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Even when she wasn’t smiling she was the light of the party. Maybe not for everyone else, but certainly for me. With every sip of Parrot Bay her ruby red lips glistened, and I found myself drowning in her sea green eyes as I downed more Jack. Her smile though, when it did come to life, was a facade, I noticed, and the way she bit her lip and looked to the side every so often, even in the thralls of conversation, led me to believe that something was up. We talked a bit, here and there, before tonight, and I felt we were decently okay friends. I was physically attracted to her, but I wasn’t even sure if she noticed me as anything more than a shoulder to lean on, but I let her lean of course, selflessly, tonight most likely wouldn’t be too different.

Guys were flirting with her and she didn’t even notice. Well, she probably did, because any other night she was on top of her game, establishing rapports, and flirting right back. Her eyes found mine a few times, almost as if they pleaded for me to get her out of here. I followed her to the refrigerator and as she bent over to pull out something else to drink she immediately bolted upright, placed a hand on her back, and groaned. Instinctively my hand covered her and my other went to her hip, one of my fingertips warmly pressed into the small amount of skin that exposed between her shirt and jeans.

“Are you okay?” I said into her ear. She bit her lip for the thousandth time that night before pulling away.

“I’m fine.” she said, walking away. I spent the rest of the night wallflowering, as there was nobody else that I wanted to be with there more than her. Eventually it came down to her and I, and a completely wasted couple, who were making out on the couch.

“As entertaining as these two schmucks are,” she forced a smile and motioned to the pair, “I’m going to bed. I’m sure you can see yourself out.”

We said our goodbyes and she turned to walk down the hallway to her room. I sighed as I stood, turning around to leave, when I heard a bit of a crash and another groan. Immediately I turned around to see her huddled against the wall, cursing under her breath. My arms canlı bahis wrapped around her to hold her up, and this time her hands dug nails into my arms.

“I’ll walk you to bed, it’s okay,” the smell of some fruity body wash was intoxicating as it wafted the small distance between her hair and my nose, but I mentally brushed it off as I continued to hold her hips and walk with her.

“Fuck…I’m sorry,” she muttered as I lay her down in the bed. “There’s a pair of shorts and a tank top in my dresser, could you hand them to me?” she asked as she settled under the covers. I grabbed them and gave them to her before facing the other way and absentmindedly sinking into her bed. I blushed as I saw a black bra fly pass the side of my face and crumple on the floor. “You can look now,” she offered.

I turned to face her and smiled as she was as beautiful as ever. She lay on her stomach, with the blanket falling somewhere along the small of her back, her small breasts pressed against the bed.

“Are you going to be alright?” I leaned back and rustled her hair with my hand before letting it slip to the top of her back, softly digging fingers into her shoulder blades and the space in between.

“I think so…feel free to keep that up though,” she let out a sigh of contentment. Encouraged, I lay next to her, my face inches from hers as I began stroking up and down her back, my warm hands burning into her exposed skin, as well as cooling off when I felt the material of her tank top. She moaned a bit as I reached the small of her back, and I moved the cover down for easier access, her rounded ass clad in skin tight shorts now exposed. I felt my cock beginning to rise and the pressure of it being pressed against the bed didn’t help. I looked across to the beauty by my side, her eyes were a bit glazed over, but a true, genuine smile crossed her lips. I bit my lip, a bit nervous of the move I was about to make, but slowly I slide my hand and fingers up inside of her tank top, pressing into and kneading her tan back, paying close attention to each bone in her spine. I continued this, up and down her back, getting closer and closer bahis siteleri to her rear with each press, and I noticed her arm splayed out in front of her. I could feel her shift beneath me as I approached her ass, and when my fingers skated across the last bit of skin before the material, she sighed and grabbed a handful of pillow. I licked my lips and smiled as she opened her eyes, innocently and silently asking me what I was going to do next.

I ran my hand up her back one more time but as I reached her bottom I slid a finger under the material of her shorts, and skirted it around, feeling a bit of the crack of her ass and the perfect globes of her buttocks. Her breath caught in her mouth. As I slide a few more fingers into the material, my other hand pulled her hair out of the way and I softly kissed behind her ear, and then trailed a path down her neck and between her shoulder blades as my fingers tightened their grip on their new-found territory. She softy moaned and then let out a groan of disappointment as I pulled my fingers out of her shorts.

“Scoot forward,” I breathed hotly into her ear. She complied and I found myself squeezing her ass and kissing her back. I let my lips travel lower as my fingers began working her thighs, and down her legs, then back up, rhythmically as I kissed the small of her back. As my hand slid up between her thighs, she spread them slightly, and I smiled as I pressed my hand in between. She let out another soft moan as I felt the wetness forming, and I ran a finger up and down her slit. I smiled as she pressed back into me. I stopped only to put my hands on her hips and flip her over, my eyes quickly roaming over her body. Her soft, small breasts were begging for release from her tank as her nipples pressed hardly against the material. She bit her lip as she spread her legs for me, and I quickly slid in between, my mouth finding hers as her hands worked to remove my shirt. I throbbed against her and began bucking my hips and she responded in kind as our tongues hungrily wrestled with each other. My hands skirted up her taut stomach to grab and squeeze her breasts as her tank ran up with them, bahis şirketleri I hungrily moved to kiss her neck and collar bone before diving into her small but perfect mounds, and her fingers ran through my hair as I lapped at each nipple.

With surprising force she pulled my face back up against hers as her other arm shot down between our crotches, grabbing my full, thick cock in my shorts, stroking it for a bit before sliding inside of its confines. Her hand was warm and inviting and I moaned into her mouth and bit her lip as she wrapped her fingers around my thick cock. I felt her smile through our kisses as she pulled it out and eagerly stroked it. My hand snaked down as I kissed and bit at her neck again and slid into the front of her shorts and panties, skating over shaved skin and sinking a finger into her already dripping folds.

“Ahhh fuck,” she moaned hotly as I pressed my thumb into her clit and my fingers roved her depths. She arched her back and pressed into my hand as she moaned and breathed quicker. “I need you inside of me,” she whispered before biting my ear and helping me out of my shorts and boxers. I pulled her shorts and panties off, as she arched her back to make it easier. My hand absentmindedly stroked my cock as I gazed down at her shiny, shaved cunt, and I smiled as I sunk into her, inch my inch. Immediately she moaned and dug her nails into my back, but I stifled that with my lips, groaning into her and beginning to slowly hump. Her perfect legs wrapped around me and held me tight as she thrust back up onto my cock. We were a perfect machine of lust at that point, building up a rhythm as we kissed and nipped at each others lips and neck. I picked up speed as I throbbed inside of her tight, choking depths.

Somewhere along the way our foreheads pressed together and we lost ourselves inside each others eyes, our fingers interlocked and our moans and groans became one.

“I’m close..” I managed to get out as I increased speed one last time.

“Me too,” she whispered smiling up at me before her moans increased and her hands squeezed mine, I felt my balls tighten and cum travel through my shaft, exploding out of my head into her, and as I slowed to a stop I felt at home in her warm pussy. I kissed her on last time before sliding out of her, wrapping an arm around her nude form, and falling asleep by her side.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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