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Close Up

I checked my appearance in the mirror one last time before adjusting my hair, scraping it off of my face and pinning it down low, just the way he likes it, he likes to see my face, and wearing it down hides me. I slip into a dark blue silk chemise and start to make my way downstairs, I can already feel the excitement starting to grow in me as I go through in my mind what it is I want to do to him when he arrives home.

I plopped myself down into the leather recliner, the material feeling cool on my hot pussy lips and draped one of my legs over the edge, the air conditioning gave the room a slight chill and my nipples were responding eagerly to the change in temperature. As I sat there the urge to start slowly stroking myself was becoming more and more demanding, I started by slowly and lightly tracing the outline of my nipples through the silk of the small revealing gown I wore, my breasts felt pert and firm under my fingers and it wasn’t long before my fingers had made there way down onto my stomach and had arrived at the top of my thighs, inches away from my wet pussy lips. I traced the outline of my pussy over the material that lay there, the feeling was intense and I wanted more I ran my fingertips over my smooth bald pussy lips and a shiver shot down my spine I couldn’t believe that I was so turned on.

As I started to work my fingers over the top of my pussy lips I heard the door latch go and knew he had come home, my position didn’t move and I carried on working on my moist hole, I slid two fingers into me and at the same time I did a small moan escaped my lips, He must have heard this as he started down the hall into the living room, as he halkalı escort got to the door the look on his face was pure shock combined with a horniness that told me I was in for a night of pure hard sex!

As he approached me I could see the bulge in the front of his trousers, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I wanted to feel it inside me, I wanted to taste it, to stroke it and have it deep within me, filling me up to the hilt and stretching me wide. I reached out to him beckoning him closer to me, he walked over to the couch sat down and started to unbutton his fly, he had a wicked glint in his eye and the only words he said to me where” if you want me, come and get me”

I crawled off of the chair and over to him, I nudged my way between his legs and just sat there looking up at him. Looking into his eyes trying to read what he was thinking about. I started to run my hand up the inside of his thigh and over the ever enlarging bulge that lay beneath his boxers, he smiled down at me, that smile he used only for me, the smile that says I adore you, you are my everything.

I reached inside his trousers and felt the huge hard tool that lay straining against the material. Begging me to take it out it jumped as my hand touched the silky hard flesh, I responded by gently sliding my hand down and releasing it from the tightness in which it was trapped, my pussy was hot now and begging for some action, but I wanted to please him, my lover first I wanted him to be totally satisfied.

I wrapped my hand around his rock hard manhood and all the time looking him deep in taksim escort the eyes. I started to stroke up and down his fleshy tool, I wanted so much to just slide it into my hot pussy but I wanted to feel this way forever. Longing for him, wanting him so much was turning me on so much I could feel the tingles start way down low in my tight little hole.

I quickened my pace of stroking until I heard a moan escape his lips; the look on his face was amazing it was pure and utter lust.

Not being able to control myself any longer I reached forward and carefully planted a kiss on the tip of his shaft. He nudged himself forward as if to approve this and I sank my wet mouth down his length till his pubic hair tickled my nose. I worked my tongue along the underside of his tool, using my tongue stud to intensify the feeling. Sliding my mouth all the way off of his meat I rubbed the tip of my tongue along the underside of his helmet, I know this drives him wild and he started squirming in his seat as I stroked his cock and used my tongue on him swell.

His hands where on the back of my head now, guiding his prick back into my mouth, he held me there while he rocked his hips backwards and forwards, fucking my mouth. I moaned with pleasure as I reached underneath him to fondle his balls as he slid his meat in and out of my tiny mouth.

Feeling that he was about to explode I pulled back, I wasn’t going to let him cum yet. I hadn’t had any attention on my pussy for ages and the feelings there where almost painful it felt like one touch and I would explode releasing torrents of hot cum all down my thighs.

I rose from şişli escort my position and gently tugged his trousers so that they were around his ankles; he sat there in his shirt with no trousers and a rock hard cock, glistening with my saliva standing proud. I climbed up on the couch with him and straddled him so that I was facing him, and for the first time that evening we kissed, a long deep passionate kiss, his hands where on my breasts crushing them and pinching my nipples. I found his cock beneath me and I eased my dripping wet pussy down onto him, we both let out a gasp of pleasure because although I was so wet, my pussy is amazingly tight.

I clenched all of my inner muscles onto his cock as I started to move on top of him, he rolled his head back onto the sofa and let out a long hard moan. I knew it wasn’t long before he would cum, so I quickened up the pace of my fucking, sliding up and down on him holding his shoulders as I lowered my pussy down all the way before coming up again.

I could feel the waves of an orgasm starting inside me and concentrated on making it a really intense one; I shut my eyes and let myself go to the feelings inside me. Electric pulses ran through my body as I slammed myself down onto him in a bid to make my orgasm a good one. This was too much for him to handle and as the dizzy feeling of absolute lust took over my body I felt his cock twitch and jerk inside me as he let go a hot sticky load into me. The waves of my orgasm had subsided as he emptied the last of his juice into me, I could feel the hot and sticky mixture inside me and as I moved on top of him some leaked out of me and started to dribble down the inside of my thigh.

As he recovered, he looked up at me, drew me close to him and kissed me. As I gently pulled back from him so I could see the look on his face he said “Baby that was the best welcome home I’ve ever had” I replied with “well you had better get used to it darling there is plenty more where that came from.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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