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I step out of the car, unsure that this meeting is going to go the way it had been imagined. We had talked online so often, but you never know how you will feel until you see someone in the flesh. Then my reverie and concern was shattered as I heard that voice I had gotten to know so well, though normally with that extra sexy breathy quality that comes with bedroom talk. My pulse quickened even faster as I looked up and saw you in that cute one piece outfit, akin to a sundress, but with an added element not normally associated with sundresses. My cock stirred as I recognized you were wearing stockings, just like we had talked about. You jumped down the last step towards me and wrapped your arms around my neck. A whispered “I hope you like” was all I caught in the tumult of the situation. Then instead of waiting for a verbal response, you slid your hand down my chest and then quickly to my pants where you could very much feel how much I liked it. Then rather than continue that in public, you turned on your heel with one hand in mine and started to walk back to your place.

I began to follow even as I wished I had time to adjust my pants, but noticed it felt like you were walking very bouncily, almost skipping and as you went up the steps I realized why. You had combined the turn on of stockings with the turn on of your exhibitionism but also wearing no panties. My pants continued to complain as they were unable to really accommodate the increasing pressure.

You turned around and could tell from the crooked smile on my face that I had noticed your seductive choice. You gave a big smile and ran your free hand over your chest and . . . was that a nipple tweak through your sundress? I audibly groaned at all the incredibly sexy things you were doing to me. Your smile lights up even brighter at that and you continue to pull me along.

As we pass through the door, I stumble slightly and when I catch my footing, you are right there, pushing the door closed behind me. Taken slightly aback at your sudden closeness, I gulp and look unsure. A wicked smile crosses your face as your hand again moves across my fly. I gasp, and with that small bit of extra excitement you hook your thumbs on my pants and underwear at my hips and yank. I stumble back but the door catches me immediately but with my pants down even if I wanted to move I am going nowhere fast. But looking down at you, your eyes catching mine as you slowly sink to your knees, my mind recalls those first pics, my excitement then dwarfed by what is so quickly happening now.

You drag your fingernails over my shirt, down to my waist and down my quads. I am at attention and you let your face move against me as you pass down, flicking your tongue out catching the head as it passes, tasting that one drop of precum that had started to build up. The little bit of pain from your nails is driving me wild and the look in your eyes makes every minute of travel worth it, even without anything that is about to happen, seeing that erotic look is just incredible in person, knowing that it is directed towards me starts me growling in anticipation.

However as little time passed while those thoughts ran through my mind, you had not waited for my thoughts to conclude. As the growling begins, you moan, with the knowledge of what the growl means, and devour my cock, quickly taking me inside your mouth. Half way, slide back, three quarters, slide back, and lastly making sure to keep eye contact with me the entire halkalı escort time, you take me completely as your hands reach around, grab my ass, your nails biting in as you feel my head pushing against the back of your throat.

Knowing that going this hard and this fast is going to be tempting fate, as you begin to bob up and down, I breathe deeply, concentrating both on the pleasure I am feeling but on my bodies reaction to make sure I don’t end this too soon. After 30 seconds pass I feel you pick up the pace and know I need to step in and make sure I don’t cum, but also because I don’t think I can stand another second just looking at your face, your lips, your breasts, your body without getting my hands on you.

You look sad as I force you back to make my cock slip free of your lips, hanging suspended by my passion, one drop of saliva very slowly releases and falls down onto your lips. Your pouting expression slowly changes as you feel me get to a knee facing you, my hands moving to your face, a hand cupping each cheek and I kiss you, deeply, passionately, lips meeting first, but both of our mouths open to one another, our tongues quickly explore one another. I taste me on you and involuntarily my cock twitches, excited by the fact. I keep tasting your lips and tongue for another minute, slowing things down before I plan on making it your turn.

I kick off my now extraneous pants and boxers as I put just a little pressure under your arms to lift you up and glance around the room, noticing a table that seems like it might be the perfect height. I continue to kiss you, though moving to your neck and shoulder, I hoist you up and you instantly take the hint and wrap your legs around my waist, grinding into me as I carry you to our destination. As we arrive, I am ecstatic to see I gauged the height correctly as your butt slides onto the table nicely. My hands move to adjust you, one hand sliding your ass towards me, the other feeling your very hard nipple and pushing you down to lay back. I continue to kiss down your chest until I reach the sundress, I kiss over it again feeling your nipple through the fabric, now down to your abdomen, your hips, I kiss around your pelvis, making sure to get close but never quite kiss your pussy lips through the cloth. I then move down your legs to where the stocking begin. Kissing your inner thighs and biting and pulling the fabric of the stockings for a minute. You start to moan and buck gently, enjoying the teasing, but needing more.

Your eyes lock with mine again and glance down, your eyes silently begging for what I was desperate to do anyway. I slide my fingers up your legs, the back of my nails rub up your thighs as my hands climb. The sundress slowly retreats up, revealing inch by inch your beauty. The small trimmed hairs standing up, further proof of your arousal, though there were no doubts in my mind as I listened to your breathing and soft moans as my hands moved over your body.

I push the skirt section of the sundress up to your bellybutton and start to lick your lips, then blow where I had licked to let it evaporate, hoping the cooling sensation will drive you to greater heights. I repeat a few times, breathing on your clit, acting like I will put my tongue directly on it, but always darting away at the very last second. Your moans begin to have just the hint of frustration to them and you lift your head enough to let our olgun escort eyes meet again, an impish grin on my face.

You raise and eyebrow and demand, “Now!”

I smile broadly and comply, your head instantly falling back to the table surface as your back arches, enjoying the sensation you had been so ready for. I continue, urged on by your body language, the twitches of your legs and hips, and the sounds you make as I continue to lick your clit and lips. The tone and pitch of your moans crescendo as I go until at last your thighs grip me and you shudder, a wail escapes your lips as you half-say, half-yell, “Oh fuck . . . I’m cumming! DONT STOP!”

The extra burst of liquid on my tongue and the sweet taste urge me to continue my assault while the pleasure washes over you, not letting up until your breathing relaxes and you start to sit up. You pant as you carry on with catching your breath, a smile on your lips as you look down at me, still perched between your legs as the end of the table. Your glance travels further down till it rests on my cock, quite hard with the stimulation of bringing you to orgasm. You slide off the table, your hand reaching down and grasping me, pulling me to my feet and leading me to another room. You spoke just one sentence, “This inside me in the bedroom now.”

I joyfully follow you as you lead me through the unfamiliar terrain. However it doesn’t take long to get to our destination, down a hallway and through a door, as we enter the room, you pull me ahead of you, and as I pass and turn to face you, you push yourself up against me, after letting your sundress fall to the floor, leaving you in nothing but stockings, your nipples contact my chest, and your pussy slides against my cock as our lips melt together again. Then as my eyes close as I enjoy your taste and tongue, I suddenly feel your hands on my chest and a push. I fall back onto the bed where you had me positioned, and as my cock salutes you from my prone position you hungrily look down. Then, oh so lithely, you straddle me, taking me in your hand and moving my head against your lips, wetting it . . . once, twice, three time. Then you shudder as your hands position my cock against your clit . . . and again. All the while I am waiting with bated breath, not wanting to miss a moment, especially when you decide to envelope me within the hot, wet pussy I had so recently been pleasuring with my mouth, knowing as good as it tasted, it was going to feel even better wrapped around me.

I wasn’t wrong. As you made one last slide back and up your lips, one had still guiding my dick and the other moving to my chest, you rested it flat and then your fingers bent and your nails coming in contact with my skin. Then, slowly you line me up and begin to move down, with just a slight front to back rock, as each inch entered you, your nails dug in progressively more and more. Until as you were about three quarters of the way down, I was sure your nails were going to leave marks, and I loved every second and every bit of that pain. At last you finish moving onto me and as your wet lips come in contact with the base of my shaft, a gasp escapes from both of us.

You begin to slide forward and back, changing the angle and where inside you I stimulate. I begin to match your horizontal movement with lateral, combining the two to make me move in a circle inside you, şişli escort sliding against all the walls. Your eyes open wide as I complete the third rotation and I feel you tighten up as a gasp escapes your lips. Your fingers clutch at my chest and your head rolls back as you slowly grind taking in your orgasm and savoring the moment. I move my hands on top of yours sliding my fingers between yours. You lean down and kiss me, stopping your grinding for a few seconds, before tugging on my lower lip and pulling it while lifting off of me. Then as my head barely leaves your lips, still touching but no longer feeling that heat encapsulating me, you let go of my lip and impale yourself back on me, causing a panting “fuck” to escape me.

You continue to tease, slowly lifting yourself up almost all the way off me before crashing down again. Lifting up again and just holding there, your perfect lips kissing the top of the head, but tantalizingly withholding that hot, wet ecstasy. Now instead of taking me all the way, you began to fuck just the head, just moving up and down an inch and a half at time. Your hands moving to my shoulders, pinning me, while you get an increasingly mischievous look on your beautiful face. You laugh as I begin to try and thrust into you from below, always moving yourself so I can’t quite completely probe you as I desire. Eventually I realize that I am at your mercy and just enjoy the torment.

You look down into my eyes as I bite my lip, begging you with my look but not my words. . . . Not yet at least. You slide my head up and down your lips, tease your clit with it. My eyes and head roll back taking in the teasing and loving every second. You begin to insert just the tip over and over, always keeping me wanting more but not giving me complete satisfaction. However, as the seconds stretch on, you begin to hear my panting begin to turn to quiet whines as I more and more desperately want to experience all of you again. You grin wider and wider, leaning forward and grabbing my wrists from your hips and moving them back over my head, then suddenly pushing them down onto the bed almost as though they were shackled by your grip. As you continue to tease, you clasp my hands together far over my head and say, “stay, they don’t move till I say.” Then your hands move down to my shoulders and your fingers wrap around them with your nails just touching the skin.

Suddenly you line up my cock to your slit and thrust down. We both gasp as we are instantly joined along my entire length. I want to move my hands, feel your soft skin again but I resist the urge to cheat and break your rule. At the same time, you are under no such restriction and dig your nails into the back of my shoulders. I again revel in the pain and pleasure you are giving me. You buck and ride harder and harder, looking down at me as I squirm and take in all the stimulation. You gruffly whisper, “You going to cum for me?”

I simply nod in response.

You ask again, louder, “You going to cum for me?”

“Yes”, I gasp back, “fuck I am going to cum so hard for you!”

I try to adjust to pull out and cum on your tummy or chest, but you stop me by not letting up and thrusting over and over, so quickly pushing me over the edge. You grunt as you feel me begin to twitch inside you and then your sounds become louder and more strident as you orgasm with me, our bodies writhing in simultaneous coitus.

You slowly remove yourself off of my now less energetic manhood. You lay down on top of me, your lips meeting mine and and your arms wrapping around my neck as we enjoy the bliss. I know I have more of this to look forward to this weekend and only hope I can continue to give you the same pleasure each and every time. But knowing that it started off this well I can’t wait for dessert after I cook you dinner. Its going to be a long, wonderful weekend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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