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This story is a tribute to (i.e. blatantly plagiarises) Extreme Size Encounter, by gemyt. It’s one of my favourites, even though it’s unfinished, so go check it out.

Content note — unrealistic proportions/anatomy, excessive cum.

My wife and I are practicing naturists (i.e. nudists) and I publish a quarterly newsletter online focusing on naturism. Because of the newsletter I frequently receive phone calls and emails from people with naturist related stories. Late last year I was contacted by a woman at a naturist resort in Queensland regarding alleged relationships between a twenty-one year old young man and two or more older (i.e., 30+) women. Additionally, she shared rumours that this young man may have been sexually involved with as many as twenty other women at the resort. The following is excerpted from the article I eventually wrote regarding this matter:

“While the manager of the resort would state only that the resort is still investigating the allegations, he indicated there is substantial sentiment in the resort’s nudist community for expelling the 21 year old. Speaking of the young man, the manager said, ‘there is a feeling among many of the guests that he’s had a disruptive effect.’ The manager declined to elaborate on the nature of any disruption and conceded that the young man had not been charged with violating any of the rules of the resort. There is a distinct feeling among those sympathetic to the 21 year old, however, that the manager’s citing of a ‘disruptive effect’ was an oblique reference to the young man’s unusually large genitals. A female nudist at the resort offered that ‘this is a simple case of penis envy. They won’t admit it, but a lot of the men at this resort are threatened by the size of his penis.'”

I was at first very concerned that someone was pulling my leg on this story, so I asked my source, Janice, if she had a photo of this young man who she referred to as Jason. She said no, she didn’t, but she’d take one – she was very matter of fact about it. I asked how she knew Jason would consent to having his picture taken and she laughed and said “why shouldn’t he?” So a day later I received a few images by email of two young men posing next to a pool. One was a little more than a foot taller than the other, and possessed the most enormous penis I’ve ever seen, abnormally huge. He was very powerfully built, with remarkably large and defined musculature. His penis was uncircumcised and appeared perfectly flaccid, hanging very nearly to his knees. His hair looked long and stringy, like maybe he just got out of the pool. The rest of his body was totally bare of any hair. The other man was shorter, skinnier, unremarkable in every way. I debated at the time whether I ought to describe Jason’s penis as “unusually” large or “abnormally” large. I chose “unusually” because I thought it was less lubricious. Naturists are frequently concerned about the perception that naturism is a sexual thing. So I was very ambivalent about this story, and I really tried to avoid sexualising the whole “huge penis” angle. A urologist I consulted after receiving the photos of Jason confirmed that the degree of genital development was in fact abnormal — she hadn’t seen anything like it in two decades of practice.

The pictures were truly startling. I went so far as to try to scale them – you know, Jason is a thousand pixels tall in the picture, Janice tells me he’s just over seven feet tall, etc. They indicated this young man had a fifteen inch flaccid penis. Janice had already offered her opinion that the men at the resort were intimidated by this young man’s size and I was initially very sceptical of that theory. I mean, differences in penis size is something that’s not new to naturists – I think flaccid penis size varies more than erect penis size. And while I wouldn’t claim that naturists don’t note the differences, I can honestly say that your bona fide naturist doesn’t dwell on it (notwithstanding that I’ve now devoted two full paragraphs to this young man’s cock). But I must admit thinking that yeah, I might be intimidated by something that outrageously huge. He was easily three times as long as anyone I’ve seen. I showed the photos to my wife. Her reaction appeared to me more one of stunned amazement rather than sexual interest. Her remark upon seeing the picture was something to the effect of “my god, it’s freakish!”

Janice was motivated by what she perceived as blatant physiognomic discrimination on the part of the resort and the naturist community at the resort. I too found this an interesting journalistic angle and arranged for my wife and I to visit the resort. We decided that we would attempt to meet Jason before making the journalistic nature of our visit known to the resort management. We met Janice immediately upon arriving at the resort and she arranged to take me to the pool area where Jason would often be during the afternoon. My wife stayed behind at our room.

We arrived at the pool and I recognized bakırköy escort Jason from his photo. He was in the water with a friend, but he immediately acknowledged Janice and climbed out of the pool. The emails had not prepared me for the sight of this ungodly organ in the flesh. Jason was literally hung like a horse, his flaccid penis possessing a length, girth and meatiness far beyond any I’d ever seen (and I’d been a practicing naturist for a decade and visited more than 30 naturist resorts around the world). In the way that all males are practiced at, I gauged the dimensions of this organ and then attempted to avoid staring. As Janice introduced us she went and put a hand on his thickly muscled forearm, smiling up at the giant. She invited him to a picnic she was planning for the next day. He readily accepted the invitation, so eagerly that I suspected that he’d been sexually involved with Janice (a suspicion Janice initially denied but ultimately confirmed). The plan was that my wife and I would stumble upon this picnic and would then have an opportunity to interview Jason. As we were leaving the pool area I noticed a pronounced imbalance in the male-female ratio at the pool – there was one other male besides myself and at least ten females ranging from ages 18 to 60. This struck me as unusual and I wondered whether it was attributable to the presence at the pool of this enormous young man.

My wife and I had arranged with Janice to meet her and Jason at a clearing in a wooded area nearby to the designated picnicking area. It was a beautiful summer’s day, the kind where it’s truly pleasant to practice naturism. As my wife and I approached through the woods we heard giggling and saw Jason following Janice about as she set out the blanket and snacks. It was plain that he was attempting to interest her in some sort of sexual horseplay and she was politely demurring. I couldn’t help but stare at his tremendous soft cock, swaying and bouncing off his thighs as he trailed her around the space. He was so much taller than her, as well; he towered over the clearing. My wife was quite simply slack-jawed, standing next to me in stunned silence as we spied on Jason and Janice. As we were about to enter the clearing my wife grabbed my hand, took a deep breath and paused for a moment to compose herself. In retrospect this was the first moment that I became aware of the profound sexual effect that this massive penis was having on my wife.

We entered the clearing and Janice reacted with feigned surprise at our presence. Jason was polite but betrayed a certain amount of disappointment at our intrusion, no doubt assuming that we were ruining any chance he had for a sexual interlude that afternoon. Janice introduced my wife to Jason. My wife was very attractive in those days, if I must say so myself, but Jason was merely cordial and gave no indication of any interest in her. My wife, however, reacted in a most unusual way. She was 30 years old at the time and typically assumed a very mature and even matronly tone with younger men that she would meet. But her voice and her demeanour were anything but matronly on this occasion. She half whispered and half giggled a “hello” to the young man and extended a visibly trembling hand for his handshake. I was surprised to note an exaggerated femininity and coquettishness in her behaviour that I hadn’t seen since our dating days. As my wife later described it to me, it was an involuntary reaction on her part to the presence of such an extraordinary amount of “maleness.”

My own reaction to this gigantic cock also surprised me. Although I was very aroused by my wife’s response, my own rather modest penis seemed to be unusually so, barely peeking out from my pubic bush. Generally, my state of arousal at that point would have produced a four inch semi-hard penis. I don’t know if it was some sort of atavistic male response to a distinctly superior manhood or perhaps just the awkwardness of being the “other guy” in the presence of two females and a massive penis, but I was definitely not showing to advantage. Meanwhile my wife was losing her battle to be discreet and Jason caught her staring at his genitals on numerous occasions. He must have been accustomed to this because he showed no particular reaction to her obvious fascination with his extraordinary endowment. His gaze was focused on Janice, a skinny woman with frizzy hair and a rather plain face but with breasts that were extremely large for her frame, a fact that no doubt riveted Jason’s attention.

Janice produced a bottle of red wine from a cooler and ostentatiously offered wine to us all. We were all sitting on a blanket on the ground other than Jason, who sat down on the cooler with his enormous cock resting against his balls and hanging all the way down to the ground. I couldn’t help but compare them in my mind, and the young man’s flaccid penis was at least as thick as the wine bottle going around. I hadn’t noticed until now — attention drawn by the obvious – but his testicles beşiktaş escort were made to the same ludicrous proportions as his penis. They looked like small melons, weighing down his sack and hanging most of the way to the ground. Each of them was easily more than twice the size of my entire genitals. I couldn’t be certain, but it seemed to me that he must have been aware that seated on the cooler his bizarrely large package was displayed more prominently than if he had been sitting on the ground. While I sipped at my wine I noticed that Janice was freely imbibing. I also noted with surprise that my wife, who generally prefers white wine and insists that red wine gives her a headache, was soon working on her second large glass of wine.

By the time we’d finished with some cheese and French bread both my wife and Janice were a bit red-cheeked and giggling and otherwise exhibiting the drinks’ influence. Janice had turned the conversation to her breasts, in particular the social and physical disadvantages of having disproportionately large breasts. As she was doing this she was sitting in a manner that accentuated her breasts, arms crossed underneath them, and although I’m not a breast man I must admit the effect was stunning. Jason reacted to the conversation and Janice’s flamboyantly large breasts with a burgeoning erection that curved outwards as his tip pressed against the ground. He took hold of it around the middle, lifting it so his glans pointed away from himself, leaving it free to reach out. My wife had ceased any attempt to avert her eyes and she was now unabashedly staring at his horsecock. Suddenly she turned to face me and said, “let’s go for a walk in the woods.”

I’d noticed a distinct wet spot growing on the blanket where my wife was sitting; she was literally creaming herself in the presence of this young man’s monstrous schlong. My wife’s sudden insistence on a walk in the woods could have meant various things, but the wet spot on the blanket suggested to me that my wife was in serious need of a sexual release. As soon as we were out of sight of the clearing my hunch was confirmed. “My God, I could barely keep from touching myself,” she gasped. “Let’s fuck right now.” I was incredibly turned on but curiously quite incapable of producing an erection, so I fingered my wife while she frantically stimulated her clit, bringing herself to orgasm in three minutes whereas she usually required at least 15 minutes of continuous stimulation before coming. After she came I kidded her gently. “I didn’t know my wife was such a size queen.” I said it in a plainly humorous manner, but she replied in a very sincere tone.

“It’s not that I’m…it’s just that…it’s just so fucking… huge.” She said the word huge with some dismay, as if she couldn’t quite comprehend such an enormous cock or her profoundly sexual reaction to it. She was staring into the distance as she said it and seemed vaguely distressed. I’d never witnessed my wife in such a state, but I somehow instinctively knew what she was feeling.

“You want to have him, don’t you,” I said.

She looked at me with a confused and almost sad look. “I don’t know…I’ve never…I just…it’s just so enormous, so…”. Her voice trailed off and she gently shook her head. Her eyes were very moist and dreamy looking. “So much manhood,” she finished. I believe I’m supposed to say at this point that my heart sank, or I experienced a pang of acute jealousy. But neither occurred. I can’t explain it, but I knew from the moment that my wife first laid eyes on this young man’s freakish endowment that she would react this way. She’d never given any indication that size mattered to her, commenting so casually on the subject when I would mention an unusually sized penis at a naturists’ gathering that I’m convinced she genuinely was not “size oriented,” for lack of a better term. But there was something about the absurd hugeness of such an organ that had definitely gotten under my wife’s skin. That my wife should be submitted to this superior male seemed to me as the natural state of affairs, a fact as simple and undeniable as night following day, the ‘droit de seigneur’ so to speak of the massively endowed young man.

We made our way back toward the clearing, my wife trailing slightly behind me. As we approached the space I thought I saw something through the leaves that made me stop, and I reached out and took my wife by the shoulders as she came up beside me, gently indicating that she too should stop and peer through the leaves into the clearing. She squinted, attempting to see through the lush foliage, and as I was still holding her by the shoulders I felt her become unsteady as her knees buckled at the sight. Jason was on his back, hands laced behind his head as he lay on the ground side-on to us, and Janice was kneeling between his spread legs, grasping with two hands his perfectly vertical cock, now fully erect, and trying to fellate him. She could barely fit part of the huge head of his cock in her mouth and didn’t beylikdüzü escort begin to encircle his girth in her grip. Her attempts to manage his enormity with her two small hands were almost comical, at least to me. Janice’s knees were planted either side of his vast testicles, and she was rubbing both her breasts against his shaft. My wife stood transfixed, intently staring at this attempted fellating of the most gigantic penis either of us will ever see, and suddenly she emitted an audible sigh, almost a whimper. Her longing for this organ, her need to subject her mouth and vagina to his immensity, were palpable. We continued toward the clearing and Janice suddenly pulled back from the gigantic cock as she heard us approaching, releasing it to fall back onto Jason’s torso with a loud “thwack”. My wife actually swooned at that moment, overcome by the sound of this vast pillar of flesh striking his powerfully built stomach and chest, the volume further attesting to the mind-boggling mass of this grotesquely overdeveloped sexual organ. I momentarily supported her until she composed herself and we again proceeded into the clearing.

Janice was initially startled by our reappearance, but her surprise changed to concern when she saw how unsteady my wife was. Jason looked utterly relaxed, remaining supine with his legs splayed as he looked our way. His cock lay all the way along his body, reaching nearly to his neck. It seemed to have a hypnotic effect on my dumbstruck wife, who had abandoned any pretence of discretion and just gazed hungrily at that rod. Janice seemed somewhat relieved that her transgression with Jason was not being condemned, and she slowly smiled as she noted my wife’s fixed gaze. “There’s obviously plenty to go around, if you’re interested in a party,” Janice said.

I stood for a moment with my right hand around my wife’s waist, more assuring myself of her stability than providing any real support. “I think my wife would like that,” I heard myself say.

My response did not immediately register with my severely distracted wife. After a moment she seemed to dully comprehend the import of my words and slowly began to turn her head to look directly at me, but her eyes remained fixed on the giant penis even as her head was turning. At that moment her legs seemed to give way. I managed to catch her as she was halfway to the ground and gently lowered her so that she was sitting on her left hip. After a moment, after I satisfied myself that my wife was alert and sentient, I realized that my wife had simply and genuinely swooned. Her face was flush and her skin around her breasts and torso bore a patina of perspiration. There was no question about it — my wife was afflicted with a virulent case of unreasoning, animal lust.

Janice was attending to my wife, gently inquiring as to her welfare. Jason’s reaction was very understated; he seemed at best mildly surprised at my wife’s reaction. (It didn’t occur to me at the time, but I was to learn when I had an opportunity to interview Jason that my wife was not the first woman to literally swoon at the sight of Jason’s massive endowment). Jason looked at me, smiling slightly. I couldn’t bring myself to say, yes, go ahead and take my wife, or even to nod, but something about my reaction was understood by Jason to signal consent, and he lifted himself to his feet before stepping toward my wife.

I watched his cock bobbing as he walked across the clearing. I know that flaccid penises vary more in size than erections do, and while we were travelling out here I had built up the thought in my head that his manhood wouldn’t grow much larger as it became hard. I couldn’t have been more wrong — he was fully erect now, and I swear that monolith was almost two feet long. As he passed me on his way to where my wife was kind of sitting in a sprawl, I was struck by what an enormous man he was. Not just the penis I’ve been ranting about for all these paragraphs, but his entire body. He was almost a foot and a half taller than me, and incredibly broad across the shoulders.

I went and sat on the ground nearby, gently rubbing at my little dick as I watched them. My wife began to assume a supine position as Jason approached her, spreading her legs in anticipation. She even reached down with one hand, teasing and spreading her labia slightly as if to offer herself. Jason reached her and stood over her hips. I could see my wife’s gaze intently locked on his head, extending over her face where she lay. Then he slowly began to crouch. My wife’s eyes widened comically as this horselike appendage came nearer to her face. I watched his massive balls come to rest at her groin, the pair of them reaching all the way across her hips and engulfing the hand playing with her pussy. She gasped slightly as those weights settled on her, turning her hand around to start rubbing and grasping at his voluminous sack. As that gargantuan cock came near her face she put her other hand up, pushing it away for a moment. Jason just grinned as he knelt down and put a hand on his shaft, effortlessly overpowering her and rubbing his huge glans over her mouth and cheeks. My wife moaned in pleasure, feeling that absurdly overdeveloped manhood pressing against her entire torso, pushed between her breasts, and covering half her face as she feebly tried to kiss and lick at it.

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