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Carter watched Margaret sleep with a curious tenderness, his fingertip tracing lightly the contours of cheekbone and brow-line until she murmured smilingly in her dreams. The pale rose-gray of dawn sifted through the thin curtains, and he could hear the whisper of the eternal sea calling to him from across the beach outside the window. After a glance at the clock, he bent to kiss her forehead before rising lightly from the tumbled bed.

He closed the bathroom door quietly before he turned on the light. In the wide mirror over the sink, he examined himself, noting the shallow half-circles her fingernails had left in his forearms where she’d clutched at him as her body shuddered and writhed beneath his. He stretched, cat-like, a strong thrum of returning desire vibrating through him as he was reminded of her uninhibited responses. He could feel his cock hardening again, and with a small groan he turned on the shower.

The water pulsed hotly over his skin; he lathered his skin with the slim bar of soap and stroked himself idly, his cock stinging deliciously against his fingers. He thought of her lying there, abandoned to sleep and dreaming, her pale skinned body flushed with heat, just waiting to be teased into wakefulness. He thought about how late he was going to be if he went back in to her and touched her. He thought about not giving a damn, and his fingers curled around the hard length of his shaft as his body jerked at the thought of making love to her again. With sudden decision, he shut off the water, wrapped a swift towel around his waist and went back into the bedroom.

He stopped in surprise, blinking at the sight of the empty bed, the warm sheets chilling rapidly beneath the breeze from the open window.

“Margaret?” he called, his voice puzzled as he looked around the room, searching for her. There was nothing to show where she had gone, but on the dresser he spied the card-shaped room key propped against the lamp. Biting back a snarl of frustration, he dressed quickly and tucked the key into his wallet before leaving the room. It was an effort not to search for her, to ask at the front desk, but he managed to restrain himself. Besides, what could he say? “Excuse me, but have you seen the piano player?”

For some reason, the office was even more frustrating than usual. Carter dealt with the sheaf of problems on his desk, dispatching repairmen and maintenance staff to his various rental properties with the ease of long practice. His assistant, Jill, fielded phone calls and, after her first glance at her boss’s face, provided a steady stream of coffee. He had to fight to keep his mind on work, catching himself more than once drifting off into a reverie that found his hand stroking lightly across his lap. He called Margaret’s room more than once, but there was never any answer.

Just before noon, Jill stuck her head into his office. “We’ve got a problem over at the West Avenue property – that elevator is out of service again.”

“Damn,” Carter muttered, leafing through papers. “And all the maintenance guys are out on other calls. I’ll have to take it – and I’ll grab some lunch while I’m out.” She nodded and went back to her desk as he headed out the door.

He didn’t notice that Margaret was in the car until he’d closed the door and started the engine. It was the dim fragrance of her perfume that alerted him, that and the salt-musk smell of her skin. In the rear-view mirror, he saw her smiling at him.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” she said, her voice teasing. Carter turned in his seat to look at her in disbelief. bakırköy escort

“Where’d you disappear to this morning?” he demanded, his foot unconsciously gunning the engine.

Her smile was mysterious. “Oh, somewhere,” she replied sweetly. “I didn’t want to make you late for work.” Her eyes met his in the mirror. “Why don’t you pull out of this oh-so-public parking lot?”

He took a deep breath, backed the car out of the space and turned onto the street. Margaret slipped lithely between the two front seats, sank down into the passenger’s seat and reclined it slightly. “You don’t know how relieved I am that you don’t drive a stick shift,” she murmured.

“And why is that?” Carter asked. She reached across and took his hand, stroking his fingers with an almost electric lightness.

“Because you don’t have to give your full attention to driving,” Margaret’s voice whispered as she put his hand on the bare skin of her thigh and guided it beneath the hem of her skirt. Heat seemed to shimmer off her flesh against his fingers, she arched slightly in her seat until he brushed against the damp triangle of curls between her legs.

“Jesus, Margaret!” he gasped, the car weaving slightly. With a soft laugh, her hand reached down to press his fingers against her.

“I was waiting for you an awfully long time, Carter,” she said huskily. “It got me thinking . . . “

“About what?” he managed, his fingers circling around the hard flicker of her clitoris until she moaned.

“About how much I want you.” And with this, one of her hands moved across to stroke the growing swell of his cock. All of his hard-won restraint was lost in the face of this reminder, he was afire at once under the knowing pleasure of her touch. With a savage twist, he turned the car abruptly down a side street and slammed to a stop in a secluded parking lot at the end of it.

He reached down and pulled at the seat release, shoved the seat back on its carriage and reclined it simultaneously. Her hand cupped him still, thumb stroking slow circles against the line of his stiff prick. Carter looked over at her, saw her run the tip of a pink tongue across the generous curve of her lips.

“Shall I show you?” she asked softly, before he could speak, and she turned in her seat to undo his pants and take out his cock. It was hot and hard in her hands, and her fingers drifted agonizingly across the taut skin until he gasped, his hips thrusting up in a convulsive shudder. “I think you want me to show you, don’t you, Carter?”

She did not wait for him to reply, but bent her head over his lap, her fingers gently caressing him as she pulled him towards her lips. He could feel the wet hunger of her tongue lapping at him, gliding over every inch of exposed skin. Her breath was warm against him and he groaned involuntarily. Margaret lifted her head slightly to look at him, the veins pulsing in high relief, glistening where her mouth had made him wet.

“Please!” he found himself begging, wanting her hot mouth tight around him. She did not make him wait, lowering her head, she took the swollen head of his cock into her mouth and tightened around it, her fingers stroking his shaft, curling around it as her tongue swirled around and around. He heard her groan very low in her throat, the vibrations rippling across his nerves. His hands found her hair and tightened in it, pressing her down onto him.

Margaret took him slowly, resisting his attempts at haste, slowly deeper and deeper until he was engulfed by the warm passion of beşiktaş escort her mouth. With a muffled gasp, he arched up from the seat and felt her fingers slide beneath the waistband of his trousers, easing them down from his hips. He was dimly aware of her hands squeezing and stroking his balls as her mouth moved in ever-faster spirals around him. Carter started to shake, and then he lost all control and bucked up hard and harder into that hot mouth that had suddenly become everything in his world. He could hear her moaning as he started to explode into her mouth, into her throat, and he pinned her down against his hips, forcing her to swallow desperately as his cum jetted into her again and again.

A dizzying time later, he felt her raise her head from his lap and he opened his eyes to look at her. There was an almost feline smile of satisfaction on her face as her tongue slid around her lips, and she sat back into her seat, watching him.

“My God, Margaret,” he managed finally, reaching with shaking fingers to pull his trousers back up.

She leant back in her seat and pulled his hand down between her legs. “Take me somewhere, Carter. Take me somewhere you can spread me open and taste me.”

“I had no idea you were this . . . ” he couldn’t finish the thought.

“This what?” she asked softly.

“This . . . wanton,” he said at last.

“Don’t you like it?” she wondered mischievously. “It’s what you do to me, Carter. All those months talking on the phone and you didn’t know how hot you make me?” His fingers pressed into her suddenly, and he heard her gasp.

“Oh, I like it,” he said, taking his hand away to start the car, conscious of the rich fragrance of her rising wet from his fingers. “I just wonder if you know what it does to me when you’re like this.”

She turned her head and looked him directly in the eyes. “I’m looking forward to finding out. We’ve got a whole month.”

As he turned the car around, Carter realized that a month might not be enough for all the thoughts whirling through his mind.

The West Avenue property was one of his flagship condominium developments, so none of the resident staff was at all surprised to see the boss checking out the malfunctioning elevator.

“Go to lunch, guys,” Carter said cheerfully. “If I can’t fix it, I’ll get my regular repair guy over here later. G’wan, scram!” and they dispersed happily, probably off to some disreputable beach bar for lunch.

Margaret watched him with a soft smile playing about her lips. “Mr. Fix-It, are you? I had no idea.”

He grinned at her and pulled her into the elevator car, jabbing at a button with his finger until the doors closed. “Oh, I can fix nearly anything,” he said in a low voice against her neck. “Got anything needs fixing, honey?”

Her laughter purred against his ear. “Well, I’ve got this terrible problem . . . “

He stopped her voice with his mouth, his tongue darting playfully between her lips, flickering against her teeth. After a long searching kiss, he pulled away from her to look down at the soft flush on her cheeks. “You said something about wanting my mouth on you earlier, you know.”

Her arms slid up around his neck and locked behind his head. “I remember,” she acknowledged dreamily. His lips brushed over her neck, he cupped her full breasts in his hands and teased the nipples erect against his fingers. He tilted his head and flicked his tongue over the hard jut of her left nipple, and felt a sting of lust through him at her started gasp. He tongued her beylikdüzü escort nipples through the fabric until her whole body was a twist of clinging heat. Margaret moaned and closed her eyes, her fingers digging into his shoulders.

Carter cupped his hand over her pubic mound and felt her begin to writhe against it, he pressed harder, rubbing her through the thin cotton of her skirt. He felt the fabric get wet against his fingers, waited until her voice joined the plaint of her body before he moved to touch her bare flesh.

She lifted the skirt with her own hands, pulling it out of his way in her desire. “Lean back against the railing,” he whispered to her, and pressed her bare hips against the cool metal, and he saw her fingers grab at the brass rail and cling. His fingers delved slowly through the wet folds of her pussy, found the aching throb of her clitoris and began to stroke it. “Not going to take you very long, is it?” he teased, dotting kisses along the taut line of her throat. Her hips writhed against his fingers, her breathing wild.

She did not see him reach for the control panel and press a button, didn’t notice as the car began to rise slowly through the shaft. Only when the sudden stab of sunlight through clouds hit her closed eyes did she seem to realize what was happening. “Carter!”

The glass walls of the elevator offered a 180-degree view of the ocean, the beach, and all the people on it. With her legs spread wide and her back arched against the railing, Margaret attracted a few stares and then concentrated attention from a crowd of teenaged boys in the parking lot below. Carter twined two of his fingers together and plunged them suddenly into her hot cunt. She stiffened and cried out, her hands clutching at him tightly as her body spasmed and exploded in pleasure. At the top of the building the elevator stopped and he slid down onto his knees in front of her, his hands beneath her thighs, lifting her unresisting to his mouth.

He raked his tongue along the lips of her dripping pussy, then spread them with his fingers and probed her wildly until she cried out again. His lips tightened around her clit and he sucked on it hard, his tongue darting against it over and over again. He could feel the muscles in her thighs strain as she tried to grind herself harder against his hungry mouth.

She was sweet and salty and tart and so hot that he was dizzy with the scent of her. He could feel the explosion building in her again, and he was relentless, faster and faster he licked, flickered, sucked at her until she screamed with the force of it and it went on and on and on . . .

He rose to his feet, pulling her shaking body against him and reaching for her lips with his. His hands caressed her back, stroked across the fervent throb of her heart, she melted against him, her legs trembling. He reached across the car to press another button and the car began to descend. Carter felt the beginnings of laughter begin to froth through her and he stroked her hair.

“You’re evil,” she informed him, flushing scarlet as she noticed the crowd of attentive young men in the parking lot who were now applauding. The car sank into the depths of the building, hiding them from view. His hands gently smoothed her tumbled skirt back down as he leant back to grin at her a little wickedly.

“But you love it,” he said softly. “Maybe next time I’ll do more than put my mouth on you in an elevator. Maybe next time, I’ll let the doors open while your skirt’s hiked up . . . “

The elevator doors hissed open with a pneumatic whisper and they emerged into the basement. Margaret was still a little shaky on her feet, he slid an arm around her waist and kissed her again.

“Have I told you,” he whispered, “how very, very glad I am that you’re here at last?”

“Tell me again,” she challenged him, teasing. “Tell me again!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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