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I couldn’t wait to get back out in the field after a long, miserable relationship with my now ex-fiance. I was free and single and ready to start over, and couldn’t wait to go out now that my nights were my own again, so I accepted the invite to go out with a group of friends for their ritual Saturday night dinner and drinks.

I was surprised to see Hayden sitting at the table when Rachel and I arrived. Him and I shared mutual friends and became well acquainted over the last few years, up until his unusual disappearance last year he got mixed up with the wrong type of girl and she sucked him into her web. As a result Hayden didn’t associate with anyone but her. The girl had gotten him into a bit of personal trouble, but since, Hayden learned the error of his ways and broke things off with her, deciding to start fresh from becoming the type of person he hated.

Rachel and I slid into the only seats left at the table, with Rachel sitting right beside Hayden. After we downed a couple Jack and Cokes, I whispered to Rachel, asking if I could switch seats with her to sit next to him. I heard he always had a thing for me, so I wanted to flirt. Absentmindedly, she blurted out, “Hey Hayden, can Jess sit next to you?” In which he excitedly replied, “Sure.” As we made our seat switching in the booth, Hayden’s hand brushed across lightly across my chest as he handed me a menu, which I hoped was accidental. I know I said I wanted to flirt, but this was unbelievable. We hardly saw each other and now he was trying to feel me up. I looked across the table to see if our two friends, Kyle and Sam caught it, but heir faces were buried in their menus.

Our table of twelve began placing their orders. As the waiter came to me, I felt a hand rest on my thigh, causing me to squeak when I went to speak. I cleared my throat, placed my order and looked inquisitively at Hayden, who kept talking in the conversation he was having across the table with Kyle and Sam, as if this didn’t happen.

I sat quietly next to Rachel peeking down to watch Hayden’s hand. His hand started caressing from my knee up, sending chills to my spine that made me squirm in my seat.

“Are you alright?” Rachel asked me. “You’re really quiet and acting weird.”

As Hayden’s hand traveled further up and reached in between my crossed legs, squeezing my inner thigh, I gasped, actually kind of liking it. Trying to play it off, I replied, “I’m fine, just a little light headed. I think I need to eat.”

Our food arrived and the table grew quiet as we stuffed our faces. Hayden removed his hand from under the table to eat. We engaged in our own casual conversation as we finished dinner and I downed a another drink. I started feeling brave and thought about his hand on my thigh, so it only seemed fitting if I returned his touchy gestures from earlier and ran my hand up his leg and over his groin. Shocked, he jumped forward and dribbled a bit of his mouthful of whiskey, that he which also created a couple of confused stares.

Hayden excused himself to the men’s room and a few seconds later, my cell phone vibrated from my pocketbook. It was an bahis firmaları unknown number telling me to excuse myself and meet him by the restrooms. I leaned over to Rachel and told her I was going to pee. When I walked to the back corner of the restaurant, I was pulled into the very dim hallway where the bathrooms were. Thanks God I don;t scare easily, because I probably would have screamed. Hayden was leaning against the wall and pulled me in for a gentle kiss. We broke away and looked at each other and I pulled him in, kis him harder. Someone behind us cleared their throat. One of the waitresses was trying to pass.

“Sorry.” Hayden and I said and looked at each other, giggling. We went back to the table separately to avoid giving our friends something gossip about.

As the night came to a close and everyone began to say their good nights and disband, Hayden and I stayed and played catch up, flirting more innocently than earlier. At midnight, I looked around for Rachel, my ride, realizing she disappeared.

“Have you seen Rachel?” I asked Hayden.

“She mentioned she had to leave, but you may not have heard her. I hope you don’t mind, but I told her I’d take you home.”

“No, I don’t. As long as I get home.” The little me running around inside my body was screaming, “YES!”

We pulled on our jackets and left cash for the few drinks we had while we were chatting. As we exited the restaurant, the snow outside was falling softly around us and accumulating fast. Some flakes settled into his dark hair, making him appear even more sexy as he kept his head bowed and hands deep in his pockets. We walked side by side to his white Navigator, which was barely visible, covered in about a half an inch of snow.

“Let’s go for a drive,” he said, as he fumbled with his car keys.

I stopped in my tracks. “In this weather? Are you crazy?”

“C’mon, it’ll be fun. I know a beautiful place.” He thoroughly cleaned the snow off the truck while he warmed it up. I watched hm intently, admiring his physique, asking myself why I stuck around with my ex so long. Hayden and I had know each other for a while and I always noticed a chemistry between us. When my relationship began to fail, I was so unhappy. Despite that I had not seen Hayden for some time, he was always in my mind and I fantasized about him often, harboring my unbeknownst attraction to him.

“Ready?” Hayden’s voice broke through my thoughts.

I nodded and we got into the Navigator. We trekked half an hour into the Pocono mountains to Bushkill Falls, where he parked on the vacant grounds that overlooked the waterfalls. The falls were still and looked like crystals hanging with the way the water froze. We got out and walked to the ledge of the land across from the fall, admiring it’s beauty in silence for a moment before he turned to me.

“So, I heard you and your fiance split up for good.” Hayden kicked at a clump of snow.

“Yup, the drama is finally over.”

“Same here.” He cupped my chin in his hand, looking deeply into my eyes. “You know, I was happy when I heard you two were over. Even more so when I saw you kaçak iddaa tonight.”

“Oh, so is that why you were all touchy feely?”

“You weren’t so innocent for a minute there, either,” he chuckled. “You looked totally hot, and now I can have you to myself.”

That was something I only dreamed he’d say to me, and there it was, now a reality .

When he said he could have me to himself, it released my inhibitions. I locked my lips to his, quivering with anticipation that I could finally have what I longed for. He returned my kisses just as eagerly as I was giving them. I slipped and toppled over, taking him down with me in the snow, both of us hysterically laughing as we landed. Hayden’s face soon became serious and he looked into my eyes again, pulling a snowflake down a strand of my hair and kissing me once more. We rolled around making out for a minute before I put some snow in his jacket and stood up, sprinting away. Hayden jumped up after me, shaking the snow out. “You’re in trouble now, Jess!” He chased after me in a game of tag until again I slipped and landed into a plowed pile of snow. He leaned over me, and deeply kissed me, his tongue circling my mouth, before breathlessly breaking away and helping me to my feet. Grabbing my hands, he lead me back to his truck where snow had already accumulated and covered all the windows. We got back into the car, chilled from the wet snow that absorbed into our outerwear. He cranked the heat up and rubbed his hands together to warm them up. While he wasn’t looking, I leaned over the center console and ran my tongue down the side of his neck. A long guttural, “Hmmmmm.” came from his mouth. Hayden became so distracted my my mouth’s teasing that he didn’t acknowledge my hand sliding up the inner part of his thigh, making its way to the zipper fly of his jeans.

“What are you doing?” He breathed.

Instead of answering him, I reached into his boxers and gripped his manhood, to which he moaned louder and shifted in his seat, causing it to emerge out the the front of his pants. Up and down I worked my hand as Hayden rested his head back and watched, turned on.

“You like that?”

“Can’t you tell?” He moaned.

I certainly could. He was rock hard and purple. I stroked as fast as I could with both hands and his breath shortened as he was obviously ready to let it go.

“Oh, God, don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

But I did. I put my head in his lap and licked around the tip, sending him into a frenzy and he tugged my hair. I picked my head up and sat back in my seat. Hayden immediately scrambled out the driver’s seat, and back into the snow, ducking his head into the car. “You fucking tease,” he mischievously smiled, tucking him self back in and shutting the door before he got into the backseat, laying down the bench seat and locking them into a flat position. He pulled the back door closed and laid across the folded down seats, propping himself on his elbows. I slipped out of my jacket and pulled off my jeans and climbed in between the front seats and got on top of him, grinding my pelvis into him.

I wiggled my body down and kaçak bahis I undid his belt with my mouth, and every time he tried to touch me, I slapped his hands away, but he managed to rip open my button down top, sending buttons all over the car. My breast swelled in my bra as the cold air and his hands touched my skin, sending ripples of chills down my spine.

His hands wrapped around my back and he unclasped my bra, bringing his hands to the front and pulling my breasts out, cupping them as he sat up and brought them to his mouth, rolling his tongue over my nipples. Just the sensation of his mouth around them made me want to implode, and I began grinding faster on him. “Oh, God, that feels so good.”

Hayden pulled away from taking turns on each breast. “I got something that’ll feel better.”

“Oh, do you?” I breathed.

I moved out of his was and he finished undoing his pants and scooted them down, his engorged manhood jumping out, throbbing. My mouth watered at the sight of the long girthy rod that stood before me. He began stroking himself slowly, teasing me.

I worked my jaw on him, pleasing him orally for a bit as he tugged my hair. The pulling got harder and his body tensed up with the sensation coming fast. I pulled my mouth away and traced up his stomach with my tongue, back to his mouth, reaching down between our bodies and grabbing his crotch. “You have no idea how badly I want to fuck you.” I told him.

Hayden moaned anxiously, my words making him more excited. “Ride me.”

Before I could react, Hayden pulled me back on top and moved my thong to one side and slipped in. I let out a surprised groan and hungrily lifted myself up and down, my palms resting on his chest as I slowly pushed up, teasing. After a few times, I picked up speed and really went to town, driving him into a frenzy of loud “Oh, my Gods, yeahs, keep going, faster,” and lastly, “I’m gonna cum!”

I slammed down somewhat forcefully and it sent him into a fit, yelling in pure pleasure. I squirmed around a few more times to hit my spot and instantly, I was overcome with a wave of shivers as I peaked. I leaned onto Hayden as we panted heavily and found each other mouths. Despite the cold just inches away outside the four sides of the car, our bodies stayed warm from our activity. Still entangled together, he rolled us over and was over me, kissing down my body, ready for more.

At almost four, Hayden pulled the Navigator into a reserved spot in front of my apartment building, where he put the car in park and left the engine idle.

“Will I see you later?” He asked, as if he was under my control.

“Of course. I’m not a one time kind of girl.”

“Good. I’ve been thinking about screwing you for awhile. Tonight was so hot, and it was more than I anticipated. I’m getting hard again just thinking about it.” I followed his gaze into his lap, where the outline of his member was growing under the material of his pants.

“Well then, maybe you should come up.”

Without another word, he quickly turned off the car and jumped out into the heavy snow and helped me out of the car, sucking face as we traveled up the short sidewalk to my front door. Unlocking it and swinging it open, I pulled Hayden into my apartment by his jacket collar, our lips passionately mashed together, forgetting I ever had an ex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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