the powder in the sink and wash it down the drain, I come back to Echo.

“What am I supposed to do with you now?” I ask. She fails to provide me with a vocal answer; her eyes were saying I was in big trouble.

Angrily, I roll her off her stomach to her side when my upcoming tirade dies in my throat. Echo’s nipples are punching through her bra into her shirt like bullets they are so aroused. I feel an evil grin crossing my face as I reach out to pinch one of those nipples.

“Mmmphf,” she lets slip. I find that encouraging so I roll her onto her back and begin to caress both breasts.

“Let me know when you want me to stop,” I offer, but Echo refuses to budge. A little frustrated, I start to unbutton her shirt, letting my hand tease her stomach as I work off her shirt from the bottom up.

“Nice bra,” I comment as I realize she’s definitely in something way beyond what a police woman would normally wear. It also unfastens from the front, a nice feature right now.

“Did you wear this for me?” I ask, but again I get nothing but an angry glare. “Fine, if you are going to be that way,” I accept patiently. I run both my hands behind her back and pull Echo’s body up to my lips, taking a nipple into my mouth, and begin to suck and swirl it with my tongue.

“Ah … ah … ah,” Echo stifles her whimpers as I switch from tit to tit.

“Let me know if you want me to stop,” I repeat, but again, nothing; at least her eyes are semi- shuttered. I now rub my right palm across to the bottom of her breasts and onto her stomach, then slip it beneath her belt and onto her panties, silky and smooth.

Finally, that gets a response from Echo; she thrashes and swings her hips about, but that only manages to egg me on. I yank her around, unclasp her belt, unbutton her pants, and begin to work them off. Any minute now I expect her to cry out and stop me. I have to sit on her thighs to work off her shoes and pants. Since she’s still playing the silence game, I hoist her up, take her into the bedroom, and toss her on the bed. I imagine that it hurts her wrists a bit but still Echo fails to cry out.

Echo tries to work her way into a sitting position but I keep pushing her back on the bed while I strip down.

“Echo, we can stop this at any time if you would just say something,” I tell her. I get nothing but more anger directed at me. I go for the panties next, and though Echo fights, I can sense a degrading of her resistance.

I push Echo onto her back and start running my hands over her body. Her shirt and bra up around her shoulders don’t conceal anything, instead adding a strangely erotic appeal to her breasts and upper body. I work another nipple into my mouth, tasting her salty sweat and smelling a faint hint of perfume. I squeeze her breast with one hand, pushing more of the tit into my hungry mouth.

“Aha,” she gasps again. I like that sound and I want more of it, so sliding a hand down to her pubic mound seems like it’s the right thing to do. Echo has other ideas, ümraniye escort thrashing about and keeping her legs tightly locked together. I can pry them apart with my hands but not keep them that way long enough to do anything more than glide a hand along her slit.

Echo curls herself into a ball to keep me at bay. I roll her over to her front, expecting her to stretch back out and keep the fight going. She doesn’t play it that way and I find myself staring at her tantalizing ass poking up into the air while she lies face down on my mattress with her hands cuffed behind her back.

I stay at her side and start running my hand along her back, then under her hands to her lower back, along her ass, and ending at her muscular thighs. On each trip I move closer to the spine in the middle and thus the closer to the cleft of her ass. Despite her best efforts, she shudders slightly when I finally slide my hand between her ass cheeks. She attempts to squeeze them tightly but I work my fingers in.

Moving behind her, I attempt to work her legs apart one more time but Echo is having none of it. My next option is to pull Echo back, which she only resists half-heartedly. I look down and see that I’ve accomplished what I need to; her pussy has become more exposed. I run two fingers up and down between her thighs. She flexes her thighs tighter together but that doesn’t help.

When my fingers finally pierce her labia, she’s totally sticky with her fluids. I elect to not verbally tease her about this; I’m having too much fun doing it physically. Despite her last minute bucking of the hips, I manage to slip a finger in her slit. Man, her fluids are oily slick and viscous, encasing my finger in her hot glove that seems to entice me further.

“Damn, Echo, you feel fantastic,” I whisper unconsciously. I feel her shift around and notice she’s now looking up at me. As I slide my finger in one knuckle at a time, Echo squints her eyes.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah,” she moans. I like the sound of that so I slip another finger into her snug twat. Echo doesn’t disappoint me with her sensual reactions to my efforts.

By now, I’m pumping two fingers furiously into my lovely police woman and she’s panting up a storm; her back is soaked with sweat and her thighs are now open and trembling.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiii!!!!” she screams into the mattress as her vagina gushes a small amount of liquid onto my hand and her muscles massage my two fingers.

I leave my hand in place, unmoving, while I lean down and kiss each ass cheek and wait for her to come down from her climax. When I sense her eyes open up and look at me once more, I start to move my hand, causing her to gasp. I try to see what more she’s willing to do so I rub my finger up along her anus and press lightly.

“No … please … I’ve never done that,” she finally speaks. I wait a moment before relenting, enjoying the moment she unclenches and relaxes. I roll her slowly onto her back, keeping her knees against my chest. She gazes at me uncertainly while I rub my hands along her calves and knees until I feel her tension bleed off.

I let my hands rest on her knees for a minute, then slowly work between them, wedging her legs apart. Echo doesn’t make it easy but she doesn’t fight too hard either. I can see her mind spinning as she tries to figure out what I’m doing. I run my hands down the back of her thighs until I can feel Echo stressing her muscles and hear a murmur from deep within.

Her thighs come apart and are slowly pushed back. Echo eyes me with more anticipation than stoic resolve now. I move my hand inside her widening gap and lower my lips to her juicy cunt and hooded clit. I kiss there first, then suck gently, causing Echo to roll her head back and exhale deeply. I settle between her legs and begin to move my head along with my lips and tongue.

I lick from right above her anus to her clit, alternating fast and slow strokes. Before long she’s thrusting her hips against me and moaning like a freight train. I grab her hips and ass, raising them up, and start adding tongue-fucking to my repertoire.

“Gahahh … aaahhh,” she exhales rapidly. I start working her over in a frenzy of moves, causing Echo to start working up to her second orgasm.

“Please … Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiii,” she goes off again. I drink more of her than last time and her love canal does a good job working over my delving tongue. I tease her along for over a minute before I raise my head up to soak in the pleasure of watching her afterglow. Sweaty and disheveled, she has never looked more beautiful and I tell her so.

Maneuvering around to her head, I point my cock toward her mouth. She studies it with some uncertainty as if she is deciding if she should bite it or suck it while I wait patiently. Echo finally opens her lips enough for me to push my cockhead along her lips. Soon she’s tonguing my knob and starting to take more in. I place a hand on the top of her head, grab a knot of hair, and slowly start fucking her face.

Echo is game for this and starts cooing around the shaft she is swallowing. She’s not a pro and she’s not deep-throating me, but the friction and the tongue action she provides is excellent. We get into a steady rhythm with the occasional break for Echo to breathe properly. She becomes more aggressive as she senses my climax on the horizon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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