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Group Sex

The movie ended and Tyler turned the television off, he had always admitted he wasn’t one for channel surfing. Instead he poured us each another glass of wine and tuned the radio to a nice, oddly romantic Shinedown CD. As we sipped our wine and chatted about nothing in particular he gently fingered the long red waves of hair that fell against my cheek. It was clear that after months of emailing it was as if we were far more advanced in the relationship than a first date -ignoring that it was in fact technically a second. “I’m so glad we gave this another shot. I had a good time tonight, did you?”

Although I could barely breathe I managed to tell him, “Yeah, I did. I’m so happy you moved back, for awhile I thought you were going to stay in Vermont for good. I don’t know if we would’ve been able to work this out with you all the way out there.” He smiled as our eyes locked in a deep gaze. It felt like he was looking into them and seeing some inner-me, and I lowered my eyes to his lips. When I raised them back up there was no hesitation, our lips joined and his hand held the back of my neck, entwining his fingers in my hair. I rested my palms on his chest, not pushing him away, but almost making sure that he was really there. His other hand found the small of my back and slowly pulled me in closer to his body. Thoughts rushed through my head like raging rapids, I wasn’t sure if this was just kissing or if this was just the start of what could have explained why I hadn’t made any plans for the rest of the night.

I forced all of that out of my mind, I just reminded myself to let go. Before I knew it my legs were wrapped around his waist and we were off the couch. istanbul escort We weren’t kissing in any sort of rushed fashion, it was slow and sweet. We made it to his bedroom and he laid me carefully on the bed underneath him. He didn’t try to rip my clothes off or shove my skirt out of his way he just took his time with my mouth, and then moved onto my neck while he further brushed my hair from his path with his fingers. I couldn’t contain the sounds building inside my throat, so I released an almost silent moan. He immediatly took my hands from his back and pinned them playfully to the bed. He returned to my mouth and his tongue continued it’s amazing work, as his hands ran themselves down my sides to my hips. He grasped them and ground himself between my thighs, teasing me.

He moved his hand behind one of my knees and pulled it up against his hips as he pushed himself against me again. I moaned again, I grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head, he followed my lead and started unbuttoning my blouse, once my chest was exposed he stopped and let his eyes drink in the black and red lace that lay before him. He gently sucked on my neck, and gradually lowered his lips untill he was at the waist of my skirt. He found the zipper on the side and slowly tugged it downwards. His lips greeted the newly exposed thigh, and then he knelt as I sat up to undo his belt. I kissed and tongued his belly moving lower until I had his pants open. I laid back so he could slip off my skirt and he got off of the bed, he slipped off his pants first and soon my skirt joined them in a pile on the floor. His face gave a avcılar escort look of naughty excitment as he pulled my matching black and red lace panties down my legs and over my shoes. He then lifted up my left leg and kissed from the knee to my ankle, “Don’t.” I whispered loudly to him with a sly smile on my face. “I want them on,” I had always thought it’d be sexy to wear black lace thigh highs and high heels while in bed with a man, but never thought I’d actually have the opportunity, so why on earth would I pass it up.

“No problem, baby.” Tyler didn’t look at all upset by the idea and climbed back ontop of me with a smile that he couldn’t seem to get rid of. He leaned his lips against my ear and pressed his hard length between my thighs as he whispered, “I’ll do anything, just tell me what you want. Tell me everything.”

With that I was done for, “I want you, all of you.” Then, as if a green light had switched on over my head he pushed himself deep inside me. He pulled fully out and planted just as deep a kiss onto me before he dove back in, rocking back and forth slow and deep. His lips went to my neck as he continued to thrust. With every one I let out another slightly high pitched moan, some of them were more gasps then anything. While I held onto his back with one hand my other hand began to grasp the comforter. He slowed down and then stopped all together, holding himself inside of me. He sucked on my earlobe and kissed me as he unbuttoned the rest of my shirt and threw it to the floor. He then scooped me up in his arms and held me against him as he knelt under me and he carefully slid my bra off. He slowly glided back şirinevler escort and forth inside me as he placed my right nipple inside of his mouth. He sucked at it and flicked his tongue over in untill he moved onto the left and did the same. I pushed my hair back and to the side and the waves fell onto our shoulders.

We were getting so close to an inevitable explosion, but I didn’t want it to end. He fit so perfectly inside of me like no man had ever before. When it became obvious he was almost ready to finish I held him tight so he couldn’t thrust further. “I don’t want you to come yet, please, I don’t want it to be over.” I begged him, “Oh Tyler, please.”

With that he laid me onto my back and without removing himself from me he held my face and looked into my eyes. “I don’t want it to end either, but I can’t help it. Oh god Claire I just want to be inside you.” He started to arch his back as if to restart the intense pleasure between us, but instead he pulled out of me and tongued from one nipple to the next, then down past my belly button. He kissed and tongued my inner thighs before going to work inbetween them. His tongue bore into me the same way his thickness had, and I couldn’t help but scream his name. His palms were against the back of my thighs pulling me up into his mouth. He brought his tongue higher and flicked it back and forth, then lightly nibbled on my super-sensitive skin. The moment his teeth touched down I arched my breasts into the air and screamed his name again, his tongue dove back inside me as orgasm after orgasm rolled over me. I couldn’t take it anymore.

“I want you inside me,” I moaned louder and louder, “Please, Tyler, I want you inside of me.” Instantly he moved his lips up to my chest, pulled my leg over his shoulder and rammed his rock hard thickness deep into me. He was no longer taking it slow and gentle it was fast and hard as if we were running out of time. In minutes I was clutching his backside as we moaned together into ecstasy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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