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A gentle breeze enters the room causing the partially opened window blinds to clatter softly against one another, stirring me from a restful sleep. I keep my eyes closed wishing sleep to beckon me back into its slumber so that I can continue the dream of you and I in our lover’s embrace, passionately making love with each other.

However, the ensuing hardness of my cock from the dream assures me that drifting back to sleep isn’t going to happen. Somewhere during the thoughts of getting out of bed to take a cold shower to alleviate my throbbing cock or just masturbate it away, I felt a strange heaviness on my thighs. I turned my head slowly to your side of the bed, carefully opening my eyes to adjust to the brightness of the sunlight that was spilling in through the fluttering blinds.

Slowly the world beyond my eyelids comes into focus and as it did two feet, one placed on top of the other, appear a few inches from my face. They are where I usually saw your beautiful face every morning, laying on the pillows next to mine. That probably meant that the weight on my thighs was from your head resting on them.

“Great deduction, Sherlock!” I thought as the sleep started draining from my mind.

I divert my eyes from your red painted toenails and begin following your legs as they angled away from me, towards where they met at your naked waist. Contemplating momentarily on the bare pubic area forming the “V” area where your legs met your body, my eyes continue their journey up your torso, stopping for a second to admire your full breasts with nipples hard and taut. Finally, I focus on where your head is resting, although seeing your eyes is difficult since they’re hidden behind my hardened, upright manhood.

I notice that I could feel the softness of your hair against the skin of my legs, which brought my attention that the sheet was no longer covering my body. That and the fact that I could also see my naked shaft instead of a tented sheet were clues enough.

“Good morning handsome,” You say peeking around my cock.

“Good morning beautiful,” I reply, looking into your dark brown eyes. “I take it that you’re to blame for me being sheet less this morning?”

“Uh huh,” you smiled, “When I woke up 20 minutes ago I just happened to look down here and saw the sheet had this interesting bump in it. So I pulled the sheet off of you and look what I found!”

“And you’ve been down there for the past 20 minutes doing what, may I ask?” I say with a chuckle.

“I’ve been, ummm, studying and admiring your cock,” You reply with a mischievous smile. “I still don’t quite understand how something so hard can feel so soft to the touch.”

As you said this, you brought a hand up to stroke the velvety-mushroomed head with your fingertips, sending electricity through the lower half of my body and causing my manhood to stiffen even more. Your fingers continue along and travel down where they trace the veins along the top and side of the shaft. Stopping at the bottom, you place your index and middle finger underneath and using a little pressure, you start bringing your hand towards the head. With your fingers halfway up the pulsing shaft, a clear bubble of precum begins to form at the tip. By the time you reach the head, the clear liquid starts to spill over and meets up with your fingers.

Your lips turn into the mischievous smile once again as you let the precum coat your fingers. Now slick with my juices, you began to smear the head with the slippery secretion.

“It’s also amazing how something that was so soft and smooth could turn to something so slick with just a small amount of coaxing,” You say as you bring the now coated fingers to your lips and place them into your mouth to suck off the sticky liquid.

I re-position the pillow beneath my head in order to watch what you were doing. Taking a second to watch me, you look at me with a glance that says both “Are you done yet?” and “May I continue now?”

Taking your fingers, now covered in saliva, you lower your hand and curl them around my shaft. A finger skims the soft satin tip once more, its smoothness and heat seeming to fascinate you. I couldn’t hold back the moan that forms deep in my throat as I feel your fingertips glide over the taut hot flesh as you begin to stroke my cock slowly, making sure to distribute the temporary lubrication from your mouth.

You took your time massaging the flesh on the shaft up and down, watching as the skin travels along the length with your hand, all the while driving me crazy as the electricity from your touch travels through my body. With each upward stroke more precum escapes and coats your hand. You stop for a second to admire what you were doing as my rigid member is now wet and shines from the morning light spilling in the window. Seeing another drop at the tip, you bring your hand up, palming the mushroom shaped head and with a twisting motion, covering the entire surface. Hearing me draw a sharp breath, you look up at me sarıyer escort with that beautiful smile that I love and wink.

Turning my head, I go to kiss the top of your foot to let you know how much I was enjoying what you were doing, only to find your foot moving away from my face as you shift into a kneeling position next to me.

Returning my head to the pillow, I glance down at you with a quizzical eyebrow upturned, only to see you turn your head towards me and smile again. You lower your head and hold it still just above the hand holding my throbbing cock. I can feel your breath as it brushes across the wet tip. With your eyes still locked onto mine, your lips parts and your tongue snakes out to take its first taste. It darts first into the opening, licking up the drop there, and then runs along the head to meet up with your fingers still wrapped around me just under the swollen head. As a rush of broken breath escapes my mouth, you respond with a sultry laugh, bathing my cock with your breath once more.

“You like that babe?” You ask.

“Mmm hmm,” Was all I could manage to respond.

“That was nothing,” you say. “This is better.”

You lean over, open your mouth and engulf the head, your lips closing around me just above your fingers.

“Oh, gawd yes!” I cry out as my head falls back onto the pillow, the sensation tingling throughout my body.

Your tongue goes to work, first wrapping itself around the head, then working up and down and finally ending with its tip returning to the hole at the end. It rubs the underside as you swallow the mixture of saliva and my precum, hitting one of the places on my cock that drives me wild. Feeling me twitch inside your mouth only makes you rub your tongue there more until you hear me draw a raspy breath. You grasp my ball sack with your free hand and massage it so I won’t lose control and fill your mouth with my seed just as you were getting started.

You remove my cock from your mouth and swallow once more. Turning your head to check to see how I was doing, you see me biting my lower lip trying to distract myself from the pleasure of your skilled mouth.

“Easy there cowboy,” You say. “Not just yet.”

“What can I say?” I reply when I was finally able to form coherent words again. “You and that skilled tongue of yours. But I have an idea that’ll help keep my mind distracted just enough to keep from cumming too soon.”

To answer the eyebrows raised in mock question, I lightly spank you on that sweet ass of yours and motion for you to bring your body around and straddle my chest. With a knowing smile you gladly oblige and carefully bring your right leg over my body to place, it along my side, but not before it playfully receives a wet tongue on it as it passes by my mouth. In retribution, you dig both heels into my rib cage, fully knowing that it would make me squirm since I had a tendency to be extremely ticklish when I was aroused.

A shriek erupts from you as I wrap my arms around your thighs and roughly tug you back towards me while I playfully sink my teeth into the softness of the closest ass cheek.

“Don’t you dare leave a mark on my ass!” You say in a raised voice that turns into a sultry laugh as you reach behind and grab a handful of hair to try to save your ass cheek from the torment of my teeth.

Wanting to keep my hair, I relinquish your ass from my mouth.

“Now be a good boy and play nice or else!” You warn as you tighten your grip on my cock with the other hand that I suddenly remember was there.

Leaning up, I kiss the spot where my teeth have left a temporary blush to the skin as an apology and a promise to play nice. You turn to face me with a comical scowl on your face that turns to that smile that tells me that you aren’t going to let me forget who is on top and in charge of what was going to come. Or so you believed as a thought enters my mind to see how much you could take before succumbing to the orgasm I knew was beginning to ignite deep inside your body.

I readjust my body and admire the beautiful sight displayed before me. The curve of your ass, with one cheek still pink from my playful bite, made its way from the back of your thighs. The round cheeks divided in two with the crack leading first to the puckered star of your ass hole, then continuing to the outer lips of your sex. With you straddling my body, they spread just enough to allow the first hints of your moisture to begin to collect along the edges. Having pulled you close enough, I release my hold on your thighs to bring my arms around and place them along the outside of your legs, palming the firm cheeks in my hands. I stroke the silky, soft skin with my thumbs as I decide how to begin.

The feel of your tongue interrupts my thoughts as it darts to the tip of the swollen head to collect another drop of precum that has formed there. Your warm, moist lips soon follow as they engulf the fully esenyurt escort engorged mushroom head, your tongue doing its best to clean the tacky residue from where you had smeared more of the clear fluid earlier.

A gasp followed by a moan escapes from me as you slide down my shaft, taking me completely into your mouth and down your throat. A vibrating sensation surrounds my cock, sending shivers throughout my body, as your sexy laugh rejoices in the knowledge of how much your talented mouth can pleasure me into submission and leave me entirely at your mercy.

However today I have my own plans to beat you at your own game. Gathering my willpower, I move my fingers to your sex. You feel tight to my touch as I spread your lips apart, and I see a twitch flicker across them as I bring my mouth closer to them. I run my tongue along the length of your sex and you moan in response.

Two can play this game my lover.

Slowly, I feel your pussy beginning to melt into my lips and I want to taste even more of you. Running the fingertips of my other hand lightly along the insides of your thigh brings a whole new wave of moisture to your opening. A rush of cool air floats across my hard shaft and is accompanied by your breath warming the top of my leg as I take one of your pussy lips in my mouth and suck on it gently. I feel your lips rest against my upper thigh, forming an “O” with your open mouth. Your breathing is steady and deep as you completely forget about my dick pulsating in time to the beat of my heart next to your face.

Knowing that I now have full control and your complete attention, I move my tongue in line with the slit of your opening and begin to spread it open with my fingers. A steady trickle of your sweet juices flows out and into my mouth. I insert my tongue deeper, bringing an uncontrolled reaction of you tossing your head back, your wild dark brown hair flying freely through the air.

A loud “Uuughhhhhh” from you fills the room as my tongue glides its way further into your folds. As I bring it back, I place it firmly against your swelling labia. I begin to quickly rub my tongue flat against the outer edges, first one side then switching to the other. Again I part your pussy with my tongue and drive it as far as I can inside you, causing you thrust your hips back and forth against my face. Taking a breath, I lower my head down slightly and spy your clit now fully extended beyond its hood, waiting impatiently for its turn to be pleasured. I slowly start to circle it making sure not to make contact with it just yet, bringing a frenzied bucking of your hips to try to grind my tongue against it.

“Stop it right now or I won’t continue!” I say while grabbing hold of your hips firmly in my hands and pulling my head away from you.

You whimper in protest but relax your hips and allow me to return to your clit. You collapse your upper body on my leg, breathing hard and shallow.

Before returning my mouth on your clit, I take two fingers and insert them in your dripping sex. I feel your muscles relax completely, and know that you’re ready for me to continue. I wrap my lips around your clit and begin to massage it with my tongue. Pushing my fingers deeper within your sex, I move my hand so that I can curl my fingers downwards and begin searching for your G-spot. This causes another wave of juices to exit your body, completely covering my hand on its way to dripping on my face. Bending my arm and my neck into some strange contortionist position, I try to focus my attention on finding the ridge of your G-spot. Your response of crying out onto my thigh alerts me that I’ve found my mark as my middle finger presses onto it.

Soon, I feel your muscles tense up and know that you’re on the verge of climaxing hard. I quicken the pace with my tongue against your sensitive nub. I can feel your hips moving once again against my face and can taste your sweet wetness running down into my mouth. Your body begins to shake as I give your clit one more flick with my tongue while at the same time I rub twice against the inner wall of your contracting pussy.

This was all that was needed as the flower implodes deep within your soul, electricity sparking every nerve at once, forcing you to throw your head back with mouth wide open as a scream raggedly erupts my name. Your wild mane whips against your back, and then cascades over the sides of your body.

With one last taste of you against my tongue, my fingers slide from between your legs as your body loses the ability to continue kneeling over me. Collapsing on top of me, I carefully guide you with my arms so that you are lying on your side. As you unconsciously tuck your legs into a fetal position, I pull my body up along behind you and wrap you protectively in my arms.

Your body trembles uncontrollably against me, tiny moans escaping from your lips between quick and shallow breaths. I know that your mind has crossed over to where ever it is avrupa yakası escort a woman finds herself after an intense orgasm, the world around you no longer having any meaning. Even so, I begin to softy call out your name, saying that you’re safely in my arms until you can come back to me. Your body twitches twice against me as another small orgasm races through your body. Slowly your breathing returns to normal and your body relaxes fully against me.

You take a deep breath to clear your mind from the cascade of light that is fading to the dimness concealed behind your eyelids. Not opening your eyes yet, you search for one of my hands with yours. Finding it, you intertwine your fingers with mine and gently squeeze them together. For a few passing moments you stroke your thumb against the skin on the back of my hand while the corner of your lips curve upward into a smile. Slowly you bring our hands to your lips and begin to kiss the back of my hand. Working your way up to my index finger, you take it in your mouth and begin to suck hard, tasting your sweet essence on it. Your tongue once again showing its skill, soon has cleansed my finger of any remnants of you. Having finished, you slide it in and out of your mouth a few times, as you would my cock. Opening your eyes you tilt you head slightly in my direction.

“Hello beautiful,” I say as our eyes meet. “Welcome back.”

Your eyes narrow as a smile forms on your lips again, my finger still being suckled by your fabulous mouth. A low chuckle sounds deep in your throat as you suck my finger in again and bite firmly down on it. While not intensely painful because you’ve only clenched you teeth on it enough to hold it in place, it still produces the startled effect that you wanted.

“Hey, what was that for?” I ask, quickly plucking it from your mouth and shaking the temporary pain from my finger.

“For being a bastard and not playing fair,” You say with a satisfied smile while you roll over and look into my eyes.

“And just how is it that I didn’t play fair?” I reply.

“You denied me my breakfast,” You say as a mock pout replaces your smile.

You reach down between our bodies and take my cock in your hand. You use your finger to catch a drop of precum that had found its way to the opening at the still swollen head. Your fiery brown eyes lock onto mine as you bring the finger to your mouth. Opening your lips, your tongue extends out and flicks the crystalline drop from the tip.

“It’s not fair that you had me for breakfast and only allowed me these appetizers.” The smile returns to your lips as you see my eyes follow your finger into your mouth.

“Aw babe, how can I make it up to you?” I ask as I suppress a chuckle and try to redirect my eyes back to yours and away from the finger in your mouth.

In one quick motion, you take the finger out of your mouth and press your hand into my shoulder, rolling me over onto my back. Using the momentum, your body follows your arm and before I realize it, you have a leg on each side of my body, straddling me on my stomach.

“I’m glad you asked lover,” You say with a devilish grin.

Leaning down to my face, your lips join with mine in a passionate kiss. As I reach up to weave my fingers in your wild hair, you grab my wrists and hold them firmly against the mattress. Breaking away from the kiss, you lean in closer to my ear and begin to suck on my earlobe which results in your body sliding down mine and stopping as my cock comes to rest in the crack of your ass. The heat from it causes a quick moan as you rock your hips to allow it to be further nestled between your cheeks.

As I try to wrestle my wrists from your grip, however not using much effort because I’m enjoying the moment, you use more of your weight to hold them down. Now your full weight is on me, your hips resting on mine, breasts firmly pressing into my chest with their hard nipples. A playful nip on my earlobe gets my attention.

“You’re still a bastard ya know,” you whisper in my ear. “And I have every intention of getting my breakfast one way or another so quit struggling will ya!”

“As you wish, my lover,” I reply as you take both of my arms and place them over my head. I smile knowing that if I wanted to, you’d never be able to hold them there, but knowing that you want me inside you, I continue to let you play out your little bit of dominance.

Holding them together, you take both of my wrists into one hand and continue to hold them up there while your other hand works its way between our bodies. Raising your body up, your weight moves to your legs and you bring your hips up off me. Next, you reach down though the opening of your legs, grasp my stiff cock in your hand and pull it forward leaving a trail of precum along the crack of your ass.

I tilt my head downward to watch what you’re doing and I hear your voice almost growl in my ear.

“Oh no you fucking don’t! You were cruel to me so you don’t get to watch,” you command as our eyes meet. “So keep your eyes on mine, understand?”

Feeling your grip around my cock tighten, my only response is a nod of my head. I stifle a chuckle in fear of losing the circulation in my pulsing shaft.

“Good lover,” you say as you lean in to kiss me passionately once more as a reward for my obedience.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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