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Greetings everyone! I have spent a large portion of my life being a reader, a reader of all different kinds of material, including erotica. I have read some really great stuff here. You see, when I read the stories here I always put myself in the story and decide if that was how I would have wrote it. Sometimes it is how I would have done it…..and others….not so much, and then saying to myself I could have done better. Well, I am putting my proverbial money where my mouth is and I am taking a stab at it as they say. I would love to hear what everyone thinks of my first attempt at this. I need to be clear though that I am NOT a professional writer. I didn’t even take writing classes in college beyond the required writing 101 class that everyone has to take. I am sure there are some grammatical errors, but I am mainly interested in knowing what people think about the story itself and how it flows so be gentle with your feedback and I hope you enjoy the story. Oh and BTW, the story is completely fictional, nothing you are about to read actually ever happened.

Part 1: Danny’s sleepwalking again

It was a warm Saturday morning; Veronica (Ronnie by her friends) had gotten up early to get her run in because she knew it would be hot by mid to late morning. One of the few downfalls if you could call it that to living in southern California in mid July was the heat starting early when there was no ocean breeze.

She was now cleaning up the house after having some coffee and a light breakfast. Ronnie is what her son Danny’s friends would call a MILF. At least that’s what she heard them tell Danny. Continuing to clean up around the house she stopped in front of the mirror for a look. She thought that she have kept herself up well for being 39 years old. She looked at her body. It is tall at 5’8″ and very slim and trim at 130lbs. She worked hard to keep herself fit working out 4 days a week. 3 days a week after work and on Saturday mornings.

Her hair is a long, light brown and with a soft waviness to it. Her face as her husband used to say was nothing short of beautiful. Her skin an olive tone made a little darker from the tan she gets living in a warm summer climate. Continuing to asses herself she sees her long slender legs that meet at her curvy hips and flat stomach, remembering that her husband used to say they were perfect for wrapping around his waist while he was hammering away at my dripping twat. Her breasts were a round and full at a 36 DD with large areola’s that are topped with large pencil eraser like nipples that are constantly standing at full attention. Especially lately!

Ronnie continued on from the mirror cleaning. She was loading the next load of laundry when she noticed the time. It was 11 AM and Danny her son was not up yet which concerned her after last nights issue.

She walked up the stairs and knocked on his door but there was no answer. She knocked harder, still nothing. She knocked again and she quietly opened the door. He was sound asleep still. Well, at least she didn’t catch him masturbating again she thought. She stares at him sleeping for a few moments, remembering the last time she walked into his room to put away laundry.

Ronnie came to Danny’s door with the clean basket of cloths, not knocking she walked right in thinking he was still at work. She found him stroking his cock while watching a porn video online with headphone on. He was so freaked out that without thinking he jumped out of the chair giving her full view of his full erect and very large cock. It wasn’t the first time she had seen it, but it was the first time she had seen it as a man and it was fully erect. Realizing he was showing his mother his cock at full attention he covered it with his hands. Or at least as much of it he could. She apologized and closed the door and made a bit of a giggle not thinking it was such a big deal him being a young man and all. A young man with an enormous fucking cock she thought as she walked away!

Shaking herself clear of the thought, she walked to Danny’s bed and shook his shoulder hard and spoke loud enough to wake him. “Wake up Danny honey, its 11 O’clock you’ll end up being late for work if you don’t get moving, and I mean now”.

Danny’s eyes flung open, “SHIT” he said, I over slept again! He sat up and looked at his mother. “It happened again, didn’t it mom?” He apologized and asked “what did I do this time”? His mother patted his shoulder and said “don’t worry about it honey, its no big deal. You got up in the middle of the night and walked to the kitchen and made yourself something to eat”. Danny was relieved. His mother continued to speak “in the nude. And you seemed to be bets10 very……happy if you catch my drift”.

Danny moaned in embarrassment turning red. “I’m so sorry mom”.

“Don’t worry about sweetie. I would not have even known if you didn’t make so much noise that I went down to see what was going on. Go get ready for work, or you’ll be late”. Leaving his room his mother turned to him, “and believe me honey you have nothing to be ashamed about with…… that thing”, waving her finger around in the general direction of his crotch.

What the fuck was that Danny thought?

Thinking nothing more of it because he didn’t have time Danny hopped out of bed, grabbed a towel and ran to the bathroom for a shower. Ronnie went down to the kitchen and prepared some breakfast for him so he could eat before he had to be at work at noon.

15 minutes later Danny was coming down the stairs and heading for the kitchen. His mom had a plate of food ready for him on the breakfast bar she was leaning on sipping her coffee. Seeing him walk through the doorway to the kitchen she saw him putting his shirt on over his chest.

A full grown man now at 21 Danny was tall at 6’2″, broad chested, very muscular from the years of working out during high school for football being the star quarterback. It didn’t hurt that his father was built like that too.

He weighed in at 215lbs now. Working the extra hours at the home center loading trucks for deliveries has given his some added bulk over the summer. His hair is black like his dads but has a nice waviness to it like hers.

His shirt fell down his bare chest and over his tight abs that were rock hard well defined with a 6 pack. You couldn’t see them because of his jeans but his legs where long, thick and very strong as well. Like his mother his skin was also a light olive tone that was made darker from the sun.

When she looked at him, she couldn’t help but think about how fucking sexy he was, thinking to herself… “good God he is all man”. He reminder her so much of his father who had died when Danny was 10 in a car accident when he was hit by a drunk driver coming home late from work. But it wasn’t the reminder of Dan senior that attracted her to her own son and she knew it.

She knew it was wrong to think it but she couldn’t help it anymore. She has had thought about him for so many months now that she’s absolved herself of any guilt that she had been feeling. It wasn’t like anything was going to happen with her son. She thought the soon she came to grips with her feelings the sooner she could move on.

They both had been devastated by Dan senior’s death. Shortly after it happened Danny starting having problem sleeping and sometimes would sleepwalk. As it got worse they finally went to the doctor and they were told that it was his body’s way of dealing with the stress of losing his father and recommended them going to see a therapist to help him deal with it.

Over the next few years seeing the therapist really help him cope with the loss. The therapist had cautioned his mother though that when he sleepwalks to not ever wake him. The jolt of waking him could cause him both physical and emotional harm.

As time passed and he coped with the loss of his father the sleepwalking became less and less frequently until it stopped. The problem is that he had done it now two nights in a row and this was concerning his mother.

He sat down next to his mother and started eating, thanking her for the food. She replied with a “you’re welcome dear” and gave him a pat on the shoulder. Looking over to him, she gazed at his face, trying to see if she could see if something was bothering him.

“Honey, when you get home from work tonight, you and I need to talk about whats going on. You have me worried now that you’re starting to sleepwalk again”. Danny knew it was coming and was prepared for it. “I’ll be working till 8 tonight but sure, we can talk when I get home”. Danny scarfed down the rest of his food kissed his mother on the cheek with a “love you” and walked out the door at 20 minutes to 12….plenty of time to get to work on time.

Ronnie busied herself the rest of the day with her normal routine, finishing cleaning up the house, cleaning and folding cloths, then doing some shopping. The normal stuff that any single parent does on the weekend because they’re too busy working during the week.

Ronnie was a Real Estate Agent and a great one at that, making a high six figure income from it. She had always been a good agent but after her husband died, to cope with the loss she threw herself into her work making time for work, and taking care of Danny only.

She bets10 giriş dated a few times, but nothing all that serious. One of them she had even tried having sex with but she couldn’t bring herself to go through with it. After that, knowing that she would never find someone that loved her like Danny’s father had she closed down what she like to call her “love tunnel” to everything except for her fingers and her vibrating friend in her nightstand. Something Dan senior gave her as a joke a few months before he died when he was going out of town for a few days for work.

After that she just stopped dating all together and just went out on occasion with her female friends from work or neighbors.

She waited until 7 and started cooking a late dinner so she and Danny could talk over dinner. At ten after eight Danny walked in a bit dirty from work and a lot of sweat. “Dinner will be ready in 10 minutes sweetie, go get a shower and come sit with me to eat”. He said thank you and ran up stairs.

10 minutes later he was down to the kitchen. Taking notice that he was wearing a pair of nylon basketball shorts, a tank top on…and “good God no underwear underneath” she thought. With the food already on the table he took his seat to start eating and wait for “the talk” that was coming.

They had a nice quiet meal together. Something she tried to do with him every Saturday since they didn’t see more than a few hours of each other most nights, if at all. She could tell that he really didn’t want to talk about whatever was bothering him….but she started.

“Honey, we need to talk about last few nights”. “Yeah, I know mom. There’s something I want to talk to you about too.” Oh, okay. What is it?

“Well, I have been wondering why you have not been going out anymore” he said. “Your too young and beautiful to be home alone all the time”.

“I’m not alone honey, I have you here, and my friends from work, our neighbors, and your Aunt Abigail. Besides, I have stopped trying to find someone that was as good to me as your father was. It will never happen. You’re the man in my life now. Now, enough about me sweetie, I want to talk to you about what’s going on with you. I know something’s bothering you.”

He was silent for a moment looking down at his plate. He played with his food a bit. “Look at me sweetie” she said grabbing his chin and forcing his face to look at hers. “You and I have always been able to talk about anything… and I do mean anything sweetie. Like when you were having trouble with all those girlfriends you had in high school” She smiled warmly at him.

“If you had spent half as much time with your school work as you did with all those girls you could have gotten a scholarship to play football anywhere in the country”.”Oh come on mom, you know I only played football cause you wanted me to play a sport, I liked playing because dad played in high school, but I never took it all that seriously.”

“So you didn’t play to get all those girls to chase you then” she asked? NO he replied. She giggled a sweet little laugh that always made Danny smile a bit himself. She said smiling “I supposed your right, as soon as the news of the size of your cock got out of the men’s locker room you probably had the girls lined up a mile long just to get a look at, along with their mothers” She laughed even louder.

“MOM, would you stop! Its bad enough you’ve seen…. IT, (pointing to his crotch) at all with me sleepwalking again not to mention walking in on me in my room” He turned very red. Him mother laughed even hard, but kissed his cheek and said sorry.

“Seriously honey, what’s going on? What’s bothering you that the sleepwalking is starting again”? He thought for a moment and said, “I’m just stressing a bit about school starting soon. It’s my senior year, it’s going to be a lot of work even with light class schedule because I’ll be student teaching on top of the class work and working at the home center. And let’s not mention that I have been so busy with work I haven’t been on a date or gotten any in months!

His mother looked at him with those loving eyes, “honey, if it’s going to be too much of a burden cut back the hours at work or quit all together. You would be after you graduate anyway. I can give you money when you need it. It would also give you some free time for a date or two”. Thinking to herself that she didn’t want him out on dates, she just wanted him in her bed. “Stop that” she yelled at herself!

“No mom, I told you when I started college; I was paying for it myself. You have done so much for me over the years. You have always been here for me when I needed you, if I bets10 güvenilir mi had questions, if I just needed to talk, even when I just needed to scream in frustration. You have always listened and you have no idea how much I appreciate and love you for it; but this is something I have to do on my own. Thank you for offering though.”

“It’s getting late mom, I’ll clean the dishes, why don’t you go relax” Thanks sweetie she replied. She grabbed a glass of wine kissed Danny on the cheek almost at the corner of his lips and said “you’re so good to me sweetie”, gave him another peck on the cheek and went to the living room to watched a bit of TV and relax.

Danny finished up the dishes and came into the living room. “I’m pretty tired mom. I’m going to head to bed. See you in the morning”

“Good night sweetheart, love you”. He smiled at her, “Love you too mom. Good night”.

Danny walked into his room. It was almost 10:30 and after not sleeping well and a physically demanding day at work he was exhausted. He stripped off his cloths and crawled into bed. He preferred to sleep naked. If the sleepwalking continues he thought, he may have to rethink that. He fell asleep within a few minutes.

Ronnie watched TV for about a half hour more and yawned. Feeling tired she went up to bed…….

It was about 2 AM when she heard footsteps stumble in the hall waking her. Thinking he was sleepwalking again, she dismissed it and fell back asleep……

Sometime later, she was startled awake by the noises of groaning and a low muffled moan. Her eye’s fluttered open, wiping the sleep from her eyes she could not believe what she was seeing. Her son was standing next to her bed with his mammoth cock in his hand with a raging hard on stroking his hand furiously up and down his throbbing member. She immediately went to yell at him to ask “what the hell are you doing” but thought better of it after remembering what the therapist has said about waking someone that was sleepwalking. Her mind was racing thinking about what she was going to do. She went to leaned over to turn on her nightstand light. As she leaned over he made a low throaty groan and ejaculated all over her face. The first hot jets of her sons cum splashed her in the forehead between her eyes startling her causing her to gasp. As she did she had opened her mouth causing the next forceful stream of his cum to land in her mouth on her tongue which she swallowed without even thinking. He continued stroking his enormous cock sending steady jets of his seamen for almost a full 30 seconds moaning the entire time. When he was done, she was speechless. Not only had her son just cum her face, it was the biggest load of cum she had ever seen in her life.

Danny turned, cum still on the head of his now partially flaccid cock and walked back to his bedroom. Cum was still dripping down Ronnie’s face in complete shock of what just happened. She got out of bed and slowly walked to the bathroom of her master suite. She headed for the sink, looking at herself in the mirror as she approached the sink.

She looked at herself, “jezz Danny, you had to have jacked off a full half cup of cum” she thought. Remembering that some of his cum went in her mouth, she started to taste the remaining residue from her tongue. She took a large glob of it from her face onto her finger staring at it wantonly…..wondering. She put it in her mouth for a full taste. She couldn’t help but let out a low moan of her own when she tasted it again…..She liked it! No….she loved it. She took more of it from her face scooping it into her cum hungry mouth.

After taking in as much as she could she bent down to the sink and cleaned her son’s remaining cum from her face. When she was done drying her hands and face, she stared into the mirror yelling at herself for being such a cum slut when it was her own son that had just shot his massive load all over her face.

Continuing to look at herself she knew two things. One, she was so aroused her pussy was on fire that her panties were soaking wet. Two, she couldn’t deny it…..the little cum slut in the mirror wanted more.

She quickly walked back to her bed opening the drawer of her nightstand pulled out her vibrating toy and tossed it on the bed. She pulled her soaked panties off, laid on the bed, grabbed her vibrating toy and plunged it into her sopping wet slit thinking of Danny’s giant cock Cumming on her face again.

She stroked the toy in and out once, then a second time and on the third stroke she applied pressure to her clit with her other hand causing Ronnie to send her mind and her pussy straight into orbit. She was Cumming and Cumming hard. Just as the last wave of pleasure waned she flicked her clit once more causing her to orgasm again squirting some of her fluid out of her steaming hot pussy and onto the bed spread. Feeling spent, she put the toy back in its home and fell fast asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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